‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Episode Featuring Farrah Abraham Is Show’s Worst-Ranked Episode So Far

I’m not sure which is worse: the ratings or whatever the hell Farrah’s wearing here…

The Teen Mom viewers are clearly not interested in seeing Farrah Abraham.

This week’s episode of Teen Mom Family Vacation saw Farrah return to the franchise for the first time since she was fired from the show in October 2017. While the return of the Backdoor Teen Mom was heavily promoted on social media and by the cast, it appears that show’s fans were not interested in seeing Farrah’s face—whatever version she’s currently sporting– back on their TV screens. 

In fact, this week’s episode was the show’s worst-ranked episode to date! (Farrah entered at the very end of the episode, and show the cast’s surprised reactions to seeing her. She will be more-heavily featured in the next episode.)

According to Showbuzz Daily, Tuesday’s “Return of Farrah” episode of ‘Family Vacation’ brought in only 381,000 viewers. It sunk to Number 28 on the Top Original Telecasts of the night.

“I guess nothing will save this crap show. Have they considered bringing in Debz OG?”

The previous episode, which aired on Tuesday, January 25 and did not feature Farrah, actually did better in the ratings by a lot. That episode had 470,000 viewers and was ranked Number 19 on the list of Top Original Telecasts that night.

Episode 2, which aired on Tuesday, January 18 had similar ratings to Episode 3, coming in at 420,000 and ranking Number 24 on the Top Original Telecasts list for the night. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the premiere episode of ‘Family Reunion’ came in at 463,000 viewers and ranked Number 17.

The Ashley broke the news last year that many members of the ‘Family Reunion’ cast were not happy to see Farrah. (Cheyenne Floyd even flipped over furniture in anger after seeing Farrah.) Judging by the comments left on a post about Farrah on the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram account, many viewers feel the same way.


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“That’s why I’m not watching it,” one person wrote. “Farrah needs to stay away.”

“Not watching not giving Farrah any ratings,” another person wrote. 

“Uggggg! I WON’T be tuning in,” someone else commented. “You didn’t need her for the Reunion. Why fire someone and then invite her back for a Reunion?”

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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26 Responses

  1. They just need to stop adding new people. They need to remove Mackenzie with her racist, trailer trash ass! They should’ve just kept Catelynn, Maci, and Amber. All of them got some skeletons in their closet but at least none of them would do porn or sell molds of their vagina.

    1. Ain’t gonna happen. Lol. No one wants her back. Now stop trolling Duhnelle , you are supposed to be paralyzed by now ! Maybe Get off of social media, and prepare your lies for your husbands upcoming court case.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Amber is worse than Farrah? Farrah is fucked, and has ruined Sophia’s life but I’m unsure why Cheyenne would be flipping furniture over Farrah but totally cool supporting the piece of lazy trash that Amber is.

    1. That’s like comparing apples to oranges. They both are terrible mothers and human beings. They both suck for different reasons. I hate them both, and neither should have access to their children. CPS? Where the heck are you ???

  3. Idk… what exactly were they expecting? Farrah is beyond toxic. MTV has ruined these women, they keep coming back to the reality TV teet because they have no real life, muchless education or job skills.

    Cancel this nonsense and maybe do a reunion with the kids when they’re of age and agree with it. I feel bad for those still filming

  4. I loved Amber and Gary’s reactions tho. Surely this spells the end of this crap show. Even if I was curious about Farrah’s presence on this show, I would refuse to give even one viewer point to the ratings.

  5. Too bad this bitch didn’t get punched in the head and arrested for assault prior to filming, then we would not be submotted to seeing her plastic face on this show. No One wants to see her on tv again, unless it’s televised on. Court tv..

    1. Teen Mom needs to get cancelled indefinitely! It was all good when it started but every Mom let that MTV check and fame or notoriety get to their heads.

  6. What? This has little to do with Farrah (who was there for like 10 seconds) and more to do with declining viewers as the episodes go on and they’re all boring. The first one was the best bc the fight. All downhill from there.

  7. MTV lost all credibility when they didn’t fire the racist Cheyenne, so far she has said the worst thing when she said she wanted to kill white babies. Screw her, then you have Amber the domestic violence terror, fake ass Macy who makes up lies to stay relevant. Kail who doesn’t know what the word truth means. This show should have been canceled a long time ago.

  8. ngl i wouldn’t be surprised if mtv was ready to fire mackenzie to bring back farrah if this episode was a hit ?? hopefully this shows them that the fans REALLY don’t like farrah

  9. Frankly, if I wanted to see surgically altered, bad attitude, ‘look at me’ individuals, the local WalMart is just down the street. What’s next? Uncle Bad Touch, presenting “Your Pet & You” or Jelly with “Screaming at the Family can mean Love” or Nathan “How to have a baby without really trying.” Mtv is beyond clueless. They’re stupid af. Cheers, kids!

  10. Wow Cheyenne. So big and bad throwing furniture. Bet you won’t throw them fists lol.
    For such a big tough guy, she sure is easily triggered and sensitive.

    Hope everyone is watching their purses with her their boyfriend on set!!

  11. Teen mom producers are so desperate to save the show and increase the ratings, that they are willing to bring Farrah back,sad.

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