Jenelle Evans Says Her Mother Barbara & ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars May Not Be Invited to Her Wedding

“Sorry Ma!”

Jenelle Evans is busy planning her wedding to David Eason, and in a new interview with E! Online, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she’s planning to keep her wedding guest list short—so short, in fact, that her own mother Barbara Evans may not even make the cut!

While Jenelle’s wedding to David will be a much bigger affair than her first trip down the aisle back in 2012 (which consisted of a courthouse ceremony and a trip to the Olive Garden with her new husband Courtland Rogers to celebrate), Jenelle is unsure if she’ll make room for Babs.

“We have not decided if she will be invited or not,” Jenelle told the site. “Our relationship is getting more damaged every day, but I have already told her this.”

Babs– who has raised Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, since he was a newborn–is currently battling Jenelle for custody of the boy.

Also not invited? Jenelle’s three ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars Kail LowryLeah Messer and Chelsea Houska, all of whom Jenelle has battled with in the past.

“I just want it to be the people I’m closest with, and I’m not too close of friends with any of them,” Jenelle told E!

“It’s alright– I’ll catch ya next wedding, Juh-nelle!”

While Barb and the gang may not be invited, MTV is. Jenelle confirmed to E! that she will MTV to film her wedding for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ if the show is filming at that time. (This isn’t a surprise, though. In the past, MTV has offered big bucks in order to get the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members to agree to let their weddings be filmed. So far, the only cast member to refuse the dough is Chelsea, who did not allow cameras to film her October 2016 wedding to Cole DeBoer. )

Jenelle told the site that she hopes that her wedding will take place in a church, with a reception to follow at a venue near her home in North Carolina. She plans to have all of her kids be a part of the ceremony.

This will be Jenelle’s second marriage, as well as David’s. She had been engaged at least four times before accepting David’s proposal back in February.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Is she expecting barb to drop jace off at the wedding and then pick him up afterwards but not actually stay herself? I doubt that will be happening.

    Also i honestly forgot jennelle was engaged. Just like beginning of this season, i forgot she was pregnant. She has so much shit and drama going on already innher storyline that these huge life events are totally overshadowed. How sad isnher life! Like i absolutely remembered chelsea was prego and engaged, its allnshe has going on and her gender reveal ultrasound was like a big deal. Jenelles was a blip in btwn screaming at her mothe and screaming at a producer.

  2. Jenelle seriously needs a reality check.

    And also..Jenelle in a church? That is too much?

  3. This girl is tapped!! I watched her segments on the reunion show through gritted teeth..That fake cry and whiney voice she puts on is just rediculous..It’s so rude the way she constantly butts in when Dr Drew is talking to her mum or Nathan, not allowing them to get her point accross..When Nathan mentioned David being jealous of his “p-bud” she said “its irrelevant” but didn’t deny it and did you see David’s face?? ? I think it was actually talked about and thats why David was so clearly embarrassed..I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason she is trying to get Jace is so she can have control over his money that he gets from appearing on the show..She needs to concentrate on her other 2 kids and stop jumping from p-bud to p-bud and let Jace stay where he is content! Oh and by the way Jenelle, the show is called Teen Mom 2 NOT ‘The Jennelle Show’!

  4. She is on a drunken boattrip right now with Uncle Dave and Tori. Too drunk to talk on dnapchat. Or high..don’t know. Hope Babs uses the snap in the custody case!

    1. “Whorey Tori” is back in the picture? Tori, who moved away from “bad influences” aka Jenelle and later begged Jenelle publicly to be allowed back into her life (probably discovered the price of drugs when you have to pay them yourself). I already suspected it cause there were fake accounts singing the “Jenelle is great, Jenelle has come so far”-song again lately.
      Those two have such a negative influence on each other. Get your jail flip flops and comfy clothes ready Mrs Bad Touch.

      MTV must be hiring people to act as guests on the wedding?

  5. Why would ANY of then want to go? This wedding, if they make it that far, isn’t something to celebrate. Should they marry, it’s a countdown to the divorce, and baby daddy number four…

  6. I wish she would just grow up and quit talking about things like this it’s unnecessary if you want to do something like this that is so cold hearted keep it yourself she just wants attention and will stop at nothing to get it

  7. Jenelle, the girl who couldn’t be bothered to fix Jace’s bottles before she went out clubbing and left kaiser in his crib to scream alone in the dark…great mom.

