Kail Lowry Says the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers Want Her to Have Briana DeJesus on Her Podcast; Reveals Why She Refuses to Film with Briana at Upcoming Reunion

“Get your own podcast…and Reunion couch!”

The Teen Mom 2 crew will be heading to New York City to film the Season 9B Reunion at the end of this month, but there will be no hair-pulling, couch-hopping action, if Kail Lowry can help it. 

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail stated that she is once again refusing to film scenes at the Reunion with her longtime nemesis, Briana DeJesus. (As ‘TM2’ fans know, Kail, Briana and Briana’s sister Brittany got into a physical fight on stage during the Season 8B Reunion last year.) 

Briana recently stated that she’s ready to settle the beef between her and Kail, but Kail said that she’s not ready to sit her Dr. Miami-enhanced butt next to Briana’s Dr. Miami-enhanced butt on the Reunion couch.

“They have asked me if I will sit on the couch with everybody and I did say no,” Kail told her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Briana or the drama, or Jenelle [Evans], or any of that. It’s more so for personal reasons. I really just don’t want to go back to that space.”

Kail stated that she fears the show’s producers may try to get her and Briana back at each other’s throats.

“I feel like there was drama in the past and, based on that, I don’t trust the producers and I don’t trust some of the cast members,” Kail said.

“I’ll sit wherever I damn well please, thank you very much!”

Although Kail stated that her decision didn’t “have anything to do with Briana,” it’s clear that it does, given that Kail said her decision has nothing to do with Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer or Jade Cline.

It’s nothing against Chelsea. I know a ton of people have written in and asked if me and Chelsea are still friends,” Kail said. “We’re still friends; there’s no bad blood. Jade [Cline] and I are fine. People just read into it.”

“You can’t sit with us, Briana!”

Kail said that her decision was actually based on her desire to keep things professional. (Apparently attempting to slug it out with your co-star on a trashy reality show is bad for business?)

“I have a company; I run Pothead [hair care line]…and I have the podcast, and I have things I want to do and I just do not want to put myself in a position where I would maybe act out of character again for somebody who is not affecting my day-to-day life,” Kail said. “For me, I had to say I won’t sit on the [Reunion] couch with anyone but Chelsea and Leah. It’s just not worth it to me.”

In July, Briana said that she would be willing to film scenes with Kail for the Reunion.

“What’s in the past is in the past,” Briana said. “I’m open to being mature, moving on and filming the reunion as a whole group this year. Of course, that’s not up to me, but I’m putting the ball in her court. It would be a nice change of pace to all be together and let the drama go.” 

Kail told Lindsie that, despite her refusal to film with Briana, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers are still trying to bring her and Briana together in some way.

“I’ve been asked to have Briana on the podcast,” Kail said. “One of the producers had suggested maybe having her on the podcast. But, again, I just don’t think it fits well with what we’re trying to do.”

“Um…yeah no. Why not have David Eason on the podcast too? What a merry time that would be!”

“Maybe there’s a time and a place for that at a later date,” Lindsie said. “But now, it doesn’t work.”

Briana is one of the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast members who has not appeared on Coffee Convos. To date, Chelsea, Jade and Leah have all appeared, as have Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn LowellTyler BaliterraMaci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Mackenzie McKee. Other than Briana, Cheyenne Floyd is the only ‘Teen Mom’ girl who has yet to go on the podcast. 

Anyway, The Ashley will have more details soon on how the upcoming 9B Reunion will be set up. 

Listen to the full episode of the podcast below.

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  1. “personal reasons”-she dated Javi, that’s her reason, no doubt. When will Kail stop being vengeful over her exes?! I mean, I still think she resents them because they all moved on and want nothing to do with her except raise the baby they had together. She wants them to love her just because she wants to feel better about herself, that’s my view of the situation anyway.

  2. I have a question that is a bit irrelevant to this issue but I’m not quite sure where to post it . .. so here goes…….. How long are we going to keep being bombarded with Jennelle’s many changing looks ????????? The pop up’s are annoying …. and I’m sure by now EVERYONE has seen them. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

      1. Andrea, I too hate that pop up and it blocks the screen… Just now.. making commenting very challenging, especially without a typo. Please @Ashley stop the many looks of Chinelle so we can interact with other commentary.

  3. I don’t blame yr Brianna made an ass of her self being a drama queen so now they want you to go down memory lane once again Brianna is like a little dog all bark and no bite and her sister had to jump y from the back couldn’t be women enough to face y head on so l you stand yr ground and good luck to you mama

  4. Kail is racist. I don’t care how many men she sleeps with of different races. Slave owners used to rape their slaves and were still racist.

