Amber Portwood Talks About Her Feud with Jenelle Evans, Why the ‘Teen Mom’ Casts Should Get Emmys & More During Coffee Convos Podcast Interview

“Pull up a chair (or a stuffed sloth) because I’m spilling the tea!”


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was the most-recent guest on Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s Coffee Convos podcast. During the episode, Amber discussed her recent feud with Jenelle Evans (that resulted in dueling Instagram Live screaming sessions), as well as her future plans with boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Amber also talked about all of the “A-list” celebs that were trying to slide into her DMs once she split from Matt Baier!

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the most-interesting segments of Amber’s interview!


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Love you @KailLowry ❤ so much fun chatting with you and @LindsieChrisley seriously had a great time!! @coffeeconvospodcast link in bio?

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On her feelings that the ‘Teen Mom’ casts get no respect in “the industry”:

Amber told Kail and Lindsie that she and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls have been doing their jobs for nearly 10 years, and that they should be more respected than they are.

“The ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, in general, we should have Emmys,” Amber said. “We should be recognized more for what we have done. I think the focus on the negativity is ridiculous. I think there should be a little more focus on the good things we have done. I think with the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, they should look at us a bit differently. We’ve been through things in our lives that real people have went through. They need to look at it that way, instead of just drama, drama, drama.

“I demand that respect after doing this for such a long time, as any of us should,” she added.

On her current custody situation with her daughter Leah:

Amber stated that her ex, Gary Shirley, still doesn’t quite trust her to take care of Leah.

“I still don’t feel like I see Leah enough,” Amber said. “I don’t really barely see her at all. She’s getting older. The last time I saw her she said ‘I’m about to be a pre-teen.’ She’s 10 years old and already saying this.


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My beautiful babies! Happy momma?

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“We do have a set custody order, but does that matter? No,” Amber said, adding that she gets a lot of criticism for not trying to get more custody of her daughter.

“It’s because she’s 10 years old,” Amber said. “She’s lived pretty much the majority of her life with him…you don’t want to change everything. That means changing schools, changing friends. We live close, about 30 minutes apart.

On her recent feud with Jenelle Evans:

Amber talked about why she decided to speak out in regard to Jenelle’s husband David Eason last month on Twitter. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle was not happy that Amber criticized David, and took to Instagram Live to air her thoughts on Amber. In return, Amber unleashed on Jenelle, in what may be the most-vicious rant in ‘Teen Mom’ history!


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• There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To us, that is the true essence of beauty • ??❤️? ? This week, we chat with @realamberlportwood1__ from Teen Mom OG! We get all the info on Amber’s new man! ? We give BTS details on our book ?tour & how Amber was anxious about getting back in the media game after prison. Amber gives updates on baby James & we discuss future baby plans. Amber talks about her relationship with Matt, not knowing about his kids, being in denial & how they were already broken up before going to Marriage Bootcamp.??We talk about co-parenting & the struggles of wanting more time. Amber walks us through her journey with postpartum depression & what it looks like for a woman struggling through it. We talk about feeling more comfortable when you hear similar stories & it helps you not feel so alone. We chat about Bristol & Cheyenne joining the cast & what the transition looked like for them. We also cover Amber going off on Jenelle & why her main concern is safety. ???? ⭐️ 1.If you’ve ever struggled or are currently struggling with postpartum depression, leave a comment below. You are not alone! We love you ❤️ 2.Does anyone else feel like motherhood is lonely???

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“I was seeing all the stuff she’s saying about you [Kail] and burning your stuff…” Amber said, adding that she became infuriated at David after hearing Jenelle’s terrifying 911 call and seeing the photos that Nathan Griffith posted that showed the bruises David allegedly left on his young son Kaiser. 

“I went after her, I couldn’t understand in my mind how certain things transpired…it just really hit something with me,” Amber said. 

“This showed up on my Twitter feed and I couldn’t ignore it,” she said. “I couldn’t ignore a 911 phone call…I’m going to listen to that because I actually care. I wasn’t really trying to attack her…even though I did attack her.”

Amber also offered her thoughts on David’s mental state.

“I think they just want attention…I think when David does certain things he can get pretty crazy,” she said. “I just think if he changed maybe drinking habits or something, he could probably calm down a little bit.”

Amber said, after posting her vicious rant online, she immediately regretted it and deleted the video.

“It was too late. They already had it…sometimes it’s hard not to go back to those roots when people are saying some pretty ignorant, disgusting things…Right afterward, I was like ‘Damn,'” Amber said. “The last message I sent to Jenelle before she blocked me was so sweet. All I said was I hoped that he would get out of the situation and she blocked me. I was so freaking sweet to her in that message. I just wanted her to be OK. That was it, and then she blocked me.”

