Fans React After Roxanne DeJesus Allegedly Calls Devoin Austin the N-Word on ‘Teen Mom 2’; Briana DeJesus Responds

“Was it somethin’ I said?!”

Roxanne DeJesus, mom of Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus, is known for throwing a high heel now and then but this week, she seemingly threw out a word that set social media on fire! 

While ranting about an incident involving Briana’s phone number, Roxanne allegedly threw a racial slur in the direction of Devoin Austin – the father of her oldest granddaughter, Nova. Viewers were shocked when Roxanne appeared to call Devoin— who is Black— the “N” word during a scene in which she talked about how mad she was about something Devoin had done to Briana.

During the episode, viewers saw the aftermath from one of Briana and Devoin’s recent feuds, during which Devoin had posted multiple screenshots on Instagram showing text conversations between himself and his baby mama – with Briana’s phone number conveniently displayed for the public to see. 

Tuesday’s episode showed Briana being interrupted by a surge of random text messages and phone calls while at the circus (more on that later) and almost immediately figuring out that Devoin was to blame. 

Later on in the episode, while expressing her anger over Devoin’s actions, Roxanne appeared to call him the n-word.

“Let me tell you something,” Roxanne says to Briana in the clip. “What he did today, exposing your number to the public: shady. He did that to be spiteful, but that’s illegal what he did. Next they’ll be knocking on our f**king door cause this n***er went out and gave out your information.”

While the word was censored by MTV, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans on social media were largely convinced that Roxanne did in fact drop the racial slur, with some demanding that the network address the incident. 

“@MTV Y’all are not going to skip over Roxanne using & referring to [Devoin] as the N-word.. unacceptable on all levels,” one viewer tweeted. “She is not a teen mom & is knows better. She wouldn’t want anyone to refer to that beautiful baby girl that way!” 

Other comments called for Roxanne’s firing from the MTV series, noting that the network has taken similar action in the past. 

“@MTV please fire Roxanne from ‘Teen Mom 2,’” one individual wrote. “She used the n word last night. You’ve been good about firing racist trash bags before so please take this trash bag out.” 

“Teen [Mom], MTV step tf up and say something I’m sick of Briana and her mother running their mouth,” another comment read. “Now she wants to say the N-word & y’all want to bleep it out like we didn’t hear it get tf out of here & get Briana and Rock brain Roxanne out of here too.” 

While Devoin has yet to address the scene in question, some fans took to the comment section on his most recent Instagram post to make sure he was aware of what was allegedly said. 

Also staying silent on the matter (at least for the moment) are Briana, Roxanne and Briana’s sister, Brittany. 

Sorry Brit, I don’t think that excuse is gonna fly.


While Roxanne received much of the heat following Tuesday’s episode, Briana was also hit with some social media hate due to the “private circus” she treated her family and friends to during the episode.  

…and no, we don’t mean the circus that is Briana’s life, to which Nova and Stella have front row seats on a daily basis.

A number of viewers slammed the mom-of-two for claiming to be financially strapped through much of Season 10, yet somehow having the means to fund an entire private circus for less than a dozen people. However, in response to those questioning the seemingly extravagant outing, Briana revealed that MTV had arranged the event. 

“ … we actually got regular tickets to go and MTV said I couldn’t go with a mass full of people and they felt bad saying no to me so they scheduled a private event for us and the kids,” she claimed. “[Tired] of people thinking I got all this money. I don’t fool.” 

UPDATE! Briana addressed the situation in an interview with Champion Daily on Thursday. She denied that Roxy used the N-word in the scene.

“[My mom would] never, ever use that word in relation to Devoin or anyone else,” Briana told the site, adding that Roxanne “is the farthest thing from racist that there is in the world.”

“Calling for her to be fired from the show because of using a word she did not use is downright ridiculous. If she did use the word— which, again, she 100% did not— I could understand people being offended.”

Briana insisted that if the “raw footage” of the scene was released (without the bleeps), “it will be to prove that we are not lying and trying to cover this up. We are completely taking charge of the situation and wanted to address it as we want people to know my Mom absolutely did not and would not ever say this word.”

Briana did not, however, state what word Roxanne did say if it wasn’t the N-word. 

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49 Responses

  1. Not to change the subject but here is a show about teen moms. Devon, over and over has said he can’t, won’t, absolutely will not pay child support. This is while having a job and probably getting paid to be on TM2. Why is this never addressed? I thought it was illegal to neglect your child support. If MTV wants to take a stand, how about a practical one where they encourage Briana to get the child support she deserves, get the proper amount decided by the court, and the payments enforced.

    For some reason, Devon gets a lot of screen time harassing Briana every time she asks for child support and he is not censured or penalized. I think that would be more helpful to show how this is dealt with as teen moms probably struggle with these issues all the time.

  2. MTV continues to hire sketchy people with sketchy backgrounds and they sit back and watch them single handily destroy their own lives for money. Let’s not forget as much as I don’t like kail, this same family attacked kail on stage. Bottom of the barrel people here, wouldn’t expect anything less.

  3. Bri is really sitting here gaslighting people, when it is clear as day what Roxanne said. I’ve been saying for weeks those women think they’re better than black people and don’t like black people. Shame Nova, a beautiful BLACK child, is being raised by these despicable, racist bitches…and I say Nova is black because at first glance she looks like a black child, not “biracial”. It’s already hard enough being black in today’s society, I can’t imagine being black and being raised by racists morons.

  4. So if that’s not what she said then why did the word have to be censored huh Brianna? And your idiot mother supports trump so yes she is racist and she did say it.

