Kail Lowry Claims Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Had Sex With Briana DeJesus After Chris Files Affidavit Supporting Briana in Defamation Lawsuit

And the battle of pettiness continues…

The never-ending drama between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus continued this week after Kail accused Briana of having sex with Chris Lopez, the father of Kail’s two youngest sons.  This accusation came after Chris stated in a recently filed court affidavit that he spent time with Briana in Miami in April 2021 and, while there, he told Briana some info about an incident in which Kail allegedly broke into Chris’ mother’s house and assaulted him. 

In the court affidavit filed by Chris and obtained by Starcasm, Chris confirms that he hung out with Bri in-person; that he spilled information to her about the incident; and that Kail (and her nanny) are lying in their testimony. He stated that the nanny was in the car at the time of the incident and that the nanny “could not have witnessed any of the events [she stated that she did] if she was not there.” 

As The Ashley told you back in July, Kail is suing her longtime nemesis Briana over statements she made about Kail in an interview with a clickbait site, as well as on Instagram Live. During the interview in question– which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9– Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother. 

Kail denied Briana’s assault and breaking-and-entering claims. In response, Briana claimed to have gotten some of the information she revealed on Instagram Live that night from Chris himself.

While Briana’s attorney went on to file a motion in August to have the case thrown out, the judge is not scheduled to rule on that motion until January, and according to Starcasm, Briana’s attorney is adding to the argument before then– with Chris’ help. 

“Oh sure, NOW you’re willing to help.”

The site reports that on November 24, a Notice of Filing Supplemental Evidence was filed by Bri’s attorney, and that supplemental evidence happened to consist of a two-page affidavit from Chris. Within his declaration, Chris claimed he and Briana met in Miami “on or around April 11, 2021” and spent “a few days there together.” 

This seems to be a shared mindset for all parties involved.

Chris went on to claim that during their Miami rendezvous, he spoke to Briana about the incident that had occurred between he and Kail in September 2020. 

“I told Briana that Kailyn punched me multiple times during this incident,” Chris claimed. “I told Briana that Kailyn punched me because Kailyn was mad that I cut our son Lux’s hair. I told Briana that Kailyn learned of Lux’s haircut when she visited my mother’s home on September 4, 2020 to pick up Lux … .

“I told Briana that upon learning of Lux’s haircut, Kailyn became very upset, stormed into my mother’s home, and began to punch me,” the affidavit continued. “I told Briana that I did not fight back and continued to allow Kailyn to hit me.”

Briana while Chris talked about Kail…probably.

Chris claimed to have also told Bri that either his mother or sister pulled Kail away from him during the alleged attack and then Kail was told to leave. Chris also said he told Bri that he called the cops once Kail left his mother’s home. 

Chris’ affidavit goes on to dispute testimony presented from their son’s nanny, whom he claims “was not there” during the incident. 

“She was outside, in a car, and could not have observed any of the events that took place in the house,” Chris stated. “Her testimony of being an eyewitness is a lie. She could not have witnessed any of the events if she was not there.” 

“…and ditto for my nanny.”

While a judge may ultimately toss the defamation lawsuit next month, Kail kept the feud going this week by accusing Briana and Chris of hooking up, seemingly based on the Miami details Chris revealed in his affidavit.    

The allegation came Monday as Kail was doing a Q&A session with fans on her Instagram Story. Among the questions Kail received was one regarding Briana’s brief relationship with Javi Marroquin– Kail’s ex-husband and the father of her second-oldest son, Lincoln.

Kail may or may not have used this photo as a dartboard at some point…

While Kail left Javi out of her response, she went on to accuse Briana of sleeping with Chris– aka “the third one”–back in April. 

“I don’t know what you’re trying to say but she allegedly f**ked the third one in April so go ask all of them,” Kail wrote. 

Kail’s accusation comes just days after Chris announced the birth of his third son– his first child with someone other than Kail.

UPDATE! In a series of tweets, Briana seems to be denying that she had sex with Chris, as Kail stated.

“I see a lot of BS online,” Bri wrote in since-deleted tweets. “Stop trying to change the narrative and point your finger now that your true colors are coming out. Stop worrying about other ppl and what they got going on. Focus on urself honey bun.