On how her breakup with her former fiance Matt Baier went down:

“We went to ‘Marriage Boot Camp’… I went on there and me and Matt had broken up already on my birthday on May 14,” Amber said. “We kind of were together/ he wouldn’t leave.”

When Matt received his check for appearing on ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ though, he split, Amber said.


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Sending love from LA??

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“I think when we went to ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ and he got that boost of money he was like, ‘Alright, peace!’ and he left. It was OK because I already broke up with him,” she said. “I was already done with that and the thing is, I didn’t even know that there’s this tall ass man behind the scenes that’s like digging me.”

On how quickly boyfriend Andrew Glennon said he loved her:

“He was working for the show behind the scenes and so two weeks after we wrapped… I get this message from this guy, and it’s the sweetest message…”

Amber said she felt so much better once she found out that Andrew was in the entertainment industry, because she felt he was less likely to just be contacting her because she’s famous. She added that she was inundated with A-list celebrities who were trying to get with her, following her split with Matt.

(No….really…she said that…)

“I had already had a few [guys] trying to do that,” Amber said. “Once you get single on the show…it’s like…there were some A-listers flashing money [trying to hit me up]…I’m not going to say their names, but I thought it was kind of corny and ignorant. You know who you are, I just thought it was really corny.”

Amber said that she allowed Andrew to come to Indiana to meet her after they had talked for a month-and-a-half.

“With Matt, it took six months to meet him. I feel like when someone’s in the industry I’m more comfortable with meeting them because hopefully they’re not psychotic,” Amber said of Andrew. “I was comfortable and we hit it off.”

Andrew wasted no time in confessing his feelings for Amber.

“Day two— I’m gonna put him on blast— he told me he felt like he loved me,” she said. “It took me about two months [to say it back] but that’s only because I was so scared because of my past relationship.”


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Me and Babes nose are saying goodnight lol jp he loves it when I mess with him!? @andrew.glennon love you baby and your “smiling eyes” sending love everyone? #beautifulsouls

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Amber said that she would say yes “in a heartbeat” if Andrew asked her to marry him.

Listen to Amber’s complete interview on the Coffee Convos podcast below! 

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40 Responses

  1. Amber says the ‘Teen Mom’ Casts Should Get Emmys ???

    No love, you should all be fired, next thing it will be menopausal moms

  2. She’s absolutely disgusting. She needs help and refuses to get it. Her fans are just as stupid as she is. “You’ve come so far”. Bull crap! She hides it better.. and her video rants and screaming at people who are being kind to her while she’s raging… are getting old. I FEAR for Andrew and that baby. God only knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

  3. Who are these A- list celebs!?!?! Bradley Cooper, Leo DiCaprio? I’m sure they said, go away extremely gorgeous model person who is stable, normal and nice! I need some Amber Portwood.

    I feel like if people were reaching out and giving her numbers, it would be numbers of therapists.

  4. 2 things. 1. A Listers slid into her DM’s, my ass. The pizza guy is not a A Lister. 2. Guys who say they love you on day two are guys who never get any puss. These two deserve each other.

    1. Aha hahaha.

      Oh, come now, Sir Nibs. He just wanted to put some pepperoni in that pizza

      Bad, I know. I’ll see myself out.

  5. I don’t disagree with all that say the show needs to end, these girls need a bite of reality. However, I have to admit that I’d miss the pathetic dysfunction that takes me away from real life for an hour. The one I truly can’t stand is kail , the one ( my opinion) that doesn’t deserve a spot is Amber! She wants respect? Amber lays around from couch to bed crying bipolar. Pre and post prison she’s soooooooo lazy and full of excuses for not seeing her daughter, huge pay day for doing nothing! Now she wants an Emmy too? I guess she thinks the award will go good with her big sunglasses and her outfits that look like costumes.
    Seriously, her demand of respect and wanting an Emmy needs to make The Ashley’s funniest of the week list.

  6. It is a bit weird to me that everyone is so focused on being married before having children. I think the important thing is being in a stable and long-term relationship before thinking about getting pregnant. At least two years. As we have seen with Leah and Kail, being married really doesn’t mean anything if you have been together for a couple of months and you are a teenager.

  7. She’s waiting for Andrew to ask her to marry him……… that’s funny. She already has a bastard child so she should ask him to make her an honest woman. What losers…….. Kail, Amber, single baby mommas with bastard children. The kids will be in therapy talking about their crazy mothers. Sad.

  8. Amber respect it earned love.

    Got knocked up for a tv show. Yeah real respectable ambien.

