Devoin Austin Slams Briana DeJesus for Buying Her Boyfriend Javi Gonzalez an Assault Rifle; Devoin & Javi Shade Each Other Online (A Complete Recap of Events!)

“If I want to buy my guy an AK-47, that’s my business, Devoin!” 

Another day, another social media showdown between Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin – this time, featuring Briana’s new boo, Javi Gonzalez! 

Just weeks ago, Briana called out Devoin on social media for not stepping up financially for their nine-year-old daughter, Nova, resulting in the two throwing accusations back and forth on Instagram and eventually, Devoin telling fans they won’t see him next season on Teen Mom 2. 

Surprisingly, the latest drama between Devoin and Briana had nothing to do with money, but rather an early Christmas present, guns, Briana’s new man and even a couple of public service announcements. 

Let’s get started and break this feud down, shall we?

The not-so-festive feud began when Javi showed off an early Christmas present on social media that he had received from Briana – an AK-47. Javi called the assault rifle “the dopest gift I ever received.”

“I’ve always dreamed of the day my daughter could gift the random boo in her life with an AK-47!”

The post was shared by the TeenMomShadeRoom Instagram account and quickly caught the eye of Devoin, who accused Briana of trying to keep him away from their daughter in the past after he posted a photo featuring a gun he owned.

“This the same sucka a** bihh that tried to take me to court and keep me away from Nova years ago because I posted a gun,” Devoin wrote. “Damn. What a hypocrite. (I beat that case and sorry a** lawyer she had by myself by the way) yet IDGAF about what she got going on.. I know you a Gemini but damn. Make it make sense.” 

While Briana allegedly has (or at least had) a problem with her own children being around guns, her new boo seems to have different opinions on the matter and already broke in his new gift during a “daddy daughter date” at the gun range…  

While Javi was “teaching them young,” Devoin was still trying to “make it make sense,” and sharing his theories on social media. 

“Make it make sense in the littlest way LOL,” he wrote. “Take me to court for postin a .40 but will go buy a chop stick?! Zamnnnnn. I’m starting to think this bih don’t like black men. You racist or sum?” 

Devoin announced to his followers later on that he was going to take a break to contemplate other choices his “baby mama” makes. 

“Ima just sit here smoke a blunt and play my PS5 (which I didn’t pay $1,000 for) and try n figure out why my BM chooses to make her show about me,” he wrote.

Javi then inserted himself in the drama by speaking on behalf of all fathers, while subtly throwing some shade at Devoin in the process. 

“PSA: If you a father and don’t wanna do anything and everything for your child you can’t call yourself a man,” he wrote. “F**k 50/50. I split the time with my Bm but I take care of 100% of my 2 daughters financial needs. Not because she can’t help idc how much money she had tbh. But I do it because I want to show my Daughters how a REAL MAN MOVES. What a real provider is like. F**k that you need it got it. We set examples. Don’t let your legacy be trash.” 

Rather than defending himself as a dad, Devoin advised Javi to focus on more burning pressing matters.

“PSA: Don’t check me check yo b**ch at the clinic,” he wrote. 


Briana later responded to Devoin’s comments on Instagram, specially the one in which Devoin called her racist. 

“I really don’t appreciate being called racist,” she wrote. “1) I love people of all color 2) I have children of color 3) I myself have color in my DNA. Just because I do not like you as a person doesn’t mean you can yap at the mouth and make false accusations. I don’t need my 9 year old mixed daughter reading this on social media and think I hate people of color. Now it’s getting out of hand and now I’m not here for the f**king games.

“Disgusting behavior and I just won’t tolerate it any longer,” she added.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

37 Responses

  1. I hope MTV cancels all of these shows. I do enjoy 16 and Pregnant, just how we got to know these D list celebrities…. I cannot think of a likable person left in the TM franchise. Chelsea, is O.K, yet her baby talk annoys, and she came from an upper middle class family, not the trailer park. I hope MTV will see all of their story lines have run their course. Instead of buying silly McMansions, , writing a memoir, etc…. They should have planned for the future. I think Chelsea has a chance to continue to be a stay home mom. I think Cole works on the pipeline in South Daskota. I think Jeremy, also, is in oil and gas; with a future. As much as I hate to admit, I quit watching on the regular when we last Barb. Her working at the deli of Walmart, was so honest.

