‘Teen Mom 2’ Ratings Plummet to Lowest Lows Ever: A Look at the Season 10 Numbers So Far

Apparently not cool enough to get people to watch…

Teen Momhas hit an all-time low.

The long-running MTV reality show’s 10th season has taken quite a hit in terms of ratings since it premiered in September, but the last three episodes’ ratings were among the worst the show has ever had.

Once a ratings powerhouse for MTV that consistently brought in 1 million-plus numbers each week, ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been slipping in its ratings over the past few seasons, but Season 10 has brought it to new lows, with three of the last six episodes dipping well under 600,000 viewers.

According to Showbiz Daily, Tuesday’s episode was the second-worst rated episode of the show ever, coming in with only 560,000 viewers and ranking No. 11 on the list of Original Cable Telecasts.

Oh believe me….it can…

To date, the worst-ranked episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired on November 24 and had only 541,000 viewers watching the antics of Leah MesserJade ClineChelsea HouskaBriana DeJesus and Kail Lowry.

(To provide some perspective on just how low those numbers are, most of the episodes from Season 9 had ratings in the high 700’s or low 800’s. The episodes from Season 9A— which was the last one to feature Jenelle Evans— typically had ratings in the 900’s.) 

The season’s earlier episodes ranked slightly higher. The premiere episode on September 1 garnered a respectable 806,000 viewers and ranked fourth for the night’s original cable telecasts. The ratings stayed between 600,000 and 700,000 until October 27, when they plummeted to 544,000. 

Kail describing this season…

‘Teen Mom 2’ has always been the highest-rated show in the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, surpassing Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant every season. It remains to be seen if ‘TM2’ will remain in the top spot, as both ‘OG’ and ‘Young and Pregnant’ have new seasons on the horizon. While ‘Teen Mom OG’ saw some low numbers during its most-recent season, the lowest-rated ‘OG’ still brought in over 100,000 more viewers than the lowest-rated ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 episode. 

While ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been picked up for a 10B season, the show is about to lose one of its most-popular original cast members— Chelsea. As The Ashley recently reported, Chelsea will be replaced by Ashley Jones next season.

Yes, but it also for ratings…

To read The Ashley’s recaps of the current season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here! 

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  1. [* Shield Security plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    It makes no sense why they would remove Janelle .who is evidently doing way better than the one they replaced her with jade all she dose is yell and scream at everyone even her poor little girl poor things birthday was destroyed because she can’t control her anger her most and dad are addicts her husband’s an abusive addict the way he was handling the little girl on the last episode was sickening. I honestly think some of the girls made way worse mistakes Janelle never went to prison or attack David unlike someone else why should she be punished for David’s mistakes 🤔 she can’t control what he did .back in the day if an animal on a farm injured there leg or bit someone they were put down no one said anything about it I am not saying its ok as that brok my heart I am just say I do think Janelle evens has gotten the raw end of the dill I liked her very much and I am proud of her for how far she’s came she had a ruff childhood dont any of you remember how much her momma screamed at her she could do no right I love her mom I just think it was her drinking issue that caused her to act that way Janelle has come along ways from her teen years its unfair to portrait her as so bad because of her past I think ratings have dropped since you added jade and Briana bring back the originals and I bet your ratings go back up .give Janelle a break stop tearing her down she’s been threw hell and back and stayed strong she fought like crazy and got her babys back. She’s shown the most change I think and is one of my favorites I still watch some but not like I used too bring Janelle evens back and ill be back 100 percent. Love you Janelle evens your amazing.

  2. When “16 & Pregnant” started, I was a die hard fan, I never missed an episode. I followed it faithfully until it was no longer about young Moms struggling to raise children & was suddenly all about Moms who became wealthy just for having babies in their teens & don’t do ANYTHING but get plastic surgery, b*tch about their 5 different baby daddies, buy homes & think their sh*t don’t stink. MTV paid them WAAYYY too much money & now nobody cares to watch the brats that MTV has created. My Sisters, nieces & friends all used to watch weekly, it was “our show” but now nobody I know has watched for years. Sorry MTV but I think it’s time to can this show & quit trying to grasp onto the last tiny bit of audience that you can, it’s just not there anymore. Also maybe stop paying these girls $300,000+ per episode RIDICULOUS! It changed everyone, I mean look what you’ve created with Farrah 🤮 She has always been a b*tch but you throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at her for nothing was just adding fuel to the fire
    🎶 LET IT GO 🎶

    1. I agree if they had capped it at 50-75K per year it would have given them enough financial stability for it to be worth it to keep filming but they wouldn’t have been living extravagantly and would have had to go to school and try and get real jobs. It would have given a semi-realistic view of what life for young moms was like and would still be interesting. The absurd wealth they have now makes it completely unrelatable.

    2. AMEN!!!!!! The show lost its meaning years ago when it turned from struggling teen moms to moms now in their twenties with a disposable income. It’s absolutely disgusting!!

    3. Preach. Years ago it did seem unfair that the Jersey Shore bozos were making six figs while the TM girls weren’t being paid nearly as much. In a way it made sense to equalize the pay, but the result was exactly what you described – entitled brats constantly spending on plastic surgery, new McMansions, and shiny new Chevy Suburbans. Maybe they should have just switched out the cast every couple of years before the women could become wealthy and out of touch with reality.

  3. I’m like everyone else cancel this show I don’t even watch it unless there is absolutely nothing else on TV. They’ve all made their money and living comfortably and also not paying their taxes 😒. Are we even sure Jade is sober?? A couple of episodes ago I watched a bit of the show and saw how annoyed both Jade & Sean was annoyed with their daughter that’s a bit heartbreaking. Love the recaps Ashley and that’s how I catch up with this show.

