Briana DeJesus Calls Luis Hernandez a “Deadbeat” & Says She “Hopes He Chokes”; Slams Devoin Austin for Not Paying Child Support & More

“Do the words ‘Roxy’s red heels’ mean nothing to you two?”

Briana DeJesus remains at war with both of her baby daddies, calling out Devoin Austin – the father of her nine-year-old daughter Nova – for not stepping up financially, and calling Luis Hernandez –- the father of her younger daughter Stella – “a true definition of a deadbeat.” She also posted on social media that she is crossing her fingers that Baby Daddy No. 2 “chokes.” 

(I suppose that means Luis should not look forward to any more club bathroom bangin’ sessions with Briana any time soon…)

Briana fired off at Devoin and Luis on social media shortly after Teen Mom 2 fans saw her sit the two men down last episode, in an effort to work out some sort of child support agreement for their respective daughters. However, once Devoin slammed Briana for allegedly lying about how much cash they’re bringing in for the show, Briana took to her Instagram Story to let off some steam…and basically wish death on Luis.

In a lengthy text posted to social media, Briana said she didn’t know how this fight between herself and her baby daddies – Devoin in this case – ended up being about ‘Teen Mom 2’ or what she does with her money. She added that it “was supposed to be about being a parent and sacrificing, being consistent and reliable and responsible and giving 100 percent at all times and not the bare minimum.” 

Prior to Briana’s Instagram Story rant, Devoin went after his baby mama on social media, telling Briana to “STFU” and encouraging her to “tell the world how LITTLE [‘Teen Mom 2’] pays you and I’ll tell them how LITTLE they pay me.” (These statements come a month after Devoin called MTV on Instagram for not paying him enough and threatening to quit the show.)

“I deserve way more money. Look how hard I work!”

He also accused Briana of using her baby daddy drama as a storyline for the show and said he handles his “s**t” by himself without any “crutches on this side to fall on.” Briana seemingly acknowledged some of Devoin’s comments in her rebuttal, saying she was OK doing everything financially, like she’s “been doing since day 1,” even when she wasn’t filming for MTV. 

” … AND I’M ALSO OK WITH DOING EVERYTHING ELSE,” she continued. “Keep doing what you’ve been doing and I’ll continue doing what I’ve been doing and there shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Just know I’m done waiting on mfs to get together and I’m done helping anyone else.” 

“We’re grandfathered in though, right?”

While the majority of Briana’s rant was directed at Devoin, Luis didn’t walk away unscathed. In fact, Briana made sure to dedicate an entire separate slide on her Instagram Story to “baby daddy #2,” telling Luis he can also “suck a d**k and I hope he chokes.” 

I think that’s nice…

“Mr. Baldy is a true definition of a deadbeat,” she continued. “He gets the same energy all the time. He’s just grown and doesn’t run to IG [like Devoin does]. He acknowledges that he’s top tier on the s**t list.” 

“My head and I feel attacked. Why do you think I’m wearing this hat?”

Briana went on to call Mr. Baldy Luis “literally non-existent,” in his daughter’s life, adding that she doesn’t hear from him and the only reason she even knows he’s alive is because he sends money weekly for Stella. 

Briana recently spoke about her lack of baby daddy support on Twitter, citing the financial help she’s given them, as well as free couch surfing housing, loaning her car, being lenient with child support and more. 

“I try hard asf to give chances. Y’all can call me whatever you want but u can’t call me a bad mother,” Briana tweeted last week. “Yes, my personal life hasn’t always been great but I do my best to keep that apart from my kids. Never once have my kids seen me kiss another man, hold another man’s hand or even introduced a man as a bf to my kids.

“End of the day, I still try to[o] hard and I don’t ever get what I ask for return but Gucci sneakers and popping bottles at the club is more important.”

“Why ya gotta bring da club into this?”

She also responded to those who criticized her for getting plastic surgery over the years, while complaining about money issues. 

“The plastic surgery I got done shouldn’t matter cause I still take care of my kids,” she tweeted. “My kids never go without. I make sure my kids have everything before I get a new ass. Plus I never even paid for my surgery it was all for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

“And I paid my home off so that my kids have something that will be with them forever,” she continued. “I always think of long term. I’m not worried about the new phone that’s out or the new PlayStation or shoes. I take care of my responsibilities before I start to play with my money. So with that being said, y’all can all s**k my d**k from the back.”

“OK…now you’ve got my attention, Bri…keep talking…”

Briana then brought up the fact that she let Devoin bunk down at her family’s home in attempts to help him out.

“I’m such a horrible person/mom but I give both my baby daddies chance after chance… I invited one of my baby daddies to live with me because he was homeless, let him stay to save up money to get his own place. He’s where he’s at now because I let him stay with me,” she wrote.

“I prefer the term ‘sans home’ rather than homeless, thanks…”

“My daughter [Nova] loves gymnastics and I will never take that away from her bc I couldn’t afford it,” Bri tweeted. “I’ll sell my ass, work 20 jobs just to make sure she does what she enjoys. That’s a real parent. Not a half ass one…Even before Mtv came into the picture, ask [Devoin] who was always holding it down? Remember I wasn’t on tv the whole time like every other girl.”

