Jenelle Evans Says It’s “Not Fair” She Was Fired From ‘Teen Mom’ Yet Amber Portwood Remained on Show After Her Domestic Violence Arrest: Watch the Video!

“It’s NO FAIR, Dude!”

Let’s get ready to ruuuumble…for the 348th time!

The longtime feud between Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood continued this week, with Jenelle responding to Amber’s latest comments about her. In a new Instagram Live video, Jenelle barked back at Amber, telling her it’s “no fair” that Amber got to stay on ‘Teen Mom’ despite all of her domestic violence issues, but Jenelle was fired for “no reason.” 

Jenelle also stated that she’s upset that MTV won’t put her back on the show so that she can show fans her “redemption story.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber took to Instagram Live to tell the fired Teen Mom 2 star that none of the other franchise cast members think about her or are obsessed with her, as Jenelle has claimed. 

So we’ve heard, Amber…so we’ve heard…

Amber also seemed to be taunting Jenelle because she was fired from the show. 

“And the thing is that, honey, I get it. You’re not on the show anymore,” Amber said to Jenelle. “Things happened, OK, fine. I totally get it. But you know you’re outta your damn mind if you think people are [obsessed with you],” Amber said in her latest contribution to the feud, before telling Jenelle to stop talking about her.

Jenelle must have caught wind of what Amber said about her, because she hopped on Instagram Live earlier this week to tell Amber that she will continue to yap about her…and that she feels Amber should have been fired (like Jenelle and her husband David Eason were), after she was arrested for domestic violence against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon in 2019.

“Amber, I’m not even in the mood to address your stupid bulls**t but here we go,” Jenelle began her rant. “First of all, I’m gonna speak on what I want to because, when it comes to you, I don’t find it quite fair that I was let go from MTV for no reason.”

“Fired! Ya were fired, Juh-nelle! And I don’t know if refusin’ ta film, refusin’ to ditch David and cancellin’ shoots is ‘no reason!'”

“Yet you had a machete and a whole incident, still have trouble seeing your kid, but then you want to sit here and say how bad I am,” Jenelle said. “I understand your feelings— and everybody else’s feelings towards me…well, I understand you guys hate me. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what I did to you.”

Jenelle goes on to say that Amber (and Amber’s then-fiancé, Matt Baier) even had dinner once with her and David and all went well. 

“You were completely fine with us, and now all of a sudden you hate me?” Jenelle asks.

(To be fair, this feud is certainly not “all of a sudden.” Click here and here to read about the long history these two knuckleheads have had sparring back and forth online.) 

Jenelle then made a peace offering (or, as Jenelle would say, “a peace gathering.”

“Now, if you want to squash the drama, squash the bulls**t, we can,” she said. “But…is it unfair that I was let go and you weren’t? Yes. And I think everyone can see that.” 

Everyone, not seeing that right now…

Jenelle admitted that she knows Amber didn’t have anything to do with her getting booted from MTV. However, she continued to insist that the situation is “not fair!” 

“And it’s still not fair,” Jenelle said, adding that she is mad that she never got the chance to show ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans how great she is doing now.

“Sure Juh-nelle…”

“Everyone deserves to see my redemption story!” Jenelle said angrily. “Everyone deserves to see where I’m at today, and how much of a greater person I am. And how I’m being.”

She made it clear that she’s not happy that Amber got to show her “redemption” story on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ despite all of her legal issues.

“But you get that choice, even though you’re still a bitch!” Jenelle said to Amber.

“To be fair, we don’t mind if the girls are bitches. In fact, we ENCOURAGE it, as long as it’s on-camera, of course!”

Jenelle– who continues to talk about MTV, the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, her time on ‘Teen Mom’ and the other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members on the regular— then insists that this video was not made to ask for her old ‘Teen Mom 2′ job back.

“And am I sitting here begging to be back on TV? No, I’m not beggin’! Because, actually, it was a little bit of a traumatic experience for me for 10 years. But, you know, when they play old [seasons on] Netflix shows and then everyone still thinks I’m the same way, that is what pisses me off.

