Mama June Shannon (Finally!) Reveals Her New Skinny Body on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’

Nope, nothing creepy about this photo at all…

After getting nipped, tucked and sucked on the plastic surgeon’s table, while also trading her trusty cheese-covered snacks for healthy meals, Mama June Shannon finally gave reality TV fans their first glimpse of her svelte new body on Friday’s episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot!

WEtv had been hyping this moment for months, promising viewers a “shocking transformation” from Mama June and, well, they weren’t really lying!

June reportedly went from a size 18 to a size 4, in addition to undergoing several skin removal surgeries, and getting a boob job and veneers. On Friday’s episode, several of June’s children didn’t even recognize her after she revealed her ‘new look’ to them.

June’s weight loss coach, Kenya Crooks told People that June had to change everything about her lifestyle, particularly her eating habits which, as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo viewers saw years ago, were kind of revolting.

“You have to keep in mind, this lady used to eat this stuff called sketti,” he told the magazine. (‘Honey Boo Boo’ viewers may remember that ‘sketti’ consisted of over-cooked pasta blended with massive amounts of butter and ketchup.)

It’s safe to say that June’s diet is now ‘sketti’-free.

“We had to change how she looked at food,” Kenya told People. “We had to cut down the portions, because she used to eat really, really big. So we had to change how she ate, how she worked out, and just put it all together!”

On his Instagram account, Kenya congratulated his client on a job well done.


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“I’M SOOOOOO PROUD OF MY GIRL JUNE! After her surgery….June lost over 80 lbs in just a couple of months with me! I’m happy to say that I was a part of “THE GREATEST TRANSFORMATION IN TV HISTORY!”

While June has been focusing on getting herself healthy, viewers are worried about her young daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson, who has continued to eat massive amounts of junk food during ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ episodes. It is not known yet if June will overhaul her children’s eating habits.

The season finale of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ airs Friday on WEtv.

Check out June’s new body, via People below:

(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)


  1. She is disgusting and so is Alana! PUmpkin seems like a decent person thou! I think pumpkin will be ok. But June and Alana! No ! Hell no !

  2. First off, June said she was like 400 lbs at her highest, no fucking way she was wearing a size 18 at 400 lbs. I know ppl who wear an 18 and they are 200 lbs give or take. Id give June more like a size 28 or bigger. Second, this hardly looks like a 4, more like a 10-12. Just ✋?. She didn’t do any of this to get healthy and to adopt a better lifestyle, she did this for the sake of reality tv. Sugar Bear going along with this is also fucking stupid. How can you have the audacity to talk about losing weight and getting healthy (which she has talked about on and off for years) and yet your 12 year old has no neck, looking like Florida from Good Times. Honey Moo Moo is the size of a 9 month pregnant adult woman.

  3. I can’t applaud her efforts until she keeps the weight off and keeps her ass off the couch. To me she will forever be the person who went house hunting with her daughters molester.

    It’s heartbreaking how big Alanna is. The intervention should have been with her; that girl is in for a lifetime of type 2 diabetes if they don’t curb the poor habits she has been taught ASAP.

  4. How much do you think they had to photo shop her neck/chin in the reveal picture?

    And a huge thank you to The Ashley for doing the noble thing and providing a picture so I didn’t have to DVR this nightmare to see her reveal.

    1. I saw the picture and was seriously disturbed by the amount of photoshop that photo must have needed. Yiiiiikes.

  5. She was bigger than 18 when she started and she is bigger than a size 4 now. Do they think we are stupid?

    1. Lol exactly. She was in the 20’s easily. She looks to be about a 10-12 now. Size 4 my ass

  6. Since she has done nothing to help her morbidly obese children, I can’t find myself caring about this. Pretty nice that she was able to help herself while continuing to feed her young daughter to death.

  7. Yo, I ended up with extra baggage after an injury and was wearing size 18 for a few years. Mama June was NOT an 18 in those pictures. That’s a size 24 shirt at the smallest.
    Personally, her “new” face is weirding me out

  8. I knew I could count on your update so I didn’t have to watch this train wreck of a show. Thanks Ashley!!

  9. I think the red dress pic is super photoshopped. Her chin looks super weird. She looks better in the video. She was way more than an 18 at her heaviest, but had to lose a bunch just to get the surgery. Having a gastric sleeve should help her maintain a bit.

  10. “June lost over 80 lbs in just a couple of months” is exciting, but sadly doesn’t sound sustainable. I hope for her sake she can be and stay healthy, but honestly I doubt it.

    1. Totally agree!! She was certainly much larger than that, and if she has gone down to such a small size, she needs to maintain it. That’s going to be difficult if she’s the only one eating healthy! I fear that we will be revisiting the same show with honey boo in 20 years time!

  11. I mean good for her for bettering herself but she’ll always be a cow to me and it has literally nothing to do with how she looks or how much she weighs. She chose a pedophile over her kids more than once and ignores their own weight and health problems so she can date around.

  12. This person could have all the plastic surgery in the world she will never be beautiful because how she treats her own family shows her true colors. Hopefully her obese children will get the help they desperately need and not have the idea they can rely on a surgeon to fix it.

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