Angelina Pivarnick’s Husband Chris Larangeira Files For Divorce After Angelina “Got Close” to Someone On ‘Celebrity Shore’ Cast (Exclusive Details!)

“Obviously, we plan to exploit this split on the show for maximum publicity.”

It’s over (for good) between Angelina Pivarnick and her husband Chris Larangeria.

The Sun confirmed on Monday that Chris— who has appeared alongside Angelina on Jersey Shore Family Vacation— filed for divorce on January 22. 

While the couple’s marital problems (and lack of a sex life) have been a hot topic on the MTV reality show for more than a year, The Ashley‘s behind-the-scene sources tell her that Angelina’s actions while filming a new MTV reality show may have put the final nail in the coffin for their marriage!

“In late November and early December, Angelina was in Spain filming a ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off with cast members from the ‘Shore’ shows from around the world,” a production source tells The Ashley. “Angelina got close to one of the guys in the cast. It was well-known.” 

“Umm, I can explain?”

The Ashley’s source tells her that this situation will be addressed on the upcoming season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation.’ 

As The Ashley previously reported, Angelina filed for divorce from Chris in January 2021; however, the couple reconciled and the divorce was called off. Still, the couple— who married in November 2019— continued to have problems throughout 2021.

During an episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ that aired in August 2021, Chris shared with some of the other ‘Shore’ spouses that he sometimes wishes he and Angelina weren’t on the show and were living a normal life.

“We started dating years later, while she was an EMT. We actually got engaged before she even came back to ‘Family Vacation,’” Chris said. “We were planning on just [having] a regular family, without all this…Without that, it would be just me and Angelina and our family. We probably would have had a kid already.”

When he was asked if he wishes things could go back to how they were, before Angelina rejoined the show, Chris said he did.

“I mean, the free food and stuff is nice, but I miss the olden days!”

“You know what, sometimes I do think that,” Chris said.  “I’m almost like, without the fame, without the money, maybe it would be a little easier.”

In early January, Angelina told In Touch Weekly that she and Chris were still together and that they were “working on” their marriage.

“We’re trying …  I just have to say it has been a lot,” she told the magazine on January 6. 

Just a few weeks later, though, Chris filed for divorce. 

Angelina and Chris have yet to publicly discuss the latest divorce filing.

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(Photos: MTV) 

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  1. Angelina lives for drama. The way she “started a rumor” about Vinny getting someone pregnant and then proceeded to make it Chris’ problem with Vinny was truly a sight to see. She is manipulative and cannot admit when she is wrong, ever. Crazy does not cover it. Any sane man would run for the hills when it comes to her.

  2. Well, she has had her crazy eyes permanently focused on Vinny’s dick for YEARS now, even right in front of her husband.

    NOT an upgrade for sure. But maybe she will figure that out on her own.

    However, I’d be tempted, Vinny’s mom can COOK!!! Mmm, cutlets.

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