EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 Premiere Brings In Third-Lowest Ratings in Show’s History: A Look at the Numbers

Better pay off those fake body parts, ladies…this money train’s gonna crash eventually…

The ratings are in for the Teen Mom 2 Season 11 premiere…and they’re not good.

The long-in-the-tooth MTV reality show was once a ratings giant for the cable network, but Tuesday’s premiere received just over half of the viewers that tuned in to watch the premiere of the previous season.

The Ashley can reveal that the first episode of Season 11 brought in only 459,000 live viewers. This means the episode had the third-worst ratings in the show’s entire history.

…the ratings have sucked? Yeah, pretty much…

(This is a great article by The Hollywood Reporter explaining how TV show ratings are calculated, etc. The Ashley highly suggests reading it if you’re into the science of TV numbers!) 

Season 11— which stars OG TeenMom2ers  Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, as well as Briana DeJesusJade Cline and Ashley Jones— did not start off nearly as well as Season 10 did. The first episode of Season 10 (which aired in September 2020) garnered a hefty 810,000 viewers.

The ratings went on to sink into the 500k-600k range, but never got below 500,000 during the 10A season, which was the last season to feature original mom Chelsea Houska.

By the 10B season, though, ratings plummeted, with one episode in June 2021 even sinking to 400,000. (Three other Season 10B episodes rated in the 400,000s.)

“I can tell ya what this show needs. Some Bahbara, some bacon-slappin’ and maybe a Babs and Dr. Drew romance storyline!”

On the official ‘Teen Mom 2’ Facebook page, viewers commented on a post about the new season, expressing that they feel the show has grown tired after over a decade on the air.

“I’ve been watching since day one,” one person wrote. “It’s time to let the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise go, MTV. I understand that this franchise is the only thing keeping MTV alive other than ‘Catfish’ but this show has run its course. It’s not even entertaining at this point anymore.”

“I’m getting tired of watching rich girls popping out babies, buying new houses, new cars and going on vacation. It’s just not like it used to be,” another person wrote. 

“What if I popped out a baby while in a new car while on vacation?! Oh, Jaaaaylan…”

“There’s nothing realistic about this show at all,” someone else commented. “Most teen moms are not rich. These girls all are getting surgeries, carrying [Louis Vuitton] purses, building houses etc.. Not at all what it would really be like for teen moms.”

While the ‘Teen Mom 2’ ratings are low, they’re nowhere near as low as the ratings of the most-recent ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off, Teen Mom Family Reunion. As The Ashley previously reported, the Season 1 finale (which aired earlier this month), brought in a measly 299,000 viewers. 

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 airs Tuesdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV)

63 Responses

  1. These storylines are thin. hey don’t have 30 minutes worth of material, let alone one hour. Almost all of the moms did not show their kids. I think it’s legal agreements with their exes or the kids just aren’t having it anymore. That is over half the content of the show.

  2. I actually enjoyed the reunion. But I will say the last episode didn’t keep my attention. Teen Mom 2 is barely TM2 now. With only two og cast members…ehhhhh I’m over it. I still love these girls though so I hope they’re ok financially once this ENDS. You can tell MTV got desperate adding all these girls that weren’t even teenage at the time of pregnancy. Yeah we watched Y&P and got a little excited when they added them to the TMs shows. But it seemingly made it even more boring. It really is just seeing rich people sit and complain about forced drama.

    Best wishes to the kids. They’re who I really care about.

    1. A thought I just had, wouldn’t the reunion have had more views if Kail was there?? lol
      Like I get it, they probably begged her and she shut them down once Bri and her sister was for sure going. Bringing Farrah was a bust. I bet they thought that episode would rack up big views. Things is we dgaf about Farrah and Amber being friendly to her probably pissed producers off. Lol it just made it so boring and short. And teasing that Cait would be there wasn’t cool. Why have her show up at the very end when no one gaf anymore!? Maybe do a reunion with ALL the TM girls lmao

      I know, they’ll never agree to it.

  3. It’s because all of the “teen moms” left are trash. They don’t portray trying to
    Better their situations and actual careers they only wanna fight act ugly and it’s just wrong. I am 33 and my son is almost 11 I started watching when I was pregnant with my son because all of fiends were 21 and partying. The “mom” left (except Leah & Chey (i love amber because i do understand her struggle) I love and deep out respect Leah) are all selfish and self serving. It’s gross and glorifies having children young and thinking America will pay you to do so. But Briana kail jade and Ashley are all ridiculous.focus on your kid. I am empathetic to jade more than than the other 3. Kail is a narcissist. So Is Briana and she’s just a man hater. Ashley you know better leave him he’s a douche.

