‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Blasts Dr. Drew Pinsky During Late-Night Online Rant: “I Can’t Stand Him!”

“I’d still like to slap that T-shirt blazer combo right off of him!”

It’s been almost a year since Mackenzie Edwards and Dr. Drew Pinsky sparred during the Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion, but Mackenzie is still not a fan of the MTV Doc!

During a late-night Instagram Live Q&A session (that went on for hours – and The Ashley will have more on), Mackenzie was asked by a fan if she and Dr. Drew have made up since they battled on stage regarding Mackenzie’s husband Ryan Edwards and his drug treatment choices. She did not hold back while explaining why she still has no use for Dr. Drew.

“I can’t stand him!” Mackenzie told her Instagram followers on Tuesday night. “Dr. Drew is always causing problems. He cares one day out of the year and that’s because that’s when he gets a paycheck.”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans will remember,  Mackenzie lashed out at the doctor (who is an addiction specialist), when he questioned Ryan’s ability to follow his doctor’s orders when it comes to taking drugs that help him curb his heroin addiction. Dr. Drew told Mackenzie that Ryan needs to follow his doctor’s directions when it comes to taking Suboxone.

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During her Instagram Q&A session, Mackenzie explained why she was so mad at Dr. Drew during that scene.

“I put Dr. Drew in his place because what they didn’t show you is that, in one scene, he was all about taking Suboxone and Methadone. And then in the next scene, he did a complete 360 and was like, ‘It will kill you!'” Mackenzie said. “If you’re going to support something, by all means support it, but don’t flip-flop.”

Mackenzie said that Dr. Drew isn’t qualified to give Ryan advice about his treatment, given that he doesn’t really know Ryan or what he’s going through.

“If he is going to counsel, he does need to show up and not just two days out of a year to make a paycheck!” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie also accused Dr. Drew of faking concern for the cameras. She stated that she was infuriated when Dr. Drew did this while filming an emotional scene with Ryan’s dad, Larry Edwards.

“One of the reasons I blasted Dr. Drew is because he started fake-crying when he was talking to Larry,” Mackenzie said. “He only did that because he didn’t know what to say. He was going ‘I feel your pain, Larry.’ But you could just see him [faking the tears].”

“That’s what they pay me to do! I mean, these blazers aren’t gonna buy themselves!”

Mackenzie said that the Doc chooses which of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members to go after.

“He definitely picks on people who he think he’s going to get a reaction from,” she said.

Relive the awkwardness by rewatching the tense scene between Mackenzie and Dr. Drew from April 2018 in the video clip below:

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40 Responses

  1. She’s just mad because Dr. Drew has dealt with so many drug addicts. He doesn’t take the bs and he knows what he’s talking about and she is wrong and he called her out.

    Dr. Drew is not Rhine’s doctor that would be so unethical, he’s interviewing them and also happens to be a doctor, he only knows what they have told him and what he can see.

    Mack is an ENABLER! She’s mad that she is getting called out! Addicts need enablers to survive. Typically there are two types, passive enablers (people who pretend its not as bad/ make excuses) and active enablers (one who go out and buy/get the drugs for the addict). Both are bad and don’t help.

    If I’m not mistaken she ran out crying like 20 times (hyperbole), so I don’t really know how to stood up, she just try to be the victim and no one was buying it.

  2. I’m sorry but I adamantly oppose just about everything she’s stated. Dr. Drew is an addiction specialist and he is NOT Ryan’s doctor. What exactly did she expect him to say? He literally only said what everyone else was thinking…common sense dictates that an addict will not succeed at sobriety if he abuses his medication and doesn’t follow his treatment plan. Mackenzie tries to call this man a liar based on a contradicting claim she states he made “that wasn’t shown,”but it’s far more likely that she misunderstood what was being said. Once again, nothing Dr. Drew said was rocket science. It was literally common sense.

  3. But you are qualified to say what he needs!!!! No you are a qualified enabler & anyone that tries to help & not enable Ryan is bad in your eyes! Girl wake the fuck up!!!! I had a brother with an addiction there isn’t anyone in the world that is going to help if he doesn’t want it!!!!! Not you not Mommy & Daddy his children no one!!!! Stop blaming everyone else for Ryan’s bad decisions!!!!!!

  4. If he did a 360 he would be in the same place…I think she means a 180. The schools aren’t well in Tennessee either.

  5. I’m no Dr. Drew fan, but she put him in his place?? Sure, Jan. Tell us again how Ryan couldn’t find a single therapist to treat him because of his “job” while literally every other person on the show is in therapy.