  2. Anyone else think that Devoin and Bri bump uglies when they are both bored?
    They seem to only argue when Bri is getting it on with someone else. And Devoin is reasonably nice to her considering all the shit she talks about him. He came to Miami to help her recover. He stays at the coven when he wants. He even lets Stella call
    Him dad.
    They surely get it on at times I reckon.

  3. Anyone else bugging out that their is another “Javi” in her life?

    “Will the real Javi please stand up” says Eminem….lol.

  4. If they both really cared about their daughter, they wouldn’t be on social media but instead would sort things out PRIVATELY! But, then Briana wouldn’t have a story line on TM2.

  5. I’m so lost- I thought her and this new Javi broke up- or was it a different guy a few episodes ago that she was meeting in the bushes? Anyway, I agree with Javi- It shouldn’t matter how much the baby mom makes (unless she makes, like, 7 figures or something and you make significantly less), you should provide for your kids 100%. We all know Bri is petty af and the gun thig is bullshit really but Devoin always is mad about money and having to provide for his daughter. Nickle and diming- you look cheap honestly. I would never date a dude like that. Or one that complains about what he pays for, for his child- then posts about smoking weed and posts that o social media. I make less than my 17 month old sons’s dad, but I am able to survive. It may be hard sometimes, but honestly, I’ll be able to tell my son and the courts that I did it on my own for the most part (his dad occasionally buys diapers but I had diapers on hand until about 6 months ago- that he didn’t pay for- everything else is on me somehow- he doesn’t pay me anything monthly. Oh excuse me, he’s paid for two haircuts too) without going after his dad for child support. However, I am a little old school and have SO much respect for a man that shows what a provider and real man is. Also, I’m pretty sick of anyone throwing out the race card when clearly it isn’t relevant or necessary. I’m team Bri on this one sadly.

    1. I guess I mean that this doesn’t have anything to do with his race- maybe just the fact that Bri clearly hates him and always ha because she’s bitter

  6. Oh Bri, this one sounds like a real winner too! She probably needs to check her personality first just like Kail to see if maybe that is not a problem of finding all these assholes who like to have immature fights online!

  7. The majority of Brianas story is her talking about how Devoin is a deadbeat. He works two jobs and is an active part of Nova’s life. How is he a deadbeat? And in what world is that not racist, Briana?? Are you unaware of the false racist stereotype of young black fathers abandoning their kids?? Do you not realize that you are furthering that stereotype with your storyline?? Devoin was the first black father on Teen Mom and you chose to paint him as a deadbeat. Do you understand how damaging this could be to a little black girl? Briana, you are selling your daughter and her father out for a MTV payday. Then you use that money for your bum ass boyfriends. Come on girl, get yourself together. Just stop already. Seiously. Briana, you ARE being racist and denying that will I lay hurt your daughter in the end.

