Most Vicious ‘Teen Mom’ Feud Ever! Jenelle Evans & Amber Portwood Rip Each Other Apart On Social Media: The Ashley Recaps What Went Down

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble…..

The Teen Mom “bad girls” are embroiled in a feud that may go down in ‘Teen Mom’ History as being one of the best of all time!

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood delivered an A+ rant (even by Amber standards!) on Monday aimed at Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. In the Instagram Live video rant, Amber lets Jenelle know that, the next time she sees her, she will be delivering the signature Portwood Punch right into Jenelle’s face! Amber’s “talkin’ words” came after Jenelle bashed Amber on Instagram Live for bashing her and her husband David Eason on Instagram Live.

Got all that?

The Ashley has done her best to recap all of the trash-ery of the feud.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Amber and Jenelle had enjoyed a decent friendship since 2014. Before filming the “Ask the Moms” special that year, the pair frequently exchanged jabs in interviews and online, but were able to make amends and put their differences aside. They even hung out at multiple MTV events, including several MTV awards show tapings.

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Until last week anyway…

Amber reignited her feud with Jenelle on January 14 when she posted a series of tweets that were obviously directed at Jenelle’s husband David. She called David out for multiple things, and accused him of abusing Jenelle.

“I swear I can’t say names because that’s just me and I don’t want to disrespect anyone. But there’s a certain ‘man’ that needs a couple interventions from some good friends lol. You disgusting clown. I can’t say anymore but I’m so heated. I’ll give you attention…. #tryme #Clown,” Amber wrote in one of the tweets.

She followed the tweets up by with an Instagram Live video, in which she continued to call David out as an abusive loser.

“You’re a bitch, you’re a punk and you’re a p**sy,” Amber told David in the video. (It’s 18+ minutes of Amber rambles, but if you’d like to watch it, here’s the link. Just be aware that it contains plenty of naughty language.)

That bring us to Monday, when the feud ripped wide open like the trash bag that it is!

Sometime over the previous weekend, Jenelle became aware of what Amber had said about David on social media. Naturally, Jenelle was furious that anyone would criticize her husband, so she scurried down to her “she-shed” to defend David in her own Instagram Live video.

(She made sure to let everyone know that David wasn’t holding her at gunpoint or anything and forcing her to make the video. She claims that David wasn’t even with her while she was making the video, even though his voice is clearly heard later in the video. #ThingsYouCanDoWhenYouDontHaveJobs)

“David is not in here right now,” Jenelle says. “I came out here by myself to say this, so no one’s influencing me to come on here and talk about Amber.”

Jenelle proceeded to “dispute” Amber’s claims that David is a jobless loser. (Be aware that the video below contains plenty of naughty language!)

“I saw a video of Amber Portwood putting down David… I can say a lot of things about you, Amber. I can make up a lot of things. I can say whatever the f**k I want to about you, but I don’t,” Jenelle said, before listing all the reasons that David practically qualifies for sainthood.

“And you’re over here making fun of my husband, calling him a clown and s**t. My husband’s a welder, a carpenter, he’s great at f**king electric. He has a scuba diving business. He risks his life to go clean boats underwater! But yeah, he’s such a loser…”

HE’S RISKING HIS LIFE! #DavidEasonForSainthood

She then tried to dispute Amber’s accusation that David is only relevant because of Jenelle and that he lived off of her money…but Jenelle’s explanation fell flat.

“He worked all the time. He was a welder. He doesn’t seem like a piece of s**t to me, or my mom. My mom likes him.”

“My mom says David is cool! So THERE, Amber!”

Next, Jenelle patted herself on the back for not talking crap on Amber publicly…right before she began to talk crap on Amber publicly.

“You had to go talk s**t about my husband. That’s some s**tty s**t. We don’t talk about how your husband’s always touching your child in your episodes not you, but I don’t say that s**t,” Jenelle said. “I could say a lot more but I’m not on here to talk s**t. I’m on here to tell you, Amber, to shut the f**k up about my family. Leave them alone.”

Jenelle claimed that Amber only made the accusations against David because she was reading “talking words” on the Internet.

“But if Amber knew my life personally, she wouldn’t have s**t to say,” Jenelle said. “Just like everyone else, you’re going to read the headline and that’s what you’re going to believe…

“I wouldn’t say Amber’s a loser, but what I’m sayin’ is she needs to mind her own f**king business,” Jenelle added. “You’re not my family Amber so don’t be commenting on my f**king life. It’s ridiculous.”

Jenelle went on to deny that David abused her.

“I thought we all got along. She went to dinner with David! And then she’s sittin’ here sayin’ I’m being abused? Bitch, let me show you what abuse is because I have been ran over in a f**king truck by my ex. And I told everyone about it. So if I’m being abused or anything, I’m gonna open my mouth. I’m not that type of person to just handle that. I’ve been in more worse relationships probably than you Amber.”

