‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Renewed for Season 2 Despite Low Ratings: Here’s What We Know So Far

When you learn that you’ll get another show to wear your Fashion Nova dresses on…

The stars of the Teen Mom Franchise are getting yet another free vacation.

Deadline broke the news on Wednesday that Teen Mom Family Reunion has been greenlit for a second season. The ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off, which is currently airing on MTV, brought stars from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 together to drink, fight, and do therapy…or something.

As The Ashley has previously reported, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ has failed to garner the ratings that MTV had likely hoped for. This week’s episode— which featured drama surrounding the return of Farrah Abraham— only brought in a measly 363,000 live viewers. That’s down from the week before, which had 381,000 viewers. (The show’s premiere is the highest-rated episode to date, with 463,000 viewers.)

“‘Cause it looks like I’m gonna need a babysitter for Round 2!”

The cast of Season 1 only includes girls and guys from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’ As The Ashley told you, some of the cast from Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant was flown out to California to appear on Season 1; however, they were sent right back home without filming.

One source tells The Ashley that they are definitely interested in bringing some of the ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast in for Season 2.

“Several of the [Young & Pregnant] girls have issues with Ashley [Jones, who appears on Season 1],” a source told The Ashley. “They need some new faces to make this interesting.” 

I mean…not that this isn’t riveting TV and all…

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry declined to participate, as did ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. (The Baltierras declined because they had just welcomed their daughter Rya.)

Mackenzie McKee was not invited to ‘Family Reunion,’ and has claimed that MTV lied to her about the show to keep her from going. It’s unknown if she and the others will appear on Season 2.

One person who will not be back is Farrah. After the Backdoor Teen Mom was greeted with a less-than-kind welcome by the cast members, Farrah swore off ever doing any more ‘Teen Mom’ shows. 

“But I’m free! Just tell me where and when and I’m there, guys!”

Season 1 was filmed near San Diego, California; however, it is unlikely that the same location will be used for Season 2, given all of the problems the production caused for locals

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available! 

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  1. They’re holding out for Jenelle.
    But that disgusting Sasquash will never let her off the Land to do it without him, he’s so full of himself.

  2. Lets just have Debz OG, Farrah, Michael, Jenelle, Babs, and UBT and just let them all battle it out Hunger Games style. I’d watch!

  3. My guess is that they’ll probably cancel teen mom og/2 (maybe y&p too) and replace them with this. I mean it kind of makes sense, MTV is more in control of the drama this way and they only have to film at one location for a week or so.

  4. Honestly imagine a Teen Mom family reunion show but it’s like survivor or big brother and they have to vote each other out. I’d watch.

  5. How low will mtv let the ratings go? It’s almost a game of limbo at this point with all the “TM” shows and spinoff.

    “We love to do the number limbo, as we go under…”

  6. Why oh why does MTV continue to beat this dead horse? If crazy Farrah couldn’t lift ratings, all hope is gone. Put the Teen Mom shows out to pasture. The girls are around 30 or over and are incredibly boring.

  7. won’t be surprised if mtv finally gives in to jenelle and she brings david to a different hotel just for more drama and more ratings. i hope they wont

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