Jeff Lewis Says His Co-Parenting Relationship with Ex Gage Edward Has Fallen Apart: “This Guy Is Going to Torture Me For the Rest of My Life”

“I may throw temper tantrums, but you’re the child!”

The truce between former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his ex Gage Edward is officially over.

Despite the two reaching a temporary custody agreement for their two-year-old daughter Monroe in August, Jeff recently revealed that the agreement has fallen apart… right along with former couple’s copacetic co-parenting relationship.

Jeff opened up about he and Gage’s latest battle on Tuesday’s episode of his SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live.

“I have begged him to try to work this out together, but what happens is, sometimes, in all honesty, I feel like I’m co-parenting my child with a child,” Jeff said. “ … On Sunday, I literally put my face in my hands and thought, ‘This guy is going to torture me for the rest of my life. I’m a prisoner.’”

“The only person allowed to make people feel like a prisoner around here is me!”

Jeff and Gage were reportedly scheduled to go to private mediation in front of a judge on October 3 in order to set a permanent custody agreement for Monroe; however, a source told People the two opted to try to work things out without mediation instead.

“They have tried for two months now to negotiate custody since the original temporary order was put in place,” the source added.

Jeff—- whose recent comments on his podcast about his daughter’s school resulted in the toddler’s expulsion—- went on to criticize Gage’s parenting skills during Tuesday’s episode.

“Whatever he did to me, I can get over,” he said. “Here’s the problem: I don’t believe that he always put our child first. I don’t believe he always considered our child’s well-being and what was best for her and for that, I can never forgive him.”

Previously, Jeff accused Gage of having a home that “looks like a prison” and is not child-friendly. Jeff also claims that Gage has never had custody of Monroe on Friday and Saturday nights, which he argues allows his ex to have a more flexible social life than he can have. Jeff cites these to be among the reasons why “50/50 was not the best” for Monroe.

“For her best interest, I have been fighting for the majority of the custody,” he explained. “I have the house, I have the infrastructure, I have the playroom, the pool, I’ve got the backyard. I’ve got the nanny, the housekeeper and everything. Plus, all of her classes and her school are within two miles of my house.

“ … I have made the choice to live in Sherman Oaks, [California]. I have made the choice to live in this house 150 percent for my child. Every day — everything I do — she’s on my mind 24/7.”

Regarding the change in the exes’ relationship following the temporary schedule being put in place, Jeff said on his radio show that “everything we discussed was changed.”

“I think what happens is he goes and he consults someone,” Jeff said on Gage’s alleged change of heart. “And I don’t know if it’s his boyfriend, or a good friend or whatever. But suddenly, everything he has talked about is off the table … I get this email from him that says, ‘None of this works. I think the attorney should handle it.’”

Jeff added that he’s been “very communicative and very open,” however, that is “going to shift now.”

“I’m going to stonewall it,” he added. “If this is the way he’s going to play it, there will be no more communication … I want limited contact [with Gage]. I want a legal schedule. I’m done. I’m f**king done.”

Listen to a clip of the Jeff Lewis Live episode below!

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  1. The only person on Jeff’s mind 24/7 is Jeff. The only person whose well being is at the forefront of Jeff mind is his own.

  2. If you ever listen to Jeff Lewis’s talk show…you’d have more sympathy for Gage. Jeff is a whiny, elitist, know it all jerk…nothing he ever does is wrong. Team Monroe…let the lawyers has it out cause nothing will ever satisfy Jeff.

  3. Hopefully gage gets an injunction from the judge that says Jeff can’t discuss/disparage him on public platforms and on his radio show.

  4. Jeff is the whiniest bitch to ever grace this earth.

    I like Jeff as a TV personality that brings drama (that isn’t my own, lol) into my life. Outside of that, he’s an instigating POS.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, Gage is an asshole too. Always thought so. I’m Team Zoila. 😁

    However, they both need to stop and think of how their thirsty bullshit is affecting that little girl. If Gage (or vice-versa) feels he can’t co-parent with Jeff (or vice-versa), then he needs to ask the courts to step in and assist in keeping things smooth. Maybe a gag order to keep Jeff (or vice versa) from publicly bashing him, someone to facilitate transfers of Monroe on visitation days, etc.

    Poor kid is gonna grow up thinking this kind of dysfunction is normal.

  5. I think Jeff is so anal he has pushed gage away
    When they had the show he constantly put gage down and demanded him to act like his dog. Which by the way he treated better!
    The birth mom has to be livid I had to stop watching the show out of concern for Monroe cause Jeff was always too busy for her and constantly pushed her off on gage or a nanny
    He is just such a flamer he won’t atop
    I feel sad for Monroe but I have personal friends that are bi and gay and heterosexual and when they are this insistent onhaving a child none of the relationships not one worked out beyond two years unless it was an older couple that they truly did it for love and clearly these two thought it was cute like a yorkie or something

  6. Completely agree. What kind of a parent would actively work to prevent their child, whom they love, from seeing their other parent, whom their child loves?

    The problem might be you Jeff. You need to at least consider that the problem might be you. Might not be, but it could be.

  7. Putting your co-parent on blast on a podcast isn’t in the best interest of a child. Getting that child expelled from school for putting that school on blast isn’t in the child’s best interest either. Having STUFF (a pool, a playroom) doesn’t determine a good parent. And proudly declaring you’re going to stonewall your co-parent is a great way to lose custody – that might well be in the best interest of this child.

    1. Gage…meet Kathryn Dennis. You two will be tortured for the rest of your lives bc you are parenting with will never be happy with any agreement.

  8. Sooooo the guy who got his daughter expelled from school, mocked her birth mother, and publicly bashes her other dad is claiming that Gage is the one who doesn’t have Monroe’s best interest at heart and acts like a child. Sure…

    I mean, obviously the guy with the pool, nanny, and housekeeper deserves custody (my eyes rolled out of my head).

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