EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ Are Likely Going to Be Combined Into One Show; Some Cast to Be Let Go

“It’s gettin’ kinda crowded in here!”

The Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 worlds are about to collide in a last “Hail Mary!” attempt to save the sinking franchise!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the shows’ producers have been brainstorming ways to save the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, and have decided (although it’s not 100 percent yet, according to The Ashley’s sources) to combine ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ into one new show. With two shows becoming one, that will likely mean that some of the cast members will be getting the boot.

“This is like their last-ditch effort to keep the shows going,” one source told The Ashley, mentioning the plummeting ratings of both ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ in recent years.

(As The Ashley previously reported, the first episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 brought in only 459,000 live viewers. This means the episode had the third-worst ratings in the show’s entire history.)

Currently, there are five girls on each show, but it’s unlikely that all 10 girls will be kept for the new show. 

The Ashley’s sources say that not all of the girls are aware of this plan.

“It’s circulating through the casts and crews but I don’t think it’s made its way to everyone,” one source said.

At this point, The Ashley is not sure what format will be chosen, as the higher-ups have considered keeping at least most of the cast and just featuring a different combo of girls for each episode.

“And that mission is to avoid real work at all costs!”

“That way it would only cover the girls who actually had something interesting happening in their lives at that moment,” one source said, adding that they have also considered just keeping on a select few from each show.

Combining the shows also means that some of the ‘Teen Mom’ producers are getting the boot.

“There are just too many people working on this franchise and it’s not bringing in the ratings and money it once did,” the first source tells The Ashley. “They needed to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way. The casts’ salaries are enormous and it costs a lot of money to fly all over the country to film the girls.” 

“If I promise to continue to be toxic, can I keep my job on the Reunions?”

One of The Ashley’s sources says that the show’s execs were “pleasantly surprised” by how easy it was to film the recent Teen Mom Family Reunion spin-off.

“Everyone was in one place, making the cost, scheduling and COVID protocols much easier than going to the girls’ homes,” the source said. 

(‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ was recently renewed for a second season.)

The second source tells The Ashley that the fact that all of the girls are either 30 or about to turn 30 is not lost on production, so it may spur yet another change for the new combo show.

“These girls haven’t been teens in over a decade. It’s ridiculous that they’re still on a show called ‘Teen Mom,'” the source said. “Fans have been saying it for years, so it’s likely that the [new] show’s name will not be ‘Teen Mom,’ or at the very least, will be changed to better reflect their current situations.”

“I think ‘MTV-Funded Moms’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you?”

As for the little sister of the franchise, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, it does not appear that its cast will be part of the new show. As The Ashley previously told you, ‘Young & Pregnant’ is currently filming a new season, and its fate after that has yet to be decided.

Again, this combo show idea has not been 100 percent signed-off on yet, but The Ashley will continue to provide updates as she receives more info! Stay tuned…

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  1. I honestly think the reason why the shows aren’t getting any ratings is because a lot of these good reality TV shows our being played on TV channel were people can’t afford and aren’t gonna download an app to pay $25 a month or$75 a month when there already paying for Netflix and Hulu Disney plus and so on because I know I wish I could watch my mtv vh1 and wetv but I can’t

  2. Want to save the show, ditch some of the awful cast. Ashley and Barr bring no value. Jade doesn’t either. Brianna can go to. Her parts are always the same, cry about baby dads and fighting with her family. Amber should have been out along time ago. The show is about being a mom, but she can’t film with 1 kid and she never sees the other and it’s painful to watch her blame her daughter and not even try to build their relationship.

  3. Time for all of TeenMom to be gone. If I hear Jade cry one more time I will scream. Then you have Kailyns humdrum voice about someone doing or saying something about her. Come on producer’s you can bring new TeenMoms these hasbeens are boring!!

  4. Did Ashley and bar ever try to work there marriage out for there daughter be married mean working together as a family not giving up on your birthday partner your lover if something goes wrong y’all supposed to talk it out and try to work it out together Ashley should try to help bar try to look for a career and not give up on him he is a great father to there daughter if she truly loves him ❤️ like she say she does she wouldn’t be trying to give up on her husband like that

  5. Teen Mom is what !! A young girl 13 to 19 is when you are a teen! So the first show of teen moms are not teens! Their children are almost in there teens!! They have made lots of money off the show, in this world we live in a young teen girl is not going to be able to buy nice cars and new homes not work! And start their own business! That is not real life! How are hospitals bills being payed and day care! Real teens moms are usually paid by state! Real family’s most parents both have to work! Got married worked and still have hospital bills to pay! Did you watch on teen mom anybody talk about a hospital bill! Most of them have more than one child! Some have up to four this not Reality! What is going happen they will become grandmothers and still be on teen mom getting paid! If you are trying to teach teens about using protection because Teen Moms is not!! Most families have their parents and grandparents help raise the children! And let’s it clear they are not on a TV show getting paid!!! So if they give birth to twins do they get double the money! I am not saying to be mean! What about show about how children are abused and reach out to them! Teens that are raped who can they talk to or trust! A show about knowing your neighbors and knowing children’s friends and their families! Children that are abused and excellent grades at school! But scared to tell anyone anything! We teach children do not talk to strangers then adults say hi to a children and the parents saids well tell your name or age!! Think how confusing that is to a child!!

  6. Just cancel both go back to 16 and pregnant actually teach something again and show how hard it is. Not having these kids be paychecks for parents. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck. Watch now some will get pregnant again to try and stay relevant. Shows teach nothing but its ok to have multiple babies with multiple men to make $$$.

