Mama June Shannon Says She’s Blind; Begs Court to Drop “No Contact” Order So Her Boyfriend Geno Doak Can Come Help Her

“He’s a ding-dang hero, y’all!”

Mama June says she’s blind and is asking the court to allow her boyfriend (and recent arrest buddy) Geno Doak to be allowed to come back to their shared home so he can help her!

As The Ashley previously reported, Mama June and Geno were arrested for possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia earlier this month. Geno also had a domestic violence/harassment charge filed against him, due to the couple’s domestic dispute at an Alabama gas station before their arrests. According to court documents, Geno was allegedly heard threatening to kill Mama June during the dispute.

After they were released from the slammer, Mama June and Geno were ordered by a judge to have no contact. Now, Mama June is asking the court to drop the no contact order against Geno.

According to TMZ, “Mama says she is partially blind, and her BF Geno Doak helps her get through the days dealing with it.”

Mama June’s vision issues have been a topic on her WEtv show Mama June: From Not to Hot, as well as her previous TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Last year, she told People that she has already undergone four surgeries to repair the damaged vision in her left eye. One of those surgeries was documented on ‘From Not to Hot’ Season 1.

She told the magazine that she is already blind in her right eye and is now losing vision in her left eye, leaving her dependent on others.

“It’s been physically and emotionally draining,” she told the magazine last June“Losing my independence and having to rely on other people for everything has been crazy.”

The reality TV star has battled vision issues since birth.

“I was born with cataracts and nothing was ever done,” Mama June said on an episode of ‘From Not to Hot’ that aired in March 2018. “I went blind in my right eye four years ago and now my good eye is really bad.”

In the court documents filed by Mama June, she states that she does not fear for her safety or worry that Geno could hurt her, and that she would like the domestic violence charge against him dropped as well.

“[We’re] working on our relationship to make us stronger as a couple,” Mama June wrote.

In the court docs, Mama June explained what went down at the gas station on the day of their arrest. She says that the fight “got heated and out of hand, but never was I in fear for my safety or did I want the police involved.”

TMZ reports that Mama June told the courts that Geno is “also very loving toward her kids and they are in love.”

While Mama June wants to stay with Geno, members of her family are allegedly unhappy about the couple’s reconciliation.

Family sources reportedly told TMZ that Mama June’s family feels like Geno is a bad influence on Mama June, and that they worry for the safety of her 13-year-old daughter, Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo).

The new season of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ appears to have been totally reworked to revolve around Mama June’s arrest and possible drug use.

Watch the reworked trailer for Season 3 below!

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(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)


  1. It’s a shame. I actually thought he might be a decent partner for her. From what was shown of him on the show he seems to care about the family. But yes she is going to stand by him because apparently they do drugs together. That is a “bond” not easily broken (Whitney and Bobby anyone?). Drug addicts stay together until one of them kicks. Period. Of course I’m only speculating because I don’t know if they are addicts or if they were just dabbling. I don’t know. There are people out there who “party” sometimes but are not actually drug addicted. I don’t know what the case is here. I do know that the type of drugs in their possession are the worst of the worst.

  2. So you’re picking a violent piece of shit over your own safety as well as the safety if your kids. What a fucking LOSER. I hope your kids get taken of you you dumb bitch 👊

    1. This is the same woman who picked the person who molested her daughter over said daughter and was SHOCKED when people had a problem with it.

  3. Good luck with that. Alabama doesn’t play around with domestic violence. My husband was arrested at the end of January and I asked them not to press charges, but they did and threw a No Contact Order on him I had to get a judge to sign off on him an exemption so he could be there for the birth of our third child two weeks ago and they sent a social worker to the hospital before I left to make sure I wasn’t going with him and that he was behaved during the hospital stay. It took me a month and a half to get him that exemption for my hospital stay (it was signed a two days before my due date). I’ve had to stay at my mama’s house an hour and a half away for almost two months now because of this and they still won’t drop it, so they picked the wrong state to get in a dispute in…

    1. That’s so crazy that they are doing their jobs and protecting you and your child from someone that assaulted you! How dare them.

    2. So you’re picking a violent piece of shit over your own safety as well as the safety if your kids. What a fucking LOSER. I hope your kids get taken of you you dumb bitch 👊

    3. Did I even tell y’all what actually happened that night other than “he got arrested”? No. And he also hasn’t went to trial yet.

      And did I ever say I wanted it dropped so I could run back to him? Also, no. But not being able to communicate AT ALL with your spouse is very inconvenient, especially when it’s tax season and his dumbass doesn’t know how to file any paperwork and he’s the one with the W2s and I had to buy new stuff for the new baby because I can’t go to our house to get the stuff I already had.

      My point was that June is barking up the wrong tree if she thinks the State of Alabama is just going to drop it, because they will not.

      And to the bitch that says she hope’s my three innocent children get taken away because of something their father (allegedly) did when he has never hurt them, God forbid anybody ever calls the law when you and your husband get in an argument and they don’t listen to your account of things and just assume your covering for him. Guilty until proven innocent, right?

      P.S. It’s not some Jenelle-Lurch Bullshit where the cops and DHR are called every five seconds and I wasn’t even the one to call on him, his sister was.

      1. Whether I’m a bitch or not doesn’t change the fact that you’re a DUMB CUNT who keeps reproducing kids with a even bigger dumb cunt ‘man’… And YES those innocent children deserve to have better role models for parents than an abusive sack of crap dad that they have and a stupid WHORE of a mother who allows some dipshit husband to abuse her.
        # DUMB MUTT

        1. 1. Once again, getting arrested once and having yet went to trial doesn’t make somebody guilty of their charges.

          2. Even IF he WAS guilty, what would make you think he was ALWAYS that way and that it’s not something new (i.e. that started after said children were already made)?

          3. I’ve only been with one person in my entire life, so how exactly am I a whore? And I also clearly just said I wasn’t planning on running back to him, but just want to No Contact Order dropped because it causes a lot of inconvenience.

          4. What the hell is a “dumb mutt”?

          5. You seem to think you know a lot about a situation that you know almost NOTHING about. So please, tell me EXACTLY what happened that night, because I was there and don’t seem to have all the facts that you do…

          1. Also, it’s not like we were in a public place with witnesses when this occurred (like the subjects of this article were). We were in our house and his sister was outside. I was the only “witness” to the incident and they decided not to take my word about what happened.

      2. Your situation sounds awful. You obviously don’t owe anyone here an explanation (also probably not the best spot to air your business, you’re not new..we have crazies here 😂) that all said, make sure you’re at least honest with yourself about what happened. Yes, it would suck to have to buy everything again for a newborn. Yes, it would suck to have no contact during a season when you need to discuss fiscal responsibility. Yes, I also imagine it would suck having to move back home as a grown woman. Even with all of that..*if* he put his hands on his pregnant wife..girl let him go and take care of you and those little ones. I hope it all works out for you.

      3. so no one in your family or his could bring the babies stuff to you? or he couldn’t leave the home so you could get the stuff? I know police could escort you as well to get your things.

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