TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Returns for Fourth Season with New & Returning Couples: Meet the Cast & Watch the First Season 4 Trailer

That moment you realize those four minutes of backseat sex was so not worth it…

TLC is starting another chapter of its teen pregnancy reality show, Unexpected.

The network announced on Monday that the show’s fourth season will premiere next month and, with it, will come three new couples and two returning couples, all dealing with the fallout of an “unexpected” pregnancy.

And, as always, along with the couples comes a variety of plucky and sometimes pessimistic family members. From a mother who kicked her knocked up daughter out of her house for doing the nasty, to a father who is tired of being his naïve daughter’s scapegoat.

Let’s meet the new crew, shall we?

Reanna & Taron

Reanna is only 15 years old, but she’s already unexpectedly knocked up by her now ex-boyfriend, 17-year-old Taron. Her mom, Jessica, is only 33 years old (which means she had Reanna when she was a teenager, too). Taron admits to having sex with another girl and he and Reanna appear to now have a strained relationship.

“I’d probably have to take her to court to see my baby,” Taron says in the trailer. 

Mykra & Ethan

Mykra, 16, got kicked out of her house by her mom Liliana when her mom found out she was sexually active with her 16-year-old boyfriend Ethan. Liliana insists that she didn’t kick her daughter out of the house, but that Liliana “kicked herself out…the moment she decided she’s going to be sexually active.”

Ethan’s mom, Michelle, disagrees with Liliana’s decision to boot her daughter from the house for getting pregnant. However, Liliana is positive that her daughter’s teen pregnancy will be the end of her.

“This baby is coming to ruin her life,” Liliana tells us in the trailer. 

Lilly & Lawrence

Lilly Bennett from Season 1 is back, this time with a new boyfriend…and a new unexpected pregnancy. Lily is now 19, as is her boyfriend Lawrence. (Lilly is already the mother of two-year-old daughter Aaliyah by her ex-boyfriend James.)

Lawrence seems surprised by Lilly’s pregnancy, stating that “one day she was just 10 weeks pregnant, out of nowhere.” (Ummm…?) 

Lawrence treats us to his “unexpected” reactions to Lilly explaining some basic pregnancy and motherhood issues, including the concept of breast milk pumping, and the idea of pushing “a 10 lb. human out of your ass.” (Also…um…?) 

(As The Ashley previously reported, Lilly and Lawrence’s son is due this month.)

Jenna & Aden

Shockingly, Lawrence is not the most-confused person on this season. That award goes to Jenna, who was tricked by her boyfriend Aden into not using birth control, after 17-year-old Aden lied to her and said that she could only get pregnant by a guy who was “ogulating.” 

“Aden told me boys ovulate…ogulate just like a woman does,” Jenna, 16, tells us, as Aden snickers beside her. 

“Yeah I lied to her!” he laughs.

Jenna still trying to figure out if lying is a symptom of a men’s ‘ogulation’ time…

Aden said he found it “fun” to risk getting pregnant by having sex without birth control. 

Later in the trailer, we see Jenna’s dad get angry because he feels she’s blaming him for her “unexpected” situation.

“This has potential to implode!” he tells her.

But why does Jenna’s dad look like Mike “The Situation” from ‘Jersey Shore?’

Tyra & Alex

Season 3’s Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson are back for more reality TV fun! Tyra, who shares daughter Layla with Alex, says that her going to school “has put strain” on her relationship with Alex. He admits that he wonders if Tyra is hanging out with other guys while she’s at school. Tyra, too, says she has “trust issues” with Alex.

Also back for another season is Tyra’s sister Tiarra. She has some feelings about Tyra’s parenting.

“She’s a stupid bitch for leavin’ her kid!” Tiarra tells us in the trailer. 

Oh how we’ve missed you girls…

Unlike its MTV counterpart, Teen Mom, ‘Unexpected’ has had a lot of turnover in the cast. Season 1 featured Lilly, Lexus Scheller and McKayla Adkins; Lilly did not come back for Seasons 2 or 3, Lexus did not come back from Season 3, and earlier this year, McKayla announced that she would not be filming for Season 4 – making an official ’Unexpected’ cast turnover. (Later cast member Rilah Ferrer also claimed she will not return for another season, as did Chloe Mendoza.) 

Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford, whose baby daddy is Matthew Blevins, was reportedly supposed to appear on Season 4, but was dropped in June, due to some racist messages found on her Instagram account. (She denied writing the messages and claimed she was hacked.)

‘Unexpected’ Season 4 premieres December 20 on TLC. Watch the first trailer below! 

Don't miss the new season of #Unexpected, premiering Sunday, December 20 at 10/9c.

