Another Insanely Hard Quiz For Longtime ‘Teen Mom’ Superfans: How Well Do You Know the ‘Teen Mom’ Shows?

“Oooh you think you’re a big fan, do you? Try this!”

The Ashley‘s brain is like a vault of weird Teen Mom facts and memories, so she has concocted the ultimate quiz for the franchise’s longtime superfans!

Last year, The Ashley dipped into her creepy pool of ‘Teen Mom’ knowledge to create the first “Insanely Hard Quiz for Longtime ‘Teen Mom’ Superfans,” and now it’s about time to do it again.

From little known facts, to not-so-memorable ‘Teen Mom’ moments, this quiz is full of hard questions that will prove how well you’ve paid attention to The Ashley’s stories and the show!

If you’re looking to feel good about yourself because she know the answers to easy ‘Teen Mom’ questions such as “What is Jenelle’s mom’s name?” or something…this is not the quiz for you. Only true fans who love (or love to hate) ‘Teen Mom’ will do well on this quiz.

(Just FYI: The quiz covers ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’–as well as 16 and Pregnant– so the phrase ‘Teen Mom’ can be used to describe either show and should not be taken as a hint. The quiz does NOT cover Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant or Teen Mom: Young Moms Club.)

On with the quiz…(also…don’t cheat and use Google. That would make you more pathetic than Matt Baier and his backpack of lies!)

UPDATE! The Ashley has added explanations at the end of the post, in case you’re confused about any of the answers! Scroll to the bottom! 




Answers & Explanations: 

Question 1: Although Corey’s ring was inscribed “Forever and Always,” his marriage to Leah only lasted about six months!

Question 2: Jo went by N.I.C.K. B while rapping. It stood for “Nerd In Cool Kid’s Body.” His Twitter handle is still @NerdIn_ACoolKid.

Question 3: Amber was released from prison on November 4, 2013 after serving only 17 months. Her early release came due to good behavior, time served and the completion of two prison courses.

Question 4: Jennifer Del Rio of Season 3 currently has the most kids. She has twins Josh and Noah (who were born during her “16 and Pregnant” episode), as well as son Sebastian and daughter Anabella, who are fathered by her husband. She is the only girl from “16 & P” to give birth to four children…so far.

Question 5: Jace was nine months old when Jenelle signed over custody to Barbara.

Question 6: Ryan drank six Jack and Cokes on that fateful day in December, running up (and running out on!) a $36 bar tab at Bud’s Sports Bar.

Question 7: “Chasity” is the name of Leah’s cousin. (The Ashley made a mistake on this answer initially. She reported that the cousin was named “Chastity.” The Ashley is so ashamed and regrets this error! She will be slapping herself in the face with bacon as a punishment.)

Question 7: Corey went casual for his wedding to Miranda. He wore a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. (For his wedding to Leah, though, he wore a tux trimmed in camo!) 

Question 8: There are currently 13 baby daddies tied to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls. They are as follows: 3 for Jenelle (Andrew Lewis, Nathan Griffith, David Eason); 3 for Kail (Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin, Chris Lopez); 2 for Briana (Devoin Austin, Luis Hernandez); 2 for Chelsea (Adam Lind, Cole DeBoer), 2 for Leah (Corey Simms, Jeremy Calvert); and 1 for Jade (Sean Austin). 

Question 9: Chelsea has sisters named Angie, Emily and Melissa…but not Christy.

Question 10: Corey’s trusty lawyer during the custody fight was none other than Rusty Webb

Question 11: Maci has tattoos all over her body, including several cupcakes on her back. (They are in place of the “O”s in her tattoo that says “Bookout!”) She once explained, “The three o’s are cupcakes and it’s one for my mom, dad, and brother.” (In case you care, it is Jenelle who has the jaguar on her leg!) 

Question 12: Jenelle was seen (“wif Kieffa!”) breaking into the home of their friend’s mother. 