  8. Church? Church? Really dude? What church would that be? The church that thinks having three babies and three baby daddies acceptable?
    The same church your raising your famiky in?
    The same church you had your children baptized in?
    Really dude?
    Get off your high psychotic horse and keep on dreaming…
    Churches also don’t condone hating your mother that raised your first child you dumped on her 7 yrs ago..

  9. Maybe Barbara and Kieffer can show up to the wedding together, and when the priest asks for any objections, they can stand up and say “hope you have fun living in the streets with your husbaaaaaaand!”

  10. I wish that her MTV crew would show Jenelle the footage of her signing over custody of HER son to remind her of WHY Babs “won’t give me my son back”. Because YOU gave her your son. No takebacks!

    This broad is delusional and it’s completely exhausting. She’s got a few misfiring pistons in her head.

  11. I hated how dr drew was defending jenelle every second of her talk with him. She has not changed. She just changes her behavior with every guy. Even if she doesn’t do drugs or goes into a screaming crying fit like she used to do, like that fight with that one girl in a previous season. All I remember is she was wearing these costume pearls with a long sleeve comfort like tee lol. She has gotten somewhat more mature but not enough to take care of any of the kids she has now. Jace is already damaged enough because babs brought him around her in the first place. Jenelle wasn’t taking care of him full time but the on and off again stays with her has made him probably very confused. Jenelle has no motherly instincts. She does not talk to her children like she should. There is 0 connection. Shouldn’t kaiser be talking by now? All of them are messed up. Even barbara. She may have been better then jenelle but there are reasons barbaras children are like that. Her parenting is also crap. I see no wedding in her future. And if they even get that far there is no way they will stay together

    1. I think Dr. Drew was “defending” her during the talk because if he doesn’t say things that make her feel validated in her (incredibly mistaken) beliefs of her being the wronged party, she’ll storm off the stage and go on a 5 state killing spree or something.

    2. Yea Kaiser was, like 2 and a half when part B filmed, give or take. He definitely should be talking by now. My son was talking up a storm then, not everything was clear at times but he was talking full, multi syllable sentences for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaiser is delayed developmentally due to lack of exposure from them. I feel bad for him because unlike Jace and Maryssa, Kaiser has to deal with David and Chinelle on an everyday basis. I know for sure David’s verbally abusive. It won’t be too much longer before Kaiser starts having “accidents”. David clearly hates Kaiser because of his dad.

  12. “Babs– who has raised Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, since he was a newborn–is currently battling Jenelle for custody of the boy.”

    Slight correction: it is Jenelle who is battling Barb for custody. Barb has custody and doesn’t need to battle Jenelle for anything. Jenelle is just mad Barb is making her prove she’s fit to a judge instead of just rolling over. Barb is completely in the right by allowing this to go through the courts instead of just handing over the child she has raised since birth.

    Jenelle is just publicly announcing she isn’t inviting her mom for attention. One more indication that she isn’t mature enough to be a mom to Jace.

  13. Will Nathan and p-bug be invited? Mean while Jenelle was trying to convince everyone David’s nether parts were so big that sex was painful!! LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!
    This chick wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her right upside the head!! I’m going to guess this so called country wedding won’t take place anyway..
    There needs to be some more drug rumors, more Jenelle bruises, and of course an arrest or two…
    Barb need not worry this life partner/new baby daddy won’t work out…

  14. Of COURSE MTV will be filming. She cares more about tv exposure than she does her own children. I personally can’t WAIT until this blows up in her face like it always does. I love how it’s “we haven’t decided yet”, Telltale sign of an abusive and manipulative boyfriend. Shocker.

  15. Tbh, I don’t think this wedding is actually happening but if it is: What a vile person do you have to be to not invite your own mother to your wedding?!No matter how you understand each other. And good luck with a church wedding, I’m sure it was his idea because it is much harder to divorce then. He has it all planned and she is too stupid to realize it.

    1. Not everyone who chooses this is vile. Some people have legitimate reasons. I’m not even one of them, but just pointing out that there are certainly situations where this would be appropriate.