“And to answer everyone’s question, no I did not do anything of that sort. But don’t tempt me tho.”

“Soooo…WaWa in 10? Or…no?”

She later replied to someone who asked her about Chris.

“This is getting out of hand. Leave that poor man alone… me as well.”

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59 Responses

  1. That Briana, is low and Kail, is too. They don’t like each other bc they are both alike. I have been watching them from day one. I don’t judge but when you are in the public’s eye, we judge you. And both are some easy young woman. You can look at them and they drop they’re drawers. Briana, shouldn’t even want Kail’s, baby daddy’s can’t get your own except by trying to force them to be daddy’s. Y’all need to grow up forget about men and focus on loving yourself.

  2. Wow Brianna is gutter trash she is obsessed with kail and I don’t get why both their man pickers suck and they both love the bottom of the barrel good job guys you both look desperate.

  3. I absolutely believe they did. Bri has made it her mission to get at Kail through men and Chris will do anything. That doesn’t erase Kails garbage but I still think it’s true.

  4. Whether they did or did not is irrelevant. Kail is ONLY pointing fingers to draw attention away from the fact that Chris has outed her as an abuser. He has gone on record to confirm his side of this altercation and she’s pissed.

  5. Can y’all imagine being Kail’s nanny? Her kids aren’t bad, but having her as a boss seems unimaginably stressful.

  6. I mean…I wouldn’t put that past Briana, we all know how much she loves Kails SLOPPY seconds…I mean you don’t get much more sloppy than sleeping with your coworkers ex(s), but Kail loves throwing stones in her glass house.

  7. Ugh, these three are messier than fingerpainting day at kindergarten.

    It’s funny how they almost brag about the most classless things grown people with children and bills can do. Im embarrassed for them.

    Not one of them knows how to take the high road. But Briana is the most wrong, because she just LOVES to insert herself into other folks business — for a storyline! This, from a girl who still can’t set up a house alone or make a decision without her mommy and sister. Fix your own home before you go shit in someone elses.

    In the end…. All three of you get off the internet, youre fucking up your kids lives!

  8. I’m surprised that Kail’s ‘poor single mum doing it alone’ narrative has come undone now the Nanny’s officially mentioned after being hidden as ‘friend of Kail’ on the show ?

  9. I love how Kail-pectate slanders someone and she is right in doing so. But to slander someone you are suing for slander takes a special kind of stupidity. 🙂

    1. Nm. I just realized what she was trying to say. Briana slept with the third baby daddy. It took me a minute.

  10. They swap way too much. Ha Ha Kail. What’s good for you is good for Chris too. I wonder how many babies Chris will have? The WaWa isn’t satisfying Kail anymore.

  11. Is anyone else loving this mess?
    Best drama to come out of TM2 since Javi was banging someone in the laundry.
    Props to Kail for always providing the mess.
    I hope Bri and Chris did get it on. And it was hot as hell.
    Because I’m sick of the “all hail Kail” narrative that Kail tries to spin while she talks shit about Chris.
    She is no better. Kail probably put the hard word on Devoin.
    I can’t wait till “Kail is always right” is proven WRONG in court.
    Clean up your mess Kail, instead of creating more.

    Those poor boys.
    And Vee. Starting to think she’s the Kristina of TM2.

  12. Brianna’s obsession with Kailyn is kinda scary to be honest. What kind of person would go spend “a few days” with the baby daddy of the woman you hate? Was she just digging for information? Was she just hooking up with him to piss off Kailyn? They don’t know each other, don’t live in the same state and their only connection is Kailyn. Say what you want about Kailyn but Brianna is super creepy…

    1. Bri acts obsessed with Kail. First she sleeps with Javi and then Chris. No way they “spent a few days together” and didn’t hook up. She’s pure trash!

  13. Brianna is trash. She has two kids to worry about and shouldn’t be spending her time hanging out with Kails ex’s. Pathetic.

      1. You just answered your own question. Kail hung out with Devoin, didn’t meet up with him in another city to spend a few days together. He came on her podcast, with his Girlfriend! That’s totally different than Bri sleeping with Chris. And I don’t care what anyone says, no way they spent days together and didn’t sleep together.

