Amber Portwood Tells Jenelle Evans To Stop Talking About Her & the Other ‘Teen Mom’ Stars: “Nobody Is Obsessed with You!”

“The only thing I’m obsessed with is my couch! If your name ain’t La-Z-Boy, I ain’t worried about ya!”

Amber Portwood is fed up with Jenelle Evans claiming that Amber and the other stars of the Teen Mom franchise are “obsessed” with her, so she took to her trusty Instagram Live over the weekend to let the fired Teen Mom 2 star know that she and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ gang don’t give Jenelle much thought these days.

Amber told her fans that Jenelle has continued to talk about her online, in addition to Jenelle recently having a fit online that her name was mentioned for about 5 seconds on a recent episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion. (As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was approached to possibly appear on the spinoff; however, producers quickly jumped ship when Jenelle mentioned that her also-fired husband David Eason would have to come, too.) 

“Jenelle. You’re immature. You speak like you are a child. There’s no growth. You say things that are very hurtful and ignorant,” Amber said.

“I know you are but what am I!? See…I’m NOT immature dude.”

“Why, in God’s creation, do you feel that anybody is obsessed with you? I’m doing this right now because I feel like you think you’re on a pedestal and you’re above everybody that’s in this franchise and you need to really be humbled. You need to humble yourself.

“Nobody is obsessed with you in this franchise. Nobody’s mad…like, you’ve been forgiven and you can’t even stop [talking]. You don’t shut up! You can’t stop.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle (and David, naturally) and Amber had another online spat recently, with Amber calling the Easons “hillbilly trash” and “f**king disgusting weirdos” after Jenelle claimed that Amber is scared of her. Jenelle also made a joke about Amber’s infamous machete incident.

Amber went on to insinuate that Jenelle was constantly talking about ‘Teen Mom’ and MTV because she’s no longer on the show. (As fans know, Jenelle got the ax in 2019 and has not appeared on any other TV shows since.) 

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“And the thing is that, honey, I get it. You’re not on the show anymore,” Amber said to Jenelle. “Things happened, OK, fine. I totally get it. But you know you’re outta your damn mind if you think people are…girl you’re bringing up my name specifically saying stuff. Like, come on! 

“…full ‘rill woman’ on Jenelle when I had a chance!”

“This is insanity. You need to stop. Be more mature. Grow up and stop talking about things that aren’t true. Stop with the hatred and also stop with…just immature comments.”

In her past Lives directed at Jenelle, Amber would scream and cuss out Jenelle, but she delivered her message to Jenelle calmly this time. Still, she made sure to let Jenelle know she’s still the same “straight from gel” Amber she’s always been, no matter how nice she’s being.

“Don’t forget where I come from, SwampCakes!”

“And I say this, not as a threat, but do not take my kindness today as a weakness,” Amber said. “You’re just talkin’ too much. It’s just too much for me. Honestly, who do you think you really are?”

Amber went on to deny Jenelle’s recent claims that she watches watches Jenelle’s rump shakin’, swamp hoe-downin’ TikTok dances.

“I’m damn sure not watching your motherf**kin’ TikToks! You’re trippin’! That stuff was all sent to me and half of it is embarrassing, honey, so don’t play with me,” Amber said. “You already know how it was back in the day so, again, don’t play with me.

“Just keep my name outta your mouth, you f**king weirdo. You’re absolutely insane! Seriously, that’s like, f**king crazy… I ain’t talked to you in years. I don’t know what the hell you’re talkin’ about! I haven’t talked to you in a long time, hun, so I don’t know what you’re saying anymore!” 

There’s surely going to be a response from Jenelle and David just as soon as they fire up the ol’ dial-up Internet on The Land. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; TikTok)

20 Responses

  1. These two.
    It’s hard to work out which is the worse parent.
    I mean jenelle does have custody of 2/3 kids. But so does David. So that’s a moot point.
    They all need to hush. Because no one cares.
    You both suck as parents and humans and make shitty choices in men.
    The end.

  2. To me there seems to be some irony in bitching on the internet about somebody bitching about you on the internet.
    A real sign of emotional growth from either would be letting it go and not engaging. I guess that’s not gonna bring them the attention that they crave though ?‍♀️

  3. I agree with this 100%!!!!!!!! None of them have the room to talk. AP wants to scream immaturity but she is doing exactly the same thing. Homegirl needs to take a few seats and hush her mouth and figure out a way to be a better parent. Her own daughter can’t stand her and see’s literally right through her moms BS. Amber YOU need humble yourself. You sold your damn soul for a buck.