  6. She’s actually correct when she says Ryan did a 360 meaning he didn’t do an about face. He’s still exactly where he started!!! LOL dumbass!

  7. Mackenzie, you may have a point about Dr. Drew only caring once a year…..but “putting him in his place” implies that you did not make yourself look like a moron in the process.

  8. She is blonde for a reason. She has to put up with that deadbeat husband of hers so she has to vent her frustration at someone. She is a mess. She needs to concentrate on looking after that loser husband of hers and stop enabling him.

  9. She is not a “Teen Mom OG Star”, sorry. At most she’s a “Teen Mom OG (Un)Supporting Character”. Not that the actual OGs are stars, per say, but more so than her conniving fame-wh*re butt is. Also, I’ve disliked Dr. Drew since Loveline, but he wasn’t wrong and I really think he was trying to get Ryan to see that he needs help and proper treatment.

  10. Dear Dr. Drew,

    You have spend two days, 4 hours and 25 minutes in 365 days caring about Ryan according to his wife.
    In those 53 hours, you have helped Ryan more than his wife has battling his addiction in the same 365 days. Thank you for speaking up to Ryan, he needs to hear the truth from someone that does know and does want him to recover.

  11. Ryan is surrounded by enablers. His wife & his parents. He knows exactly what he’s doing & how to play them all. Addicts are master manipulators!

  12. She doesn’t want him to mess up her cash cow. Any time he comes out of his drug induced haze he forgets he’s married and goes looking for a “real woman”. Too bad for him Portwood (aka “a REAL WOMAN”) is already taken.

  13. Dr. Drew, is totally right, they both will kill you, if not used as directed! Mack is a whiney horse face brat! I’m so mad Ryan have her a platform, she truly is the grossest chick he’s ever been around!

  14. “He’s not qualified”?!?!?!?!?! She is sooooooo delusional. Dr. Drew is a THERAPIST TRAINED in this type of stuff and KNOWS what he’s talking about. She sounded like an absolute IDIOT arguing with him.

  15. The issue is that suboxone, methadone & most medications will not work as intended if you take them as you feel like it.
    I know Mack knows better than doctors but obviously Dr Drew was right in this case since he is still in trouble

  16. I dislike her and I think in general she is a twat but for a change I agree with her. Dr Drew knows very little about the people on stage who he pretends to care about and definitely isn’t qualified to diagnose them or offer advice based on what he has watched or been told.

    This does not mean I disagree with Ryan not being able to follow through. I just think Dr Drew is a joke.

  17. Someone needs to remind her just as he reminded Farrah that he is a television host, not their doctor! Also, I missed the part where she “puts him in his place,” she sounds like a raging teen while he kept his cool and literally put her in HER place.

    1. I agree completely. Also, Dr. Drew has a lot of experience with addicts, even though he obviously didn’t personally treat Ryan. There are a lot of similarities among any addict. Just because Dr. Drew doesn’t know Ryan’s whole addiction history, didn’t counsel him, or prescribe Ryan medication doesn’t make him unknowledgeable about the subject matter. A self aware person would actually listen to what a licensed professional has to say, but Mac lacks any self-awareness.

  18. What a weird woman. She shows up out of left field and marries a very high (HIGH!) man in a third-trimester-like rush for literally no reason. Then- in the middle of his ongoing heroin issues, she wants to start a family. She wants everyone to believe that she’s really got it all figured out, but it’s so obvious she’s just as misguided as he is. Even if you remove every personal factor- the basics don’t add up. She’s the worst. This is reason #678 that this show needs to END!

  19. Ummm – it’s a 180, Einstein. A 360 would mean he came back to his original statement. You face the opposite direction of you make a 180 degree rotation. You make a complete circle at 360 degrees. Maybe Mac should be spending more time studying for her GED and less time trying to reprimand others. Just sayin…

  20. But he couldn’t handle the doctors orders and is back in jail ??‍♀️ I get it’s her husband. I get where it’s frustrating to have an outsider come in and give advice. But she’s so sure Ryan is never wrong, even when he’s wrong and she’s saying he’s wrong. She never makes any sense!

  21. Be real with yourself and your husband. You’re not doing anyone any favors by sugar coating his addiction like his parents have been. If you don’t light the negativity, lose the spotlight. It is simple. Make your social media platforms private and focus on your family. What don’t these TM moms understand about that?

  22. If anything, she should be thanking Dr. Drew for not calling her lying ass out when she read her infamous letter. It’s not like he needed to because we all knew she was full of shit but she’s lucky he didn’t embarrass her more than she already did herself.

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