  14. So Chris had already knocked up another woman with “the third one” while he was hooking up with Briana in April. These people are sooo gross and horrible role models for their children.

      1. Lol. Was you in the bed with them?

        You raised a sorry, sorry pos ma’am. I mean dude.

        I get confused bc you act like a female all up in here with your feelings hurt.

        Thats not how men act but then again, gotta be a man to raise a man which explains why Chris is a deadbeat loser.

        1. Smh your words can’t & wont hurt me. But what I will do is I’m definitely going to pray for u!! All that Ill will u have inside isn’t good!!! I’m not sure if your a religious person or not but u need a 1 on 1 with him ask him to remove that darkness your holding on to!! I’m going to keep u in my prayers. Thanks & God bless u!!!

          1. Lol

            Keep changing your username.

            You cant dispute a single word I said so you changed the subject.

          2. U are really coming out of pocket but I realize it’s coming from a child that’s hurting!! Or your really in need of a lot of attention!!!
            I never asked u if u wanted me to pray for u did I? NO!!! I said “I WILL BE PRAYING FOR U!!” It’s not your choice but it is my obligation!!!!!
            God bless u!!!

          3. Please support those babies, emotionally and financially. They should not have to be supported by strangers. With all due respect, your family, and their mothers family’s should be footing their bills, and emotional stability. I will pray for them, because it is my responsibility. Financially, it is up to you and yours. God bless.

  15. Omg Kail is so messy. She needs all the attention, even negative. THE KIDS WILL SEE YOUR PETTY BS ONE DAY- so will their friends. She’s gonna make it real hard for her sons to find a decent partner!

  16. They are all petty as hell. It’s embarrassing that these are adults with children. They run to social media and talk shit about each other constantly. Grow up already.,

    1. Your basing your opinion of my son off of FALSE NARRATIVES!!! My son is not a “SLUT” at all!!! He’s a great son, father, big brother & friend. U wouldn’t know that cause u never tried to get the whole story. U would rather believe what the media & MTV feeds u & swear it’s golden when it’s far from it. It’s more like silver painted gold!! Just research before u go believing everything!! U have a blessed night!!!!

      1. Tell them Momma Lopez! I don’t know how y’all deal with Kail. I get she’s the boys’ mother, but please encourage Chris to get his rights filed with the courts because she seems to be so bitter and vindictive towards your son.

        1. ???????? I’m sorry but it’s funny cause I’m his father not mom.????
          Thank u anyway. Have a blessed night Ma.

          1. Can u say THIRSTY or ATTENTION SEEKER!!!!

          2. Yeah well whoever it is, lol! We are going off Kail’S perspective of him and the narrative she wants to create with her platform. Whatever Daddy she’s pissed with she makes them the enemy. Kail is a Karen and for a dude like Chris that can cost him his life. Deadbeat or not, she’s doing so much damage. She wants him to want her, she wants him dependent on her. When dude decide he’s ready to get himseld together, God Forbid his potential employer google his name, she’ll be stuck taking care of them herself anyways. Put on the big girl panties and raise the boys. They’ll form their own opinion about Chris, she need to focus on grinding for them.

          3. @Zen
            I understand & for the most part agree with the majority of what your saying. I appreciate your comment & would like thank & commend u for the tactful & respectful way u went about voicing your feelings & opinion.
            Thank u & God bless u!!!

      2. Your son knocked up Kail for a second time when he already knew what kind of person she was. And now he has a third child with another woman. He should get a vasectomy considering he doesn’t like wearing a rubber

      3. No. We see Chris for EXACTLY who he is.

        He thought getting with Kail was a come up. That backfired big time.

        Now he’s desperate for money and signed on bc he has 3 kids he’s financially unable to support on food stamps and medicaid alone.

        Grown ass man. Get a damn job. Stop having all these illegitimate kids you cannot afford. Grow up.

        1. Again u have no clue what your talking about but it’s ok we are all human & made of the flesh & will always fall short from the cross. So if u choose to believe everything u read that’s your prerogative. God bless u sis & I’ll be praying for u!!!
          Have a blessed night…

          1. I dont want you to pray for me.

            Pray for your worthless son to get a clue.

            Pray for those babies that your son and his women are HURTING.

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