  5. Damnit Kail this is why I don’t like you. Of course she doesnt want to have to deal with Bri, even for her jank-coattails-riding-podcast, because its BRI: the bitch who dated the bitch ex husband and then had the bitch sister assault Kail on camera. But Kails so damn prideful and immature and arrogant, she acts all ?‍♀️NoOoOoO iT dOeSnT hAvE AnYtHiNg tO dO wItH BrI?‍♀️

    We all know what her “personal reasons” are: avoid being in the vicinity of a sleezy dirtbag and her violent kin. Too bad Kail proceeds to play dumb and blame production, too. Girl plz. Weak af.

  6. What’s the latest with Ambien? Is she in gel yet? No word from Blubby lately? I wonder how many times she’s ripped her moms house apart so far?

  7. Kail has been and will always be the biggest liar around. Why would producers care about a podcast they make nothing from… there is literally no point`

  8. This sucks, I was born in the wrong decade cause getting knocked up and having 3 baby daddys didn’t used to get you $400,000 paycheck annually. Why reward such behavior? These kids will end up inbred cause they’re all half siblings with tons of more half siblings. They’re going to need a DNA test to assure they’re not dating sibling in that town. Give it 20 yrs and that entire town will be genetically related lol.

  9. @The Ashley what happened with David reasons latest court appearance has it been continued again or has he got away with that as well?

  10. They need to put everyone on the couch besides Kail. She wants to act like a baby, then leave her out of it. She’ll change her tune fast when she realizes she’s not getting special treatment.

  11. Kail, get over yourself. Be an adult. You’re a role model to 3 kids ?. Teach your kids not to hold a grudge, it’s ridiculous at your age! Kail has created a circus of a life for her kids unfortunately and I hope they aren’t teased in school for it. She wants all her baby daddies to follow her commands, all while she chases Chris’s coattails. Funniest thing I’ve seen on the show, is when she was driving in the car with her kids and Isaac asked if she’ll get married, kail replies “maybe one day me and the baby’s father will get married”. OK KAIL, AS IF! How sad to be thinking this way, when Chris doesn’t want any piece of her lol.

    1. So if you were physically assaulted at your workplace by your coworkers you’d be fine just going back to work with those same coworkers?
      Doubt that.

      You don’t have to like kail to realize how victims (and abusers) of violence are exploited by Mtv for ratings.

      1. You do realize that Kail instagated the entire thing, and also tried to fight Briana off camera but still mic’d Up. She’s not innocent in this whatsoever. In a real job, Kail and Briana would of BOTH been fired.

        On the topic of violence and MTV, your girl Kail has admitted to physically assaulting someone, and also physically assaulted Javi on camera. You don’t have to like Kail to realize she’s part of the problem and has anger issues herself ??‍♀️

      2. Don’t do it Kail …. It’s a set up!

        This is only MY opinion, EVERYONE is entitled to…..AND be respected for their own opinions

  12. I wish they would cancel this circus already. I stopped watching when Jenelle pulled a gun on that guy and called Jace a liar after he told Barb’s about it.

    Kail is spoiled and feels entitled. Must be nice to have a job where you make a ton of money and refuse to do this or that. Her and her attitude irk me so hard.

  13. I can’t stand Briana and any of her family. It makes me sick that her mother is ALWAYS around, putting her baloney two-cents in on every convo. And does her sister even have a job? I always skip this family when I DVR the show to watch back later.

  14. Has anyone ever noticed that Kailyn rejects anyone in her life that doesn’t fit HER wants and needs at any given time. She also reject anyone that has had a relationship with one of her exes. But, quite ironically, Kailyn throws all these men in her children’s lives and EXPECTS ALL HER EXES to embrace all these ramdom dudes. Kailyn takes but not not give. Its actually so very sad. She had issues.

  15. Do what make you comfortable… Briana have nothing on you boo, she always need her sister you ride dolo and that what I like…

    1. I think Brianna’s sister is far more aggressive and willing to fight than Bri is. I think if they don’t try to cause drama they can behave like women. Be classy ladies cause trashy looks good on no one.

  16. It’s Kail’s podcast, so she can have whomever she wants on there to gossip. No surprise why Briana wouldn’t be on but I’m curious why Cheyenne hasn’t been on? Is there something besides those old racist tweets that Cheyenne did?

  17. The Ashley, can you please make it easier to leave a comment? Too many pop ups to even see the page to type. Your response section needs some tech support.

