Devoin Austin Slams Briana DeJesus on Social Media; Calls DeJesus Family “Men Haters” & Says Fans Won’t See Him on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Next Season

Here we go again…

Devoin Austin is firing back at Briana DeJesus, a week after the Teen Mom 2 star accused him of not stepping up financially for their nine-year-old daughter, Nova. 

Unlike Briana’s social media rant – which occurred shortly after fans saw her sit Devoin and Luis Hernandez down on ‘Teen Mom 2’ in an effort to work out child support agreements for their respective daughters – Devoin provided receipts along with some accusations, insults and Briana’s phone number.

“Oops, my bad!”

In his Instagram Story, Devoin told followers he was going to tell them “a little story about why you won’t see me on this season’s ‘Teen Mom 2,’” pointing out that the text messages he would be posting were between himself and “the 6 figure receiving mom” (aka Briana). Devoin began with one exchange in which he claimed he has Nova “3-4 times a week,” but now that MTV is quarantined in Orlando for 14 weeks to shoot the new season, “[Briana] doesn’t need me.” 

In the next images shared by Devoin, the exes continued to go back and forth about their respective time with Nova, during which Devoin called Briana “scum,” advised her to “start using condoms” and even informed her that he would be sharing “this conversation with the fans of the show.” Briana argued that just because she doesn’t want Devoin around to film for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ doesn’t mean he can’t be involved in their daughter’s life.

“You can also pay child support. What else do you want?!”

Devoin added his own text to the screenshot, accusing Briana of “tainting [his] SET schedule” with Nova for the sake of the show.  

As the conversation progressed, Briana told Devoin she didn’t want to film with him and if he wanted to do something with Nova on-camera, he needed to talk to her ahead of time so she could make sure it worked with her schedule. She also told him that the same rules applied for anything he may want to do with Nova off-camera. 

(The Ashley would like to mention here that, if Devoin does not film, he is not paid by MTV. He is only paid if he appears in an episode in some way, whether that be in-person or on Skype video call, etc. So, Briana refusing to let him film is hitting him right in the wallet.) 

In the next series of posted text messages, Devoin added his own comments to the conversation, telling his followers that Briana heard he was getting payed “a respectable amount of money” and therefore, no longer planned to center her storyline around him. 

He then “joked” that Bri would need to come up with some other storyline that doesn’t revolve around her baby daddy drama. 

“Y’all prepare for a new baby or a new boyfriend(s),” Devoin told his followers. 

Devoin then threw some shade at Briana for reportedly “leaving 3 jobs out of the blue” before announcing his next shift at Bonefish. “Let’s see who else goes to work this season,” he added. In the spirit of his restaurant gig, Devoin went on to serve a couple more piping hot insults to Briana, calling her out for restricting his ability to make ‘Teen Mom 2’ money, all while calling him a bum for not giving her money for Nova.

“ … Both MTV and this bum-ass, STD-holding jawn DONT want me to get none of that easy paper to support my child,” he wrote. “It’s OK. I see where ya heads at. It’s ME vs YA at this point. F**k it. It’s UP.” 

But social media slams didn’t stop there. 

Devoin accused Briana and the DeJesus coven family of being “bitterass men haters,” and then made a joke about Briana’s Dr. Miami surgically-enhanced body. 

“Lol she’s been taking that bad ass job out on me for years,” he wrote. 

Briana’s ex asked her to make up her mind whether she wants her “kid to have a dad or not.” (Briana recently posted her own rant about how badly she wants her children to have their fathers in their lives.)

He wrapped up his tirade by accusing Briana and her family of having adult conversations around Nova and making the nine year-old think that she has to film. 

“My child thinks she HAS to record because of that household lol I had to tell her baby you do not HAVE to do anything,” Devoin wrote. 

As for Briana, she appeared unbothered by Devoin’s Instagram Story spree, opting to instead post photos with a friend on social media while “dealing with unnecessary bulls**t.” 

Briana did, however, let her followers know she planned to change her phone number after Devoin failed to crop her digits out of their text messages. (The Ashley blocked out Bri’s number in the screenshots, but Devoin’s originals had it on display.) 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I do think briana is fake and phony I use to like her when the show first started but I changed that she always try to act like she is perfect but she can’t be when she keeps screwing all these different men and her mother and sister should mind there business that is why there all manless the men they get only wants sex

    1. honestly on Devon’s side .. I was shocked that she expected the guys to help with her bills .. girl u just bought a new house u have well enough money . Leave those men alone .