  4. I am so disappointed in the teen Mom show all the girls have become show pieces instead of showing what teen Mom life is in real life. From plastic surgery to new cars to big houses it’s not what I want or imagine it would become. I’m done with all of the teen Mom shows. The two girls I’m really disappointed in Kail and Breanna the ridiculous fighting and baby daddy issues. Done

  5. Go and get real jobs especially you kaiytlyn lowery the gravy train is over you whore but your sons all no you are a whore three different baby day no accident hey you just a slut not a teen mom who made a good dollar being a paid prostitute another one gave her kid away then kept the next one and one become a porn actor what good role models you all arefuckin joke for young teen moms get real jobs you sluts no one gives a fuck about you anymore

  6. No talent ladies that became famous and rich for no other reason than being a teen and pregnant. They keep having kids with different baby daddies. What does this teach to young ladies. Shame on the network that puts this garbage on. Get of your backs and get a real job and have to pay your own way.

  7. That’s because every. Single. One. Of these people are boring and full of self importance and nobody gives a shit about their privileged, no job havin ass lives. That’s why I READ the Ashley and don’t give that shit ratings. She tells it like it is. All these plastic Barbie’s are too much.

  8. Lol what is that awful promo photo with the pink handprints all about? I hope that isn’t a nod to the old intro graphics from 16&P. Terrible, just like this shitshow.

  9. It would be better if they just went back to 16 & Pregnant, at least then younger viewers would see the struggle of being actual teen parents. And could relate more to new and younger girls because they’d be closer in age to the new girls. I started watching when it first aired, I was 15 and watched with my mom because she wanted me to see the realities of being a Teen Mom (which she was and was trying to prevent my sisters and I from being, which worked because we were all 18+ when we started having kids).

  10. Teen Mom needs to be canceled.
    Unexpected and Teen Mom Young and Preagent are good shows. They show the true side of being a teen Mom.
    These girls are spoiled rich girls. Thier kids are teenagers now. MTV do the right thing and cancel Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2.

  11. With the current cast I think it would be nice to show more of the current husbands and their beautiful weddings they all had…..O wait. Never mind.

    stay lit

  12. You can pretty much catch up with the ladies on their social media. No need to watch the show anymore.

  13. Where does Ashley get off criticizing Bar for his DUI shortcomings?!!

    I couldn’t believe I was in agreement with Amber when she said, “If he can’t control himself why do you let him drink?”

    1. Why does she LET him drink?!? Do you control your S/O like that?!? Better yet! Why is it HER responsibility?!?

      1. I think you should be able to tell your SO not to drink. I don’t think it’s being controlling, MAYBE they need someone to help them be accountable? I think in this case he cannot control himself so why not be a decent partner and HELP them understand, “hey maybe you shouldn’t do that”. I would hope my partner was supportive of me if I was trying to overcome a struggle.

        1. I agree FrontDoorMom, it was HER graduation party so her rules…at least that’s my thinking.

          I don’t think it’s controlling when you’re trying to HELP, especially when thinking of little Holly.

          1. Hey Daddy Issues, take a fucking Xanax. If an addict wants to continue their addiction, then they’re going to continue using whatever their addiction is no matter how hard you try to help them. I’ve been around alcoholics and addicts my entire fucking life, I just didn’t let them drag me down and make me a miserable fucking cunt. I would suggest counseling for your obvious daddy issues, luv. GOOD LUCK!

          2. FrontDoor, I’m sure Mimi’s crap is directed towards me. She doesn’t like me and quite honestly the feeling is mutual.

            She kinda reminds me of the entitled, cry to get my way Mimi Jen. Honestly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this is her.

            Hey Mimi Jen, how’s Benny, have you or your druggy family son/dil seen him lately?

          3. It sure is aimed at you! I’m surprised you could figure that out cuz you’re just a real special kind of stupid.

          4. I call Mimi out for being exactly what she is “a no account worthless bitch” and I get deleted, but Mimi calls me “a real special kind of stupid” and that trash is still here…why???

        2. Obviously you’ve never dealt with an alcoholic. Taking a drink from one is like trying to take drugs from an addict.

          But, again, WHY are we putting all of the pressure on HER to make him stop? Why is HE not accountable for going “hey, I have a problem with alcohol (something he has ADMITTED) MAYBE I should drink less or not at all”? You know, taking accountability for himself and his own fucking actions, LIKE AN ADULT.

          1. I lived with an alcoholic (my father) and a drug addict (my sister) for most of my life, so excuse me…you dumbass bitch…I KNOW what I’m talking about.

            And no she can’t stop him but she can suggest in a nice way “hey please don’t drink” as a way to hinder the addiction to HELP and SUPPORT him as well as her baby daughter.

            He has admitted to having an addiction and he tries to overcome it but addicts can’t overcome their addiction alone, it takes the support of people that love them, as well as sometimes counseling, rehab, and yes unfortunately jail.

            Not ALL the pressure is on her, but if she truly loves him she’s not gonna just sit back and let him do his thing!!!

            If you think he can do this alone, YOU’VE OBVIOUSLY NEVER DEALT WITH AN ADDICT.