Despite the cornucopia of losers Amber has dated over the years (excluding Gary Shirley, of course), Jenelle may, in fact, have Amber on this one. Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend list reads like a “who’s who” of the federal corrections system!

“And you’re the one who went to jail for domestic violence but you’re sitting here pointing fingers at my husband? Shut the f** up, seriously,” Jenelle added.

She then gave Amber some advice.

“Live your life. Go hang out with your son more. Take care of him more. Change his diapers more. Don’t have your husband do all of it,” Jenelle advised.

I think that’s nice that they can share “mommy tips!”

Jenelle then confirmed that poor David is very upset that Amber and others are talking poorly about him.

“You guys need to stop. And the reason I say you need to stop is that my husband is getting depressed,” Jenelle said. “It makes me so upset for him because he doesn’t need to be going through this. You have people making up stories about him now that they know he has a gun.”

I mean…don’t ya hate when that happens?!?!

Amber did not take well to Jenelle’s video. Right after Jenelle’s video was posted, Amber grabbed up her phone and burst onto Instagram Live like a bat outta hell! She delivered what The Ashley believes to be the most epic rant of her career!

Amber, dressed in some sort of kimono robe suitable for lounging and/or ripping people apart on the Internet, was not joking around. (Again, the video below contains a ton of naughty language, so be aware!)

“Jenelle, you say anything about me again, I see your f**king ass, I’m gonna bust your f**king ass!” Amber screeches into the camera before telling her that she’s through being concerned for Jenelle’s well-being.

“I don’t give a f**k, you can get your f**king ass beat by what’s his face. I’m not that mother**ker, I’ll beat your f**king ass! Don’t f**k with me…”

She told Jenelle that she has kept quiet about a lot of things she could have exposed, before proclaiming herself to be “a real f**king G!”

(Somewhere in Indiana, Gary is watching this video and cowering in the corner.)

Amber then told Jenelle that she is only getting an MTV paycheck because of her, as her episode of 16 and Pregnant served as the show’s pilot episode. (By the way, the last part of that sentence is true. Amber was the very first girl cast, and her episode was used to sell the show to the network.)

“You’re on the show, why? Because I was on this mother**king show!” Amber yells. “There wasn’t even a name for this f**king show when I started up.”

(Eventually, some genius at MTV came up with the idea to call the show about pregnant 16-year-olds “16 and Pregnant.”)

“You get money because of me bitch!” Amber bellowed. “I don’t give a f**k if they fire me, and they f**king know that s**t!

“You got paid because I was crazy enough for them to start a f**king show!”

I just…can’t…

“I’m comin’ for you Jenelle! Get ready for these fists of fury!”

Amber then delivers yet another Grade A quote.

“Don’t ever say I need attention from your f**king crackhead ass!”

Amber tells Jenelle that she would never dare say what she said to Amber’s face (sorry, “f**king face”).

Amber says that “last time” (which we can assume was the 2014 taping of “Ask the Moms”), she gave Jenelle a pass and didn’t beat her up.

“Last time I didn’t bust your a**,” Amber said. “We didn’t have any beef on that stage, but when we got off the stage, what did I do? I grabbed your f**king a** and gave you a hug! You tried to walk by me like you didn’t see me, like a scared little p**sy.”

Amber then dispels Jenelle’s claims that she needs attention. She even gives The Ashley’s recent article (about ‘Teen Mom OG’ being renewed and Amber signing on last) a shout out!

“You read the article, who did what last? I f**king signed on last!” Amber screams.

Finally, Amber warns Jenelle what will happen when they see each other next.

“I’m old Amber but to the f**king max!” she says. “Don’t ever see me again in your f**king life or I’ll bust you’re a** so hard! This time I’m not stepping the f**k back and I don’t give a f**k what you say to me!

“You better have security around! I’m telling you that!” she added. “Last time I f**king went good on you and you know that! I’m gonna f**k your a** up… You thought it was a TV game, but no it’s f**king not.”

All together now…Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Soon after making the video, Amber deleted it and apologized for her behavior.

Both Amber and Jenelle have proved in the past that they aren’t afraid to get physical. Amber, as ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, was arrested in 2010 on three counts of domestic battery against then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Jenelle was arrested for assault back in 2011, after she gave a girl a brutal beatdown that was captured on video.

Anyone else in favor of getting these two in a cage fight and letting them go at it?!

To read The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode recaps, click here!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

64 Responses

  1. So amber can dish it out, but she can’t take it??
    So she can go online and talk about David and Jenelle, but as soon as Jenelle tries to defend herself, she loses her god damn mind.

