‘Flipping Out’ Exes Jeff Lewis & Gage Edward Reach Temporary Custody Agreement for Daughter: Jeff Says He’s “Feeling Very Hopeful Moving Forward”

“Here’s to being mature and acting our age!”

Eight months after ending their 10-year relationship, Flipping Out stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward managed to play nice long enough to reach an agreement regarding the custody of their daughter.

According to People, the exes were in court on Wednesday for private mediation, during which they came to a legal temporary custody agreement for two-year-old Monroe. 

Jeff confirmed that an agreement had been reached between he and Gage during an episode of his podcast, Jeff Lewis Live!, last week.

“We were able to sit down like adults,” he said. “We were able to talk things through and we came up with a temporary schedule that works for us. It’s signed.” 


Jeff said he believed the agreement “works best” for Monroe and even went on to compliment his ex’s parenting skills.

“I was very much relieved because my biggest concern was Monroe and I feel like this works best for her,” he said. “I want to co-parent with Gage. I’m feeling very hopeful moving forward. He’s a good dad.” 

Jeff’s positive take on the situation with Gage may come as a surprise to some, given the couple’s tumultuous status as recent as this week. On the August 1 and August 2 episodes of Jeff’s podcast, he expressed being in “a state of stress” and “worrying about the baby” when she’s with Gage. 

“I did cry this morning on the way to work,” Jeff said on the August 2 episode. “I’m so overloaded with stress and anxiety. It’s torture. There’s not a day that goes by. I’m living in a state of fear. There’s such a complete lack of respect and consideration and now I’m in a station where I have to litigate. I have no other choice.” 


On Tuesday’s episode, Jeff claimed that Gage had “taken the peace out of [his] life.” 

“I don’t hate the guy…[but] it’s a bad situation,” he added. 

As for what caused the change of heart towards his ex, Jeff said it was the two of them listening to other cases being tried in court—cases involving “domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment.” 

“…Gage and I are in nice suits, sitting there with our $600-an-hour attorneys and our lattes,” he said. “And I’m sitting here listening to this stuff like, ‘We’re d–bags.’ Because I’m going to be up there like, ‘He picked her up from breakfast at 8 a.m. and not 10 a.m.’ and they’re like, ‘He beat me!’” 

Jeff added that the whole experience “really put things into perspective” and made he and Gage’s problems seem “very trivial.” 

“[Wednesday] was a real win for both of us,” he continued. “I’m so glad we were able to go outside and work it out.” 

Jeff and Gage will head to court again October 3 and meet before a private judge to determine a permanent agreement for Monroe. Both parents are seeking joint legal and physical custody. 

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12 Responses

  1. Man, if I were Gage, one of the stipulations for custody is that Jeff shut his trap on the air. He shouldn’t be talking about Gage AT ALL and should only be able to talk about the cute things Monroe does on his time. Not a thing to do with her while she’s on Gages time or things she picks up there.

  2. Just wish Jeff would keep all this off his radio show. I don’t like hearing it. Think it’s very negative for Monroe becuz u KNOW he cannot keep his feelings towards Gage from her. Just his body language is so obvious. I really like both of Gage & Jeff & it’s not my business to judge them. However I’m wondering what Monroe will think when she’s old enough to read. Won’t b able to keep this from her.

  3. Ok now go sit in a room with your latte and listen to some women talk about what they go through to bring babies into the world and then reflect on how you treated your gestational carrier.

    1. This. They were so disgusting to her and that poor baby was ripped away immediately, lets be honest- a baby needs to bond with the person that carried them immediately for their own comfort not two strangers. They then wondered why she cried for a year

  4. I wonder who recommended Jeff listen to horrible custody battles to show him how lucky he is? Doubt it was his $600/hr lawyer that would love to make even more money from this drama queen. Me thinks the judge was getting sick of his $hit. Glad they’ve reached an agreement bc I do think coparenting is best as long as both parties are sane… somehow I doubt this will be the end of Jeff and trying to control this whole situation.

    1. I wish commenters could either. ‘like’,’ ‘wow,’ haha’ or the red angry face, like on Fakebook

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