‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Opens Up About Luis Hernandez Being a Deadbeat Dad: “Moving Forward, Luis Should Stay Out of Stella’s Life”

“Well now I’m definitely not payin’ ya back, Bri.”

Viewers saw Briana DeJesus “loan” her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, $1,500 on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 under the agreement that he start making an effort as a father. On Wednesday, however, the mom of two stated that Luis continues to be a deadbeat dad to their daughter Stella, and even accused him of pretending to care about his daughter in order to get money! 

Briana unleashed some of her frustrations about Luis during an interview with The Hollywood Gossip. She explained that Luis is mostly absent from ‘Teen Mom 2’ because he’s also absent from his daughter’s life — something made pretty clear on Monday’s episode when Luis resurfaced out of nowhere only to hit Briana up for money to help him “do the trucking.” While Briana admitted that her eldest daughter Nova’s father, Devoin Austin, has also been a thorn in her side when it comes to co-parenting, Luis has remained the “bigger issue.” 

When you get plastered at the pool while watching your kid and still come out on top.

“Legitimately, I look at this footage and am like — damn, what is wrong with this man,” Briana said. “You have a kid with someone and you more or less ignore the child the majority of the time that they’re alive. You do very little other than show up a handful of times, leaving me with the bulk of the responsibility.” 

Briana, who recently revealed she was building a home for herself and her family to live in, said the incident with Luis was even more offensive because he basically used his visit with Stella as a cover to eventually ask for money. 

“Like, fine, whatever. But then you come over under the guise that you wanna say goodbye to your daughter, Stella, before you leave for a job and that’s all just a cover to try to ask me for money,” she said. “And $1,500 at that? Luis is lucky I’m a nice person and decided to give him the money because I feel like he is a pathetic excuse for a man and a father. 

“He has not once helped me out with Stella financially or emotionally but has the balls to come over pretending he cares about his kid just in order to get money out of me,” she continued. “As far as I’m concerned, moving forward, Luis should stay out of Stella’s life. She doesn’t need a father figure like that in her life. What life lessons could he teach her? How to fake being a parent in order to swindle some chump change?” 

“Yo, lemme handle this… just lemme dig a T-shirt outta the couch cushions first, and then I’m gonna whip some baby daddy butt!”

Briana went on to call Luis “gross,” adding that she has worked “every damn day” to support herself and her children, through ‘Teen Mom’ and her full-time job

“As for Luis, though… just stop pretending,” she said. “You’re a fraud just looking for a check. And that’s all I’ve got to say.” 

“No, you can’t have my piggy bank, stranger.”

Briana shared the link to her interview on social media, pointing out to her followers that unlike many of the stories shared by the Teen Mom and ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast, this particular story was not “clickbait.” 

“I want to be very clear that this is not ‘clickbait’ and I’m not making money off this specific post,” she wrote. “This is very sad for me to have to share and my heart is breaking daily for Stella. I was asked a question and I decided I was done holding back and done beating around the bush … .” 

Briana went on to reveal that the co-parenting situation — or lack thereof — with Luis was “only getting worse instead of better.” 

Earlier this month, Briana blasted Luis on her social media by giving a sort of “Public Service Announcement” (or, rather a pubic service announcement) to any girls Luis may have humped, or planned to hump.

“If you f**ked my bald baby daddy in the last two years– go get checked cause he got the clap!” Briana oh-so-eloquently posted to her Instagram Stories. 

(Although she didn’t specifically name Luis in the post, he is the only bald baby daddy she has.)

“For once she isn’t talking about me!”

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(Photos: MTV/Instagram) 


  1. I just binge watched season nine over the long weekend and I’m watching the second episode of season 10 right now really enjoying it you girls have come such a long way. There are so many family members that I enjoy watching on the show, for example, I like Kails sister, Roxanne Bri’s Mom and Brittany Bri’s sister. B Roxanne has really grown on the show she’s so good hearted and open minded with her daughters and grandkids she’s so giving and non-judge mental when it comes to the babies dad’s. Also Brittany it’s so funny. She is so down for those kids love them to pieces it is just the best aunt she could possibly be. MmShe’s a good big sister to Ray and I loved it when she put Kail in Check sticking up for her little sister and her mom-Steaks no shit and I totally respect her. Oh so I don’t get the new cast mate Jade icool and has a fantastic work ethic and ethic for taking care of her daughter and taking care of business in general when it comes to prioritizing the roof over her head feels a safe decent vehicle but the texting and driving is got to stop MTV needs to figure out another way all these girls are on the phone with the phone and a hand either talking and/or texting I’m sure they have the built-in Bluetooth in your vehicle what’s up with that????

