Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson Refuses to Move Back Home with Mama June Shannon Until Geno Doak is Gone, Following Release of Disturbing Video

Raise your hand if you need to give a certain someone an eviction notice…

Mama June Shannon is back at home after briefly residing in an Alabama casino, but unless some things change (one big thing in particular) her youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson won’t be joining her anytime soon.

According to TMZ, Alana refuses to move back in with June until June kicks her boyfriend Geno Doak to the curb, and gets herself into rehab. In the meantime, Alana continues to live with and be cared for by her older sister Pumpkin Shannon, as The Ashley previously told you. On Monday, Alana showed her appreciation to her sister and brother-in-law in an Instagram post.

In other disturbing Mama June news, earlier this week, TMZ posted a video that showed Geno driving his car into June’s home, inebriated to the point where he could barely walk. Geno reportedly collapsed on the ground shortly after and had to be dragged inside of the house by June (who was wearing a purple see-through nightie…as you do) and a neighbor.

You can watch that trainwreck video below. (While the commentator in the video is funny as hell, she does say some naughty words, so be forewarned!)

This latest display of instability comes just months after Geno and June were arrested for crack cocaine following a domestic dispute at a gas station.

On the latest season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, viewers watched as June’s family held an emotional intervention in an effort to get June the help she needs, with Alana revealing during the intervention that she was scared of June in her current state.

TMZ reports that if June’s situation doesn’t change, Pumpkin plans to take legal action to gain custody of her little sister, as she currently only has temporary custody. According to the site, a source claims that June has yet to express interest in getting Alana back.

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(Photos: WEtv, TMZ, Instagram)


  1. Where is Alana’s father and stepmother? Shouldn’t they be stepping up to take her in, not Pumpkin? That’s fantastic of Pumpkin, but she is so young with a baby of her own.

  2. Pumpkin is wonderful for stepping up to take care of Alana, but aren’t her & Josh barely getting by themselves?? I understand they now have money from the show, but now it’ll be a family of 4, with no additional income (that I’m aware of). A season or 2 ago, Pumpkin was 17 and quite immature IMO. She had that spray-painted graffitied room and is a HS dropout. Josh doesn’t have a job that would pay enough to care for everyone. If the show is cancelled, they’ll really be up sh— creek..

  3. Now here we go!! That video is WILD! I can’t believe he was DRIVING. Scary!!!
    Another reality woman with a scumbag partner (hi Jenelle!). Choosing a man over your own children blows my mind. I cannot fathom it!!
    Their show was such a white trash Wonderland, I admit I watched the whole season of Not to Hot. Terrible acting!! It’s a car accident that you can’t take your eyes off!

  4. Lets be honest, who here hasn’t done a little day drinking that got a little out of control. When you’re living your best life, this is going to happen from time to time.

    1. Nothing wrong with day drinking! What I do have a problem with is this skeezebag getting behind the wheel and risking the lives of innocent people.

  5. This guy has absolutely no claim to that house. If I were Alana, I’d go home, put ALL HIS SHIT out of the house!! All his stuff would be on the curb. And I’d keep doing it over and over every damned time he came back. If June didn’t like it, I’d put her stuff out too! Then I’d turn around and ask the network what they were prepared to do to help me since they profited off of filming and airing this disaster! I’d demand a lawyer for emancipation and demand the network pay for it.

    I would want a forensic accountant to examine ALL FINANCES to determine what my mother spent that rightfully belonged to me. Then I’d sue her for every dime

    1. I mean that what Anna, the oldest daughter, tried to to do but got dragged by fans and others alike as “money grubbing ” simply cause she left that mess of a family initially smh.

    1. This is why these reality shows should payout very little in cash to the parents and put the rest of the money in a trust for the child. These kids won’t see any of the money they “earned” it will all be spent in drugs by the time they graduate high school.

      1. This ^^^ Jace will probably lose out more than any kid in reality TV. He isn’t going to see a damn dime even though he never asked to have his life on display.

        1. I’m pretty confident ALL the TM kids got college funds set aside that the parents can’t touch. Now how much it is and if said kid doesn’t go to college, idk what happens

    2. I agree with you!!!! Alana is clearly being overfed, and she WILL encounter health problems. She is only 13 and looks to be maybe 180lbs.:.or more. You can’t give kids any and everything they want. You have to feed them a balanced diet. She’ll end up on My 600lb Life. Remember that!!