  5. She absolutely said it. She’s also a Trump supporter AND her own daughter, Brittany, is half black too which makes it even more disgusting that she said it. So yeah she should be fired

  6. Come on….he is a loser parent…the N Word is NEVER O.K. Ever.not even maybe, but are we losing sight of the fact he sucks as a baby daddy???? I have zero doubt Roxanne (sp?) used then N word……no doubt. I just hope they can parent Nova through and love each other, as parents. Quiet with the awful words.

  7. I couldn’t tell what she said. MTV can clear this up very quickly…if they want to. They’re probably thrilled at this publicity.

  8. I listened to the clip and I really can’t tell what she said. I didn’t hear anything that sounded like the N word the whole thing was completely bleeped out. But I think MTV should release it one way or another. If she’s guilty it should be known and if she isn’t it isn’t fair to have this accusation hanging over her head with no way to prove she is innocent.

  9. Briana gifted her boyfriend with an AK47 for his birthday? I missed that part. Guns, std’s, and racists. Such a combo

  10. if brianna says her mom didnt say that racist word what other n word would mtv block out cause there is no other n word that would need blocking so of course it was a racist remark they treat devoin like a?second class citizen

  11. MTV should release the raw footage online. And if she really didn’t say the n-word, then Bri should have said WHAT her mother DID say. MTV has had plenty of time to address what happened.

    It sounds like Roxanne said the word ending in a “a” which is still not acceptable.

    1. Brianna now claims her mother called Devoin a dick. MTV wouldn’t need to censor dick. Again, easy for them to clear up by releasing the uncensored clip.

      If she said it, she needs ti be fired like every other racist MTV personality.

      If they have manipulated this then they owe a MASSIVE public apology to Roxanne, including an explanation on why they would present Roxanne as a racist.

  12. this family is very low class but I see nothing that proves she said that–mtv has it on video, they know-but we cannot tell at all

  13. Briana says her mom is the farthest thing from a racist, but if I recall correctly Roxanne supports Trump. So, she is at the least okay with supporting racist policies and beliefs.

    1. I am a Mexican female. I voted Trump. I actually have black friends that voted Trump. I, nor they, are racist, so your generalization isn’t valid. Just because someone supports a person believed to be a racist (which, funny enough, Biden has MANY documented racist comments and controversy from decades ago into the present), doesn’t mean they are also one.

  14. I don’t like her at all, so I’m not taking up for her, but from that clip I can’t tell that she is saying that word.

  15. Get rid of the whole family! They are a disgrace! I am so sick of Roxanne and her foul mouth. I don’t care what Devon does, she has no right using that word to describe him.

  16. I watched the clip multiple times and haven’t seen an indication of her using the N word.. However, I see Briana’s excuse.. “I’m latino, therefore I’m not a racist”?‍♀️?‍♀️

  17. Maybe MTV finally realized this girl is more trouble than she is worth and did get rid of her. After she gifted her new boyfriend of the month with an AK47 MTV should have cut all ties with her. Briana is going down the same road as her ex bestie Jenelle with these gun toting weirdos. If he hurts someone with a weapon that she purchased with her MTV money it will be a PR nightmare.

    1. They got rid of Farrah because she’s trash, they got rid of Jenelle because she’s married to trash, they got rid of David because he’s a homophobic POS, they got rid of Taylor for some tweets from YEARS ago, and now it’s time for them to get rid of Briana and co for being racist. Every. Single. Week. This family has proven over and over and over that they don’t like black people, and they do not need to be given as big of a platform as they have, to promote their disgusting passive aggressive behavior towards black people. PERIOD. And to think I use to really like Briana and co during her 16 and pregnant days, her episode was one of my favorites. She’s turned out to be a really gross and vile adult.

  18. While I don’t use the word I’m sure that a lot of people do. As well as devoin. I’m not trying to be rude but isn’t it a thing that people say to eachother? Doesn’t make it any less stupid but come on. If they can do it friendly with eachother why does it then matter in a different context?

    What fans should be equally mad at is their swearing all the time in front of them.

    1. Look its a slur and an insult PERIODT. No one should be saying it but I dont care what people say around their dinner tables as long as its not broadcast across the nation. I know rap music says it alot but rap music says alot of vile, sexist, racist, violent and degrading things that I wouldnt expect to hear on TEEN MOM. This is TEEN MOM and nobody expects to or should be hearing racial slurs on TEEN MOM.

      1. You found the racist because as someone else mentioned under my comment that it is is rap music as well? Because I acknowledged that they use the term themselves in normal moments. Gtfo. It isn’t racist. Humans are a race. Black people are not a race.

        1. I don’t think you’re racist, but you’re definitely ignorant. You know people outside of the black race CANNOT say that word, and it’s always so weird to me that people get upset that they can’t use it. Why do you want to be allowed to use that word so bad?? It’s weird. Someone said it best. Girls playfully call each other bitches all the time, but I let a guy to walk up to a girl and call her a bitch, and it’s offensive. Same thing with the N word.

    2. When used offensively, it’s offensive.

      My best friend can call be a bitch, but if some chick at the bar called me a bitch with an attitude, she’s getting jawed.

      Same concept.

  19. What racial slur does she call the real absentee father, Louis? They dont call him anything because he is Hispanic like them. So they wouldnt insult themselves like that. They only see fit to insult the Black baby daddy and the black half of Nova. Poor Nova having to grow up around this racist trash while they insult her black hair type and black father. Now wonder she always looks so sad and on the verge of tears.

    1. The one thing I did like about this family is when Nova wanted straight hair they told her black hair is beautiful too. That she’s not any less pretty because she doesn’t have straight hair. They left the choice to Nova and she chose straight. They complimented her, but gave her the choice. I thought that was very beautiful. So I have a hard time imagining them making fun of black, curly hair. Do you have examples?

    1. Looks like Devoin was right when he called out Briana for being racist a few weeks ago. Not surprised. Get rid of the whole family.

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