Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Invited to Join the ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-Off: Here’s What Actually Happened (EXCLUSIVE!)

When you thought you’d get to go to California, but you realize you’re still stuck on The Land…

Jenelle Evans took to TikTok on Wednesday to declare that she was “confused” and “anxious” over being ghosted by the producers of the upcoming Teen Mom spin-off, which is currently filming in California. Jenelle— who was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019— claimed that she was “invited” to participate in the fun-in-the-sun “Retreat” spinoff but was then ignored by producers and was “confused’ as to why. 

“When they invite you to a Teen Mom Special in CA then no response for a month…” Jenelle captioned a video of herself looking sad. “And now my guard is back up…I trust no one,” she stated.

Fans were naturally skeptical to believe Jenelle, but The Ashley has the scoop on what actually happened behind-the-scenes here!

@jenellelevansI feeling shitty AF ?? ##MentalHealthAwareness ##Anxiety ##Confused♬ original sound – kaptinkoolaid1

As The Ashley has been reporting over the past few weeks, girls from the three ‘Teen Mom’ shows— Teen Mom OG, ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant— are gathered in San Diego County to film a “Retreat”-like spinoff show. Nearly all of the girls from the casts are participating (except for Catelynn Lowell, Kail LowryMackenzie McKee and poor Rachel Beaverwho was cut at the last minute). 

When The Ashley first broke the news of the spin-off back in August, she reported that Jenelle had not been invited to participate. In Wednesday’s TikTok video, Jenelle claimed she had been invited. The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle was, indeed, contacted later about joining the spin-off (as was fired ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham…more on that later…).

However, she was never officially invited as she’s making it sound online, according to The Ashley’s production source.

“Jenelle was contacted by [a producer], who told her about the spin-off but she was not invited and then ghosted like she’s saying,” the source said. “Basically, she received the call and once they started talking to Jenelle about possibly doing it, they realize it was the same old Jenelle bulls**t and dropped the idea so fast. 

“Well Juh-nelle! I see ya blew it again!”

“Honestly, they were just playing with the idea of bringing her in to add shock value to the [spin-off] show because they knew people would freak out if they saw her. That’s all,” the source added. “They weren’t trying to get her back on the cast or anything like that.”

As for what the production source means by “same old Jenelle bulls**t,” The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle was trying to get her husband, David Eason, to be allowed to come along.

“I deserve a week of fun in the sun— I work so hard! Oh…wait…”

“Jenelle told them that she would not travel without David, and she insisted that he stay at a place nearby, since they said there was absolutely no way he was allowed at the filming location,” the source said. “She even tried to offer different options to production to try to get David to go, but as soon as they heard the word ‘David,’ [the producer] bailed and started ignoring her.”

“What if he promises not shoot any local animals? Can he come then?”

“Since she was fired, Jenelle has randomly texted [a producer] saying she had ‘new ideas’ for filming, but they have always been ignored. This spin-off was being run by a different producer, but this whole incident kind of made them realize that nothing has really changed with Jenelle’s situation and they have no desire to dip back into that mess.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will remember, David was fired from the show in February 2018. Although he was banned from filming, he showed up several times to where Jenelle was filming and production was shut down. Eventually, Jenelle refused to travel anywhere without David present, which became a huge headache for the producers. Jenelle joined David on the “Fired” list in May 2019

To see The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off, click here

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(Photos: MTV; TikTok; YouTube)

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  1. What ever happened to Jenelle saying she got back with David under one agreement, He had to get a job and start paying all the bills since she was the only one bringing in money and he agreed, oh well, so much for that. Let this lame ass show die so Amber can go back to beating people up, Kailyn can go back to spreading lies and getting knocked up by sleeping with the first yaho that comes along and Maci can continue to turn Bentley against the world and drink her alcohol non stop, girl needs to be in AA.

    1. Maci isnt trying to turn Bentley against anyone, the only person is turning against is Rhine.. go figure…I wonder why??

      Mack is a bitch who is so far up Rhine’s ass that it’s not even funny…you’d think she thought he was the second coming with how perfect her delusions are making him out to be and Jen…well Bentley is nothing but a bargaining chip to her…I used to think she gave a damn but not anymore.

      I get your point about Kail…I NEVER liked her!!!

      And as for Amber, she’s going back to school and seems like shes actually trying. Why would you root for someone to go back to failing?

  2. If Jenelle put half the effort into parenting her children as she does into trying to appease that neanderthal’s fragile ego, she might actually mess them up just a tad less

  3. Well Jah-Nell
    Have fun living in the streets with your hussssssband!
    She so desperately wants back in. Despite saying she doesn’t care.
    How does it work in the US? How would she be supporting herself and her family with no job? Is there unemployment benefits her and David would be eligible for?
    They can’t be living off the “fresh” land air and squirrels UBT shoots?

    1. Hahaha, Jenelle recently said she’s making more money off tiktok & sm than she did when on TM2.
      We know that’s bs, otherwise she’d be blowing money on more toys for UBT like she did in the old days.
      Nothing that comes out her mouth is believable.

  4. Maybe the real reason David shot Nugget is because he’s the only one allowed to follow Jenelle like a lost puppy ??‍♀️

  5. What stupid producer would think it would be a good idea to stir sh*t up with Jenelle and David?? MTV deserves everything that happens to it, including p*ss poor Teen Mom-everything ratings!!

      1. That’s true, but I just realized Farrah was there, truth be told I barely read these articles. They’re almost as stupid and drama-infested as the shows they are making fun of!!!

        And I am well, how are you?

  6. this just proves that the producers really are just looking to stir up drama even if they say they’re not,.
    i hate jenelle but the producers really need to start communicating better with the cast, no wonder these girls always complain about them. so glad they didn’t give into her bs though

    1. I agree. Instead of ghosting Jenelle after they reached out to her, they should have at least communicated it wasn’t going to work having her on. At least she would have a clear answer.

      1. JMO, but by ignoring her she gets on social media & blabs
        And then MTV gets this sh*t show more attention.

        MTV, still NOT going to watch. Can’t wait for the re-cap : )

  7. There’s a difference between invited and uninvited. LMAO

    If David wanted to be there and stay elsewhere, pay for it yourself. See, Jenelle wanted MTV to pick up the tab, I’m sure, for David too.

    Didn’t Jenelle tell us already how she’s making the same amount of money or even more than when she was on Teen Mom 2? So….PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!

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