‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Jenni Farley, Deena Cortese & Snooki Respond After Angelina Pivarnick Denies Leaking Infamous Wedding Roast to Press

Here we go again…

There’s a fresh feud a-‘brewin between the gals of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Angelina Pivarnick‘s co-stars— Jenni Farley, Deena Cortese and Nicole Polizzi— blasted her on Wednesday after The Sun released a report stating that it was Angelina who released the bombshell audio of their bridesmaid speech given at Angelina’s 2019 wedding to Chris Larangeira. The speech— which had the girls “jokingly” trashing Angelina— caused a lot of conflict between the cast and ultimately led to Nicole leaving ‘Family Vacation’ for a while. 

The Sun‘s report stated that Angelina leaked her co-stars’ wedding toast online in an effort to “make them look bad.”

The report claims that Angelina told Chris (who recently filed for divorce from her) that she was the one behind the leak. 

“It wasn’t ME! It was obviously some OTHER girl named Angelina!”

Although Angelina denied the report— reposting the link to the story and writing “LIES”— Jenni, Deena and Nicole weren’t buying it. All three took to Twitter, with some commenting that Angelina had sworn to them that she wasn’t the person who released the damaging audio back in November 2019. 

(The audio was originally leaked to clickbait site Champion Daily.) 

“To think she swore on her animals lives she didn’t leak it,” Deena wrote. “I feel like this friendship we have has been based on a lie.. I’ve been there for her…and now I know she deliberately did something to hurt me ..makes me sad. unfortunately I know the source n know it is in fact true.

“I’m over it,” Deena continued. “..started a friendship with her .. but unfortunately was lied to numerous times .. and am truly hurt by her .. the truth is out now .. we know she leaked it.. and we started a friendship on a lie .. at the end of the day you can’t be close to everyone.”

Nicole—who claimed in 2020 that the show’s producers made them give the cruel speech— brought up the fact that the situation weighed heavily on her mentally.

“Damn this hurts. I had to take a mental break from this show because I truly thought I ruined her wedding and hurt her,” Nicole tweeted. “We’ve all been there for her trying to make things right and this s**t hurts.”

Jenni cut right to the point in her tweet.

“Just stop @angelinamtvjs your own husband told us you did this… please just stop,” she tweeted. 

Angelina has yet to respond back to their tweets…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Angelina is a snake. She straight up lied about Vinny getting a girl pregnant. I have no sympathy for her at all.

  2. Karma is making her rounds. Angelina made her way to the ”top” by stepping on all her co stars, friends, and family. Time for the fall.

  3. Whether or not she leaked it doesn’t matter. The girls are just mad that they look bad shitting on someone on their wedding day. And why is it Angelina’s fault when they agreed to do it?? So crazy. Some people never get tired of being the victim. I would!

  4. So what if she did? They were total mean girls, so they deserved the backlash…

    …are they really trying to be the victims here?

    1. How I see it is: If they were really “friends” as all three claim (they were never btw, it was all fake), they wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Regardless if anyone asked them to do it. You don’t make a toast like that if you respect them. (except if you’re really good friends who know you are joking because that’s “your thing” This was never a thing between these four) PERIOD.

      Even if she leaked it…so? You got exposed ladies, the audio wasn’t fake!

      Jenny, how’s your cheating no good fiance doing? I think it’s best that you watch who he is hitting on, he even hit on Angelina, you know.

  5. They all gave a hurtful wedding toast in bad taste. Tbh, anyone at the reception could have recorded audio and released it. Confirmation from Chris in the middle of a divorce, where Angelina apparently cheated, isn’t really solid confirmation. The toast was also recorded from a film crew.

    If Angelina did tell them a roast wedding speech was ok, then turned around and released the audio and stories to the media though. That’s messed up. I would understand why Deena, Snooki, and jwow would be upset, especially since Snooki temporarily the show over it.

  6. They were all so pretty before plastic surgery or whatever they did. They look so different it’s crazy.

  7. Aint nothing “fresh” about this cast.

    Angelina is getting a divorce bc husband found out she made a sex tape with someone else

    Are they mad it got leaked or they got caught being mean?

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