Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Marries Her Costa Rican Baby Daddy Royer Rodriguez In Small Ceremony Filmed For ‘Teen Mom 2’

“We done got hitched y’all! Mama Dawn is breakin’ out the Bologna Cake for the occasion!”

Victoria Messer is hoping the third time will be the charm when it comes to marriage.

The sister of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer announced that she got hitched on Wednesday, marrying Royer Rodriguez, the father of her third child, Cai. The small ceremony, which took place at the local courthouse, was filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

In attendance at the nuptials were Cai, Leah and her boyfriend Jaylan Mobley, as well as Victoria and Leah’s mom Dawn Spears, and the lawyer who helped get Royer to the United States. A full MTV crew, plus security also attended.

The security guard was clearly thrilled about the wedding festivities…

“It’s finally official 4L,” Victoria wrote on Instagram in the caption of ceremony photos she posted. “I can’t thank everyone enough that has supported and believed in us throughout this process and as we continue moving forward. My family is forever grateful & we look forward to an even bigger ceremony in the future. #love #marriage #family #blessed”

For her third trip down the aisle, Victoria wore a long black dress, while Royer wore jeans, boots and a sweater.


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As The Ashley previously reported, Royer came to the United States last month from his native Costa Rica after a long legal process that included Leah signing on to be Royer’s legal sponsor. Royer and Victoria wasted no time tying the knot after Royer’s arrival in the U.S.

“Congratulations sis!” Leah wrote in the comments of Victoria’s post. “You deserve this happiness and so much more. I love to see it. Ily.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Victoria met Royer in 2019 while she, Leah, Kail Lowry and others were on vacation in Costa Rica. Royer was hired to be their rafting guide… and things got, um, wet ‘n’ wild between him and Victoria afterward, with her ending up knocked up at the end of the vacation.


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She gave birth to their son, Cai in 2020. Royer was unable to attend the birth of his son, but he and Victoria have maintained their long-distanced relationship over the years,  getting engaged in Costa Rica last August.

This is Victoria’s third trip down the aisle. Her first marriage took place in April 2015 when she was 20. Victoria married Brian Jones and Leah served as the maid of honor.

Leah and Victoria at Victoria’s first wedding…

In November 2016, Victoria and Brian–who appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’— welcomed a daughter, Cami. In the spring of 2017, Victoria and Brian split, and by September 2017 she was dating Domenick Crapello. Five months later, Victoria announced she had married Domenick and was already pregnant with his child. Their daughter Cerenity was born soon after.

Victoria was still legally married but separated from Domenick when she went on the fateful Costa Rica trip in May 2019. Later that month, she filed for divorce from Domenick.  She has maintained a long-distance relationship with Royer ever since.

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28 Responses

  1. Who is that man and woman with them? Not his parents, right? Are they Teen Mom producers or something?

    Imagine how much money Leah could really have if she didn’t blow through a lot of it on drugs, Mary Kay, Lipsense, this guy….money goes FAR in WV and if she had invested it instead of all this crap…..wow. But at least she didn’t go through all of it like Jenelle did.

    I’ve hooked up with random guys on vacations before, and the thought of actually marrying and having a baby with one of them….I can’t even wrap my head around it. This whole story is just so Victoria.

    Well at least she got rid of the last name Crapello.

  2. That old wedding picture with Leah as a bridesmaid is one of the worst pictures I’ve ever seen of Leah. Was that when she was strung out on drugs?

  3. She not even 30 right? Three kids AND three husbands? I try not to judge but damn .. Wonder if she knows that it is okay to get to know the person before you have kids and marry him ?

    Anyway, the name Crapello makes me giggle everytime ???

  4. Victoria gets with dude, marries dude, gets pregnant and around a year later gets divorced and jumps to the next dude to start over. Will they be making it to 2023 or will they get a divorce by the end of this year? Stay tuned

  5. Holy. Haven’t seen Mama Dawn in a while. Ali is her twin isn’t she ?
    Not surprised everyone wore black. Seems appropriate.

  6. Leah, another bad decision with money.

    And she’s stuck. I guess Royer got what he wanted anyway, Leah supporting him for the next 10 years.

  7. let’s just hope for the sake of everyone involved that this guy isn’t an opportunist. don’t forget the mtv cameras were at the same trip where victoria hooked up with him

    1. If he is an opportunist then he isn’t a very smart one, who would leave Costa Rica (which is NOT a third world country) to move to the holler with Delta Dawn? YUCK. He’s in for a rough ride.

  8. Security for what? The throngs of fans dying for an autograph or all of Victoria’s baby daddies begging her back?

    Ok so now is Victoria responsible for dude or is it still Leah?

    And how long do we give this, given her track record and the fact she really doesn’t know this guy?

    Guess the 2 kids he abandoned in Costa Rico couldn’t make it.

    1. Leah is responsible. Victoria doesn’t meet the income requirements to sponsor a visa. If they split up Leah is still on the hook financially for him for 10 years or possibly more. Dumb on Leah’s part, shady on Victoria’s part. I predict they will be separated before July 2023.

    2. Nope, Leah will be responsible for him for 10 years, so he can’t get access gov’t programs, like food stamps/WIC, or disability, etc.

      The kicker is if he and Oreo get divorced, Leah would still be responsible for him. He could go and marry around women, and Leah would still be responsible for him.

      She’s a moron.

      1. Omg what a terrible mistake. He could have came to the US another way. Yeah it would have taken time and money, maybe his own money, but legal immigration is possible. Ppl do it all the time.

        But this isnt about him. It’s about Leah, and the huge pat on the back she gives herself for this.

        1. It’s legal.

          He just needed sponsorship. And the reason that Leah did it and not Oreo is because Oreo doesn’t make enough money to qualify for sponsorship. Like its changes, but its like you have to make like 125% over the poverty line for your household size.

          Oreo has 3 kids and I don’t know if she works, or if she just collects child support, so she was never going to qualify for that.

          And the reason he can’t access government benefits is that he can’t be a burden on the US system. So like he needs them, well that’s why you sponsored him.

    3. @my name– To be fair, all Teen Mom shoots have at least one security guard present, and have since about Season 3. But the idea of Crapello & Brian coming to the courthouse to beg Victoria to take them back did make me giggle! Delta Dawn and Grandma Sandy would have to bust out their pipes to knock the exes back! -The Ashley

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