‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Talks About Her Ex Adam Lind, Reddit & The Exact Hair Color She Uses

“My hair is full of secrets!”

Before things erupted into vase-throwing chaos at the recent Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping, Chelsea Houska sat down with her co-star Kail Lowry to record an episode of Kail’s podcast, Coffee Convos. Chelsea chatted with Kail and her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, about a variety of topics including her daughter Aubree’s father Adam Lind, her family and how she deals with online criticism.

She also finally revealed what hair dye she uses to get (and keep) her tresses so red!

Chelsea is the second of Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars to appear on the podcast. Back in February, Leah Messer did an episodeTeen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have also appeared on the podcast.

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the more-interesting topics that Chelsea discussed during the interview, which, by the way was filmed for an upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

On Adam’s Relationship With Aubree:

Chelsea confirmed that Adam does not see his daughter regularly. Adam, who has failed several drug tests over the course of a year, is only allowed to see Aubree at a court-ordered visitation center. However, according to Chelsea, Adam has never actually done that.

“He has to set it up, which he doesn’t,” she said. “He’s also allowed to have lunch at her school once a week, because his mom goes, but he just recently went to his first one.

Adam posted a photo of them at lunch on his Snapchat, something Chelsea said she feels was to show off that he’s visiting his daughter.

“Cole has gone and surprised her with lunch, without me even. He doesn’t post it because he has nothing to prove,” she said.

Kail asked Chelsea if she has talked to Aubree about what’s going on with her dad.

“After we had the whole court date or whatever, I did sit down with her because I was worried she would be hearing different sides and stories over there and I wanted her to know as much as possible, in a gentle way, what was going on,” Chelsea said.

“I said, ‘This is what’s happening. Your dad’s sick right now and he’s not making good choices. And for that reason, and for your safety to know that everything’s OK, you’re going to have to see him [at the visitation center] now if he sets them up. You’re going to still see your grandparents on that side.”

Chelsea said that Aubree handled the conversation well.

“She is seriously the best kid. She just adapts to everything so well,” she said. “She tells me that she doesn’t really think about him. It’s not like [Adam] has ever been really consistent [in her life].”

There are no words to explain how much I love these two.

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On the possibility of Cole adopting Aubree legally: 

Chelsea said that Cole would be OK with that, but Adam would not.

“In a heartbeat, Cole would [adopt Aubree],” she said. “But in order for that to happen, Aubree’s dad would have to agree completely.”

On having more kids:

Chelsea currently has two kids– Aubree and one-year-old Watson with Cole. (She is currently pregnant with her third child, and said that she and Cole will definitely have more kids after she gives birth to the baby girl she’s currently pregnant with.

“Cole texted me the other day and was like, ‘Can we just have 10 more kids?’ We’ll have the DeBoer Dozen! That’s what we always joke.”

While 12 is too many for Chelsea, she does want to have more babies.

“The max I would have is two more after this [baby], at least one more after this,” she said.

On reading critical comments about herself on Reddit:

On an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Chelsea was seen reading what was written about her on Reddit. On the podcast, she confirmed that she no longer does that.

“I gave it up!” she said. “After they showed me reading it on the show, I said to myself, ‘It won’t be the same now that they knew that I read it.’ I seriously haven’t looked at it in a couple months.

“I gave it up, and my life has been significantly better,” she added. “I couldn’t stop reading it…I seriously think it was affecting my mood. If someone tries to tell me something on it now, I’m like, ‘Nope! Don’t want to hear it!’

On her hair:

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have long been obsessed with Chelsea’s hair (regardless of the color or style she was wearing at the time). However, she said she gets the most questions about the dark red color she is currently sporting.

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“I wash my hair at least every other day…I just use good products,” she said. “I’ve done it so many times, right now I do whatever I have. I can buy real beauty products because I have my license.

“This color I did two days ago is Kenra Creme Hair Color 6RR with a little 5RB, and there was a squirt of 4RR in there. That will make sense to people who know hair. I don’t even know if that’s the right thing to do I just mix it.”

To read what Chelsea had to say about her marriage to Cole, and the name she’s chosen for her unborn daughter, click here!

To listen to Chelsea’s full interview, click below!

