A Bigger Cast & Even Bigger Drama: TLC Releases ‘Unexpected’ Season 3 Trailer & Premiere Date

“You better be ready to bring it! We have five other couples we’re fighting for that screen time!”

Unexpected, TLC’s take on the world of teenage pregnancy and motherhood, will return for a third season on August 4 with a group of six moms—unexpectedly, only two of whom are returning cast members.

Starcasm reports that McKayla Adkins and Chloe Mendoza, are the only OGs coming back for Season 3, as Lexus Scheller joins Emiley Noack and Laura Barron in exiting the show. 

Laura announced in December that she was the only cast member not asked to return for Season 3, while Emiley had confirmed on social media she wouldn’t be returning because some of the people in her story weren’t interested in doing the show. Fortunately for producers, the two returning moms are expected (pun intended) to bring a lot to the table in terms of storylines… 

In the Season 3 trailer, we see Chloe’s baby daddy Max Schenzel admit to having a pill addiction. As followers of the show may recall, Max was arrested last summer for allegedly stealing a 77-year-old woman’s credit cards. He was ultimately ordered to pay more than $1,000 for victim restitution and fees and sentenced to 30 months of probation, 150 hours of community restitution and 3 months in jail, which began in May.

“I survived child birth, I can get through anything… including having to relive Max’s run-ins with the law.”

McKayla’s Season 3 story will reportedly cover her second pregnancy and we can assume that will include the drama with her baby daddy Caelan Morrison that followed, as Caelan has accused McKayla of keeping the couple’s two children from him. The couple has taken their co-parenting drama to social media on more than one occasion. 

“If we aren’t a perfect example of why you don’t have babies when you’re still teenagers, then I don’t know who is!. “

The new moms and dads joining the show for Season 3 will be Hailey and Matthew (both 16), Rilah (16) and Anthony (18); and Tyra (18) and Alex (18) and Tyra’s 16-year-old sister Tiarra, who recently gave birth to her first child with her boyfriend Dee (18). 

‘Unexpected’ returns Sunday, August 4 at 10/9c on TLC. Check out the Season 3 trailer below!

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  1. All the girls are young but I was a single mom at 15 now I’m married and have 7 kids but it’s not easy especially if you live with your parents but I know all the girls can do it but also listen to your parents because they know it’s not easy to raise kids I hope all the girls will learn something about getting pregnant at a young age the babies didn’t ask to brought in this world but enjoy them they are precious

  2. What REALLY gets is when these KIDS complain about “I can’t do this and I can’t do that” and I think “well welcome to adulthood”. It’s too they couldn’t wait until they aged into it before they had to start growing up!!! I can understand the people who become due to uncontrollable circumstances (rape, molestation, etc) feeling a sense of obligation. But there is adoption, there is NO shame in giving your child a better life so that you can achieve one as well.

  3. Chloes mom is a total Bitch!! Let the kids experience this stuff. Your opinions are way to messed up. You can even let Max speak without rolling your eyes. No wonder you were single for so long before someone stepped up. I pray your husband stays with you. if he does. He’s equally messed up!!

    1. She just wants her daughter to learn from her past. She was a teen mom (she was 19 when she had Chloe and like 16 or 17 when she gave birth to her oldest child who doesn’t appear on the show) and you don’t see THAT birth father around anywhere. Max doesn’t seem like a standup guy (and I have to admit I roll my eyes a bit when he speaks myself). He is way too controlling (and Chloe’s mother is just trying to step in so that her daughter doesn’t become victim to that and get hurt)!!!!

      1. If you want to talk about a bitch, what about Emiley’s mother???!!!! No wonder Emiley would rather be around Diago’s mom Krista!!!!

    2. Lynn I am with you 100)% Chloe’s mom is a controlling bitch, someday it will come back and bite her in the ass. Hope it’s soon.I think when Chole gets a little older she will tell her mother to eff off.

      1. Then her mother should say, “Best of luck! Let Max take care of you and the kid. See you when I see you!” But then she would be a bitch for doing that, so I guess she can’t win!

  4. In the good ‘ole days girls like this were shipped off to unmarried mother’s homes and their children were put up for adoption. The children were spared being raised by idiot teenagers and given to real families instead. Sure, it was painful for everyone involved. But it worked.

    1. It depends on the state whether it’s legal or not. In MD, it’s legal (you have to be within four years of each other).

    2. 16 and 18 isn’t horrible. They’re likely only a grade apart in school, a junior dating a senior is pretty standard. I’d draw the line with two years depending on age though (I’d be fine with my 16 year old dating an 18 year old, but if it was my 16 year old dating a 14 year old, I’d put an end to that real quick.)

  5. These girls don’t get paid anywhere near what the Teen Mom girls get paid. It’s more of a realistic look into what teen pregnancy actually looks like. It’s more cautionary than glamorizing.

  6. UGH!!! Didn’t anyone learn from MTV how this is just fucked up! We all see what this show breeds…Monster Moms, violence. entitlement, animal abusers? I won’t be watching!

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