‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Reveals What She Does For a Living

Why am I still doing this 9-to-5 crap? It’s so much easier to just sell waist trainers on Instagram!”

Briana DeJesus currently has something than none of the other Teen Mom 2 girls have (and, no, you don’t need an antibiotic for it); She actually has a real job!

Unlike her co-stars, who haven’t punched a time clock for years, Briana still gets up in the morning and heads to an office for work. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has mentioned having to go to work several times on the show and on social media but, until recently, she never revealed what it is she does to earn her paycheck.

Last week, Briana revealed that she works in the timeshare industry. This makes sense, since Briana lives in the Orlando, Florida, area, which is a hotbed of timeshare properties due to Walt Disney World being there.

“I work in timeshare,” Briana tweeted, adding that she does not sell the timeshares herself.

“I deal with the backhand work of it,” she told a fan on Twitter.

Briana didn’t reveal exactly where she works (which is, of course, a good thing because she wouldn’t want some #TeamKail ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans coming to her work to tell her what they think about her new relationship with Javi Marroquin).

Currently, only Briana and Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham have actual jobs outside their homes. (The Ashley is not counting hawking stuff on Instagram, or posting clickbait stories on social media as “jobs,” just FYI. She is also not including any of the the ‘Teen Mom’ guys or supporting cast members, many of whom have real jobs.) Of course, a lot of the girls have clothing lines, books, etc. that they make plenty of extra income from.

Briana is making considerably more money now that she’s appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Her paychecks are nowhere near the size of her ‘Teen Mom 2′ co-stars’, since she has only done one season of the show, but she will continue to get salary increases as she appears on more seasons.

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  1. I give it another year before she buys a home, upgrades her car and leaves her job.

    Also, I’m LOLing at her “I work in timeshare.” Makes me think of the benchwarmers: I am 12.

  2. Yeah she only works because she doesn’t make the money the other moms on the show make-yet. When or if she does I guarantee that she won’t work!

  3. So she’s a timeshare scammer.. We have a lot of those fly by nights “through Disney” scams out here in Orlando..My question is why don’t we ever see her drive herself places?!

    1. Jesus fuck I know Brianna has a host of issues but she actually has a regular job, if you get scammed into a timeshare it’s your own fault. Bash her for the myriad other LEGIT reasons, but for holding down a job? Christ, lady. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone and all that, otherwise it’s wise to be quiet.

  4. I am so pleased to see a teen mom actually working a 9-5 type job instead of sitting on their butts. A good teaching lesson for their children.

  5. I️ mean really how can Devon’s family be crazier than hers. I️ vote that’s not possible.

  6. You should do your research before posting this junk. Kail is in direct sales, Jenelle has a makeup line, Leah is in direct sales, Tyler and Cait have a kids clothing line, Amber has a clothing line, Macy and Taylor have a clothing line……Even though some are in direct sales, those are still considered jobs.

    1. well SW, who in the hell is running these business for them?? They are on the couch all day! I think the point of this article went over your head… Briana actually WORKS.

    2. Bwhahahaha, are you fucking for real? You’re totally joking right? Eat a double decker shit sandwich, whichever twat waffle you are.

    3. “Direct sales”? Hahahahaha. Oh you mean “prymid sales schemes”? They get their “fans” to sell items and they make a profit off of what the fans sell??? Sigh…

  7. She’s about to quit that job any minute now, and she had to have a job ‘cuz she wasn’t on television like the rest of them. Zero respect for this twit. It’s so hard to listen to her speak, people have mentioned in the past that there might be something mentally wrong with her and I think they’re correct. Seriously, who “accidently” gets pregnant nowadays, not to mention the std factor. She whines so hard about being a single mother, the victim game is real with her. That’s an oddball family right there, but now that they’re on mtv again, they’re about to be moving on up like the Jeffersons.

  8. “Unlike her co-stars, who haven’t punched a time clock for years, Briana still gets up in the morning and heads to an office for work. ” To give credit to Chelsea, she has been working in a beauty salon for years, she only just recently quit and is maintaining her license so she can start working again once her children both (or all, in case she gets more) go to school.

    1. I think the main reason Chelsea likes her profession is that she controls how much and when she works. From what I understand she gave up taking clients at the local spa she has worked at for years, but still occasionally helps with the MediSpa services that Houska Dental offers. I think the plan is to expand the MediSpa part of the business whenever she feels up to it. She is lucky that her dad is a dentist and it isn’t weird for cosmetic dental practices to offer secondary services, but working for your dad is still a job. Ironically, because the flexibility of her job has nothing to do with Teen Mom, she probably has the most “legit” job out of all of them, even if it is super-part time.

