‘Unexpected’ Star Chloe Mendoza Says She Will Not Return for Season 4

“Peace out, TLC!”

Another spot may be opening up next season on Unexpected, as Chloe Mendoza announced she doesn’t plan to return for Season 4. 

According to Starcasm, Chloe, one of the show’s two remaining OGs (McKayla Adkins being the other) announced on her YouTube channel that she was saying goodbye to the TLC series—– a decision she claimed to be  “99.9 percent sure” about. 

“I feel like my family is over it,” she explained. “My parents are done with it, I’m kind of done with it too now.” 

The 18-year-old, who shares a daughter named Ava with Max Schenzel, said there were “a lot of bad experiences” she could talk about regarding her time on the show, but instead she chose to focus on the good. 


“Without this show, my life would be completely different … ,” she added. 

Chloe called her time on ‘Unexpected’ a “good experience overall” and went on to thank the show’s crew,. She also thanked TLC for the free trips to New York she got to take and for the opportunity she’s been given to promote things on social media to make a profit (aka be an “influencer”). 

“Anyone interested in buying a waist trainer?”

She also said she was grateful for the support system she’s found in her fellow cast mates. 

“I love them all,” she added. 

While Chloe said earlier in her video that she didn’t want to focus on the negative regarding her time on ‘Unexpected’, she did touch briefly on “the business” of reality TV. 

“… You have people who come film a week out of a month of your life and condense it to 10 minutes,” she said. “They can make it however they want. They can make it funny, they can make it sad, they can make it angry, they can make it all these types of things and that part was out of our control, obviously. So that is kind of more of the bad aspects but that’s just how it goes. That’s the business.” 

Chloe went on to say that although she may have had some “arguments or disagreements” with people working behind the scenes on the show, she’s still “very grateful for this opportunity.” 

“… I’m not saying that it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the best time ever!’ because it wasn’t,” she continued. “It was a lot of sadness and long days and all this stuff. But overall, it changed my life completely and I just focus on how it changed my life for the better instead of thinking about the worst … .” 

Watch Chloe’s video announcement below! 

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31 Responses

  1. Please don’t leave the show. Ava is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You are so beautiful. So is Ava. You and McKayla are my favorite moms on the show. You are fine the just the way you are.

    I’ll miss seeing you and Ava ????????

  2. Chloe keeps saying that Max doesn’t need rehab and that he’s only going because of his dad. But as far as I gathered it was a judge who ordered Max to go. If that’s true, then she is a spoiled little brat who cries when she doesn’t get her way. If a judge orders you to do something for probation then you have to do it! She needs to grow the hell up! Max’s mental health should be more important to her than prom in the first place.

  3. Jessica is the most awful mother. She pushed Chloe into Max’s arms by doing her damnest to keep him away from the start. Max WANTED to come to the baby shower. He wanted to be part of many things and Jessica just made it difficult/ Yes, Max isn’t in the best place now. But Jessica should’ve left Chloe work it out for herself and just be there for her when it all went to shit. I hope Jessica watches her behaviour back and hears the things she has said and is embarrassed. As for Nate – he encourages her. It’s just toxic.

  4. I disagree with all this hate on Chloe’s mom. She has every right not to let this shitbag lying disrespectful kid in her house. He’s been arrested for stealing from an old woman, has an ongoing addiction issue that he keeps lying about, and has been nothing but disrespectful to her parents. I wouldn’t let him in my house either! If chloe is dumb enough to believe his lies that he’s not using then she can move out with him and support him. Otherwise while she’s living at home and being supported by her parents then she’s gotta follow their rules. Jessica isn’t blocking him from being in their lives just her home. That sucks for Chloe but he either needs to get his shit together and be a better person, or she can move out and support herself.

  5. Talking about the paternity thing with Rilah, how much would you want to bet that when she pops the kid out Rebecca and Markos continue to bark in his ear, telling him “get a paternity test”? The whole paternity thing seemed pretty settled to me after the sonogram where they saw the baby’s face, but I doubt that it is. Mr. Maury Povich, here they come!

  6. What do you wanna bet the reason why Chloe is not doing the show is because of Jessica and all the “hate” she is getting. Which I think is much deserved. Chloe is giving up the opportunity to make a lot of money and yes have a much better life than she will without the show. Jessica is probably encouraging this X100 wouldnt doubt it if she doesnt want Chloe to have much on her own so she can continue to control her life and Avas with all the “help” she is going to be providing.

  7. Tyra and Alex are by far my favorite couple this season!!

    I am glad Chloe and her “brat pack” will not be back next year. Hopefully Rilah and you “rude brood” won’t be back either (I can’t stand Rosa, Anthony or his mother)!!