    1. I cannot agree with you enough. And pulling the “my daughters mixed so I can’t be racist” shit is absurd considering it’s pretty well known you can sleep with a black man and have a child with him and still be racist trash. She might as well have said she has a black friend so she’s not racist. I mean in the one episode stella literally says she rather have devoin as her dad… Now why tf would she say that if he was never around? I honestly think she chooses the most expensive activities and daycare providers she can bc she knows they (the baby daddies) can’t keep up. I also don’t think she considers how much harder it is for bpoc to get by in general due to all the racial inequality they do have to live with and how much harder they have to work in the workforce in general. I mean we all can literally sit back and see how ridiculously nice she is to luis who is 100 percent absent and a deadbeat. Just the conversation she had with them about child support you can see her being so nice to luis “tell me how you feel” then how shitty they get bc devoin says he’s not going to get another damn job like tf. And roxanne is truly delusional in the way she sees pretty much everything. Briana is always going out, always traveling to see or be with some dude, hardly ever actually there parenting her children her damn self and wants to run her mouth that devoin isn’t there like he should be. I really do think she holds some racist views and I think she’s truly oblivious to them as well. You can see how devoin gets treated with much more disdain than luis when he does so much more than Luis. If Devoin isn’t on the next season I’ll probably just fast forward her segments tbh. I do think it’ll be easier for her to say he’s not around but I also think she sets him up to try and make him look bad intentionally on the show so I can understand not continuing for that reason. Also I thought it was so ridiculous to wait until she was filming to have that conversation with both of them lmao. “Next time It won’t be this pleasant” ? she’s got so much bad karma coming around. I don’t know when but as conniving and petty as she is it’s only a matter of time. Tbh Brittany is the only adult in that family I can remotely tolerate. I like her way more than bri. And her man trying to shame him. Like okay clearly you have the option to provide in a manner that works for you but bc another person isn’t able to doesn’t make them a deadbeat. He’s present in her life and does what he can. Yes he could try and do so more consistently but I also understand it’s hard when you’re caught up in the everyday grind of things. If bri had actually let him be there consistently for her there’d be a better established routine and schedule but she’s on that hot and cold shit so he probably never knows when it’s okay and when it isn’t. Set up an agreement on support and visit schedule with him and don’t throw that out the window every time you’re pissed at him and LET him be there for her. I feel like they don’t even get that most of the time they’re the ones actually standing in his way.

      1. Yup I agree with you. The only thing that makes sense as to why she treats Devoin the way she does, is that Devoin is black and Luis is Hispanic. I think she harbors racist passive aggressions and views towards black people, which in turn make her feel that Devoin is beneath her, so she feels like she can treat him any type of way. Seriously. Luis burned her, isn’t even an instagram dad, when Stella sees him she looks at him in horror because she doesn’t understand what the heck he’s about, does Stella even have a relationship with that side of her family?? but yet Briana didn’t and won’t assault him on camera the same way she verbally and physically has assaults Devoin. Her “explanation” also rubbed me the wrong way. She totally dismissed Devoin’s question/statement about black men, and said people of color. POC is a very broad umbrella/term, and Devoin wasn’t talking about all people of color, he specifically said black men. Maybe if she didn’t act so passive aggressive and hostile towards the black baby daddy and his family, or maybe if she gave Luis the same hate filled energy as she does Devoin, then maybe, just MAYBE he (and the audience) wouldn’t have thoughts of her being racist. And I also agree, just because you have mixed kids doesn’t exempt you displaying racist behavior or displaying microaggressions towards races in front of that mixed child. Bri needs to get her attitude in check, because as of now she is vile and disgusting.

  8. I can’t believe these idiots put this stuff on the Internet. The cops ought to check this out……… Devoin shows he’s smoking pot that is illegal under federal law and the federal firearm forms asks about drug use. Brianna is buying guns for men. I’m sure the Feds would like to review that Federal Firearm purchase form to see if it was a “straw purchase” which is a felony. If she did buy it was the proper paperwork and background check done with the bf filing out his Federal Firearms Form and background check. Lots of things for the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement and the ATF to look into here.

    1. I can totally see this…dude seems like an aggressive mooch, but honestly (and I HATE giving her this much credit, because the girl is a moron), from past relationships we’ve seen Briana in, as long as she doesn’t get pregnant, she seems to dump the guy as soon as stuff starts getting weird. She was smarter with Javi 1.0 than Lauren and Kail were combined, and she left that other guy from New York, I forget his name, and wasn’t there a guy right before Javi 1.0 that cheated and she was like BYE, and Kail actually commended her for walking away? Was that Luis? I can’t remember…Javi 2.0 might be able to pull the wool over her eyes for a while, but I don’t think Briana will let him get to David status…plus I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before Roxanne or Brittany would let a man come in and start taking control of stuff.

  9. Does this new beau javi not able to buy a gun for himself? Record or something? So she bought it for him? Great idea Bri.

  10. What do we know about devoin’s life off camera! Is he living with his girlfriend? His brother? I know he had two jobs until the pandemic.

