Kail Lowry’s Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Launches Podcast: Talks Fatherhood, Cheating & Being in the Public Eye on First Episode

Kail and Chris, tuning into each other’s podcasts each week to find out if they’re going to play nice or not…

Chris Lopez, the father of Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry’s two youngest children, launched a podcast this week titled P.T.S.D – Pressure Talks with Single Dads, focusing on “fatherhood, personal experiences, sports” and more. 

In the premiere episode, “New Year, New Podcast,” Chris and his co-host Bread (no last name, just “Bread”… as you do) jumped between various topics, many involving relationships, both past and future. For those who are unable to sit through 50 minutes of mumbling, The Ashley has broken down some of the most interesting things revealed during the podcast episode, including what Chris looks for in a woman, just in case any single ladies out there are interested. 

Hmm… “

On having “PTSD” when it comes to relationships: 

It’s no coincidence that Chris thought up a podcast name that would result in the acronym PTSD – something the father of two claimed his previous relationship(s) have left him with, despite joking with his co-host that he doesn’t “know if that’s real.” 

“… It like gets you to a point where you kind of get scared, you don’t wanna waste time,” he said. “You feel like you waste time in relationships as soon as you break up. Like, a breakup makes you feel like you wasted time, you feel me?”  

Later in the podcast, Chris said he was focusing on himself right now because “a lot of times, I feel like we lose ourselves in relationships” because we “invest so much in others.” 

On his ideal type of woman and no longer dating women with kids: 

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t really got a type, bro. You could be black, blue, purple, green, white … If I like you, I like you,” he said. “I like them all … Clearly.” 

“ … I love bodies,” he added. “That s**t is art to me, bro. I ain’t gonna lie. Women are just art to me.” 

Chris and his toast-like co-host went on to share some strong opinions on potential partners’ “body counts” – aka the number of sexual partners a person has had – joking that a woman’s “body count” doesn’t matter, so long as that number isn’t as high as the man’s. Chris also claimed loyalty was important to him in a partner, as well as someone who would let him “be the man” and in turn, would step up when they needed to. 

“ … A man feels like he’s gotta do everything, but no, sometimes a woman needs to do it because they’re better with it and that’s what I mean … sometimes women try to step in a man’s place,” he said. “I had a problem with that in previous relationships … .”  

Surprisingly, Chris told his co-host he thinks he done dating women with kids. 

“Whatever, he’ll make an exception!”

“Even though I got a kid, I think I’m done with women with kids,” Chris— who must have forgotten he actually has two kids–said. “Why? Because when things go bad, you don’t get just taken away from the relationship, you get taken away from the kids as well. You build a bond with those kids, so it kind of mess you up when you don’t get to see them the way you want … it’s like, this hurts.” 

(Though Chris said he had “a kid,” he did acknowledge later in the podcast that he has two children and even mentioned both Lux and Creed by name.) 

On fatherhood and co-parenting:

While Chris mentioned the “little situation” he has going on with his kids – presumably the drama between himself and Kail – he said he enjoys being able to wake up to his kids sometimes, calling it “a great feeling.” 


“I love it,” he said. “I don’t try to take it for granted … Seeing your kids smile is just one of the best things ever.”  

Chris said the biggest challenge of parenting is co-parenting.

“I’m still to this day trying to figure out how to co-parent in a successful way that doesn’t really effect our kids where they don’t gotta grow up, ya know, trying to recover from their childhood because their parents couldn’t get it together or whatnot,” he said, adding that he’s “trying to forgive his kids’ mother,” with forgiveness in general being one of his New Year’s resolutions. 

On defining a relationship: 

When it comes to dating, Chris said two people aren’t in a relationship until they’ve determined they are in a relationship and before that point, they are “just talking.” 

“ … This is where people be messing up,” he said. “Like we … do everything that you do in a relationship until the title comes and we just don’t have the title.” 

“I tell a girl she’s my ‘secret girlfriend!’

Chris then admitted that he tries to “stay away from families” when dating/talking to women and joked that he also tries to “stay away from stepping out in public.”

On his definition of cheating: 

While discussing relationships during the podcast episode, Chris all but called his co-host Bread a unicorn for the fact that he had never cheated while in a relationship. After Bread explained to Chris “there ain’t nothing to it, ya just don’t do it,” the two jumped into a discussion of what does or does not fall under the definition of cheating. 

“I dunno how these other men do it!”

Bread told Chris, in his opinion, if you do something you wouldn’t want your partner to be doing, that’s considered cheating, whether it’s physical or not. While Chris joked about being a naturally flirtatious person, he seemed to agree with Bread’s statements for the most part. 

On what he doesn’t like about relationships: 

During the episode, Chris basically called out Kail when revealing something he doesn’t like about relationships (or rather when relationships end). 

“Ya know what I don’t like about relationships though,” he told Bread. “It’s like, in relationships … like, your partner, y’all might have some problems …  and as soon as somebody break up – you see it in the media all the time – as soon as they break up, now you’re trying to bash them and talk down on them and stuff like that. I never understood that.