  2. So, did he get “da clap” from her, or…..? 🤔
    I don’t think I would be publicly blasting my (recent) past sexual partner’s positive STD status. Not really a good look.

  3. Stella should’ve been placed for adoption like the original plan.
    Bri knew he cheated. He bought nothing the whole pregnancy. He missed some Drs appointments. He already had a child he didn’t see. HOW BLIND CAN A GIRL BE?? She had already been through this shit with Devoin.

    And she’s dumb to boot. The guy never spend a dime while she was pregnant. He doesn’t pay child support. But she “loans” him $1500??

    Stop f**king randoms in “da club” bathrooms Bri.

  4. God get her off the show, her story is boring, she’s boring, the way she talks, looks and dresses screams boring!!!!!surprised she didn’t get pregnant from last 2 bf, Javi and John or whatever the last ones name was, can’t keep track

  5. Can’t stand Brianna @ her tailor thrash family ,I actually think they are disgusting humans getting paid big money for shite non senscical nonsense ,She slept with him using no protection maybe he got it from her
    How dare she slag him tramp

  6. This girl always has a derp face expression and looks like a mouth breather. Maybe that’s why she can only get a “relationship” by having unprotected sex in a club bathroom? Having a job and taking care of your kids is nothing to brag about either since that’s the bare minimum of what you’re supposed to do as an adult.

  7. She needs to start treating this fool the same way she treats the men that actually make an effort in her life. She gets so sassy and rude with Devoin and her (now ex) boyfriend (I cannot remember that mans name for the life of me), but she loans the Egg Head $1,500…She’s always walking on egg shells around this cone head, but has no problem screaming at the other men in her life…then tries to justify it saying that she doesn’t want Stella to see the footage down the road, and say why didn’t you help my dad…um GIRL. Stella is going to see the footage and see how much of an absent POS father he was to her…and how terrified she is every time she’s around him because she doesn’t know him. Briana’s story is a cautionary tale of be very careful who you have a child with.

    Side note…Nova and Stella are so pretty.

  8. Maybe if the coven wasnt so intimmudating, and talking shit when he did come there, hed be more involved in his daughters life.
    Had you put your big girl pants on and moved out, hed feel more comfortable visiting, he doesnt wanf to date you, your mom and sister, i get they care anout you, but fuck a duck, there are always 3 of you in the guys face.

    Your all overbaring batchit crazy.
    Maybe just maybe your to blame as much ad he is, your mom doesnt want her daughters to have their own lives and independancy.
    So she scares off any one who is involved with her daughters, i feel for the men who used to be in raging roxannes life.

    1. The coven is crazy for sure, but Luis isn’t there for Stella because he doesn’t care. Period. He never did.

      He’s certainly not intimidated enough by the family to not ask for money. He had no problems doing that. Let’s stop blaming other people for this guy being a total deadbeat.

    2. Oh, yeah, good point. I know I only spend time with my child if I’m “comfortable”.
      And who can blame the guy for not being an active presence in his child’s life, because the witches are mean to him, and it’s awkward being there with her whole family around. All very valid reasons to never spend time with your child. It wouldn’t make sense to step up and fight for equal rights so that he could be a parent to his kid on his own terms. Nah, he should just keep using the fact that “tHeY ArE mEaN TuH mEehHh” as an excuse for why he is a deadbeat dad. It’s completely reasonable.
      JFC. FFS. 😑

  9. She couldn’t give her baby up for adoption. Luis said he would fight her In court if she did.
    Whoever I’d saying devoid is a great father is insane. He got plastered at a pool party with little kids who could have drowned. So irresponsible so dangerous! Take that away and yes it’s nice he’s coming around and seeing her and he genuinely loves Stella sbd nova both but let’s not kid ourselves with he’s a great father. Father of the year. He only came back around significantly when mtv started filming again! How convenient

  10. Ok if he was so horrible, why did you have sex with him and allow him to impregnate you????? Maybe she’s right and he’s a shitty father. But she’s a shitty person for saying all of this on social media for her daughter to see some day. (But I’m sure they’ll have the kid brainwashed by then anyway). You don’t have any class at all. Grow up. By the way, maybe YOU gave him the clap, Brianna

  11. I actually think that Brianna has a good heart. I think she is developmentally disabled or has some sort of serious medical issue and that is why her mother and sister have always been so protective of her. No, she is not the brightest but seems to be a decent mother.