Question 13: During her interview with Dr. Drew for her behind bars MTV special, Amber stated that no one visited her except her mom, Tonya.

Question 14: Amber did not go to prom with Gary (the guy who knocked her up first). Kail went to prom with Jo (and got pregnant on prom night!), Farrah went with Derek Underwood and Catelynn went with Tyler.

Question 15: Briana’s last name is actually Soto. 

Question 16: Jeremy Calvert is the only one of those ‘TM’ dads who has not been in the clink. Jo Rivera was arrested in Feb 2011 for being under the influence of marijuana. Gary Shirley was arrested in May 2011 for driving on a suspended license. (He was parked on the side of the road, having an argument with his then-girlfriend Amber Portwood, when a cop noticed them.) Tyler Baltierra was arrested in May 2009, just six days after the birth of his daughter Carly, for possession of marijuana. 

Question 17: Kail’s dad placed a lock on the fridge because he had over $200 worth of meat in there to protect! 

Question 18: Catelynn and Tyler announced that they planned to name their daughter Tezlee, and got a huge backlash from fans. Eventually, the couple reported that they started to hate the name, resulting in them changing it to Vaeda. 

Question 19: Amber has never had a podcast, although she has made appearances on several podcasts. Kail and Leah currently have podcasts, while Farrah used to have one…before things with the podcasting company went sour. (Go figure.)

Question 20: Poor Gary had to have Amber’s name removed from his shoulder in December 2011, four months after he got the ink! 

Question 21: During a May 2019 court hearing, David and Jenelle reported that they paid $3,000 for The Land in 2017. 

Question 22: Chelsea is the only one who doesn’t have any child-related tattoos. 





33 Responses

  1. I don’t know if I should be proud of the 39% that I scored. Probably. Honestly I am surprised I didn’t do better – I am fascinated by the show – like a train wreck.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Did Brianna change her last name just for TM out what is the deal?

  3. Gave up custody of her kid when he was only 9 months old, then proceeded to bitch and moan that she couldn’t get her son back 6 years later. Jenelle is such a POS.

  4. The cousins name is definitely Chastity. I remember because of how ridiculous I thought it was. I just googled it to make sure.

  5. Technically by your choice kf wording for the prom one Kail is also a correct choice. She has said at some point she got pregnant and had an abortion before she got with Jo. So even though she didn’t have the baby Jo is still not the one who got her pregnant “the first time.”

    I can not stand Kail nor would I spend money or read any of her books I just know this from one of the Ashley’s articles.

  6. I scored lower than I thought I would, 43%. I was sure the cousins name was spelled Chasity instead of the way you actually spell the word “chastity.”

    1. Same, I was convinced it was Chasity! I realised I confused her for Cerenity, who might be Chastity’s kid.

  7. I had no idea that Tyler, Gary and Jo have all been arrested. Can someone fill me in on what they were attested for???

    1. Gary was driving on a suspended license. They other two were for drugs. Marijuana I believe.

  8. I got 67%! But I could have sworn leah’s Cousin’s name was Chasity because it was so ridiculous, but the quiz marked it wrong and said it was actually chastity.

  9. 63%…not bad, considering I haven’t actually watched the show in years – just read the recaps here! Also, I forgot to add in Briana’s baby daddies, because I forgot she was even on the show.

    1. I forgot Briana entirely…like, her existence as a human person- even though she’s clearly mentioned in this very quiz. Human equivalent of a shoulder shrug. The word ‘meh’ personified. The Brendan Fraser of the Teen Mom franchise. I don’t even remember who or what I’m talking about. Probably low sodium table crackers.

    1. She’s Hispanic so her last name in their culture is Soto-Dejesus. Soto is her dads last name and Dejesus is her moms. In American culture we typically just use the dads name so her last name is Soto

    2. According to Redditi, they use Roxanne’s maiden name for the purpose of social media and the show.

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