‘Unexpected’ Stars McKayla Adkins & Caelan Morrison Continue Feuding Over Their Unborn Child Following Breakup: See the Latest Jabs

“This whole teen pregnancy thing isn’t anywhere near as fun as the ‘Teen Mom’ girls make it out to be!”

Unexpected couple McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison have taken to social media to deliver a series of attacks at each other as McKayla prepares to deliver the couple’s second child.

The young parents previously stated that they had gone their separate ways in terms of their living situation but remained in a relationship. However, the couple’s social media drama is now telling a different story.

After 38-weeks-pregnant McKayla posted a lengthy YouTube video blasting her baby daddy for everything from not supporting her to using her pregnancy as an excuse “not to do things,” Caelan took to Snapchat in an attempt to defend himself with a screenshot of an alleged text convo between the two of them.


In the text exchange, Caelan accused McKayla of making him “the bad person once again like always,” to which she responded, “I wish this baby wasn’t yours. But sadly I can’t change that.”

In another text in the series, McKayla told Caelan he wouldn’t be in the room for the birth of their daughter, nor would he have any say on her name—a statement she had also made in her video and later confirmed on Twitter.


In response to Caelan’s Snapchat tirade, McKayla accused her baby daddy of verbally attacking her grandfather and mother, and of yelling at her for going to the hospital when she went into false labor.

McKayla also accused Caelan of saying he didn’t want the baby they are currently expecting, not being involved in the pregnancy and of stating, “I want another boy,” upon the couple learning they were expecting a girl.

When some of her followers began asking questions about Caelan’s legal rights to their son, Timothy, McKayla said Caelan had none.

“Actually I can stop him from seeing Timothy and the new baby if I wanted. I have full custody. Caelan has 0 rights to either of the kids but I would never do that. He’s seeing Timothy tomorrow supposedly, actually,” she wrote.

The same day, Caelan’s aunt, Shari Morrison, reached out to McKayla on Twitter regarding her comments.

“I understand McKayla that you are upset, but you do need to be honest that Shelly gets Timothy once a week for 5 to 6 hours. We all love Timmy very much and we will be devastated not being able to see him. I was and still am super excited about baby G arriving and hoping thru social media.”

Shari went on to thank McKayla for allowing the family to spend time with Timothy the previous night.

McKayla and Caelan’s feud continues to get nastier by the day, so stay tuned for updated!

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  1. The moron took a pregnancy test the week before with Caelan’s mother. If she thought she could be pregnant then why wouldn’t she think she could be pregnant now? Insert, remove, repeat. Eventually something is gonna happen.

  2. I always felt bad for “Grandpa Bob” or whatever his name was. McAyla had him wrapped around her little finger. No wonder, why the man drank.

  3. McKayla is being unfair to Caelyn. Her grandparents and mother should stop interfering.

    I feel sad for Caelan and his mom.

  4. I remember on the show that her family didn’t really seem fond of him. After seeing her and how she acts I think the reason for this was because she fills their head with all the negatives playing the victim. She’ll say what he doesn’t do for his son but doesn’t say what he does do or why he didn’t do it. I get the impression her mother is the same way. They are the type that could be 200 percent in the wrong and when the story was retold they would somehow twist all the facts And come out as heroes.

  5. I just saw YouTube she posted. She buys everything for Timmy, she paid $2500 for the house they are in and is looking for another house. She buys all the food and now she is paying all the vet bills for the two puppies ( I didn’t even know about them. And she is making all this money where? Sorry Grandpa Tom but you need to cut that tie and give her a reality check istead of paying for everything she wants.

  6. McKayla is such a little witch. She faults Caelan for things like having a full time job so she can sit home and stare at her phone all day, and says he’s never around. Well, stupid, you rag on him for not having a full time job because you want to be out on your own, but when he gets a full time job and is working all the time to provide your ungrateful ass with the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mom (which most women would kill for btw), you call him an absentee father and claim he’s abandoned you. Not saying Caelan is this perfect angel or anything, but most girls in her situation, let alone adult women, would kill or die to have a supportive partner who wants to do as much as possible to provide. Caelan seems very involved and supportive for a freaking 19 year old kid. McKayla however, is ungrateful for all the help she receives from literally everyone around her, manipulates everyone around her in order to get her own way and doesn’t even care about the massive issues she causes between the people in her life, and she uses her children as leverage to further her own selfish wants. She doesn’t even care how any of this bull will effect her children. I cannot stand this nasty little brat.

  7. She is just the worst. She had everybody fooled thinking she was some little angel and then her true colors came out. You could tell she would antagonize and then play victim. She became her mother, and she is so childish and selfish. Taking her anger out on these kids…

  8. Serious immaturity. And let’s just take this drama to twitter to play out for the world !! SMH. And that’s a real fuct up thing to say – “I wish this baby wasnt yours.” TF?!

  9. Can we talk about her mom?
    or moles that people need to just get removed from their face?
    Sorry not sorry.
    Asking for a friend.

  10. Aaaaah yes the real Makayla is out. She seemed to be so sweet on season one and after last season I dont care for her at all. Shes a nasty piece of work. Shes going to make it miserable for Caelan to see the kids.

  11. We al Watched this low IQ little brat stir up mess after mess, & then let(fill in the blank) handle the drama she created, while she goes mute & stares at the floor. Ugh.

  12. I feel like this girl is the dumbest one out of every pregnant teenage mom show out there…not just on TLC. The fact she got pregnant so quickly for a second time, and tried to say she didn’t know she could get pregnant just goes to show her level of intelligence.

    1. Didn’t she take a pregnancy test a few weeks before this big news flash. When you are taking a weekly pregnancy test you have to know you are playing Russian Roulette.

  13. They are both too young to be having children. That being said, Timmy is so cute!! He is surrounded by a lot of love on both sides.

  14. Children having children. All these infantile temper tantrums hurt nobody but the babies. Surely McKayla didn’t want to have a second baby and she didn’t get pregnant by herself but she did get pregnant. She should be grateful she has family support instead of thinking the babies are weapons. Maybe she doesn’t want the baby to have Caelan’s last name because it isn’t Caelan’s baby???

    1. I think she did want to get pregnant. She’s trying to make a career out of being a YouTube mom, and thinks having another baby will keep her relevant. The fact that she refuses to use any kind of birth control even after a teen pregnancy and another pregnancy scare certainly indicates that she’s at least ok with getting pregnant again.

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