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35 Responses

  1. I’ve always loved Chelsea, even in her blonde hair 16 and preggo days! We could all empathise with her, falling for the bad boy, hoping we’d be the one he’d fall madly in love with and live happily ever after! She was so vulnerable, but always such a lovely mum. Her bond with Aubree shines through, they are so sweet together! Ignoring the annoying voices, her and cole are the fairytale she deserves. Where do I start with Watson, he’s so sweet! Can’t wait to find out what she calls her new baby!!! I feel like she wouldn’t be bothered if teen mom ended tomorrow. She doesn’t seem to rely on it to get through life. She has a lovely, welcoming family home, which I feel like they bought out of doing “proper jobs”, as opposed to the land of Janelle.

  2. She is showed in positive way. Ob iously its because her life is on track, noone is saying that mtv shows fake.
    I dont think that chelsea is bothered in everyday life by adam. This ”adam drama” seems to be only pimped up for the teen mom show. Of course it is not great but come on even aubrey says that he doesnt think about adam. Why would she? She has a fantastic father figure next to her together with happy family.

  3. I’m interested to see how Chelsea feels now that the reunion is over. I know this podcast was before the blow up with the DeJesus Gangstas, but at the end of the podcast Chelsea kept saying “it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine”…I wonder how she feels now. Is she upset with Kail for pulling mentally challenged Briana to the side and asking to fight? Is she more upset about Brianas attempted assault and vase throwing? Does she feel unsafe and want to quit? Will she ever film or want to be on a show with the DeJesus Gangstas? Does she feel that the DeJesus Gangstas are completely ruining TM2, so she doesn’t want to be apart of it anymore? These are the questions at hand.

    1. Kail posted the podcast link on Twitter and Chelsea retweeted it with heart emojis, so it’s relatively safe to say she isn’t that mad at Kail (or she’s keeping that under wraps). Because Kail didn’t start anything in front of Chelsea as promised, I can see how Chelsea would place the blame on Briana and Brittany. Those two are the ones that came out swinging while Chelsea was on stage.

      1. Gotcha! Makes sense….Kail wasn’t the one that put Chelsea in harms way, because she tried to keep the altercation separate from everyone else and off camera….Briana was the one who was flailing around, kicking and flashing everybody while wearing a dress and throwing props…

    2. I just don’t like Chelsea it’s always stating these comments “subs says she never thinks about Adam,” or Cole goes to lunch a billion times and never posts it, blah, blah, blah oh, yes Cole would adopt her but Adam will not let him, well what do you expect Chelsea maybe Adam would let it happen if you wasn’t always running your mouth if course Adam will never give you your heart’s desire, who would!

  4. Adam is a POS male version of Jenelle. Whenever he does see her, he needs to exclusively post it on social media to prove he is a good dad. Can’t wait for Aubree to become 18 and cut ties with him completely! (Jace will prob do the same with Jenelle)

  5. I’ll admit, I’m not a Chelsea fan (people who wear t-shirts from bands they have never and will never see; because they are ironic, should be arrested), but have to say I totally respect everything she said in this interview. I love the way she interacts with Aubree (who is a fabulous little girl, in spite of her absolutely bottom of the barrel “Father”), she has always bee a great mom from the very beginning. Way to go Chelsea. Also, I had no idea Cole could get it, yasssss!

    1. So you hate chelsea and should be arrested because she wears band t shirts.

      I have a t shirt with a panda on it. I have never touched a panda, should I be arrested?

    2. WOW! I better trash my Led Zep shirt even though I’ve been a fan for 40 years! Going to see Jason Bonham’s tribute band next month for the 3rd time. I’m also a regular at GTLO shows.

      Thank God I get to keep my Guns ‘n Roses shirt. It’s from the Appetite for Destruction tour.

      Team Chelsea! And I couldn’t adore Cole more. That’s one fine American boy!

      1. Not going to say who my favorite singer is, because you would probably laugh. 90’s country singer from Oklahoma (NOT GARTH). I’ve only seen him twice, and I still wear the t-shirts.

  6. Why does everyone keep saying she is only shown in a positive way?
    When cast members give MTV negative things of their daily life on film, because it is there, they claim they are getting the bad edit. MTV can’t make up what is not there.
    Chelsea has her life on track and she and Cole are able to act like normal people when MTV comes to film. That is not the good edit, that is having yourself and your life together.
    As far as exaggerating things, MTV does that to Chelsea too. They made Aubrey’s segment into some kind of purpose animal abuse scene once. After wich the Internet went all ‘OMG she’ll become a serial killer’.
    I don’t even think Chelsea’s live is great. She has to deal with Adam and how Aubrey feels about his actions or lack thereof for the rest of her life. That is horrible for her and Aubrey. Luckily, she is dealing with it in a good way now.
    Don’t think the comment that Aubrey says she doesn’t even think about her dad was necessary tough. It’s the truth but she shouldn’t share what Aubrey told her about her feelings (not necessarily the truth) with the world to kick Adam while he is down. I know, Adam had plenty of time and chances to work on his issues but still, it is not up to her to share that information. It could hurt the future relationship between Aubrey and Adam.