“It’s like, why didn’t you bring that up,” he continued. “If you could’ve just had that same energy … It gets to a point where it’s like, ‘all right, oh this is how you really felt.’” 

On being in the public eye: 


Chris said he didn’t want to “sound cocky,” but feels as though people are constantly watching him. To test his theory, he recently commented on someone’s social media post to see if people would react, which he said they did, just as he predicted. 

Though he said he appreciates his followers on social media, Chris said he also appreciates peace and privacy. 

Click here to listen to the first episode of P.T.S.D The Podcast. 

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  1. Who the hell would take parenting advice from this loser? I’m no Kail fan, but it does not appear that he is that much of a father to his kids. And the misogyny? It’s a no from me, dawg.

  2. I’m rewatching TM2 (because I have no life). And, honestly, dealing with Kail has got to be tiring.

    She took Jo to court to try and take Isaac because he moved on with Vee and then became physical when she actually had to see them together. She made his life hell because he didn’t want to be with her.

    She left Javi, and then treated him like full on garbage and tried to keep Isaac from him because, technically, she could. And even tried to get Jo to do the same thing.

    Now Chris is trash and in and out of her boy’s lives (probably because she’s doing to him what she did to Javi). We never really see his side, only hers, so we only really have HER side of this whole bullshit saga.

    I’m not saying he’s a great guy, I’m just saying Kail is a horrible person and everything she says I take with multiple grains of salt. We’ve seen her and heard her admit multiple times to assaulting her other baby daddies and then taking PFA’s out on them like she’s the victim. Why would this baby daddy be any different? I believe bits and pieces from both of them, and the only ones I feel sorry for are the kids.

    1. SPOT ON!! I was gonna say the exact same thing about rewatching TM2. Kail clearly has a pattern with guys and pushing them away then playing the victim herself. It is really surprising what she did to Jo in seasons 1&2 because he really truly didn’t do anything wrong at all. He wanted time with his kid, was patient understanding etc with kail and she just blew up bc he didn’t wanna be with her (after SHE MOVED OUT BTW).

      1. She had moved out AND moved on with Jordan.

        She is a perpetual victim. Everyone always treats her horribly.

        Chris is far from a saint, but Kail is just as bad.

  3. Why does Chris remind me of Luisss.. Briannas STD-sharing babydaddy? I always knew Chris reminded me of someone but could never put my finger on who until today. Not necessarily that they look a like, maybe they make similar faces or something. The second to last pic in the article sold it for me…

  4. Wow! This is some real riveting stuff! “I like bodies”…. I can’t….please go away & take your bad bodied baby momma with you!!

  5. My 1 year old child is finally sleeping well right now for the first night in months and what am I doing? Unable to sleep and reading The Ashley. All I want is to sleep. But I almost had a fit when Bread was introduced and now I cannot stop laughing and settle down.

    1. “toast-like co-host”: I laughed so hard I basically ratted myself out that I’m clearly not working right now (although I should be).

  6. So he says he doesn’t care about a woman’s “body count” as long as it’s not as high as the man’s? Gross double standard

  7. Lmao who is going to listen to this trash? He probably won’t make it past 3 episodes. This may be one and done.

  8. Dislike him all you want, but this guy seems to always tell you who and what he is, and I have a VERY strong feeling he’s been like this since the beginning of his saga with Kail…so for Kail to willingly enter into that dead end situationship (I’m not even gonna call that a relationship, because he’s never claimed her as his girlfriend), and make the same mistake twice, and bring 2 babies into this…WHEW…there are no words. He didn’t get like this over night, and the more he talks the dumber SHE looks.

    1. Yup, totally agree. Chris tells and shows women exactly who he is. For Kail to go ahead and recklessly procreate with him anyway, TWICE, is totally on her. Those two little boys are the ones who will suffer from having no father in their home, and no father who ever gave two hoots about their mother. Didn’t even consider her a girlfriend, ever. Eeeww.

      1. So because he might have told Kail he’s a dirt bag at the beginning of the relationship he gets a free pass to be a dead beat? If those boys have no father in their lives it’s because of both of their parents.

  9. I don’t know why anyone would want to listen to this loser’s podcast. Plus if it doesn’t have closed caption, who would be able to understand what he said?😳

  10. Chris wants privacy but goes on frequent social media rants and now launches a podcast? I think he wants fame, just on his own terms.

  11. Maybe Chris is not as bad as David or Nathan (substance issues with violent tendencies) or Adumb (and that’s a super-low bar), but he’s still bottom of the barrel. Maybe on-par in awfulness with Amber’s Matt or Jade’s Sean, but they’re all equally awful in different ways. The TM gang sure knows how to pick them and usually procreate with them too!

  12. I don’t know how you made out through that Ashley. You are very dedicated to reporting to torture yourself listening to him attempt to prolific. Also a podcast? Gee where have we heard that before?

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