    Such a damn hypocrite
    I don’t like either one of them, but I have to side with Jenelle on this one. Amber started it for no reason, and then when Jenelle defends herself, She can’t deal with that lol

  2. How about we solve this with Jenelle vs Amber at a good ol’ “celebrity” boxing match?
    That seems to be the trend now.

  3. These dumpster fires are going to feel so ridiculous in a few years when they are no longer “famous” and everyone remembers them for this trash. Like I honestly cannot even handle the secondhand embarrassment these kids will feel when they have to see these vids one day and go, “Yup. That’s my mom.” Horrible.

  4. lol amber hasn’t been accused of child abuse becasue she is never near her children. the fathers are always doing everything while she abuses the men. lol…she should however be accused of child neglect since she has never payed attention or done shit for either of her children 🙂

  5. I think MTV should just throw them all in a ring and see how fast they are all crying for their mommas including Kail. Leah and Chelsea get passes for mostly staying out of this Springer-esque shit show of inarticulate faux”toughness.”

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I wish mtv would fire all these trashy hoes so they would have go to work for a living instead of popping out illegimate kids

  7. omg grow up already. shouldn’t they be past that teen phase of thinking ghetto and being tough is cool. be a fuckin mom and stop acting hard.

  8. Neither one of these bitches are gonna do shit. They do these lives trying to make them look like badasses. They both just look dumb AF. Honey, G’s don’t talk shit online. They handle their business. Also, prison doesn’t make you a badass. Y’all just sit in a cell doing each other’s hair and talking shit. She acts like they fight everyday in prison. That’s not the case. They don’t want to catch another charge while theyre in there. Yeah there are a few violent women. But few that will do anything. I’ve done time, Amber. I was in a cell with a convicted murderer for months. Doesn’t make me a G. You would think that doing that time would have made you a better person. I learned from it and I would never carry myself like that. Amber and Jenelle, you’re both an embarrassment to society.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    How is she gonna be accused of CHILD ABUSE when she doesn’t even spend time with her daughter, she is always too depressed to take care of her but not depressed to get into relationships so quickly.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I am sorry but amber is still as crazy as ever no change.

  11. “Say it to my fuckin face! Bitch STFU!” ?? Amber FTW ? that was fuckn great… a little too long, but great. Have several seats, Chin… I’m sure we should expect a lovely retort from UBT…

  12. Amber sounds ridiculous and I’m embarrassed on her behalf. You’re a white, suburban mother from the Midwest. You are no G. Stop it. I will however fully support Amber beating Jenelle’s ass.

    Jenelle…you just sound so dumb. Stop trying to be slick with your clapback videos because you’re not a good speaker. You stumble over words, make words up and butcher the English language, throw in things like, “my mom likes him.” You sound so uneducated. We all know David is scum and is abusive. You can tell us he’s not and that you love him so much until you’re blue in the face, it won’t work. When, as Farrah says, LIT-TRUHLLY everyone is telling you he’s a garbage pile of a human being, you should take a step back and believe that maybe they all see something you’re turning a blind eye to. Maybe the next time he beats your ass you’ll finally get it. Til then, take another hit off your meth pipe in your she shed and STFU.

  13. Couple of things here. First, we all know Jenelle is bat shit crazy but Amber is the worst. She is a bad human being. Second, she is un-bangable. Period, I could not get a bone dog if I was within 100 yards of that beast. Third, Jenelle is a scrapper, I think she would beat that bloated thing from the midwest like a 3 dollar toothless hoe. Nibs out.

    1. I think there’s a lot of things you can say that are mean and true about both these girls before resorting to bashing their looks. It’s kind of like yelling about getting a drop of water on you right after a tsunami hits. It’s just pointless when there’s a million real reasons to dislike them. Bad parenting, domestic violence, drugs.

      1. You come to a web site that thrives on making fun of people, but then you knock someone for making fun of someone! Such a joke!

    2. It’s pretty telling about who YOU are if you think the worst insult you can hurl at a woman is tell her that you -a stranger online- doesn’t want to bang her. These women are gross but I’m not convinced you’re any better.

  14. Sooo I gotta say I feel that girls like Chelsea and Maci must really breathe a sigh of relief when they see this stuff. Then pat themselves on the back and think, guess I’m doing quite well. I mean omg these two are batshit!!!!

  15. Did……..did Jenelle just claim Andrew is touching Leah inappropriately?! WTF?! (Or maybe the story was about James and how he always changes his diapers, maybe) Because that is a gross claim with no proof.