    1. Okay I’m pretty freaking sure people don’t have multiple babies with multiple men just to make money they do it because they want children only rude ass people would make a dumb ass comment like that especially towards the teen mom girls because they already have money…. I swear people need to only worry about them self and now everyone else…. that is exactly whats wrong with people these days

  7. I wouldn’t say Maci is boring because she’s not she just has a lot of issues going on with her and one thing you can say for sure is at least she does take care of her kids and her husband and is doing what she’s supposed to be doing and at least she did go for help I love Maci I think she’s amazing

  8. I gotta cast a vote to keep Ashley and Jade. I love that they have actual storylines. They don’t pull the same salary as the OG’s, so their lives feel slightly more authentic. Enough with the plastic surgery, building our “forever” home, spending a month in Hawaii, sponsoring baby daddy’s move to the US. It’s not realistic or interesting any more.

    I will also vote to keep Gary around. I’m completely fine no longer watching Amber, but Gary has stepped up to be a good dad and I don’t think he should (continue to) be punished for Amber’s lack of storyline. And bring back Barb. She was a good time.

    In my opinion, I think Amber, Kail, Briana and Mackenzie need to be retired. Possibly Maci (sorry girl, your storyline last season was boring. If Leah would back off of the CLEARLY scripted storylines and show us something real and authentic, I’d been fine continuing to watch her segments. I still like Tyler and Cait, but I really want for them to a) get actual full-time jobs (no more clothing line or micro blading when you feel like working) and b)leave poor Brandon, Theresa and Carly alone.

    There. That’s my unsolicited opinion. And yes (sadly), I do still watch the show.

  9. Humm some new names should be:

    Ethically Sourced Sluts
    No condom no problem
    16 baby daddies and counting
    Hit it and bounce
    Dirty 30 and the 5 stds

  10. They should call the show “d*mn good mom” (amber joke). They should only film girls who have a new genuine storyline and real time events. Decrease pay to $25k a season.

    I’d be okay taking a break on kail and maci.

  11. Most of these girls do have businesses outside of teen mom. Take Bri and Amber off but leave Gary and his family on

  12. They need to get rid of the OGs. Rich 30-somethings with no real contribution other than familiarity. And I don’t care if “you only watch for the OGs” because obviously they aren’t getting the views. TMOG has the most OG girls and has the poorest ratings. Or, keep the two shows and have one with the OGs and one with the new girls. Call it Rating Royale….highest ratings keeps their jobs!

    Quietly honestly, this show has long since reached its expiration date and no amount of changes will cover the scent of a spoiled premise.

  13. Who they’ll keep?

    Maci, Amber, Kail and Leah. Maybe Cate.

    Who they’ll cut?

    Briana, Chey, Ashley, Mackenzie and Jade.

    Last in, first out. Hope they didn’t squander their pay.

  14. I hope the cast members for the spinoff combining the 2 are Maci, Chey, Cate/Ty, Mackenzie McKee and only one shit starter (maybe Ashley OR Amber).

    These shows are getting too much of a Jerry Springer vibe all for the sake of ratings.

  15. Talk about taking two dead corpses and rubbing them together in hopes that a brand new life might suddenly appear.

    Seriously, MTV. This is the most half-baked idea since proposing to rip off TLC’s Pillow Talk by having Teen Mom cast members watch and comment on each other’s train wrecks.

    But good luck with it.


  16. May I suggest “Former Teen Moms, Current Dramatic Trash” as the tagline? It’s yours MTV! You can have it!

  17. Maci deserves to go first – she is painfully boring and was a really horrible person in the last series.
    But she won’t be chucked off, MTV seem to see her as some kind of queen bee

    1. Good god no they’ll never Maci go.

      Especially since she bought a new house.. Thats a whole storyline right there!

  18. I don’t understand MTV’s obsession with this failed franchise. Let it go! People are tired of it. Let those who are still interested follow their faves on social media. MTV has really jumped the shark.

  19. I’ve proposed this for years! I said take the real OG’s , Catelynn, Amber, Maci, and Leah & Kailyn, and give them 90 minutes a week. Am I missing any OGs from either show? No Farrah, no Jenelle. And Chelsea quit. It would be nice to watch without having to fast-forward!

  20. I have been saying this for years! Honestly, they just need to cut the ones who have nothing going on or don’t want to actually film their lives, and yes, that includes most of the “OGs.”

  21. Hope it’s kail cait and Tyler especially the last two so they have to get off their couches and get jobs oh silly me they would just collect welfare

    1. I would actually watch a show where these girls actually had to find jobs and work for a living. How MTV can justify the bloated salaries they pay the girls with production costs plus paying for these girls to go on vacation and be filmed while vacationing. It can’t be financially smart anymore.

  22. OMG We’ve only been suggesting this for years on here!!

    Seriously it’s about time.

    Improve the franchise by letting the producers produce, the cameras keep rolling, and keep things REAL.

    I don’t think we’ve seen anything REAL for a while now.

    1. That’s the problem now is they let the girls decide what to film instead of producers. It was a lot more interesting when they had no control and had to show their real lives. Farrah getting scammed while selling her car comes to mind. Today none of the girls would let anything like that air.

  23. You need to get rid of Briana, Ashley, Jade and possibly Kali they don’t have nothing but drama in their lives. The others are more interesting

    1. That’s the exact reason MTV won’t cut them because drama equals ratings. The others are normal, but boring as heck!

    1. But then these moms will have to get jobs and not go on vacation or get plastic surgery every other month.

      1. This show is full of nothing but trashy men and women. They couldn’t have picked a bigger bunch of losers than they have now. Cancel the show already and start over with real teen moms…… that’s what worked 15 years ago, so get back to what draws viewers.

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