Jenelle Evans Talks About Being “Uninvited” From ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’; Ashley Jones Hilariously Trolls Jenelle For Insinuating Bar Smith Shouldn’t Have Been Invited

That face you make when you turn someone’s exclusion into a coupon code…

As the premiere of the Teen Mom Family Reunion approaches, former Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans is trying to explain her absence from the spin-off. 

Jenelle took to TikTok Wednesday to respond after a fan asked whether she had participated in the spin-off show. The Ashley told you in September that Jenelle was initially asked to attend the filming, but had her invitation revoked after she requested that her husband, David Eason, be allowed to join her for “support.”  

During Jenelle’s explanation, she specifically stated that Ashley Jones’ man, Bar Smith, was allowed to go to the spin-off and David was not, implying that Bar shouldn’t have been allowed to go. That name-drop did not go over well with Ashley, who got revenge on Jenelle in a unique way.


Reply to @a_chicken_cup_of_ramen A lot of you keep asking me about this…

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“Basically I got called one day by my old producer, he asked me if I wanted to be a part of this ‘Teen Mom’ reunion show thing,” Jenelle claimed. “I said, ‘I’m up for it, you can let them know I’m up for it, I just want my husband there as support– maybe down the street staying in a hotel, just in case s**t pops off, I have somewhere to go. And support.’ Once I told them that, I never got a call back about it and I was basically ignored.” 

Jenelle went on to claim she was also uninvited because the other ‘Teen Mom’/‘Teen Mom 2’ girls “are scared” of her. 

“I literally have no idea who you are…”

“ … apparently all the other girls are scared of me because they’re like, ‘Oh hell no, we don’t want Jenelle to be in here,’” she said. “But pretty much all the other teen moms were there, including Farrah [Abraham], so have fun watching them.” 

“…with one or both of your eyes!”

Jenelle added that with her “anxiety being so bad lately, it’s probably best I didn’t go.” 

After another person commented that David probably wouldn’t have allowed Jenelle to go to the reunion without him, Jenelle insisted again that she was the one who “wanted David to go,” before complaining that David didn’t get to join the other dads from the franchise who were invited to attend. 


Reply to @lacybeems actually @easondavid is the voice of reason sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“ … come to find out, they did like, a little dad filming, too, so all the dads went, they got to take a little vacation,” she said. “Umm, Ashley [Jones’] baby daddy [Bar Smith] got to go, so everyone got to go. Except David.  

“I reckon I’ll just stay back and go to ‘work’ while all you fancy filmin’ people party in a clean swimmin’ pool and sip your dang umbrella drinks.”

“But see, I wasn’t asking David to be involved with filming or participating, I was literally wanting him there for support, that’s all,” she continued. “He doesn’t want to deal with all that bulls**t, trust me. And that’s where, ya know, MTV and David butt heads. I’m willing to do pretty much anything for them when it came down to it, but David was there to put his foot down and be like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s reevaluate all of this.’

“So yeah, thank God for David,” she concluded– with a straight face, no less. 

Literally all of us when Jenelle says “Thank God for David…”

After hearing Jenelle single out her baby daddy in the video, Ashley took to her Instagram Story to respond.

“Someone tell Jenelle that yes my HUSBAND was invited …. Because people actually wanted him there …. sorry sis,” she wrote.

Ashley followed up the message with some self-promotion for her Aries Beauty Studio, as well as some A+ level trolling. She turned Jenelle being ‘uninvited’ into a coupon code for her business.

“Anyways y’all, don’t forget to book with @ariesbeautystudio,” she wrote. “Leave code: uninvitedjenelle in the notes section of the checkout page for 30 percent off your booking.” 


The ‘Teen Mom 2’ newbie also shared a warning to anyone else thinking of coming for her or her husband. 

“Any time a b*tch speak on me, imma turn her name into a coupon code,” she wrote. 

(Oh, and for the record, Ashley’s “uninvitedjenelle” code was apparently a big hit among her fans.) 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jenelle and David have been publicly calling for Bar and Ashley to be fired from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. Back in June 2020, David publicly demanded that MTV boot the couple— who were on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant at the time– because Ashley and Bar had accused Jenelle and David of being racist  in response to Jenelle posting a video claiming the opposite.  

Naturally, David didn’t know Ashley and Bar (and even mistakenly called Bar “Barbara” because…David…)

“Whoever Ashley and Barbara is [MTV] needs to fire them too!”

This will never NOT be funny…

Anyway, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’–—NOT featuring ‘uninvited’ Jenelle and David but featuring Ashley and Barbara Bar–– premieres January 11 on MTV. 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; TikTok; Instagram) 


  1. Because Jenelle, all the other cast dads are normal people. Your husband is crazy, homophobic and dangerous. Nobody wants him around. He has destroyed you and all your future possibilities

    1. Hi Janele!
      Nice to see you trolling here as well, suppose you have all that free time tho!
      Keep on then.

      SO IS BAR!