      1. Because she has a job & was blessed to purchase a home for her and her family that takes away his financial responsibility as a father that’s so STUPID. That’s makes absolutely no sense I like Devon but he needs to grow up & stop worrying about what she’s doing & how she’s spending her money. He he spent more energy in getting her to school on time & not in her surgeries he can be a better dad

  2. Devoin is probably waiting for Briana to initiate a child support case because then the cost would be on Briana. Alot of men are advised to wait for child support to initate the case rather than pay a lawyer 10 grand to do it. She has the money for lawyers or she can just file with yhe chood support agency for free. Its just cheaper for him to let her start the case but her sneaky football shaped ass wont do it. Instead of complaining to a court she complains to MTV cameras as a storyline.

  3. He’s right about them being man-haters. I’ve never seen a group of women treat men so badly, or talk about them so negatively. Really, it’s gross and obnoxious.

    1. They are, while both Luis and Devoin have been far from perfect father’s they are both now trying to be part of their children’s lives and if they make any mistake they have to put up with a lot of shit just to see their child. They call Luis all the names under the sun for Briana getting the STD after they had sex in the club again. They are crazy.

  4. The teen mom show should be taken off. None of these girls because they don’t act like women. Your paying them all this money for what single mothers have been doing for years. So now they think they are role models. Briana using money to get her body done. All the other ones as and her are bashing the fathers because they don’t have a real story to tell. I have been a single mother and I worked my butt of to take care of my kids without bashing their father. They will see for themselves when they grow up if their father was there for them. I feel sorry for the kids on this show

  5. Devoin, take that heifer to court! She will regret treating him like that when the court sees how she uses her daughter as a pawn. Bitch can’t even pronounce her baby daddys names correctly, its not like she’s some genius with tricks up her sleeve. She needs someone to check her ass.

    1. Remember when she said she wouldn’t file for support because daddy would automatically get 50/50? Then she also TOLD baby daddy that (I can’t remember which it was) Devoin is stupid. Take her botched ass to court. Boom, problem solved.

      1. She’s already been dumb enough to reveal she gets a few hundred a week from Luis all while complaining the baby daddies don’t help. That’s help, moron, more than most single moms not on TV get. One of these men need to take her trashy ass to court. You know why? Luis won’t have to pay nearly as much anymore. In fact, Florida sucks at, well, almost everything (I was born in Tampa), but they have pretty fair child support laws. They would either cancel out Luis child support or, even better, make HER pay and give the dads court ORDERED time with those ridiculously named girls who’s names mean the same damn thing. Dumbass is playing with fire.

    2. Devoin will never take her to court because he doesn’t want to pay child support. They’re both messy as hell.

  6. She’s an ass – but HE is the only one responsible for his time with his daughter, ultimately. Dude. GET TO COURT. Force her to sign some papers.

  7. “You have to ask my permission before doing anything with our daughter, but I’m not keeping her from you.” She’s 100% keeping him from his child. He has his set days, that should be the end of the conversation. He needs to get his shit straight with a court order so she can’t use that child like that anymore.

    1. A. He needs to stop screwing up. Drunk at the pool, 100% hands down unacceptable, but over a year ago now. Has it happened again? Being late then leaving the hair salon early? Not a good look at all Bro. Show up when you’re supposed to, be sober, alert and active and take that heifer to court. I like Devoin, he could use some polishing, but he’s a good guy. Look how he treats Stella. He will immediately welcome her outstretched arms. TAKE. HER. TO COURT

  8. It’s just like how they portrayed his mom as crazy for sitting in the car on thanksgiving when in reality the crew showed her how Bri talked about her and trashed her so they could fabricate drama.
    Devoin could easily file for visitation but doesn’t want to pay child support I guess.
    Bri could easily file to get support but she doesn’t want him having rights and visitation.
    The only ones that’ll pay are the kids. Nova knows her dad and will feel abandoned Stella will have been abandoned twice now. So sad.
    But mtv will keep giving Bri checks to cash for this garbage behavior. Disgusting.

  9. They’re both messy. Devoin obviously doesn’t contribute very much financially for his daughter and Brianna definitely likes to control his access to Nova. Neither of them wants to go to court and hash out an actual agreement because they know neither of them will like the outcome (Devoin will have to pay child support and Brianna will have to agree to give him visitation). Nova is getting way too old for this nonsense to continue.

  10. He needs to take her ass to court and get rights so nova can’t film and really jam her up. Fathers have rights to and he can absolutely refuse to let her film next season.

