‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Opens Up About Death Threats & Real-Life Hate She Gets; Her Ex Devoin Austin Says He Doesn’t Feel Bad About Leaking Her Phone Number

Let’s get ready to ruuuumble…again.

The saga of Briana DeJesus and her baby daddies continues this week, with the latest round focusing on Bri’s battle with Baby Daddy #1, Devoin Austin. (Baby Daddy #2, Luis Hernandez, is apparently Missing In Action, likely off somewhere spreading DJ joy—- and possibly something that will require some poor girl to take antibiotics—- in an unknown location.)

Anyway, on last week’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Briana was shown getting tons of phone calls and texts after Devoin “accidentally” leaked her phone number on his Instagram Stories. When a fan recently asked Devoin if he felt bad about his actions causing Bri a lot of grief, Devoin had a lot to say.

“I didn’t do it on purpose but at the same time, OH WELL,” he wrote. “She for ONCE felt my pain.”

Devoin went on to claim that the drama discussed by Briana on the show has brought him plenty of real-life anguish over the years.

“I had people come up to me at my job,” he said. “F**k a text. People send my IG 100s of messages bashing me on INCORRECT information. So her having a little hectic 3 hours is whatever to me!” 


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Briana responded via Instagram Stories after she was sent Devoin’s post.

“I get hate mail every day, I get tons of [messages] bashing me,” she wrote. “I have gotten people bash me in public. I get death threats. I get judged. People are cruel out there.”

Bri stated that she has found ways to shake off the hate, including blocking the trolls on social media and refraining from Googling herself. Still, she says she gets plenty of online— and real life— hate herself. 

“I live in a neighborhood where people hate me,” she wrote. “…I learn to zone it out. Just because I carry it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.”

“To be fair, your neighbors probably hate you because you have a film crew parading through the complex…and Roxy patrolling the perimeter.”

She went on to write that she has felt the “pain” of hate from the show a lot longer than “three hours” as Devoin suggested.

“I [live] it every day,” she wrote. “Even if you don’t do anything wrong, being known and being on TV, you’ll still get judged so please.”

Last week’s episode caused quite the controversy when Briana’s mother, Roxanne DeJesus, appeared to call Devoin a racial slur while discussing him leaking Bri’s phone number. (Bri later denied that her mother called Devoin the N-word; stating that she actually called him a “dick.”)

During his recent Q&A session on Instagram Stories, Devoin told a fan that he has no problem with the other members of Bri’s Coven family, including Roxanne.

“Roxy always been nice to me,” Devoin wrote. “On and OFF camera. Once again. It’s her daughter we dealing with. I expect her to go to war for her!” 

This is just the latest round in Bri’s battle with Devoin. Last month, Devoin bickered with Bri (and her beau, Javi Gonzalez) over the Christmas gift Briana bought for Javi. (She bought him an AK-47 assault rifle..as you do…)

Weeks before that,  Briana called out Devoin on social media for not stepping up financially for their daughter, resulting in the two throwing accusations back and forth on Instagram and eventually, Devoin telling fans they won’t see him next season on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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  1. It’s mind boggling to me that Brianna sees herself as a victim all the time. I guess that’s how she was raised. She’ll probably ruin her kids with the same mentality.

  2. Jesus Christ. Honestly, Devoin and Bri need to just grown the f**k up and stop this “Poor me”, no “Poor ME!” bullshit. This has been going on far too long and it’s ridiculous. It’s not a contest as to who has “suffered” more.

    1. I’m sure if you had any idea how offensive it is to use *anyone’s* name as an epitaph, you wouldn’t continue to do it. I usually like your comments, and think we’d probably be friends in real life, so I’m asking as a friend. Please don’t use that name in your comments.

      1. I’m a Christian too but this post is out of line and everything that’s wrong with religion. That is YOUR belief, not hers. You have ZERO right to force it on another person. You have NO right to try and censor another human beings speech.

  3. I can’t imagine waking up every day and having the energy to fight with my my child’s father every single day online. The court of public opinion is not enforceable. Make a list of the issues, keep track of dates and details of events and take it to court mediation. Get a plan in place. The money Briana spent on an AK-47 could have easily be spent on peace but she doesn’t want that.

  4. Poor Nova and Stella caught between all this drama. Briana doesn’t do herself any favours because she likes to control everything when it comes to dealing with Devoin and Luis but they also need to step up and do more and Devoin was wrong to give out Briana’s number because that is just a shitty thing to do to anyone especially the mother of your child.

  5. Oh, these two! Here’s a thought— put the feelings and well-being of your child FIRST! Don’t compromise her safety or security! Don’t bicker on social media for the
    world to see! Bri- don’t disrespect the father of your child! Devoin- don’t disrespect the mother of your child! It’s not that complicated.

  6. Stupid people, that do stupid things in front of millions of viewers, and then wonder why said viewers see them as morons, and unfit parents. Death threats seem extreme, but sometimes so much stupid brings out the worst in people. Especially when you see it performed on a weekly basis, with no improvement in sight. No sympathy for the devil.

  7. Somebody go get Briana a tiny violin. Every other day she’s the victim of her own doing…but that was a super shiesty move on Devoin’s end leaking her number. Maybe if she stopped lying on him, and was a little nicer, he wouldn’t need to constantly defend himself and show receipts.

  8. Get a fucking legal custody agreement in place. The benefits of that would outweigh by FAR any of the so-called benefits Bri thinks she has now by not having one. All this constant dumb shit is only hurting Nova.

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