    Jenelle will do anything, I mean ANYTHING to paint her husband in a good way! He is getting depressed, oh really?! Because people talk bad about him?! Don’t make me laugh, he is the one who started all this sh*t! He can threat everyone else but when someone talks like that about him, he’s suddenly depressed?! Sure, Jen…

    These two need to go to a celebrity boxing match. YOU KNOW people will be watching!

    1. no…jenelle was saying ambers man touches the kid because amber doesnt..not sexually. she meant amber doesnt do shit just like with leah. Gary did everything for the child while amber was lazy, on drugs, and ate steaks. seems like she is doing the same shit with her new baby. shes laying in bed high talking shit and threatening some1 while the babys dad does everything. she should get her ass up and go be a mom and stop making the dad do everything.

  16. Do you think I started this because I tagged Amber so she could see Kaisers pictures?
    I really thought Amber will give them so much shit- for abusing this baby, but it’s kinda has taken a life of its own.
    Still wouldn’t be mad if Amber boxed David’s jaws.
    ( That’s what my gma used to say if you got smart mouth with her)

  17. Amber should chill with the drugs..she goes on these online rampages and looks like an ass…janelle still sucks though

    1. As far as I know, Amber’s never been accused of CHILD ABUSE. Why does everyone ignore the fact that Kaiser is being abused, and that Leah is taken care of? Even if it is by Gary, that little girl is safe unlike Jenelle’s kids.

      1. lol amber hasn’t been accused of child abuse becasue she is never near her children. the fathers are always doing everything while she abuses the men. lol…she should however be accused of child neglect since she has never payed attention or done shit for either of her children 🙂

          1. I only used it twice in several sentences. Because I thought it was funny. It was also to show that my tone was not meant to b mean or argumentative. especially since people on here jump down throats very quickly. So thank you for the insult.

  18. “I’ve been in more worse relationships probably than you Amber”
    Yeah, except when she’s in them, she claims everything is perfect!

  19. MTV should have stopped TM seven years ago. Now most of the cast are just lazy crazy ass people. Please stop this shit show.

  20. Uh… has the celebrity boxing match guy sent them emails yet?

    You can bet my ass would PAY to see this one.

  21. Jenelle got ran over by her ex?!?!? ??? Really??!! Does anyone remember when she was arguing with gary at barb’s house, and she wanted to leave but gary wanted something from her, so he stood behind her car and she started BACKING IT UP ANYWAY?!?!? And she even dragged him a little?!?! Shut the fuck up jenelle, your stupid is showing.

    Actually, fuck them both. They are both shit moms, shit women, shit human beings.

  22. Marge Simpson once said, “can’t I just bet that both teams have a great time?”

    I can’t think of anything better to say about the thought of Amber and Jenelle fighting.

  23. If nothing else, this is a great advertisement as to why not to do drugs. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  24. If the Bearded Bigot is such a “good man,” why is Puppet Smurfette always dishing out the fighting words and verbal uppercuts on his behalf?

  25. Junelle needs to take a deep breath and get her shit together because that Amber is getting high again and we all know how unstable she is. This is a shit show. Great job being good examples for the thousands of teens that are fans of teen mom. Both these b’s need to be the on out with mtva garbage

  26. When she said “Fuck Your Mom!!!”….I felt that through the screen LOL. I think Jenelle got a little too cocky getting away with trolling everyone else in the franchises, and thought she could try Amber….but I think she quickly found out Amber is not Kail..Jenelle’s not smart and lacks common sense, but I think her and David have sense enough to leave Ambo alone after this.

  27. There is not a single thing of late that makes me think “role model” when I think of Amber. Rather, I absolutely do not want her as someone my granddaughters or any other young girls look to as an example for dealing with stress, or challenges. She is an epic fail as far as that goes.For that matter, so are most of the other “Teen Moms”. Maybe MTV should rethink the fine example they are giving our youth on how to deal with anger, disappointment, failure, hurt and life in general through this failure of a show Teen Mom….

    1. Yeah exactly….You’re a “G” because you got in a physical fight with your daughter’s father and went to jail? Ummm…..ok.

  28. All I can say is…..bahahhahahahahhahah this is FUCKING GOLD. I’d love to see amber knock the rest of Jenelles teeth out!

  29. Well….that escalated quickly….LOL. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the “C” word “B” word or “P” word used so frequently and so aggressively…

    Ambo was out in full effect…I think Jenelle has Amber confused with the other meeker girls of the franchise…she can talk recklessly about Kail and get away with it, but Ambo isn’t gonna let that fly LOL..She had to know that her telling Amber to spend more time with her son would not go over well, and I bet you she would never tell her that to her face lol.

    BTW….when did Jenelle get ran over by a truck?? Was that Gary??

  30. This is so difficult.

    The only people in the world that she could go up against to make me cheer for Amber is… well, David and Jenelle.

    But I still feel a little dirty doing it

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