    1. She is showed in positive way and thats how its done from years already. Obviously its because her life is on track, noone is saying that mtv shows fake.
      I dont think that chelsea is bothered in everyday life by adam. This ”adam drama” seems to be only pimped up for the teen mom show. Of course it is not great but come on even aubrey says that he doesnt think about adam. Why would she? She has a fantastic father figure next to her together with happy family.

      1. I don’t see why people think the ‘adam drama’ is for tv. Aubree is still reminded that she has a piece of shit father everytime she visits her grandparents. And of course, they aren’t going to be talking about Adam in a negative light. It’s probably confusing for a child. As much as Aubree doesn’t see Adam, it’s still an issue for Chelsea. She still has to go to court and make sure her daughter is safe. She still has to deal with Adams parents (who are in such denial about Adam to begin with), she has to be aware that they aren’t breaking the rules when Aubree is over there. It’s still an issue Chelsea has to deal with until Aubree wants to cut out Adam on her accord.

  7. Adam doesn’t deserve a daughter like Aubree. Cole is an awesome stepdad. I don’t care if I get downvoted. I understand.

  8. Why do people think their kids names are so big ordeal & shouldn’t be announced? So annoying. I love Chelsea, though. I’m super happy that she is in a healthy, loving relationship with a man that is a true dad to her daughter. Kudos to her. The only thing that would make me respect her more is if she quit TM2 and moved on with her life. Her daughter is in school and they seem to have their lives together, so I think it’s tome for her to move on. Sometimes your privacy is worth more than money.

    1. well lets be honest she is paid very well for being showed on tv in a very positive way. she doesnt need to be ashamed of anything.and real private stuff she still keeps for herself only, i think. thats how it is already for quite many seasons. firstly i even was skipping her segments as it was then boring( long time ago:)). now i can value that her life is without drama not like all others.

    2. why would she resign of big easy money especially if from many seasons she is only shown in a positive way? she is smart enough to know that it will not last forever.

    3. Ha, it’s been so long since I’ve had to think of a baby name other than a stray cat, but my friends who are pregnant or recently had a baby, the name game is insane. I’ve seen women refuse to say the name (or tell people until after the baby was born) because they were terrified of someone *stealing* the name. And, to be honest, even when I was pregnant about 15 years ago, the worst thing about pregnancy was other people’s unsolicited advice. I can only imagine how it is now with social media and everyone thinking thier opinion weighs in more than a doctor or specialist.
      Also, as an “Ashley” during the 80s, when that name was the top 5 most popular names about 5 years running, I can someone sympathize with not wanting your kids name to become popular. Also, I named my son Jack, a few months later that’s what Monica & Chandler named one of their twins on the finale of Friends and that year it was one of the most popular names. Sometimes we cant conttol trends ? So, I can understand maybe she doesn’t want a bunch of TM fans copying her.

      1. Yes, that’s what I was figuring too, that they don’t want opinions flying all over .. pick the name, love it, name the baby, then announce it.

        A pregnant cashier seen my name on my card as she was ringing me out, she got very excited loving the name and being spelled with the double e. I spoke too soon and told her that about 4 times a year someone tells me they know a dog with my name, I seen her emotion change drastically.

  9. I really like Chelsea and was looking forward to this podcast but the format kail and Lindsie use is just annoying they talk more about themselves than their guests. Like we get it you both are very special and awesome can you please just interview without interrupting with your own life stories?! I’m glad chelsea is happy and living her life!! I would like randy on to spill maybe put him and babs together now that would be a podcast worth listening to!!

    1. I didn’t mind Chelsea and Kails interaction…although in the beginning Kail would get excited and cut off Chelsea, but that Lindsie person kept interrupting the entire interview, it got annoying. I’m more interested in what Chelsea has to say than that Lindsie girl.

    2. Right? I couldn’t believe Kailyn was talking about adding a 4th kid that often or even talking about some Jamaican guy that she met on vacation. Girl needs to slow down! She’s so trashy lately.

  10. I will probably be downvotes for this, but Adam doesn’t deserve a daughter like Aubree. She has a great stepdad in Cole.

    1. I don’t think Adumb can read, so I think you’re safe from the downvotes! 😉

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