Amber right now…probably…

“So, yeah, it would be nice if I can show where I’m at today, and how my mom and David get along, and how Nathan [Griffith] and David get along, and how everything’s been so great!” Jenelle said. 

“But they don’t want to show greatness!” Jenelle added.

“Your loss, MTV!” 

Amber has yet to respond to Jenelle’s latest statements.

You can watch Jenelle’s rant below! 

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

51 Responses

  1. Jenelle committing crimes and running around high with loser boyfriends whilst neglecting her children was all well and good. I think the major problem was Lurch being violent and unyielding to the film crew. He was off the show and she was allowed the opportunity to keep filming but start fighting for Lurch’s MTV meal-ticket and they weren’t having it–especially when he murdered the family dog.

  2. Why aren’t the Easons employed? Living off the taxpayers should not be considered a redemption story, Jenelle. My guess is that the minors of “The Land” will be gainfully employed before the lazy ass adults ever fill out a job application.

  3. MTV doesn’t make any sense when it comes to getting fired. They fire one but not the other. DV was there in both situations. Amber not once but twice committed DV but she’s still on TV. Jenelle sit in the swamp with David. Pretend you are well. When in actuality everyone knows how unstable all of you are. Jace will some be 18. Jace will surely tell how sorry all of y’all are. Kaiser still sits in kindergarten at 7 years old. But you tell yourself what a good mom you are.

  4. Sometimes if you sit back and accept bad behavior you are just as bad as if you committed it yourself. To sit idle by and do nothing is worse.

    1. She will never accept the consequences. She lives in another world. On another note Amber should have been fired.

  5. She fails to see that all of her *laughing hard* REDEMPTION is that way because their dumbasses ARENT ON TV ANYMORE. YOURE WELCOME JENELLE

  6. She’s like a whiny, bratty toddler ? “it’s not fair!!” *stomps feet*

    Yeah tell that to your de*d dog. Oh wait you can’t. Because your husband fucking k*llled it. I have never seen a girl LESS likely to accomplish anything of value in her life. What a waste.

  7. The Jenelle Delusion Express barrels on through Appalachia ?

    “No reason” and “Doesn’t know why she’s so hated”

    Uhhh. Someone send her links to The Ashley for reference. Lawd.

  8. Once again, Jenelle forgot the lies she told. Just a few months ago, she claimed that she wasn’t fired and that she chose to leave the show. And while I agree with her that Amber absolutely should have been fired, I’m also glad that they fired Jenelle and her abusive, psychopathic husband.

  9. Janelle your a mess your husband killed your dog and was super abusive to you and your children then you thought your husband was going to be filmed with you on MTV they said no to that then you got messy about that an thats why you got fired just so you know.✌

  10. Jenelle has been claiming for years that she wants to show everyone how great she’s doing even when she was still on the show and then when the season would air Jenelle was still the same POS she always is. Jenelle will never redeem herself because she continues to put herself first and doesn’t care about her kids or anyone else.

  11. Jenelle is not wrong. Amber should be fired.
    Jenelle is shit. Amber is shit.
    But it isn’t fair that Amber is still filming. Just because she’s not threatened MTV? She’s still unpredictable. And doesn’t even have custody of her kids to film with.

  12. Ok not sure if Jenelle knows this or not but in order to have a “redemption story” you need to have actually redeemed yourself first and she certainly has not.

  13. Jenelle is trash and full of sh*t but she’s right about this: Amber should have been fired years ago. She is a repeated domestic abuser. She shouldn’t still have a paycheck

  14. So all AP things aside, why does JE think that her firing has ANYTHING to do with Ambers actions?
    They are in no way related!