      1. Credit where it’s due- Chelsea is one of the more stable teen moms. I think she may of had to cut back since she had her second baby, but she’s not sitting on her butt eating bonbons while her kids cry for food all day like other teen moms we know.

  9. I really respect her for maintaining employment as a single mom of 2 and the fact that she didn’t quit the moment the mtv checks started rolling in… unlike the other girls.

    1. She hasn’t started getting the big checks yet. Kail and Maci still worked the first season they were on too

    2. A single mom of two… Yet her mother and sister do all the parenting, at least with Nova they have. On MTV she’s all “I’m doing this all by myself blablabla” while her family goes with her EVERYWHERE. I think it’s disrespectful she’s not giving them any credit.

  10. I was actually shocked at how nasty she was last night, and how well..sane..her mother and sister sounded. But shades of Jenelle (and one never wants to have shades of Jenelle)…her refusing to let Devoin’s family meet Ntoa or Stella or “Whatever the older one is called”…(though the name game there is not as bad as Leah’s three girls with virtually identical names BUT then slaps a few nick names like “Gracie” on to of that..I never know which is which there, either)…anyway, shades of Jenelle, saying no, Devoin still cannot take his daughter to meet the rest of her family, because..thanks to Brianna..”SHE DOESN”T EVEN KNOW THEM!” (Cue up Jenelle sobbing about how her mother wasn’t there to help her into her wedding dress….)…..

    1. Omg yes. I am sayin that all the time about Leah’s kids. She will be talking to one saying ‘we don’t want that for gracie’ and she’s actually talking to Gracie. I never knew who she’s talking about or what their names are. Are Ally and Aleah the same? Is Gracie one of them.. I don’t know! ? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

      1. I remember them because the twin that looks like little clone of Leah, is Aleah, and that’s the one she called Gracie. For some reason they refer to Aliannah is Ally-girl, like a dog? That one always threw me. This is why you dont give your children nearly identical names.

      1. Oh golly gee…that family is “successful.”
        If and when Briana gets the boot from TM2 they’ll be broke on welfare. Briana doesn’t ask for child support PROBABLY because her baby daddies may get visitation rights. It’s only a matter of time

  11. After watching her interview with Dr. Drew last night, I really don’t like her. Her attitude was reminding me of Farrah. And who is she to say that Nova can’t see Devon’s family? Bitch, THEY ARE HER FAMILY just as much as your family is her family. Get over yourself.

  12. I admit I don’t watch Bri’s segments because it usually couch related. I never noticed her cleaned up in an outfit that could be considered professional. Has she ever mentioned a maternity leave from work?

    Regardless I wish she would let Nova meet her family, Devoin’s family shouldn’t have to come over to their small apartment and sit uncomfortably while being stared at. It’s weird and stifling, Roxanne or Brittany would probably butt in and do all the talking for Nova. Who would probably clam up sensing the tension, and how much shit Bri talks on her other family. It is not like Bri will meet them halfway to a park, zoo, etc where Nova is too excited and happy to notice how tense everyone is. While it is obvious Bri adores Nova, she still uses her to be spiteful tool toward Devoin and his family.

    I think her and Javi will make it down the aisle, unless the coven jumps into a spat of theirs makes their argument worse. Though I think Rox/Brit are gaga for him, so they might take his side.

    1. I can’t remember the episode but I’m 99.9% sure I remember that she said she took maternity leave. I always pictured that she worked in retail.

      1. Okay thanks I usually zone out. You read the article that Monica Salughter got Twitter queef war with Briana? Briana suspended her Twitter acct.

        Not that Monica is one who should throw stones, if I was Javi except not foolish. Then I’d nip this bud, Briana causes needless drama while being playing the perpetual victim card. That’s glaring red flags, plus the whole I am not going to be friends with Kail. Yeah Kail’s a bitch, but take the high road. Getting into your ex’s spats is just something to avoid. Javi needs to take care of that. Not Briana.

  13. I find it hard to understand farrah and brianna with their atrocious grammar/English lol
    So is brianna trying to say that she is a secretary or personal assistant?

      1. Yes but I think they both worked an actual job as well up until just recently. I remember her saying something about it when they were discussing the clothing line and how it was “becoming more successful” and they had too much on their plate or whatever.

        1. I thought Maci’s “job” was giving lectures on teen pregnancy prevention. Which I think she gave up when she got pregnant by accident the second time.

    1. She did up until I believe around d the time just after she had Jayde and then she focused full time on the clothing line

  14. Briana only has a job right now because it gets her out of that small, stanky apartment she shares with the rest of the coven and it allows her to be away from her kids and having to raise them. If the show lasts, she will no doubt quit her job and start hawking all sorts of junk on social media.

  15. She posts those click bait articles constantly. She told someone on twitter that she makes enough from that to pay her bills.

