Mama June Shannon Reveals She & Geno Doak Have Been Sober for Six Months

Mama June: Sober & Celebrating!

Mama June Shannon has a lot to celebrate on her birthday this year! 

This weekend, the Mama June: Family Crisis star kicked off her 41st birthday festivities by sharing a couple of early birthday gifts she had received, including a “blinged out” six month sobriety chip from her manager, which June said was “probably the most thing [she’s] proud of.”   

“ … Me and Geno [Doak] are over six months clean,” she continued. “This is amazing, y’all. I’m so proud of this.” 

June also showed off cookies she had received with decorative messages that included “happy birthday” and “sober life.” 

The news of June and her boyfriend Geno’s sobriety comes just a month after the couple were photographed together near a Florida rehab clinic looking rather healthy.

The pair were spotted right before the finale of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ aired, during which Geno revealed that he and June had spent $150,000 on cocaine in six months, with June adding that she and Geno could go through a couple of ounces of crack cocaine in a single day, resulting in a $3,000 per day habit at their worst. June also noted that snorting crack had further contributed to her blindness

While June ultimately ditched the outpatient rehab program on the season finale, she and Geno eventually attended an inpatient 30-day rehab program. Dr. Ish Major, who has worked with the Shannon family on the WEtv show, revealed in June that the couple entered the facility after hitting “rock bottom.” 

“They went in very discreetly, very quietly, once they hit their rock bottom they went to a treatment center in Florida,” he said. 

June’s sobriety announcement was met with many positive comments from her followers on social media, with many expressing how proud they are of her. 

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your 6 month chip!!!! I’m very proud of you June,” one person commented. 

“Congratulations on your beautiful 6 month chip,” another wrote. “Keep your head up and keep moving forward one day at a time! You got this!!” 

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram; Twitter)

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  1. I dont believe for a second that they are sober. June is just trying to get her TV show/money back to support her habit. I bet WeTV doesn’t even believe she is sober, they just want to capitalize on peoples morbid fascination with that family.. I read that show is WeTV’s most popular program (which is hard to believe)

  2. Well…it’s a start. Still I can’t imagine how Pumpkin felt when she got her younger sister in custody when she was barely 17 (and pregnant at that time I believe). This woman is such a ratchet mother, thank god her kids soon realized that.

  3. Umm.. you can’t snort crack. Crack is in freebase form, and can only be smoked or injected (if broken down with white vinegar)
    Also, I call bullshit on the ‘several ounces of crack a day’ claim. Just…. no.
    Crack was not my DOC, but I’ve done enough of it, and been on enough short benders to know it’s not possible, no matter how much money you’ve got.

  4. Looks like Geno is bulking up to hit some heavy PR’s in the gym. Get it big guy!

    stay lit, and off the crack you two crazies

  5. Super, Mama June. I say with no snark that 6 months sober is a significant accomplishment, and you are to be commended. Now go parent your kids. Work your program every day, and spend the rest of your life making it up to your children. I will be praying for strength for you.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. I just turned 49 and I’d flip the hell out if I looked like this.

      Then again, I do not partake of the crack, am not overweight and use my toothbrush, so hopefully, I won’t look 60 next year. ?

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