      Neither one of them have been FIRED from the show & sure don’t constantly slander MTV when being paid ridiculous amounts of $$ for minimal effort (filming) because they are mature, respectful and appreciative of their situation! They don’t want to end up unemployed for half a decade and nearing foreclosure, I would assume anyway.
      Plus they are both hilarious and entertaining to watch!
      Disrespectful abusive trash isn’t, especially LONG past 17 years old. Especially especially with a hoard of neglected dependents

      Team Ashley + Bar!!😘

  2. Thank God for David….that there will be no money for Christmas.
    Someone should have told David how much natty light he could have bought with this check.

  3. This girl is delusional and bitter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because we know she reads these comments – Jenelle, it’s over. you’re trash that hit the lotto and you blew it. You chose a dud of a “huzzbin” and your addiction to drugs and drama have ruined your life. The best you can hope for is to cut the loser lose, get yourself clean, get yourself in therapy, get your children therapy and get yourself a real job. Not as an influencer…not as a vlogger…podcaster…like an actual 9 to 5 job. It will be hard but it will be the best thing for you. Learn how to take care of yourself and learn how to let go of this notion that you’re famous. There is a massive difference between famous and infamous. Please learn it and then move on.

  4. She really sat there and said, out of her mouth, that the TM2 girls were afraid of her, but in the same breath said that she wanted David there just in case something popped off. Sounds to me, like she’s afraid of them.

    1. Sounds to me like Janel was ALREADY trying to find a way to GET OUT OF FILMING!
      EXACTLY like she did the last 2 seasons of TM2 she was PAID to be on but didn’t even have enough footage to air…for $450k!

      Between pre-complaining about her self-diagnosed “terminal illnesses”, demanding her own schedule and accommodations (let’s be real, she is in no place to be demanding, or even negotiating, ANYTHING!) she was OBVIOUSLY setting the stage to have a free vacation with her huzben while collecting a paycheque (for the first time in 5y) disguised as an ATTEMPT to film but the other girls would be to blame for her staying in bed & ordering room service on MTVs dime!
      PRECISELY as she did for the last 2 seasons of her (very short) “career”(🤣😂😆)

      I wonder if she has started to realize how good she HAD it and how those days will NEVER come again!!
      Judging by her boasting about her TEENAGE druggie body she still clearly lives in her golden days…the days she was strung out on dope and has previously admitted she wasn’t happy…but that was when she was pretending to accept her obesity. Her fleeting stance truly depends on the day and what agenda she is trying to push in that moment, we know it will change before the next beer is cracked.

  5. Bar’s brother is doing life for a murder in California. They should bring back Bar’s crazy mother. It might help with the ratings!

  6. Jenelle, DAVID IS THE PROBLEM. She acts like his this innocent teddy bear and not the disgusting abusive thug that he is. For someone who talks about how much “happier” they are since they’ve been off the show, she sure does act very bitter she was FIRED.

    And why is she bringing up Bar?? Bar got to go on the vacation, but David didn’t? Bar has never threatened the cast and crew with violence, murdered the family pet, popped Ashleys collar bone, pistol whipped a friend, or done a quarter of what David has done. Why does this buffoon always come for Ashley? You’d think Jenelle would have learned her lesson by now, because every time she comes for Ashley, Ashley drags her for filth.

  7. I completely understand wanting an escape route from the shit show. The problem was she expected MTV to foot David’s bill- airfare, room and board.

    I’ll give her this– she’s got balls. Audacity.

    If she had half a brain, she could have had a paycheck out of this.

    If she had a full brain she never would have gotten into this mess in the first place.

    1. You’re giving her too much credit. Jenelle has zero balls, and the audacity comes from her utter delusion. She’s as bad in her delusions about David as Portwood is in her “I’m a damn good mom” delusions.

      1. Lol you’re probably right!

        I know I wouldn’t have dared ask but I’m not that big of a dumbass!

        Amber and Jenelle are on par with Farrah and Kail as far as needing a clue and reality check.

  8. Jenelle is a complete moron. Her lack of self awareness is staggering. Jenelle is a grown ass adult who should be fully capable of doing things without the “support” of her psycho husband. No one is scared of David or Jenelle, it is just that no one likes either of you.

    I am not a fan of Ashley or Bar but damn that coupon code is absolutely hilarious! She literally just made money off of Jenelle’s stupidity!😆

    1. He shot and killed the family dog, after he beat the poor thing to a pulp in front of the children.
      That’s one reason people never want to see him, work with him or have him anywhere near them.

    1. And none of them except swamp trash have slandered MTV (a company that was paying them 200x their worth! At minimum! Proven by their minimal (and declining) income over the last few years) or BEEN FIRED!

      Why wouldn’t they??
      Janeles delusions are still running strong!
      She has not matured a day past her first episode and although TRASHINESS was entertaining as a CHILD when it DOESNT HURT KIDS OR ANIMALS, her lack of insight and failure to become an adult despite being nearly 30YEARS old & having a hoard of neglected dependents IS NOT FUNNY OR ENTERTAINING! IT IS HORRIFYING ABUSE!
      NO ONE wants to see that on their TV, including MTV!

  9. Bar doesn’t have a history of slashing balloons with a knife during reunions. David genuinely frightens the other TM cast members and the general public.

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