  12. When is she going to learn she knows what he is and what hes done or lack there of but still gives him money ..so dont cry about it now money must mean nothing to you that u give a knowingly loser 1500.00 that could have been used for yourself or your kids

  13. I’d have a lot more sympathy for her if she hadn’t gotten pregnant by him with less forethought than most women put into selecting a vibrator.

  14. This Briana is a joke……. she’s a hoe that spreads her legs for deadbeat bums, and than spends all of her time on TV craving about what bums and deadbeats these guys are. This entire family does nothing but make poor choices and then complains about it, in my humble opinion.

  15. So let me get this straight – she lets some rando at da club tap it without wrapping it and she gets knocked up. Then she trashes him left, right, and center because he’s awful, he’s unreliable, he’s a mooch, etc.

    Baby, I don’t feel bad for you. This says more about you than him.

    I do feel bad for Stella because she’s the one that really got the bum deal here. Devoin might not be dad of the year but he’s 1000% better than Luis AND Stella seems to like him. I hope for both Nova and Stella he sticks around long term.

    1. You forgot the little detail that she wanted to have an abortion or give the child for adoption and he insisted over and over again to keep the child so they could raise them together and then he disappeared from their lives. It’s not intelligent to have unprotected sex but he’s an *sshole

      1. I’m not saying he’s a swell guy and it doesn’t matter if she was going to get rid of it, no matter how. My comment was solely about her getting herself knocked up (yes, I know it takes 2, but there are at least 2 things she could have done if she just HAD to have sex in a club bathroom: use a condom and use birth control). I do not feel bad for the state that she is in right now because SHE is the one that’s responsible for this. This wasn’t someone in a “relationship” that had an oopsie – this was someone that banged a rando in the bathroom of a club! She should have thought about having a deadbeat baby daddy when she went into the bathroom. She didn’t have to completely screw him in the bathroom to get him to like her – a BJ could have probably accomplished the same thing…

  16. Don’t have sex with random men in the bathroom at “da club”. Actually, go right ahead and do that if that’s your thing but use birth control while doing so. Problem solved.

  17. You know my mantra so I won’t even say it here. Also I’m a little concerned about ABRA, where you been girl? I still love you.

  18. Welll, Visulenia, I have my complaints about Brianna but she actually wanted to give Stella up for adoption. Luis raised hell and said he’d drag her in court to stop the adoption and promised he’d be there. That’s why she kept the baby.. which I can’t blame her. As a single mother of one already, vulnerable, pregnant and then the new bby daddy is promising to be there and be with you.. you’d take that chance to have a family for both of the kids.

  19. While Briana can be naive and probably a bit trashy at times, she cares about her kids and provides for them. She gives both her baby daddies multiple opportunities to step in. While Devoin doesnt seem to have the best judgment all the time, Nova seems to love and care about him (and Stella too, who isn’t even his). She should have cut Luis to the curb awhile ago.

    1. She gives both her baby daddies multiple opportunities to step in.

      You can give a dog multiple opportunities to do your taxes, but it isn’t going to happen.

  20. Some of the story is missing. How do you know Luis has a std? You must have slept with him again. Did you inform javi About the Gonorrhea? What comes around goes around. In this case it is gonorrhea. SMH

    1. Devoin has grown up to be an AMAZING father!! Nova loves him, he’s even formed an attachment to Stella (who isn’t even his kid)! Devoin is twice the man that Luis will ever be.

  21. I mean… you decided to have unprotected sex with a random dude at “da club”. And you decided to keep the baby regardless. So what is your problem again?

    1. What really bugs me is Stella’s reaction to him. She hates him. She definitely likes Devoin and John a lot better. Stella knows that dude is evil.

      1. She doesn’t know him and he wanted to get too close to her too fast which to a baby can be pretty scary. That’s why it’s a horrible idea to make a life-long commitment with someone who just fucked you at a club. Poor Stella, she will probably always wonder why her dad is not interested in her at all.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Welll, Visulenia, I have my complaints about Brianna but she actually wanted to give Stella up for adoption. Luis raised hell and said he’d drag her in court to stop the adoption and promised he’d be there. That’s why she kept the baby.. which I can’t blame her. As a single mother of one already, vulnerable, pregnant and then the new bby daddy is promising to be there and be with you.. you’d take that chance to have a family for both of the kids.

      1. I have to disagree. She knew virtually nothing about this man. Then she learned he cheated on her throughout her whole pregnancy. He never stepped up although he had 9 months to do so. He never got a job or bought the baby anything. She could easily have said I’m sorry but you’re a deadbet lying loser, I’m giving up this baby for adoption wether you like it or not, cause you’re not really providing anything besides empty words. Or I’m keeping the baby and I accept that you’re a deadbeat POS and won’t complain.

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