Former ‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Says He Recently Fired His Surrogate After She Failed to Become Pregnant: “I Need Another Womb!”

“Any takers?”

Jeff Lewis is searching for a new surrogate following a recent failed embryo transfer. 

The former Flipping Out star provided an update on his surrogacy process during Tuesday’s episode of his Sirius XM show, Jeff Lewis Live, revealing after this recent failed embryo transplant, he only has one embryo remaining due to his “very low sperm count,” People reports. 

His current surrogate’s failure to get pregnant during the first embryo transfer has motivated Jeff to discontinue working with her.

“That’s the whole thing, I don’t know if I can create any more embryos,” he said. “I have one embryo left– it’s a girl– and I woke up in the morning yesterday and I thought to myself, ‘I only have this one embryo and what if something is wrong with the surrogate? What if there’s something in her body that rejected my sperm?’” 

While recent efforts to expand his family were unsuccessful, Jeff said he doesn’t blame the surrogate, but stated that he simply “can’t take the risk” to try again with her in the event that “it was her and not the embryo.”

“ … I sent her a nice text and explained,” he said. “I told her I was very grateful and I appreciate everything she’s done for me, but I’m going to terminate that surrogacy contract because I just feel I’m going to start over with somebody new. I need another womb. So, unfortunately, we’re going to start the whole process over again. I’m going to have to interview surrogates.” 

“I guess I’m going to have to pretend to be a nice person, too… “

Jeff added that he wasn’t accusing the surrogate of anything, and he hopes people will understand that, despite how “cold” it may seem. (He also revealed the surrogate “didn’t respond” after he told her he was planning to terminate their contract.) 

“ … She does get some money for this and now I … it doesn’t matter, she went through all of this for me,” he explained. “All of the screenings and the fertility drugs, and I feel bad about it.” 

Jeff admitted he was “stunned” to find out that “Embryo No. 9 Jeff Jr. did not make it.”  

“ … I was 100 percent convinced it was going to happen. One hundred percent convinced,” he said. “So when they said to me it didn’t take, I was like, stunned. I was stunned because I was so convinced this was happening. 

“They asked, ‘Would you like to speak to Dr. Potter’ and I said ‘Yes.’” Jeff continued. “I said, ‘Was there anything wrong with the surrogate?’ And they said, ‘No. We don’t know what happened.’” 

“Let’s just blame it on her and call it a day, ok?”

Jeff revealed in October that the surrogate was undergoing “medical clearances” to become pregnant. 

Jeff (and former partner Gage Edward) previously used surrogate Alexandra Trent to carry their daughter Monroe in 2016. As ‘Flipping Out’ fans may remember, the pregnancy and birth– along with the disparaging comments Jeff and Gage made about Alexandra’s anatomy during the birth– were featured on the show. 

“How were we to know that body shaming doesn’t fly in the delivery room?”

The incident resulted in Alexandra suing the former couple as well as Bravo in 2018 for “publicly humiliating” her by filming the birth without her knowledge. The suit was eventually dropped in 2019, with Alexandra reportedly receiving a small payout from Bravo/NBC Universal. 

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7 Responses

  1. He has such an unrealistic perception of the process. Even with PGS normal embryos sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’ve had many failed transfers that there wasn’t any apparent reason for. And his surrogate has been a surrogate before so it isn’t likely her that is the issue. But I am glad it is the girl embryo he has left. Monroe really wants a little sister.

  2. Surrogates usually had to have us at least one successful pregnancy, but sure – let’s blame her and not the guy with the low sperm count. Sounds about right.

  3. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to peel a banana, much less raise yet another human child. He has no interaction with the messy creatures and they are just money shelters and pre-nup chips for future pathetic losers he dates and drives crazy.

  4. Wait, so Jeff has low sperm count. Jeff can’t seem to decide who and how someone can carry his spawn, clearly can’t keep his trap shut about it… yet the SURROGATE isn’t good enough?!

    Seriously, this guy doesn’t need another kid.

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