Posted by TLC on Monday, November 16, 2020

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(Photos: TLC)

15 Responses

  1. Myrkas mother is the most selfish mother I’ve ever seen. She is only out for herself. Regardless she needs to give child support for Myrka. I cannot stand her fake ass oh how cute the bassinet. She’s a phony mother who should not even hold the title of mother. She’s a mother alright you know which one I cannot say. Hispanic mother’s do not act that way. We are very loving and family oriented. I feel so bad for Myrka. I would never forgive my mother for acting that way.

  2. Jenna and aden seriously need major schooling on the whole birds and bees. Id be embarrassed if they were my kids speaking in public.

  3. Emma and Cheri- I was wondering the same thing, and surprised by your answer, Emma… I made my husband stop getting ready for work to watch the portion where Jenna said boys need to “ogulate” at the same time women do to get pregnant… and asked WTHeck did they teach HIM in sex ed? Now we’re children of the late 70s so our sex ed was wrapped up as a part of the Health Class curriculum in the mid/late 80’s. I remember they split boys and girls up into groups and first made us watch a video in about 4th grade, featuring the star of the musical “Annie” who talked about getting her period and then promptly being fired. Post-video, as all of us little girls were silently digesting the fact that menstration equaled the end of life (and career) as you once knew it, the MALE gym teacher rolled in a chalk board, and with the school nurse, began drawing diagrams of female and male anatomy- then drew arrows depicting how the men’s junk entered the female’s junk and once every 28 days you could make a baby. Cue the next video, one where they showed a live vaginal birth. Then they released us, with no question and answer session, and no consideration of the mortified/terrified little girls about to go to lunch. Then we had a refresher class of sorts in 10th grade where the school nurse arrived after homeroom with bags of cucumbers and boxes of condoms…
    So I guess I imagined that sex ed had progressed the way our Apple IIe’s had, and am surprised they’re not. I’m shocked a parent would choose not to teach their children about safe sex, or even the BASICS of conception (Aden saying “September 17th is the day you conceived, or whatever that word is” is replaying in my head right now)- whether it take place in school or at home.
    Anyway, as much as I’m disgusted my Aden’s abuse of Jenna, I can’t believe what a spoiled little snot Jenna is either. Her father seems to be retired from the military, as am I, and how she became so entitled to think she is somehow OWED a car (a LUXURY car, of course) despite her poor grades (he’ll maybe she DID have sex ed and just wasn’t paying attention), her prissy little attitude, and STEALING the dogsitter’s money is beyond me.
    I feel so badly for this poor child that’s about to enter this world… my guess is Grandma and Grandpa are gonna be raising it, just like that brat McKayla.
    Oh well, gonna watch this train wreck while screaming at my TV as I did the prior three seasons, I’m sure…

  4. I am actually looking forward to see Jenna’s story, I read another article describing her as spoiled and getting any thing she wanted. I just can’t wait when she adds a baby in the mix and not get her way anymore. I know Chelsea from teen mom is described this way but she grew up and got a real world job.

  5. OMG, Jenna’s boyfriend. What an asshole! Leave his selfish ass! And what’s so “fun” about it?! Your job is done, she is the one who will have to carry the child for 9 months, then give birth to that said child, breastfeed and I assume because he is so arrogant I doubt he will help out with the baby at all. Those kind of men (he’s a teenager but still, he became a man the day he decided to become a father ON PURPOSE!) are the ones who annoy me the most, what’s so hard in putting a condom on?! And yes, Jenna’s dad does look like Mike…kinda.

    I can’t even comment on others because this one made me pissed the most. What a horrible guy she got with.

    1. Yeah, I’ve never been rubbed this wrong by an expecting teen parent…later, when the kids are born, yeah but this… almost feels abusive in a way? He knew she was naive and innocent and played her. I was a teen girl once and had boys convince me of some dumb shit. It’s part of being young and stupid and this dude took severe advantage in a way none of teenage boyfriends ever tried. They talked me into sneaking out, they didn’t sneak a baby into me. I’m never for alienating a parent but I hope the Situation looking daddy is paying close attention to this relationship. There is something WRONG with this boy.

      1. I thought the same thing – this is a form of abuse. It’s not funny, it’s not cute; it’s the worst kind of controlling behavior any girl/woman can experience. I’ll give you that she was stupid to buy his story, but still…this isn’t okay. I hope her parents keep a close eye on things.

    1. Very unwell. When I was teaching, snowflake parents had the right to not sign permission slips for sex education so as not to “corrupt” their children and lead them down a path of sin. I taught in the backwoods North Carolina school system and NC is very Duggar religious. More than half of my class would leave to read in the media center because their parents said they couldn’t partake in the lesson.

  6. I HAD ill prepared dysfunctional teenage parents. Children having children is NEVER a good thing!
    WTF is wrong with these people!

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