Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak Celebrate 10 Months Sober with New Car, New Home & New Look

“Dang, we’re killin’ it, Geno!”

Life is good for Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak.

Now 10 months sober, the Mama June: From Not to Hot couple returned to Florida from a stay in Los Angeles where both were treated to plastic surgery and makeovers. The former deviant duo also took steps to get their lives back on track, buying a car and getting set up in a new home after living in motels for a long stretch of time while using.

June shared details on the car and home Friday on Instagram.

“… a new car was not in our plans but with the suburban that has broke down as of yesterday n what is it going to cost a fortune to fix we decided to take the plunge and bought a new car we have been working so hard these last 10 months with our sobriety,” Mama June wrote.

Mama June gave a shoutout to the recovery center she and Geno went to last year when they first got clean, as well as all of her fans who are cheering her on.

“Thanks to @banyantreatmentcenters and all of y’all supporting us,” she wrote It may not be a brand new car but it’s brand new to us and also we got approved for a new place thanks to all the hard work and commitment from our realtor that is amazing …”

As The Ashley reported back in September, June and Geno were in Los Angeles to undergo a number of procedures, including liposuction and dental work. Geno was also treated to a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. While getting spiffed up, the couple stayed with ‘Mama June: From Hot to Not’ executive producer Gina Rodriguez. The trio later did a photo shoot and interview revealing their new looks for The Sun.

“After having all my procedures done and my hair and clothes styled, I feel brand new,” Mama June told The Sun in the article that detailed the couple’s six-figure makeovers.

Looking forward, Mama June and Geno want to give back and help other people struggling with addiction, she shared on Instagram.

“… only two more months until we will be a year clean N can work in a rehab facility giving back even more to the recovery community… but like always my inbox is always open to those who need someone to speak to.”

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(Photos: WeTV; Instagram) 


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  1. I do not understand why she keeps getting rewarded for minimal “work” she’s done. The people giving her all of these perks are total enablers. There are SO many others that deserve what she’s gotten that have not taken it for granted as she CLEARLY has and sadly, likely will continue!

  2. Why does this family keep getting free plastic surgeries??? That’s not going to fix ANYTHING. It seems incredibly strange, wasteful, redundant and messed up.

  3. They are both freaking disgusting, in every way. I would hate to have studied for ten plus years to be a surgeon, just to have to stick my hands into these rank hillbillies.
    She sat by while her partner molested her own daughter, she left her kids to go on a years long crack bender, with casinos, repos and selling Rasta Banana toys. Screw these degenerates.

  4. Why is this woman-with no show-still being covered when she was complicit in the sexual abuse of her daughter by her own boyfriend?

    I need help understanding why a drug addled child abuser is worthy of your, or our, time.

  5. Glad I have worked and struggled my way through life to still have pretty much nothing at the age of 51… Shoulda just been like MaMa June.

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