  11. From the headline I was thinking like Devoin…it’s time to stop complaining about the money and either stay on the show or leave, I hate when these cast members complain like they’re irreplaceable…but after reading the article I see why he’s pissed. Briana has this disturbingly weird vendetta against him, and wants him to be portrayed as an absentee/bum father to Nova SO BADLY, that she’s willing to basically hold her kid hostage for the storyline she wants for Devoin. Briana wants the audience to put Devoin on the same level as Adumb, or Andrew, or even Rhine, and it KILLS her that people aren’t buying her “SUCK MY DICK! I DO EVERYTHING BY MYSELF!” B.S…We see how those kids react when Devoin comes around, so anything she says about him being a “deadbeat” or whatever, is fabricated. Briana is a sick, sad and selfish person.

    1. This!!!!!! Stella wants him to be her daddy too. The kids tell the truth. Same I find it odd Jade isn’t concerned her daughter cries that hard being dropped off at daycare after all this time.

      1. Out of the mouth of babes. Devoin is no prize or genius but I also have zero doubt he cares about BOTH those little girls. Deadbeats don’t take the time to get to know your second opps baby because her real daddy don’t give AF. He doesn’t have to spend time with Stella to be a part of Nova’s life. That’s just legitimate kindness. Lord knows this girl wasn’t raised around healthy, kind adults. Maybe she doesn’t have the ability to recognize it.

    2. Devoin is no prize and kinda dumb, but he seems to have a good heart and it’s nice to read that he’s also kind to Stella whose STD infected sperm donor from da club is a total POS. As he matures hopefully Devoin will become be more reliable, continuing to get on his feet financially and in stable living arrangements so he can have partial custody. You’re right that he’s a huge step up from the likes of Adumb, Andrew, Rhine, Mr. Mumbles Chris and Nathan (who talks a good game but never follows through). Luis OTOH is on par with those losers – and Luis is way older than all of them so immaturity is not an excuse.

    3. Yesssss 100%! She’s always spouting off about Devoin never coming around, but if that was true, the girls wouldn’t be so attached to him and comfortable with him. I’m so glad he exposed those screenshots. She always wants to play the martyr. It’s so obvious she wants Devoin to look bad. On the reunions, her mom and Brittany sometimes will say positive things about him, or defend him, but Briana would NEVER. And she always just cuts them off or disagrees with them. I always noticed that and it seemed “off” to me. But it makes sense now. She wants everyone to think she’s handling it all on her own like some supermom. So when cameras come around, she keeps Devoin away so everyone watching sees her holding it all down & will praise her for it. How sick that she sends Devoin away during filming now just to keep that narrative, at the expense of the girls!! They are both losing out just as much if not more than Devoin. They love him, and their own mother takes him out of their lives just to put out a fake image? Disgusting. I’m sure it’s really confusing for them as well. So sad.

    4. That is it, before they were back on the show they were posting pictures of Devoin with Nova all the time but once they were back on MTV they made out he was barely around and only back seeing Nova because of MTV. His issue was he lost his job in the pandemic and then when he started working again it was with less hours so didn’t have the money Briana was just demanding for Nova’s gymnastics but he did offer to help with some of the things she needed and Briana couldn’t accept that and she is trying to say that she herself is struggling financially when she makes a lot of money on the show.

  12. These two need to grow up and just stop both are wrong if she wants child support go to court stop playing games. I think you both need counseling when Nova gets older see this crap she the one who going to be hurt and both of you are responsible for this stop playing the victim Devon grow up support your child it only been 9 years. I know you are just as responsible for Nova being as her mom stop playing the victim both of you.

  13. Your story is gross.Ratchet is the word.You sleep around and get stds and house family so you can do whatever you want.Its disgusting.Your fake.You dont want novas dad to make money from the show so he wont take your ass to court for visits.keep making gross mistakes and then wine about it.Real mature.

  14. briana clearly just wants the control and i hope devoin takes her ass to court for a set visitation schedule

    1. That’s exactly what this is, and Briana is now trying to control his story line on the show. How sick of a person to hold such a grudge like this for this long. Nova is what? Like 9? Time to go to a therapist, let that hurt go from high school because it not only effects her, it effects BOTH of her kids, and it’s time for her to grow up. Briana is disgusting.

    1. It seems obvious that Briana hates Devoin. She literally refuses to pronounce his name correctly! Now she wants to block him from making money from the show? But didn’t she just make a huge deal about wanting him to pay child support? Lord child, get your shit together and grow the eff up!! You are hurting your kid over some petty bullshit.

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