    You’ve no respect for anyone, so shut the fuck up, if it wasn’t for the viewers, this shit show would be long gone, and your fat ass, would have to get a really job, you know the type where you prize ur ass off the sofa or bed and go out and earn a $$$

  9. I want her to name one A-lister who contacted her. Just one. Between that and the Emmy, I can’t. ☠️? Such a narcissist.

    And still with all the excuses about why she doesn’t see her daughter. Ok, so Leah can only stay with Amber every other weekend, but where were she during Leah’s volleyball games? Gary can’t tell her not to attend school functions. Kristina went to Leah’s games, but Amber didn’t. According to Amber, she only lives 30 minutes away, so why isn’t she a terrible every game, concert, etc. There are a ton of ways Amber could be present in Leah’s life if she actually wanted to be. She chooses to do the absolute bare minimum and then blames Gary as if the whole thing is out of her control.

    1. Absolutely!! Honestly, in my opinion Leah is better off without her. She doesnt deserve a half-@ss mom, that puts her new boyfriend and herself first. As for the “I deserve an emmy”? Well if that’s all it should take then I deserve an Emmy just for putting on good behavior for asshole patients. ???

  10. Amber you should get an Emmy for being delusional. But hey thanks for a Friday morning laugh!!
    And what Andrew said was I love your money, house, and that he does not have to work.

  11. She needs to start giving us an Emmy performance- her sitting on the couch is FAR from entertainment.

  12. She did not specify which decade these “A-Listers” were from, but everyone knows that Corey Feldman and Pee-Wee Herman were considered “A-Listers” in the 80’s!

  13. Someone in the industry is “not psychotic?”
    Have you met MOST PEOPLE in the entertainment industry?

    Also Lindsie forgot her pants.

  14. An EMMY Amber??…If Connie Britton has never won an Emmy, wth makes her think anyone on Teen Mom should win an Emmy?? And there’s no telling who these “A-Listers” were sliding in her DM’s, since she herself, clearly believes she’s A-List and Emmy worthy…it was probably somebody like Andy Dick.

    1. Well the lighting crew did a superlative job with the scene where Jenelle was chasing Kieffer as he was being driven away in a friend’s car. I mean, it was straight up night time and they illuminated the scene enough for all of us to see what was going on and still know it was night time. I nominate the lighting crew for “Best Lighting on a Reality TV Series.”

  15. Wtf did any of you do to deserve an Emmy, I’d like to know. Each of the original cast of teen moms became a cautionary tale of what NOT to do after having a baby as an unmarried teen. All of them had repeat, out of wedlock pregnancies with two or more men. Men moved in and out of their children’s lives, cause their moms need a man in their beds.

    1. Yeah that was a little weird. Though she did seem to hint that she intentionally gave mtv drama.

      And actually that bit about more kids only applies to amber. Maci and Catelynn did not have more kids until after they were married. And Farrah still has just one.

      Bristol did not have more kids until she was married and Cheyenne just had her first.

      Even if you include Tm2, Leah and Chelsea waited until they got married, technically kail too. The stats really aren’t that bad.

      1. Catelynn and Maci had more kids before they were married. Their kids were in their weddings! I believe Bristol was pregnant with her second before she got married too. Leah was pregnant at her wedding. So was Chelsea. I think Kail married Javi before she had her aquarium wedding; however, she was pregnant at that!

      2. Both Jayde and Maverick were born before Maci and Taylor got married, Chelsea was pregnant with Watson at her wedding, Nova was born before Catelynn and Tyler were married, and Bristol and Dakota weren’t married (and were actually broken up) when Sailor was born. Leah was also pregnant before she and Jeremy got married but she had a miscarriage.

        Kail and Javi were already married before their aquarium wedding, but then she had Lux, so only 1 out of her 3 kids were born while she was married. The TM stats actually aren’t good at all.

  16. Wait…didn’t MBC show footage of Andrew sneaking into her room? So, while she was still filming and not two week after they wrapped or am I mistaken?

  17. Considering Amber thinks she’s an A list celebrity, I’m sure those “A listers” that wanted to date her aren’t anyone a normal person would consider an A lister.

  18. A listers? Really Amber? A LISTERS? Does she really expect me to believe A LIST celebrities were dming her after seeing her on Teen Mom and Marriage Boot Camp? C listers maybe, but definitely not A listers.

  19. Straight up delusional. Thinks that she deserves an Emmy, that A list celebrities wanted to date her, and that it was completely normal for Andrew to say that he loved her after two days???

  20. She really is delusional and must think everyone else is even dumber than she is, .it to mention unable to look at a calendar and count back 9 months! And please,can the Ashley get the names ever A_ listers pleeeeeeze? I’m sure Bradley Cooper was just right there knocking on her door.

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