‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Lists Her Delaware Home For Sale, One Year After Moving In

“See ya, Chris Middletown!”

If you’re interested in owning a (large) piece of Teen Mom 2 memorabilia, now is your chance— but it won’t come cheap! 

Kail Lowry is saying goodbye to her Middletown, Delaware home, just a year after moving in. The Sun reports that the ‘Teen Mom 2 star put her five-bedroom, five-bathroom home on the market November 19 for $890,000.

Kail purchased the home, which has been featured on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ in August 2019 for $837,770. 

Kail’s home sits on two acres of land (not to be confused with The Land, though),  and has a three-car garage. It also boasts a wine room, where you can drink your baby daddy troubles away!

Her master bedroom features both a sitting room with a fireplace and a spa master bathroom. The mom of four has also made some upgrades of her own since moving herself and her boys in.  

One of her home upgrades was a closet renovation, which she revealed last year on social media. (Sadly, the painted portrait of Kail most likely does not come with the house.) The new-and-improved closet offers plenty of space for shoes, which you can use to kick your mumbling baby daddy outta your life!


While she appears to be quite settled into the home, Kail expressed in February during an Instagram Q&A that she was looking for a new place because her current one didn’t feel like home and “too many people [knew] where to find [her.]” 

This season on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kail admitted that she made the move from Dover to Middletown so Chris Lopez, the father of her two youngest sons, could be more involved as a parent; however, she said Chris ended up not stepping up as a father the way she thought he would and as a result, she was looking to relocate back to Dover. 

“Who’s ready to change things up… again?”

“I f**ked up, like that’s the bottom line, I f**ked up by moving,” Kail told her friend. “I made that mistake and now I need to correct it because I don’t need to be driving back and forth 35 minutes to make it easier for someone who’s not contributing to our household.” 

The Dover home Kail was interested in buying on the show was ultimately sold to another buyer; however, she still owns her previous Dover residence and is currently renting the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home for $2,100 a month. 

“I might be interested in buying it. Can you tell me how far the closest WaWa’s is?”

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(Photo: MTV; Instagram) 


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  1. I don’t get the obsession of white on white on white. It makes me itchy and anxious. I love a little colour in my home, although the ‘boho’ look was definitely a little too old-fashioned rustic for me. Colour of the walls was amazing though, made the tree outside the window pop right into the room.

  2. A decade later, I am still stunned by MTV literally making millionaires out of 16yr olds who got themselves knocked up. SMFH.

  3. I could never imagine moving my two school aged children so far away from their already-involved dads just so I could “give a chance” (try to lure into giving me attention) to the baby daddy who does nothing. That’s so backwards and doesn’t make any sense any way you look at it. Wouldn’t you move closer to the INVOLVED baby daddy’s? Not the other way around? She will do anything to be up Chris’s ass. What an expensive , selfish choice she made at the expense of her older kids and their dads. Won’t the kids have to change schools again?? Isn’t that so traumatic on kids? Making new friends, adjusting, etc? I can’t even imagine doing that to my kids

  4. I think think reality about her finances are also setting in. The upkeep on a massive home that size cost a salary in itself. Plus the ratings for TM2 have been bad. After a steady drop the ratings have hovered around 750,000. Which is awful because their current salary was based upon their show having millions of viewers. After Chelsea announced she was leaving the network probably had a talk with the women about the show ending. Cheslea was the most popular TM and she has 5.9 social media followers. Chelseas fan where what kept the ratings somewhat stable. The ratings will be like Dont Be Tardy for the Party after Cheslea leaves. This is why Brianna recently amped up her fighting online with Devoin hoping to draw more views. If Devoin quits, Brianna will have no storyline besides eating cereal with Shirley. Brianna is playing a dangerous game pissing off her baby daddies because they actually could refuse to allow their children to film and then she really wouldnt have a storyline but agaisnt shes too stupid to realize that.

  5. I really wonder if she realizes how lucky she is and,where would she be today without teen mom.She has a very entitled attitude even from the get. Hopefully her kids will help her to be humble and appreciative and be an example of that to all.

  6. I am guessing she knows that she will be affected by Biden’s tax plan and teen mom 2 is probably going to end soon or that she is going to get kick off soon because of all the crap she talks on her podcasts.

  7. I get anxiety just looking at the price and size of that house. For once I’d like to see one of these girls live modestly and set themselves up for an easy life after the show ends.

  8. She’s no better than Jenelle. If anything, she’s tied with Jenelle when it comes to how many baby daddies they have.

    3 Car Garage? A parking spot for each daddy!

    She moved out there so she can be with Chris. Too bad no one told Chris that. She gave him a tour of her bedroom and he gave her a baby as for a house warming gift. The end.

    How can you uproot all your kids and take them further away from their own fathers just so you can have a relationship with someone who clearly shows you there is no relationship but perhaps a booty call every now and then?

    1. Exactly. Let’s uproot the kids 30+ minutes away from the fathers that are actually involved, and move closer to the deadbeat who could care less about her or his boys. Idk what gave her the idea that moving closer to the loser equals his love and responsibility towards his kids. She’s delusional. Chris wouldn’t change even if Kail lived next door.

  9. Probably just trying to get Chris’s attention. Trying to pull a power move like she’s done chasing him.


  10. Kailyn must have thought she was some type of property mogul. She probably got stuck with squatter tenants that are using the rent moratorium to not pay her. Anywho. TM is on its last leg because the show will bore you to tears. I hope Kailyn next house purchase is something she can maintain sans TM checks.

  11. 1. Does anyone else think the before version of the dining room actually looks better than the after photo?

    2. That painting of Kail in the closet literally made me jump in fear

    1. I agree! The before picture is the white room, right? That one looked WAY better! And yes, that painting of Kail made me jump a bit. Frightening!

      1. The first pic is the “after” pic – the white, boho look. The second w/the puke colored walls is the “before”

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