Briana also stated that she has tried her best to keep Luis and Devoin in her daughters’ lives, even if they don’t pay her child support.

“Growing up, my father stood away for many reasons and one of them was child support,” she wrote. “I don’t want my kids to ever blame me for why their father isn’t around so that’s why I fought so hard…

“Stella loves Devoin and I’ll never take that away from him but both my kids don’t have a consistent father figure in their life and it’s sad but it’s my fault,” Briana added.

“How can she be mad? I’m essentially Mr. Mom!”

“Time waits for nobody and my kids are only getting older. I will let them decide what they wanna do and who they want in their life. I am done and I give up on this battle! I’ll just do what I gotta do for me and my kids.”

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(Photos: MTV)

38 Responses

  1. Devoin and Luis are not the best dad’s, especially Luis he has barely been around Stella but the hostility she has towards them both isn’t great for Nova and Stella, Briana wouldn’t even let Devoin’s family meet Nova until recently.Any mistake Briana makes is fine but if Devoin or Luis do anything wrong her, Brittany and Roxanne have to make a big deal about it. The names she calls the father of her children are disgusting and Nova is old enough to hear and understand the crap that is spoken about them.

  2. these girls pick such losers!! but they pick them! do they really think these guys will be there when they are so free to have unprotected sex with them hahaha!!!

  3. Bri had several boyfriends and she shared that Javi was staying over in the old tiny apartment. We now know Javi was sleeping with Kail, Lauren and Bri in the same 6 weeks or less at some point.
    They went to Disney as a blended family, she had wham-bam sex without protection with Luis because they apparently couldn’t control themselves but she claims her girls never even saw her holding hands with a man?
    Say that again hooked up to a lie detector.

  4. I don’t think these guys will ever do anything right according to Bri’s standards. Not that they are great, but I think they figure they are going to get bitched at and criticized no matter how much they do, so they may as well do the minimum. Bri gets off on this dynamic where she’s the only one doing enough for her kids. It makes her feel superior.

    1. They won’t, Devoin commented he is paying child support but Briana called him told him Nova was now in gymnastics told him, he had to pay half and when he explained to her that he can’t afford they amount she just demanded from nowhere because he isn’t earning that much just now, MTV still hasn’t paid him yet and he will contribute what he can when he is able to but Briana can’t have that or have any reasonable conversation with them.

  5. “We’re grandfathered in though, right?” LMAOOOOO. And Devoin is such a lame ass- GET A JOB and STOP worrying about what Bri makes or doesn’t make. You both are 50% responsible for making your daughter! Grow TF up!
    Okay confusion…Bri is complaining that Luis doesn’t give her child support but says the only reason she knows Luis is alive is because he send money weekly?
    I’m not sure how providing financially makes him a full out “dead beat”. Honestly, she’s doing better than me and my baby daddy… and he is 45! My son is 16 months now, he was absent for the pregnancy and delivery, and doesn’t pay child support and he makes DOUBLE what I do. He sees his newest “Soulmates” son more than he sees his own and I assume contributes more financially to his newest girlfriend and her son more than us as well.

    She hopes Luis chokes? Suck my d**k from the back, eh? Stay classy Bri.

    1. She wants to eat her cake and have it too or in this case….a D 1 C K.

      She refuses to take either one to court for child support fearing that their “custody” agreement will be determined also, not just the money. So that means Briana can’t have it her way and dictate how it’s going be which changes hour to hour and depends how the rest of the HOUSE VOTES on because we know how well Briana can think on her own.

      Hope the STD cleared up well for you Briana. At least he gave you SOMETHING so don’t say he never did. It’s karma….for not discussing with the HOUSE if they approve of your booty call.

  6. Okay, I’m confused. Does this lunatic have a penis? If so, she needs to stop telling people to suck it before her dumbass gets #metooed. Urgh, I worked with a girl who’s comeback that always was. It reeks of low intelligence and low class. Her dumbass thinks it makes her look hard. Maybe if she wasn’t a coward off of social media. You can’t be hard when your mommy and baby sister are the ones attacking people on your behalf, sweetie.

    1. I hate that she always says that too. Any female, for that matter. How they think it’s a good “come back” for any situation is beyond me. Makes no sense to be said by any female no matter age, race, sexuality, etc. Just my opinion

  7. Why is she always telling everyone to suck her dick? That’s her only comeback anytime she’s miffed about something. She sounds like a dumbass

    1. Shes super dense. Considering that she given birth if she had a dick too that would make her a hermaphodite. She may be telling something.

  8. Good grief did dr. plastic give you a penis during all that free surgery? You seem to talk about getting it sucked a lot.
    SO sick of her & her nannies, I FF thru their parts. Yep, your live is hard we get it. You need a SL keep those fat Mtv checks.