  11. Is Devoin parent of the year? Heck no, but Briana makes it SO easy to side with him, and so easy to dislike her. She is SUCH a hypocrite, in everything when it comes to Devoin. Threw a fit about him posting a glock, but went and bought the new random of the next 6 months an ASSAULT RIFFLE…Then is always hollarin about how broke she is?? AK47’s ARE NOT CHEAP. They can cost up to $5k! Why didn’t she spend that money on Nova’s gymnastics?!

    And I also agree with him, I don’t think that Briana likes black people. Never forget her comments about Nova’s hair, and why does she treat the actively present black baby daddy so badly, but the actively absent hispanic one gets a pass with EVERYTHING. When was the last time Roxanne threw shoes at Luis? When was the last time Briana started screaming at Luis?…The worst she’s ever done to Luis is told him to choke on her dick. Devoin has done more for Nova and STELLA, than Luis has ever done, but Briana is hell bent on making him look like a deadbeat. Why?? She needs to let that hurt go, because it’s not a good look.

  12. I mean, if it is true that she took him to court over a pic of a gun and now she buys her bf a gun, that’s STRAIGHT GEMINI behavior LOL. But the rest of devons rant about race and smoking a blunt and ps5 and blah blah blah makes no sense. Just makes him look trashy like the rest

  13. She will always play the victim. Devoin and Luis are not perfect but it wouldn’t matter if they were, she would always throw shade. She thinks it’s okay to have unprotected sex but I can bet if Devoin or Luis did she would blow up on them. Now this deal with the gun, of course she thinks it’s okay because it’s about her. I can’t stand Briana or her mother and sister too. They are all holier than thou even though they most definitely have no reason to be.

  14. Either take them to court and get arrangements made or shut your mouth Bri.
    Also I believe it’s illegal to purchase a gun for someone else so unless she gave him the cash which would be a rather large chunk for a gun like that or she broke the law.
    Devoin needs to grow up stop doing drugs and take responsibility for himself and his child.
    Her new man seems just as immature getting involved in social media drama.

  15. Devoin…seriously!!! In one post you are telling everyone that Bri took you to court for just posting a pic of a gun and, in the very next one, you are telling the world you are smoking a blunt!!! Brianna is obviously petty as hell and if she’d take you to court for a picture than she’ll damn sure do the same thing when your telling the whole world your doing drugs!! Even if it’s “only weed”.. that doesn’t matter to the court!! She’s gonna be petty because she’s pissed off that you called her racist and take your ass to court saying you do drugs and your gonna back up her claim by failing a drug test!! Then you only see Nova for supervised visits!! Seriously! Do these assholes, any of them, think before they speak?! Or, in this cast, post on SM?!?

    1. I don’t think it’s the best look to be bragging online about but where I live it’s legal. I won’t go into more because I’m not looking for a debate but I don’t hold it against him. Personally I would keep it to myself though

  16. Briana: I ain’t got no money!
    Also Briana: buys thousand dollar gun for boyfriend she just met. SMH
    Devoin should be paying some child support, but he got a case here on multiple levels.

    1. FACTS…Devoin should be paying, but like he also said, Bri seems to be putting Nova in activities that are more so in her price range as opposed to his. Yea, he can save some money by not smoking so much weed, and by living a little more frugal i guess, but she literally blew THOUSANDS on a guy she barely knows. We better not hear shit else coming from her, talking about she’s pressed for cash. She OBVIOUSLY has it.

  17. I skip all of her segments. “I spent all my money on a house I couldn’t afford so now my baby daddies need to pay.” I mean? Take them to court day one to have them accountable to pay vs some days be fine with no support and some days complain.
    Also she complains that the families aren’t involved/dont show up. Families start showing up on predictable times(holidays) and she’s mad.
    The girl just wants to complain and throw a pity party. She stirs up years old drama to reach a headline. Even when she has three baby daddies her story line will still just be annoying.

    1. Yes!!! I do the same thing, I skip her segments because I can’t stand her. I’m not saying Devoin and Luis are perfect because they aren’t, but Briana damn sure isn’t perfect either even though she thinks she is.

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