          2. I sure have dealt with an addict or two in my life and they need to be reminded. Is it her responsibility? Um she married him so therefore, she takes on the burden of it. MIMI you come off too dang aggressive about things and so defensive over these dumb “tEeN mOms”. You sound like you need friends because supporting someone and being a voice of reason is worth trying then just complaining about someone but not speaking up about it. Makes no sense. She made her bed by marrying him and staying with him, now start laying in it and fix those problems.

          3. I was talking about Mimi when I made the comment about “not dealing with an addict” not you hun.

    2. Are you kidding me? TRUE DAT! LET an alcoholic drink? You think you can stop an alcoholic from drinking by telling them they aren,t allowed? You state you have dealt with alcoholics in your family, and your story is QUITE similar to TRU DATs LOL. Alcoholics will sneak and lie to get their drink on. NO ONE is gonna stop them, by telling them they aren’t allowed. They need to decide when enough is enough.
      You can support, encourage, beg, plead, but they need to make the decision to get help. You can not control a grown person to not drink, they will find a way if that is what they choose.

      1. Are you stupid or something??

        I SAID that I know you can’t stop one but you can out of love suggest they take it easy as a way to hinder the addiction.

        I know whether a they stop or not is a decision the addict and only the addict can make.

        It’s NOT control, it’s called SUPPORT!!!

  14. show is too ghetto at this point with all the new ones, seems like they just keep reinventing their problems for story lines. Needs to be done!


    1. I mean, realistically no one would watch that. With YouTube in your pocket, the days of people sitting in front of the TV all day hoping the next one is your favorite music video are long gone.

  16. Thing is they don’t cater to an audience anymore : people who watched to see the struggles of teen moms won’t watch because they’re now wealthy thirty something, people who watched because they cared about the girls since the beginning won’t watch because they’re almost all gone and replaced by new girls we don’t know… I like Kail (sue me lol) but I’d rather keep up with her through her podcast(s) then by watching months old footage.

  17. Mtv doesn’t stream current seasons easily, and all these teenage moms are rich now. Noone who started the show a decade ago expected it to be a success for the young ladies involved. Although good for the women I think their previous viewers were struggling youth in relationships and it’s just a weird narrative now…they are just talking a lot onscreen and now gives a shit. We all miss Farrah and Ryan and Chelsea’s ratchet ex and Gary and Amber…moreover we miss Janelle and her baddie mama. Fuck these birches with their fake bodies, dumb ass fake personas and bitch ass podcasts..where’s Cory? Where’s Joe? All the ebsr characters are hidden…noone wants to see Cory and Javier or any of these other stupid sife characters.

  18. Take this show off the air. Your just making these girls rich off of being teen mothers. Teen moms have been doing this years and years ago. They think they are role models to others teenagers to stop them from getting pregnant. Most of the mothers on this show is bad influences. In life you work for something and it was hard to do. You gave the mothers opened doors to get whatever they wanted in life. Some of the moms I don’t care to life because they attitude is not nice and they act like they are better then anybody else

  19. I’m with the ones saying that it just isn’t the same. Freaking kail has bought how many homes now? And is building her dream mansion? Like what? And then the others aside from the newer addition are all rich too. But even those newer ones have a ton of money from Instagram and get expensive vacations and surgeries. I’m not saying I want every single teen mom to struggle BUT the REALITY IS that MOST DO! These women, not teens, do NOT struggle! Hell, Briana bought her home in cash. Mtv can find new actual teen mothers and it might be worth watching again. But TLC already brought on REAL people who are young with REAL struggles that are faced by those in their position so idk that mtv can even do it now. And that spin off crap was just crap. I couldn’t even get interested in it and watched it far longer than necessary for my mental health.

  20. I don’t understand how some of these women that are supposed to give an example to these young teenage girls warning a pregnancy. And they’re just popping multiple kids. Example Kaylie is on her fifth kid in five different fathers. Talk about your responsible. She has a college degree but doesn’t have a great job. She’s got a podcast show. And her ratings aren’t that great. Then you got Amber who’s not even a mother in my eyes she lost both her kids she’s in jail for domestic violence and drugs. And then there’s Janelle who was in jail did drugs but look she turned her life around and is doing amazing and they let her go which really sucks because I really like her and her story. To me Amber is just trash. Macy’s amazing. And let’s not talk about the lovely Sarah who talks s***** to everybody even her own mother doesn’t know the first thing about raising a daughter. Makes a porno. Has no morals whatsoever and she’s the most shittiest person on the show. It’s time to let the show go I’m bored. Everybody’s getting new cars and new houses and popping out babies left and right not married getting fat of sleeping with whoever. I’m done with MTV teen Mom. Back in the day it actually helped a lot of young girls about teen pregnancy. Now the shows letting kids know it’s okay to have kids and getting paid by public viewers. It’s not right it’s all wrong and I refuse to watch it any longer.

    1. I have a theory that they’re holding out until the Teen Mom children start to get pregnant as teenagers too and it’ll just keep going. It’s disgusting.

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