  4. It’s time to flush this turd, you know it, I know it, Chelsea knew it, Kails hungry, Leah is stoned, Jade is horrible, Bri is too busy looking for new D.

    stay lit

  5. It’s honestly not as entertaining as it used to be, and I don’t think bringing this Ashley girl from Y&P is going to help the ratings at all, just like Jades arrival didn’t help. If MTV were smart they would’ve added one of the new 16&Pregnant girls, but they didn’t, and with the cast they have now, I give it 2 more seasons. And BTW, if MTV decides to replace Ashley with a 16& pregnant girl to get more ratings on Y&P, I’m still probably not gonna watch Y&P.

  6. This show sucks now. I fast forward thru everyone but Kailyn only because her kids are so cute. I cant stand watching Jade and Sean scream at each other in front of Kloie. Jade is not a maternal person at all.

  7. Well who would have guessed it would be boring to watch a bunch of entitled women quarantine 🙄. COVID will probably be the death of many reality TV shows, we are all bored ourselves, we don’t want to watch other people be bored too

  8. I stopped watching when MYV decided to keep Amber after she assaulted Matt. And I stopped watching 2 because it’s boring.

    The girls are almost 30 and are wealthy. The show started off as a way to show young mothers struggle. It was nice seeing them grow into women, find happiness, etc. But it’s run it’s course. Now they’re just reality tv stars who get into it with their baby daddy’s. It’s the same thing every year.

  9. Time is up on all these girls. They are pretty much boring now all we see is them buying new houses and cars.The show has been despicable in the sense showing how being irresponsible is rewarding.

  10. Well who would have guessed it would be boring to watch a bunch of entitled women quarantine 🙄. COVID will probably be the death of many reality TV shows, we are all bored ourselves, we don’t want to watch other people be bored too

  11. Truth is, a show about near-30 year olds calling themselves “Teen Moms” gets to be a little absurd. Especially when longtime viewers who used to watch the struggling girls of 16 &Pregnant, now tune in to see “grown ass women” squeezing out more babies, building homes, and buying new cars and designer handbags.

    Yes, bitching and moaning about “no good baby daddies” might hold a viewer’s attention for a while. But needless to say, it does get a bit old —in the long run.

    If I’m being honest, on Tuesday nights sometimes I even forget this show is on.

    Just saying.

  12. I am not above snarking on this show and am here for it. But that said, I find it interesting that the last few episodes have dipped. Isn’t that when the pandemic started being featured? I wonder if people just don’t want to see it play out bc we’re still living it and many could be triggered for it. Love them or hate them but the show is a trashy escape for many and maybe now it’s hitting too close to home? Trust me, I’m on the other commenters side as most of these girls have not grown and the original concept is so far removed from how it plays out today. But that’s been the case for SEASONS. So I’m curious if other reasons are at play here 🤔

  13. Its because of ratchet white trash behavior,stds,baby daddy druggie no job issues,and leah basically saying hey i lied about my whole story line..oops i really was a drug addict and had an abortion,that doesnt empower her she looks dumb.Brianna is gross and looks for wrong men.Jade is emotionally unstable,one day can pass and she forgets all that went down shoves it under the rug.Kail just ruined her path by thinking it would be fine to bring a thug in her first two boys life..um no.janelle and farrah are NOT the answer.Fire them all and start over.yuck.And chelseys replacement wow..not good…

  14. The cast has lost touch with reality, it’s no longer showing what teen motherhood is like. The teen moms I know are not living like these girls. I watched religiously, I know all that’s happened because of Instagram. I don’t need to hear them whine about xyz, when there are real problems in the world. The entitled attitudes is gross now.

  15. we all know why ratings are down. Jenelle is gone. She was easily the most entertaining cast member.

    fuck boring ass chelsea, save that dumb bullshit for hgtv. but chelsea doesn’t have any actual sense of style or interior design, so maybe not.

  16. There are several reasons why the ratings have dropped and will never consistently stay high again. 1. The lives of the original girls in no way represent the experiences of what a normal teen mom would like like ten years on. Chelsea (insufferable) just buys huge plots of land and builds mega mansions on them, Kail (also insuffarable) is just a disgusting mess and always seems to have a trout-pout and holier than though attitude, Leah (even though she seems like a very sweet person) sponsors trips to the equator for any and everybody, is footing the bill for at least half of her extended family and has a different junk-filled suv every season. 2. The cast is downright unlikeable. With the exception of Chelsea and Leah, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with any of them. 3. The general consensus is that it’s time to move on. The franchise could move on and be great with a whole new cast/clean slate showing the real life struggles of non-famous real life teen moms.

  17. There’s only so much drama that a reality show can give before it burns out. Honestly, I’m surprised it made it this far. They are no longer Teen Mom’s (although some continue to act as if they are 16 and pregnant even though they are 26 at this point).

    How many baby daddies can you really have?

    1. How many cars,suv,trucks,vans do 2 people need?
      Lets talk about how much money they make and still don’t pay their taxes. Isn’t that what sent Mike from Jersey Shore to jail?

  18. So sorry not sorry, I do like to see Chelsea at the moment when she’s not blabbering on about Adam. Seeing her build the house has been an interest of mine.
    I wish they took in someone new rather that Ashley. A 16 and pregnant girl- the current season of that has had interring stories that I would like to follow. Ashley will bring the exact drama we know which along with jade is just screaming people.

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