        1. I wouldn’t mind Rilah too much if it weren’t for Rosa, Anthony or Rebecca.

          Rosa is too quick to run her mouth about things (even her son was trying to get her to shut up at that restaurant they were at for Rilah’s birthday dinner).

          And Anthony, lawd jesus!! “The sperm is the baby.” I mean come on, really?? That had to be the dumbest thing I ever heard!!! It takes two to tango.

          And Rebecca needs to back off and let HER SON and Rilah work through this paternity thing.

  8. Max may change, who knows? Right now I think he’s a slimeball, but I can’t stand Jessica either. Poor Chloe! Her mom acts like SHE is still a teenager.

  9. Chloe’s mother seemed to be border line psychotic to me. Yeah, Max is a low life but, Jessica, always seemed mentally unstable.

    1. Im sorry, but her mom just seems to take too much pleasure in hating her daughter’s baby daddy. I understand he’s a screw up and has problems, but he’s also still very young. To intentionally mess with him the way she did just seemed extreme and sadistic to me. Shes the kind of parent who makes their children keep secrets and never tell them anything because you can count on them freaking out constantly. I dunno, just very unlikable to me.

    1. It’s honestly hard to tell about that since I’ve never seen her biological father. Nate is her stepfather.

    1. I agree. I wish they’d bring back shows like The Carol Burnett Show, The Dean Martin Variety Show, and Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. They were funny, drama free and clean!!! And it was reality tv that was actually real and not scripted or rehearsed!!!

  10. I agree that Max isn’t exactly the ideal guy for her daughter, but honestly Jessica’s behavior is appalling. The way she is about him coming over and how CONTROLLING she is is just not healthy. At all. She’s not thinking about Ava at all by forcing his father to watch on the sidelines. I don’t care what Max has done, she needs to shape up and be a better mother and example to her OWN children about how adults behave. If I were her and watched these episodes back I would be embarrassed. Do better.

    1. She doesn’t want Max in their house, fine, but the way she treated Max and his father at Ava’s christening was inexcusable, “they can’t speak to us and they have to sit in the back”. Like it or not, that’s her granddaughter’s father and grandfather, and someday Ava is going to see how Jessica treated them. She blames Max for the deterioration of her relationship with Chloe, yet doesn’t acknowledge that the way that she (Jessica) treats Max has also contributed to the breakdown of their friendship. Max is not a great person, even his father will admit that he’s done a lot wrong, but the way Jessica treats him is utterly ridiculous.

      1. And then when Max’s father said hello to some of Jessica’s relatives, she freaked out, all “I told you they were going to start something!!!”

        Yeah – throughout human history, many a war has started with someone saying, “Hello.”

        Personally, I think she’s just mad that the kid is on TV with the baby because she wanted to hide it and try to pass the baby off as her own. Now we all know her precious daughter is a bit trampy.

    2. My own mother is exactly like Jessica. Every single behavior that Jessica has, my own mother does. My mom hates my daughters father, who used to drink and party, but since we had our daughter, he works 60+ hours a week, has his own place, finances in order, loves our daughter to death. Really a great turn around, but my mother will not allow him in our house. I can’t have his help because my mother blocks him from being part of our daughters day to day life. I feel for chloe because I am in the exact same situation. It’s very hard and I don’t understand why Jessica, and my own mother behave in such a controlling way. That’s what it is, they want control of the situation and are in turn making the lives of their daughters and now granddaughters, harder. Please don’t be that person that does things out of spite or out of anger. The only thing to learn from seeing Jessica’s behavior is to NOT be like that. Help your kids be the best parents they can be by hearing them out and helping them, not hurting them. You don’t want a child growing up saying “my grandma and my dad hate each other “. That’s heartbreaking. Put your differences aside people!!

  11. These reality shows have become like train wrecks. You just can’t look away. Now they have discovered that by wrecking their lives more, they get more attention. I hope these girls realize the money is not worth it.

  12. Chloe seems like a sensible girl with her daughter’s best interest at heart. Hopefully she matures enough to get rid of Max. She and her daughter deserve better.

    1. Yeah, when she told Max he didn’t need therapy, I thought, “And this person is responsible for a child?” Sorry, but she’s not sensible and she’s not mature.

      1. Really and he doesn’t need rehab because he’s doing good but then proceeds to say he can wait 4 days.. she was just concerned with her prom, it sucks she didn’t get to go cause she was pregnant but those are the SACRIFICES you make when you become a parent.

  13. Her mom seems nuts and she seems like a brat, so I’m not surprised that they don’t like how they look on tv.

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