    Also, JE complaining she got “fired for no reason”?
    That right there is enough to PROVE she has not changed in the slightest. At least AP accepts & owns her mistakes! But again, entirely unrelated!!
    Does JE not remember BARELY being on the last 2 seasons of TM2 that SHE WAS PAID FOR BECAUSE SHE REFUSED TO FILM?!?
    JE is lucky she held that payday (not “job” bc she refused to work the 2h ours per month required even after entire crew relocated to her!) as long as she did!
    Sure DE savagely murdered Nugget BUT JE stood behind EVERY ONE OF HIS ACTIONS FROM DAY ONE, INCLUDING SAVAGELY BEATING HER DOG TO DEATH IN FRONT OF HER HERD! That was just the last straw for MTV.
    Even with what she reports of being semi-offered to appear on TMFV she was ALREADY making excuses NOT TO FILM BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN CONSIDERED FOR THE GIG! There is no question she would have sat in the hotel room and ordered room service on MTV dime instead of showing up to film (I can’t even say “work” bc??)

    AP has done her wrongs but if JE can entirely forget about Nugget (RIP?) and all the other YEARS of hideous things SHE HAS DONE because is “in the past” why is it fair for her to bring up APs distant past when she seems to be making progress. No AP is not perfect but we ALL would have expected her to blow up every SM platform with rants against JE and she has handled it LIKE AN ADULT despite JE continuing to egg her on FOR CLOUT!

    JE should be attacking herself and her husband for getting fired NOT AP.
    ANY “adult” would comprehend that BASIC concept!
    She’s attacking AP for any glimmer of relevance that she so desperately wants now that Chelsea & Cole have an amazing show of their own on a mainstream network and TM2 + TMFV got renewed WITHOUT HER!
    We all expect more of these childish attacks in the upcoming weeks! Of course supported by all her fake accounts (like these obviously fake messages she posts, nearly identical to the ones they supposedly got bombarded with after being fired by MTV…the ones where DE forgot to block out his own name on the bottom??)
    JE: WE ARE NOT DUMB! Your desperation is beyond pathetic.
    Move along. You’re over.

  15. Jenelle is a train wreck with a caboose full of violent dead weight she calls a husband hanging onto the back of that hot mess Express. While she’s not wrong about her and Amber, it’s that husband that’s the problem. Get rid of him and I bet you she’d find work immediately.

    1. I think that ship has long sailed!
      Long long sailed.
      JE has proven HERSELF to be just as trashy and evil as DE.
      She supports and stands behind EVERY ONE of his actions and USES HIM AS A SHIELD.
      There is a MASSIVE difference between standing beside your spouse when they need you VS supporting / standing behind their horrendous actions/behavior.
      She sees NO WRONG in ANYTHING he has EVER done. In fact, she idolizes him…lord knows why!!??‍?
      She FINALLY did find her “soul mate”! (Just took the lifelong suffering of 3-4 human lives to get there…but it’s not herself so she doesn’t mind)

  16. Jenelle hasn’t learned anything. To my knowledge she isn’t seeking counseling. She still says racist things and she will still refuse to do anything if her also very racist, homophobic, and abusive husband can’t join along. If she can’t figure out why people hate her then she is extremely tone deaf. She’s a brat. Her Mom and her may be getting along at the moment but give it 15 minutes. IF lurch and Nathan are getting along give that 15 minutes. They’ve said publicly that they will make it look good with Nathan for the court. So you can’t convince me that it’s real. There is no redemption story here. It may be possible, if she leaves UBT, but even if she does they are soul mates. They will get back together.

    Amber on the hand may be abusive but she films and is seeking counseling (for whatever that is worth). Amber isn’t my favorite. If they kick her off the show it’s whatever, for me. But I would much rather see her than Jenelle any day of the week.

    1. YES!

      At least AP ADMITS & ACCEPTS her challenges. JE continues to blame EVERYONE but herself!
      JE cant even admit or recognize why she is so hated and all healthy brains cant find one reason she shouldn’t be! None of which involve Amber in ANY form!
      I don’t even think her lack of employment opportunities has much to do with DE anymore. SHE has PROVEN she is just as toxic and trashy as him in every way. That was HER CHOICE…sure as heck wasn’t Ambers!