  4. Right message, wrong messenger. While I don’t agree with 99.9% of the things she says or does, Amber has a point. Jenelle has shown absolutely NO growth since 16 and pregnant. She’s forever the victim and will never take accountability for anything.

  5. Pretty much anything Janelle related is embarrassing. Whether she puts it out or not. Delusion thy name is Teen Mom has beens.

  6. TEAM AMBER! ?!!
    If anyone has shown “growth” (talking maturity not width) it is ABSOLUTELY Amber!
    (Cue Jenelles socks below?)

    It’s blatantly obvious that Jenelle watches EVERY second of TM anything, including ALL cast social media! That’s not even a necessary discussion.
    “They stay talking about me too!”
    Um, that’s even a weak response for a 13 year old, which is directly on brand for JE.

    All this interaction has done is PROVEN that Amber is trying to improve herself while JE remains bitter and (for some unknown reason) entitled on the swamp salty that TM has no use for her!
    Remember how she swore TM would dissolve without her?
    Seems to me every spinoff just got renewed.
    Her absence or presence is IRRELEVANT.

    Time to move along JE.
    You’re DONE.
    Even trash tv has no use for dumpster fires!

    TEAM AMBER!????

    1. Team Amber? Growth? Amber is a waste of space, domestic violence perpetrator with custody of NONE of her kids. She is a narcissistic psychopath. As much as I can’t stand Jenelle, Amber is just as terrible. Neither have any self awareness or take any accountability for their actions. If Amber was a man, she would’ve been kicked off teen mom years ago. Keeping her on the show is a big fuck you to all victims of DV! They’re both child abusers & extremely neglectful mothers. I hate this show. Im team #SaveThesePoorKids

      1. I do not disagree with even one word you said!
        Not one!
        However, my point was that even as short as a year ago Amber would have gone completely off the rails and handled this in an ENTIRELY different fashion.
        I can not overlook that.
        I entirely disagree with what she has done over the last decade and the long term impact it WILL have on her children BUT also see the trees through the forest. Any progress in the right direction is still progress, albeit with a low hanging bar.
        She’s NOT going to be a perfect human overnight but not recognizing small (*very small*) improvements is also not fair to her (or her kids) and frankly I’d rather praise the very small positives that we can’t deny are happening (sporadically), especially in comparison to someone like Jenelle who not only refuses to better herself but seems to continually get WORSE with age and bitterness as her kids fall further and further behind because of it.
        My point was only that AP handed THIS with an *unexpected* grace where as Jenelle handled it exactly as expected, like the trash she enjoys being. So yes, I AM Team Amber in this scenario! If we didn’t know who these characters were and viewed it without prejudice AP would look like the bigger person with how she handled the interaction.
        In my opinion that is worth recognizing.
        Big growth requires small steps in the right direction.

  7. Amber has a point ??‍♀️ No body is obsessing over JeNull and the Beast EVER!!!!!!!! And I will give her that credit……
    Amber is not perfect by a long shot but if she’s trying she’s trying I wish she would do better but we only get to see what is presented in front of us.
    And just like nobody is obsessing over Farrah EVER! I personally think she’s a little whack a doodle and most likely was never disciplined as a child and played one parent against the other and always got her way and this is why she is the way she is!

    1. I entirely agree!
      The way Amber has handled this is amazing! Who would have thought!?
      Props to her! We all love to see someone mature, grow and accept responsibility for their past actions. Althoigh there is a lot more progress to be made, Amber has shown that she is at least trying and owns her challenges.
      Like you, I have to give credit where credit is due!
      Instead of DEMANDING “praise” (“I should be praised” -JE??), Amber is proving that she is making changes. This response took serious restraint, restraint that JE clearly doesn’t have even at 30YEARS old.
      I actually feel super proud of Amber for this! Good for her!

      One last note, why does JE CONTINUALLY INSIST on bringing up the machete incident. Incase swamp time is delayed -and to be fair, evidence supports this theory- that was YEARS ago… along the timeframe when her & her husband savagely beat & murdered her pet dog! But how does she reference that? Oh right: “that was a long time ago, get over it!”-JE
      She always has had selective memory & a lack of grip on reality.
      Some things change…some things evidently never will…

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