  9. No guys from this show are a prize (maybe only Cole but he uses this annoying baby voice just like Chelsea) but Briana really got together with the bottom of the barrel. Some rando she picked in a club and SOMEHOW she thought it’s okay not to use protection and that SOMEHOW he will be a decent father. Don’t know anything about this Javi II. guy (are they still together even?) but considering her past he might not be a catch too. She needs to get her shit together and realize why she picks the worst of the worst to have a child with. It probably has something to do with her personality too.

  10. Wait what???? Didn’t they go to Disney world with javi and all that other nonsense with mixing their families together?

    1. I seem to remember something having to do with not putting the fathers names on the birth certificates is why she didn’t want to go thru court? I may be wrong… or that was just Luis or something.

    2. She also claims that Devoin sees their daughter more hours per week than she does. She complains he plays video games while she is doing her homework.
      When he takes her to his house, drinking and eating his groceries, the judge might not award her a dime and perhaps the judge will even ask her to pay him.
      Maybe he is not allowed to take his daughter to his home, so Bri keeps the control and doesn’t have to pay him.

      No clue why Devoin doesnt stand up for his daughter and himself. How long has she kept him away from his daughter?
      She had good reasons sometimes but often, she had not.
      They belittled, distrusted and criticized him right from the start, he couldn’t do a thing right. He didn’t know a thing about babies but they made him babysit to nag when he didn’t know certain things. Maybe teach the guy a few things first.

      When he has been seeing his daughter more than Brianna does for a while now, he might get a good portion of custody. Even when Bri makes him take their daughter to her house now. And that might change too.

  11. “ both my kids don’t have a consistent father figure in their life and it’s sad but it’s my fault.” Er, no, it’s totally your fault. There’s a decent chance a rando you banged in the bathroom without protection would turn out to be a piss poor father so no shocker that he totally sucks (but not your d*** whatever that is supposed to mean). Haven’t watched the show in awhile so not sure what Devoin is up to, but seems like he does try but isn’t the brightest bulb and sometimes can’t get out of his own way yet she pushes him away from the girls. Devoin might be one of the only men on the planet that voluntarily enters the DeJesus coven to see his kid – he deserves props for that alone.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      … that’s exactly what she said, that it’s her fault?

      1. I totally mis-read what she said. You’re correct and good catch, she did blame herself – I’m so used to the grown-ass women on the show never taking responsibility for their actions that I assumed she said “it’s NOT my fault”.

    2. I’ve friends that would KILL for their exes to be as involved as Devoin is. And “no one helps” her but she admits Luis sends money weekly? Money that is more than some single moms get in a month? I knew one woman who only got $80 a month but she says a few hundred a week isn’t enough. ?

  12. Briana, it is quite evident that your plastic surgery was free. Nobody would actually pay for and not demand a refund/sue Dr. Miami for the botched, lopsided lump of jiggly shit on your backside…

    Then she’s saying she keeps all of this away from her kids, but goes on to blast this ALL OVER THE INTERNET where it will stay forever. This is why people don’t like her, she is STUPID. And since she always wants to holler about doing all of this by herself, last time we checked, she has TWO live in nannies who go by the names of Brittany and Roxanne, who take care of BOTH her kids while she stays out all night getting her back blown out in filthy club bathrooms, or God knows where else, takes trips out of town to see boyfriends, further ruins her body with plastic surgery, ect.

    Also, I am SO sick of her coming after Devoin. In the preview for this next episode it is STELLA who says she doesn’t like her daddy, but she likes Devoin…now I wonder why a toddler would say this?? Maybe because Devoin is nice to her and actually spends time with her?? I believe this toddler over her moronic mother any day.

  13. I feel like Briana lacks impulse control with some facets of her life—i..e. Hooking up with Luis the second time, messing around with Javi, and putting people on blast on insta.

    Your kids will read the stuff you say about their dads. Maybe not today but there will come a day when they are older when they find these comments. And they may not view these comments as you protecting them.

    Also, isn’t it a slap in the face of your mom and sister, saying you 100% do everything for your kids? They seem to help out a lot. Give them the recognition due.

    1. They don’t have to read later, they sit on that old nasty couch & listen. They talk about grown-up stuff ALL the time, and little Nova looks sad. And now Stella will too.

  14. Here’s the thing… they’re both for sure deadbeats. I think her point is whether she makes $100 a week or $10000 a week they should help provide for their kids which is 100% true. There’s no excuse not to and no excuse to not see their kids. Even if they just put all of it into a college account and don’t give her a dime. BUT girl, you spending $5000 a month on your kids in f****** Florida!?? Not like they go to private school in NYC. That’s wasteful insanity and you’re either lying or spending as much as possible. Don’t expect them to keep up and pay for your opulence. AND don’t keep hopping on “baldy’s” dick and then go online talking shit. It only proves how little you value yourself and how desperate you really are.

  15. Briana is so tired and her storyline is tired. Honey stop with the whole deadbeat dad storyline. You chose these men and she has been beating this deadbeat storyline about Devoin for over 8 yrs but yet he is in almost every episode and your other child with another man knows and likes Devoin. Gurl bye just because he isn’t in Brianas bed doesnt make him a neglectful father or a deadbeat. Coparenting father and husband are spearate roles he can be one and not the other. Briana doesnt seem to understand that.

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