      JE+DE are temporarily getting along with Barb because they need money bc know Barb will help them as she ALWAYS HAS. That and babysit when no one else will get close to her kids. What happened to DEs family they were so close to (for 15minutes) anyway?

      The bottom line is that JE has supported EVERY ONE of DEs revolting actions and then some. Remember that disgusting TMZ interview? The last one she ever did before being entirely black listed?
      That was NOT Amber!

      I am confused about said “redemption story” as well?
      What exactly does she EXPECT to be “praised” for anyway?
      Her kids that always look filthy are developmentally delayed because she refuses to interact with them? Her sinking swamp of squalor that hasn’t been mowed since they moved in? The green cesspool they use as a bath?
      Enlighten us on this amazing redemption story JE… (actually please don’t!)
      She posts more online than any combination of airtime the CURRENT TM cast gets so yeah, IF there was a redemption story we would probably know and well…we don’t!

  17. When Jenelle went to TN, she had a great opportunity to get her job back.

    But she got back with David.

    And she lost sponsorships and the makeup opportunity bc of staying with DAVID.

    She chose David. Leaving him would have been a “redemption story”, not placating their misery on Tik Tok.

  18. Jenelle better pray she’s never in the same room as Amber, because Amber will beat her senseless. Jenelle can act all tough behind her computer screen with her neanderthal gun-totin’ husband by her side, but Amber would demolish her IRL.

  19. Breaking News!

    They’re both pieces of shit. *spits*

    Lets stop giving them attention and maybe they’ll crawl off into the swamp/ onto a couch somewhere, never to be seen or heard from again.

  20. What’s not fair is that I have to keep seeing both of these shit pigs on the internet. Also- is it the screenshot, or does Juhnelle’s face look weird & plastic-ish?

    1. Actually Amber looks like hell in that first pic. She’s got a huge buffalo hump on her back, just like the elderly get.

  21. These two idiots are one in the same. I must have missed when Amber televised her “redemption story” because she is still a shitty person and a shitty biological mother of two. Jenelle is still pathetic and thinks only of herself and her animal killing, abusive husband. How about they both jump off of social media and for once be an actual mother to their children? It’s never going to happen. Jenelle is too focused on making lame ass tik tok’s and Amber is too focused on parking herself in her couch permanently.

    The only thing that I agree with is that Amber should have been fired immediately!

  22. I thought that MTV told Jenelle they would film her, as along as David wasn’t around. Like rent an AirBnb 20 mins away not around, and she refused.

    I think it came out that UBT had made some threats to crew members and they didn’t want to be around him anymore.

    This came down to money, advertisers pulled out when UBT shot nugget, and when most of the advertisers are some type of animal brand, money talks.

    If morality guided this show it would have been canceled years ago. Farrah wasn’t fired for the p0rn, she was fired because she refused to film. Rhine wasn’t fired for being a drug addict, he was fired because Maci wouldn’t film if he was on the show.

  23. Jenelle got the boot bc she chose David over everything each time. One terrible story would end and another would start. David continually made treats to production, cast mates, and strangers. If she wants to know why she was fired and amber wasn’t that’s the reason. She may have been able to get back on the newest show but she insisted David be involved- no one wants that.

    1. I know it was definitely a typo, but I’m a little tickled imagining David continually making treats for everyone

  24. In all fairness, I dont understand why Amber is still getting a paycheck from MTV either.

    She is just as much a trainwreck as Jenelle – and Amber is’nt even good tv, not that Jenelle was either, but thats reason why I dont get why she is still on that show, she is not even likable and never was. That woman is just a horrible, angry and violent person and it seems like Mtv just rewards her for it. I dont get it man

  25. For once I have to agree with Jenelle but there comes a time when someone has to be the one who cuts the string and it’s only fair if MTV to cut all ties with Amber, whom has served ACTUAL time for domestic violence and continuing to show that pattern and using her children as pawns and doesn’t even have custody of them!!!

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