    I’m not a Brianna fan anymore though. Maybe if she got out on her own but when her and her mom are together, she becomes different. Now her sister…… I really like Brittany.

  16. “I deal with the backhand work of it,” she told a fan on Twitter.

    Honey…I think you mean back END…ugh someone send her to an English 101 class.

  17. I am happy Bri has a fallback plan and realizes that Clickbait will not support her in 10 years… The thing with The girls doing the the kind of easy money Instagram post is they don’t seem to know anything about the product but have no qualms about telling people how great it is and how much they need it it shocks me that people actually take it seriously

    1. I think Cole is, too.

      Chelsea should worry that she’s making the whole “first marriage” thing a downer for him because all she does is bitch about Adam. I think Dr. Drew shaded her on that.

      1. I think she was legit talking about Adam being around his kids while on heavy drugs. Also, I am sure the producers bring him up alot asking her questions.

        I don’t think it overshadowed her segment this season. There were tons of “awww” moments with Aubree and Cole, Watson, Chelsea and Cole’s stable relationship.

        1. The Grace Report said that Drew shaded Chelsea about how NOW she just talks shit about Adam, because she’s finally figured out that he doesn’t notice want her back, ever (even though she’s married to Cole, I agree. She really wanted Adam, even though she denys it).

  18. Briana is making about $30,000 per season right now if I’m remembering correctly. If the show continues, and she gets increases, I guarantee that she will quit her job, but remain living with her mother and sister, mooching off of them.

    1. I dont think that, but if she marries Have, then she’ll get benefits, and want to be a SAH military Wife. I think she’s fine as long as she’s single, but when she has a guy in her life, things are trouble. It’s good that she’s still working at her job. And remember, she graduated a year ahead of her class. She may be overdramatic, but she’s far from dumb. Except for getting pregnant 30 days after knowing someone.

      1. My guess is that she’ll end up pregnant by Javi, and not only collect a pay check from MTV, but hit him with child support hard, because he’s also getting the big MTV pay check. I have absolutely zero respect for Briana, and expect nothing but childish behavior from her. The fact that she doesn’t hit Devoin, or Luis with court ordered child support speaks loudly enough to me. She doesn’t actually want consistent help from Devoin in particular, and only threatens child support when she’s angry with him. She probably doesn’t do it, because like Devoin said, then she’d have to agree to a custody arrangement with him, and she doesn’t want to do that, because it seems like she likes playing the single mom card. Her actions tell me that she doesn’t have her children’s best interest at heart, she’s just another little Kail, playing the victim, while playing keep-away with her baby-daddies.

        1. That’s so sick that Devin cares more about not paying child support than spending time with his child. If he REALLY cared about spending time with his daughter at his house, he would have filed for custody rights 6 years ago. BUT that would mean that he would have to see his daughter more than once a month and possibly have to pay child support.

          He can file a case with family court today if he wanted. He obviously doesn’t want to.

          1. I agree with you MTV Shoukd Have. Unpopular opinion but Briana is not to blame for Nova being absent in her dad’s life. Devoin needs to man up and go to court to get his child. If he REALLY wanted to see Nova he would have filed. End of story. People always want to blame mothers but fathers need to be held responsible. If someone tried to pull the shit Briana does you better believe we would have been in court years ago.

          2. As of the after show, Devoin was talking about settling it all in court. Because Briana doesn’t want to give him time with Nova, and only uses child support as a threat when she’s angry. Devoin is openly talking about wanting to go to court.

          3. Nova is like 6 years old and just now he is talking about wanting to go to court? Let’s pretend Nova is a millions dollars. If there was a million dollars that Bri and Devoin were supposed to share but Briana never gave Devoin is share of the million, he would have been in court a loooong time ago to get that money. He wouldn’t be just talking about getting it 6 years later. That’s just how it is for dad’s in general. They don’t value their kids and we don’t expect them to. Most people blame Briana and her family like oh those girls pushed him away this and that. It’s true they try and are awful to deal with, but it’s not Briana’s responsibility to make sure Nova and Devoin have a relationship. It’s Devoin’s responsibility, even more since Devoin knows how toxic those women are. He should want Nova as much as possible to raise her the right way.

          4. I’m not saying that Devoin is by any means the father of the year, and I know he was a total shitball in the begining. But Briana and her family don’t want him involved unless it is convenient for them, or out of spite. If Briana was a decent mother, she would have sought child support when Devoin left the hospital to play basketball. If Devoin was a decent father, he would fight harder to see his child. Devoin has also been in and out of jail, and would be less likely get see results by going to court, but now that he isn’t in trouble(?), he wants to do it. Again, I’m not saying Devoin is father of the year by any means, but he’s showing more signs of maturity than Briana. Even Brittney was defending him.

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