Jazz Jennings Considering “Bottom Surgery” in New Season of ‘I Am Jazz’

Jazz Jennings, star of TLC’s I Am Jazz, is growing up fast. The upcoming third season of the hit reality show will feature 16-year-old Jazz as she deals with life as a transgender teen.

Jazz will deal with normal teen issues like learning to drive, but will also be faced with dealing with the stress of being a transgender teen in the public eye.

In the trailer for the upcoming season, we see Jazz discussing dating with a friend. She saiysshe is “for sure” open to dating other transgendered teens. Later, we see her on what appears to be a date that is going sour.

The season will also follow Jazz as she begins to meet with doctors about the possibility of having “bottom surgery,” which is a term sometimes used to describe Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS). In the trailer, one doctor tells Jazz that the surgery is feasible for her.

“I definitely want to do it,” Jazz tells the doctor, adding that she’s “always dreamed about having this procedure done.”

Although her parents are supportive, they urge her to wait until she’s a little older to have the surgery.

“It should be done after you finish high school,” her father says. But Jazz says it’s “ultimately her decision.”

Although Jazz is determined to have the surgery, she also faces some push-back from doctors. In the trailer, Jazz is seen meeting with a doctor who tells her he “can’t do the type of surgery that you want.”

This leaves Jazz feeling disappointed. In one scene, Jazz is seen breaking down in tears to her parents.

“I just really hate myself,” she says. “I just feel bad about myself.”

Jazz’s ever-supporting parents urge her to see a therapist but the teen is unsure if that will help.

“You think some random individual who doesn’t even know who I am will have the answers to my questions?” she says to her mother. “You’re really frustrating me.”

“I Am Jazz returns for season 3 on June 28 on TLC. Watch the Season 3 trailer below.

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  1. What they meant by the “wait until she finishes high school” is without a doubt in the US no doctor can legally perform the surgery until the patient is of the age of consent. This could take multiple surgeries so a lot of recovery time so that makes sense she can graduate and take a year off from school before hand. They are also very expensive also so there are a lot of factors in this that any teenager wouldn’t put into perspective.

    1. You are probably very insecure, good luck with that, Jeanette. I promise you, it will not hurt your brain to add another label besides “male” and “female” to it. Although you might not feel it has that capacity and adaptivity, it has, just try it.

    2. No shit. Quit pushing this stupid crap on us. Quit letting kids think that this stuff is normal or acceptable. Its not. It’s gross. Its stupid.

  2. I’m sorry and I’ll probably get a ton of flak for saying this, but I kind of feel like Jazz needs a reality check. She thinks the decision to have surgery “is ultimately her decision”- but as long as you are on your parents insurance (or if something isn’t covered by insurance the parents paying for it out of pocket), they have the ultimate say on the timing and what they believe is best for their child. She, just like any 16 year old, has no real concept of the amount of money these things cost and what the financial strain may be for her parents. She seems kind of entitled and that she is able to have these procedures done when she wants. And her parents seem to have some difficulty setting appropriate boundaries and expectations for her. It’s ok to firmly and lovingly tell your child “no” and help them cope with the feelings of disappointment.

    1. I definitely agree. I think it’s great that Jazz is wanting to move forward with her transition but speaking in terms of practicality? Timing doesn’t seem to be just right. I also think her parents struggle with how to handle something like this. I mean, I know they started seeing something different about her (and I apologize if my wording offends anyone, I hope everyone sees my point) when she was younger but maybe they’re afraid they’ll come off as insensitive and maybe a little ignorant to some if they flat out tell her no. I do agree that waiting until she graduates would be better. She wouldn’t be missing much school-if any-, she’d be 18 and legally be able to say yes herself and have a job and help pay for the costs. I would assume that gender reassignment surgery wouldn’t be covered under insurance and would be considered cosmetic.

    2. She’s kind of bratty, temperamental, and entitled at times, which, to some extent, is pretty normal for a 16 year old girl. It is all amplified by the additional hormones that she is on. That said, her parents really need to call her on her shit more often. I see the same kind of parents occasionally with kids with disabilities. They think life is hard enough on their precious child, and they don’t want to add to it. It seems nice, but taken too far it is a good way to raise an asshole.

    1. Why!??
      That doesn’t make sense! That would Never happen anyhow!
      YOU are obviously JEALOUS of Beautiful Smart Talented “TomI Lahren”!!
      Get over it, YOU Big CryBaby Snowflake! Go run to YOUR “Safe-Space”!!! Hahahaha!

  3. I hope Jazz will wait until she finishes high school to have her surgery, it’s not a minor surgery by any means. Wishing the young lady happiness and success always. Her mother…..well, on second thought, I won’t say anything nasty about her, we have enough of that in the world already and she is what she is, no words will change her mother.

    1. Please do tell what you think about her mother!! I think she enables Jazz way too much, for starters. Ignores her sons.

    2. I really like Jazz, she has a really warm, friendly, bubbly and good character I think. (It is hard for me to really understand why she would feel ugly, at first sight, she is a stunningly beautiful girl.) I love her nice brothers and like her sister and father but the mom is a bit too much for me at times. She is making things too big with too much drama sometimes it seems. Sometimes I’m like: get a hold of yourself, get of the kid’s back and limit her a bit. Drawing private parts in public and at school; I don’t care what your struggles are, not appropriate.
      I don’t know what it is, maybe the mother is fed lines to explain things, maybe they give her storylines to make everything a bit more entertaining. Maybe all I see is a mother desperate to keep TLC and viewers happy and interested. I do understand it is a big deal when your daughter is going through what Jazz is going through and it is a very expensive deal as well.
      The grandmother funny, cause isn’t a very good actor ;-). Those eyebrows and face expressions when she is told something she already knows but tries her best “surprised face” :-).
      But I do think it is great that the whole family helps not only Jazz but so many others, I really do. So what if they overact a bit.
      Their goal is good; ridding the world of uneducated people who don’t want to add other labels to their vocabulary because it is strange, scary, not how they were raised and … they just want to put others down to feel better about themselves. It would be funny as hell to have the guy who called Jazz a freak on camera tested to see how much male and female is in him. So many people have both male as female in them. There is a lot between male and female.
      I saw this show the other day and they explained something about finger length as an indication and I looked at mine thinking “well that explains a lot” ;-). According to that finger test, I should be attracted to women and I’m not, so maybe not that scientific ;-).

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