Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak Move to Luxury Florida Condo After Previously Living in Their Car & Hotels

“We’re movin’ on up, Geno!”

A week after unveiling a new look and new car, Mama June Shannon is showing off her upgraded digs.

June’s big changes come as she and boyfriend Geno Doak celebrate 10 months of sobriety. During their addiction struggle June and Geno lived in their car at times (in addition to doing their share of hotel hopping), but the two have since settled into a luxury condominium located in Fort Pierce, Florida. 

“Man, if the folks in those parking lots could see us now!”

Casa de Mama June boasts a golf course view, natural light and tall sliding glass doors. The two-bedroom, ground floor unit also features a room with two beds that are spacious enough to accommodate June’s four daughters if they wish to visit. 

June’s 15-year-old daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson remains in the care of June’s 20-year-old daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. Pumpkin began caring for her younger sister around the time June and Geno were arrested for drug possession. 

June is also a mother to daughters Anna, 26, and Jessica, 24. 

As The Ashley reported back in September, June and Geno went to Los Angeles to undergo a number of cosmetic procedures, including liposuction and dental work, the results of which were unveiled this month. 

The couple also went on to treat themselves to a new vehicle after running into some issues with the car they had been driving. 

“ … buying a new car was not in our plans but with the suburban that has broke down as of yesterday n what it is going to cost a fortune to fix we decided to take the plunge and bought a new car,” June shared on Instagram. “We have been working so hard these last 10 months with our sobriety thanks to @banyantreatmentcenters and all of y’all supporting us. It may not be a brand new car but it’s brand new to us … “ 

June shared with fans at the time that she and Geno had been approved for a new place to live and that they both plan to work in a rehab facility “giving back even more to the recovery community” once they’ve been sober for one year and are permitted to do so. 

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(Photos: WeTV; Instagram) 


  1. So is Mama June and Geno going to be in the next season? And why in the hell would June leave her 15 year old daughter like is she seriously that fucking stupid . And why tf would she be with someone who makes her want to kill herself , at first I had so much respect for her from here comes honey boo boo til her weight loss journey .

  2. Good for you June. Your daughters and grandchildren are the true winners here. We know they love having their sober mom and grandma back. Keep it up!! 😊

  3. Thank God for Pumpkin and Josh for stepping in and raising Alana while June does all this and Sugar Bear is doing whatever with his new wife. June is such a shitty mother, never puts her kids first.

  4. I took legal custody of my sister when she was 11, she moved in with me when she was 9. Her parents were both addicts (we had different moms and I’m 20 years older) My husband and I brought her into a loving home in a good neighborhood and school district. I’m sure it helped but it was no cure and Alana will have abandonment issues her entire life due to her mother’s selfishness. I hope she views her mother as an example and uses that inspiration to NOT use drugs and alcohol, but sadly, statistics are against her. June should rot in hell and should never have an article written about her fat ass again unless it’s an obituary.

  5. Great to hear June has a new car and luxury condominium and is still with loser Geno🙄When exactly is June planning on being a mother again? Looks like never. You don’t get to quit being a mother and shove the responsibility on a teenager. June acts more like a rebellious teenager than Pumpkin does. I think that Pumpkin and the rest of her kids know what time it was when it comes to June and expect nothing from her. But, Alana will just keep getting her heart broken because she still believes “that she’s going home with MaMa”.

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