  18. I don’t think race matters to Kail but having a man does. Very needy too needy to be racist. That and all her kids are mixed… Mixed up too but no racial issues. I suspect she doesn’t know Cheyanne and dislikes Bri?.

  19. Kail is such a drama queen. Get your ass up that couch and do your job. It’s the only one she’s got.

  20. eh…she may sound petty, but I don’t blame her. Somebody and their sister try and jump me, no matter how long ago it was, I’m not going to put myself in that position again, plus dated my loser baby daddy for attention, and talked about my kids on social media, AND alleged DV with my other baby daddy…There are certain bridges that you don’t burn, and Bri not only burned one with Kail, she’s burned quite a few. Kail doesn’t owe it to Brianna to accept her apology or to make nice to her IMO. Bri shouldn’t have done those things in the 1st place.

  21. “It just doesn’t fit with what we’re trying to do here”
    Loooool what ARE you trying to do with your podcast? Because it seems like the only reason anyone would listen would be for teen mom gossip and drama. I don’t think the podcast is trying to really do anything else? I’m sure Kail thinks it’s meaningful though….

  22. Go and audition for the cowardly lion from Wizrad Of Oz… doppleganger, for sure. it is uncanny. this photograph confirms. my 5 year old say you on the screen and thought you were…..

  23. Kail you came after Bri. Kail your not in a different space. You were sleeping with Javi behind Bri’s back. As of recently your still sleeping with Javi behind Lauren’s back. Once again the article is about Kail. So if you don’t know they take it real easy with Kail here. As I see Bri has matured. Kail you are very immature. Vee finally sees you for who you really are.

    1. Wait a sec… So she was sleeping with Javi (while he was dating Lauren)and chasing Chris who can’t run fast enough??? Dang, she must have lots of free time and (sorry) but she’s become a very loose woman. Hey Kail keep that nickel between your knees. I know your upbringing sucked so there is some motherly advice.

    1. I agree. Once things got physical, that’s a safety issue in my opinion. Honestly if I were Chelsea and Leah, I wouldn’t want to be on that stage with Bri either. While Kail literally asked for a fight, she’s done many reunions with Chelsea and Leah, and it never turned physical. Brianna is the common denominator here in regards to the drama. Bri was throwing stuff and screaming like a banshee with a pregnant Chelsea on stage, and that wasn’t the 1st time a DeJesus attacked someone at a reunion. Never forget when Roxanne lost her shit on Devion.

  24. I agree with Karl Lowery with everything she said I don’t think it’s a good idea that kail has a reunion with Briana because Briana is not a very good person she likes to judge she rude and despitefull and if kail feel uncomfortable than I think everyone needs to respect kails wishes she know what she wants

  25. For someone who constantly likes to say “briana doesn’t affect my life, Lauren doesn’t affect my life” she constantly is talking about them and it’s constantly negative. If briana isn’t shit to you than you would film cuz it would actually make no difference to you. Kailyn is miserable. She can act like she is a happy single mom and she can say she doesn’t care about this person or that person but, the truth is clear as day. She has so many issues she needs to work through that have all started with her childhood and her mom and instead of being negative and raining on everyone else’s parade she needs to work on that. That little comment she made right after Javi and Lauren announced their engagement in regards to javi’s cheating was a low blow and made her sound bitter. She is nothing but a hater idc what bullshit she talks. She has low self esteem and she is the last one to talk about cheating when she herself is a cheater and allows herself to help men cheat on their significant others. And let’s not forget how much Chris cheated on her during her pregnancy and how heartbroken she was about it. But that’s Kail, always only thinking about herself. Get off your high horse honey you ain’t shit. Don’t film with briana either way the show will go on.

  26. So, correct me if I’m wrong here, the only two Teen Mom franchise cast members who have Not been on the Coffee Convos Pod cast happen to be the only two non-white cast members? Kail, is there something we should know here? Just saying.

    1. This is so stupid. Her and briana have a bad history, and Cheyenne was never really an actual teen mom, even less likely to know/ have anything to do with a TM2 cast member.

    2. @nibs, that’s a low comment, your bringing in a race issue, when there is no need for that, it’s only you with that problem.

      I’m sick of the R card being played, to cause a drama.
      And for no reason.
      You really are a jerk.

    3. Just because Kail sleeps and gets married to Hispanics doesn’t mean she is not a racist. Remember when Issiac got a hair cut and Kailyn flipped out at Joe for having her son look too “hood” or whatever she said??

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