      1. Agreed! I’m super concerned for her, both emotionally and health wise. Childhood eating habits are hard to break. She’s still a kid. She isn’t the one buying and preparing food. All of that falls on June (and now Pumpkin, who clearly has the same bad diet). I don’t understand how a parent could willingly feed their kid junk food all day, especially knowing the severe health problems it caused YOU (June). I hope Pumpkin has some revelation and changes the diet for her sister’s best interests.

  6. What’s up with these reality TV ‘women’ and I use that term very loosely, choosing scumbag drug addict men over their OWN CHILDREN?! Come on now, June.. is this piece of shit really worth it? He’ll blow every dime you have, drive your car to the bar/crackhouse and have WHO KNOWS in it with him getting high.. I’m in recovery myself, and I know firsthand that addicts will let dealers ‘borrow’ their car for a chunk of crack or some dope.. crack wasn’t my thing, but I wouldn’t turn it down either. I’ve seen some good people with jobs/cars/apartments try crack for their first time, and within 3 months, he jobless, car-less, and evicted. Crack is seriously whack. Hope June gets away from this scumbag before Geno kills someone with her car, or he lends it to someone who kills someone.

    1. While I agree with you, I have to point out that this is not just reality tv women choosing losers. Women do this shit all the time. I’ve had friends/acquaintances choose the lowest of the low regardless of his it effects the kids. This is not a reality tv phenomenon

  7. Alana seems mature for her age. Thankfully her sister stepped up for her. Geno and June are going to end up in a homeless shelter.

  8. Crackheads only care about crack. June will lose everything and end up with Geno on the streets if she doesn’t stop.
    Thank God Alana’s sister has stepped in.

  9. Her and Jenelle have a lot in common…both will do anything to get a man and keep a man. They don’t care what they lose as long as they keep that man. Quite possibly the most disgusting video I have ever seen. Kudos to Pumpkin and her husband for stepping up.

    1. Tough call as to which couple is the bigger pile of steaming trash. They both lost they’re children so they’re even in that respect and it’s tough to get much lower than losing custody of kids.

  10. Law Enforcement needs to arrest him on this video alone. It shows him behind the wheel and to intoxicated to walk let alone drive. He put many lives in danger driving home in this state. I never watched this show until recently and I thought Geno was good for Alana boy was I wrong, I knew something was fishy about his kids and his marriage ending, I could feel it but it looked liked he really tried for Alana and I liked that. Guess he was working that angle to get his Sugar Mama. Maybe they could just give the kids a show. I love the baby and Josh and Alana are funny together. June you really make me sad, maybe you should call David and Jenelle they are looking for friends too. You guys have a lot in common lately.

  11. Shout out to Pumpkin and Josh for helping raise Alana! I hate that they had to do it but I’m glad that they were able to step in and step up. It is traumatic not only live through it but to have visual representations of the traumatic experience is even worse.

  12. When honey booboo first came out all those years ago, I thought none of them would have a future. I’m really happy to see how much pumpkin has grown up and stepped in to take charge. This isn’t a easy thing to witness first hand, especially being that young. Alana is very lucky to have Josh and pumpkin.

  13. Dear god, is Alana bigger than her (recently pregnant) older sister? Poor girl never had a chance. I’m sad to say I used to love this show too back in the day. From a poor family, I love me some good relatable white trash. Nope. June is just trash. Too rich for my blood.

    1. Just add some guns & you got it
      Hopefully Barbara cannhang in there until Jace is old enough

  14. Poor Alana…I just hope that June’s disgusting behavior is a learning experience for her, and she will do everything in her power not choose June’s path. She seems to have her head on straight.

  15. I enjoyed the first season too. Many gross moments but it was nice to see a happy, loving family that didn’t have a lot of money. I related to some of June’s penny pinching ways. Then it all changed.
    Big kudos to the sister for taking on the responsibility of Alana.

    1. Unfortunately they can’t arrest him after the fact. The video shows him on June’s Private property, there is no video of him driving on the street. Therefore, nothing can be done w that. Could be used in court if Pumpkin goes for custody though.

  16. I’ve never seen anything as disgusting as this family. I’ve never watched the show either – not even once.

    1. June is disgusting. Not fair to throw her daughters in there too. Pumpkin and Alana really seem to love and care for each other. Good for Pumpkin taking care of her little sister.

  17. So sad. I used to really like them back in the day when they were on TLC. They were gross and dirty but they seemed to really have love for eachother. After that whole thing happened with June seeing her daughters abuser again after he was released from jail was it for me. This woman is a waste of space. Selfish drug addicted loser! I feel so bad for alana.

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