      1. I know but her particular reason is vile. I know people are not close to their mothers and I understand those ones but her particular reason is immature. She is just not inviting her because she doesn’t give her Jace back, lbr.

      2. I completely agree with what you’re saying but most people in said situation don’t decide to be public about it she’s intentionally trying to be helpful and that I have no respect for

    2. Many people have toxic/abusive parents, and to say that anyone who doesn’t invite their mother to their wedding is a “vile person” is unfair.

      Whatever you think of Jenelle, there are many people in this world actually suffering, so maybe be a bit more careful with your words, and not generalising everyone who doesn’t invite their parents.

      1. MYNSII, A is saying that Jenelle’s reasons are particularly vile because she’s doing it out of spite. She previously stated that she understands there are certain reasons that are acceptable when not inviting your parents to your own wedding but in Jenelle’s case, it’s out of spite.

  16. It is thanks to Barbara that Jace was able to avoid a life in foster care. Had she not stepped up, Jenelle would never be allowed to see Jace. I would LOVE to hear one reason from Jenelle about wanting to regain custody where she mentioned what was best for Jace. All I have ever heard is purely selfish on her part.

    Also, I was dying when Jenelle claimed her best quality is being well-spoken. Yet additional proof that she is delusional and plain bat shit crazy! Not inviting your mother to your wedding, after everything she has done for your pathetic, junkie ass proves how far you truly are from adulthood. Grow up. I’m praying the judge in NC has the decency to permanently grant custody of Jace to Barbara.

  17. She is such a bitch. The way she is treating her mother makes me sick. She wants to hate Barbara for fighting to keep Jace because she finally decided after 7 years that she wanted to be a mother? All those years she could’ve been going to school and working to prove she was a fit mother. Instead she was doing drugs and jumping from guy to guy. Jace was never her top priority. And that’s Barbara’s fault?! Give me a break. Jace has been with Barbara since he was born. After 7 years you can’t just rip him out of his home with the only parental figure he’s ever known. Jenelle will never understand that because she’s too selfish and doesn’t think about her child’s best interest.

    1. She’s your textbook narcissist. You can tell what she’s going to do before she does it because she’s selfish and your typical young party mom who tries to prove by having more and more kids by more and more men that she’s worthy of all this adulation. It feeds her narcissism and she will never stop acting like this. That’s why I wish MTV would cut her loose into the real world. I’d watch the shit out of that.

  18. “Our relationship is getting more damaged everyday”.. this is a perfect example of Jenelle’s best qualities! Being educated and well spoken.

    Imagine Lurch grunting his vows?
    “I take you Jenelle, in your mystery sicknesses and MTV wealth.. I mean health”.

  19. Can’t wait ? for the banjo AC/DC barn dance . reception… come on ULD make sure you wear some big baggy overalls . The back yard is a great place for the wedding . Just fill the yard with couches a few bbqs and lots of bud and bongs … oh and non mum jenelle I know you stalking no matter how much make up or beautiful your dress is .. you will always be a trashy ungrateful spiteful bitch
    Peace out ☝️?

    1. They can make a mud hole for mud wrestlin’ on their LAND just in case a fight breaks out with Jenelle & Whory Tory or just for the kiddies to play. It’ll protect them from all the mosquitoes.

    2. They can make a mud hole for mud wrestlin’ on their LAND just in case a fight breaks out with Jenelle & Whory Tory or just for the kiddies to play. It’ll protect them from all the mosquitoes.

  20. “I just want it to be people I’m closest with.”

    You know, Trash Bag Tori, the TM camera crew and all of the viewers, etc.

  21. So Jenelle thinks that Barbara will allow Jace to be a part of this trainwreck if she’s not invited?
    Also, why would she not invite her own mother? She’s only been raising Jenelle’s oldest child basically since he came out of the womb and when Jenelle abandoned him every night to go do heroin and who knows what else.

    1. Because it’s Jenelle. She’s an entitled bitch who believes she actually contributed to Jace’s upbringing (you know, aside from the years of therapy he’ll need) and considers herself mom of the year. Babs isn’t perfect but she certainly stepped up and did what Jenelle never wanted to do.

    2. I was going to say the same thing! If Barbara isn’t there, I doubt she’d drive Jace there and drop him off!

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