More Surgeries! Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak Head to Beverly Hills for Weight Loss Procedures & Dental Work as They Celebrate 7 Months of Sobriety

“California, here we come!”

Mama June Shannon is on a mission to go from Not to Hot once again as she heads to Beverly Hills to get liposuction, a tummy tuck and some new veneers. 

DailyMail reports the Mama June: Family Crisis star is makeover-bound with her boyfriend Geno Doak, who will receive some enhancements of his own in the form of gastric sleeve surgery and a new set of teeth. 

June and Geno’s trip to California comes as the couple prepare to celebrate seven months sober. June spoke about their sobriety last month, revealing on her 41st birthday that she and Geno had both been sober for six months. 

The two had been photographed a month earlier near a Florida rehab clinic looking rather healthy. 

The pair were spotted right before the season finale of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ aired, during which Geno revealed that he and June had spent $150,000 on cocaine in six months. June noted at the time that she and Geno could go through a couple of ounces of crack cocaine in a single day, resulting in a $3,000 per day habit at their worst. 

June last underwent a transformation back in 2017 on the first season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, during which she went from a size 18 to a size 4. However, she has since lost much of the progress made from her gastric bypass surgery, reportedly now weighing 258 lbs.

As for Geno, he revealed in June that his weight had reached over 300 pounds, which he attributed to “getting clean” and the quarantine. 

At the time, Geno admitted both he and June “need to lose some weight.” 

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(Photos: DailyMail; Twitter; Instagram) 

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  1. If they’re were any justice in the world at all, these two would fall victim to a sasquatch attack and we’ll never hear of them again. I know Sasquatches aren’t usually cannibalistic, but a guy can hope.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Hope they at least take that lump off his head and neck

  3. WTF. She already had one weight loss surgery and didn’t do what she needed to do- why would anyone pay for this again? And how the hell does she need new veneers again already? I hope they don’t give them pain medication afterwards- I am sure 50% of the motivation for having the surgeries is to get those in the first place. They’ll probably go from the crack to opiates now. They’re both fat, lazy, slobs and their bad behavior is being rewarded. At least make them have a year clean. I feel bad for her daughters. Especially the youngest and the one raising her- not her job to raise that kids. SMH

  4. They are a bunch of low life sick fucks. U do crack for a year and don’t care about your kids and pick a man over them and guess what happens. U get new teeth and gastric Bypass. This is why I stopped watching shows like this. The more disgusting u are and your behavior is u get rewarded. That shit is ass backwards.

  5. She always has been a disgusting trashy bitch with enough bad decisions for 2 lifetimes. Why is she still newsworthy? Also, given the great need of so many, deserving individuals, why is she again being gifted so much? This is a disgrace.

    1. Why doesn’t this nasty vulture of a female get her eyes fixed? All that plastic surgery, and she hasn’t fixed her eyes! Yeah, I repeated that statement! Like a bad Irish joke, it’s gotta be done TWICE, because some Y’ALL CAN get why I’m even ranting about this STUPID CRAP!!!!

  6. They literally smoked what her house sold for. How the hell do you blow through $150,000 in CRACK?! I’m not sure elective f@&$ing surgery is what they need at seven months sober… If 2020 was a couple

  7. Fuck em both. Hope she never gets back Alana’s custody. Piece of shit mother and her money hungry, abusive bf. Yay, award them with plastic surgery and more spotlight.

  8. How… can anyone afford this? Are these free drugs? Free surgery? I don’t understand.
    The trauma their bodies have been put through my god. Yuck.

  9. Must be nice. Get arrested, domestic violence, drug binges, spend all your money, abandon your children and get rewarded with free weight loss surgeries and dental procedures. Free plastic surgery will soon follow and then another high paying gig on TV.

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