“90 Day Fiancé” Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says She’s Addicted to Cosmetic Procedures & Her “Dream is to Have Big Breast Implants”

“Coltee is definitely going to be doing the crawling back to get back togetheree with me now.”

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is looking to make some improvements to her life, and we’re not talking about her relationship with her ex-husband Colt Johnson. 

According to Us Weekly, Larissa said her “dream is to have big breast implants,” which, according to Larissa would be her “first actual cosmetic surgery.” 

Um…it’s nice to have goals?


Fans saw Larissa have her lips injected last season on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and she’s since made a number of other enhancements along the way, revealing that she’s “addicted” to the procedures.

“As well as having my lips done, I have had injections to define my jawline, a non-surgical nose job and fillers injected into my butt to plump it up from Heather Rohrer of Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance,” she said. “I admit it —- I am addicted to cosmetic procedures.” 

Just a normal date night.

Whether or not fans will continue to see Larissa’s continued transformation, Larissa says she’s unsure. Last season, her legal woes with Colt(ee) were a constant story line, with the trial from her third arrest ending the season. 

“More than any other question, I am asked if I will continue to share my life on the show,” she said. “I don’t know. … Do the fans want to see me again? I think the answer lies with the true fans of ’90 Day Fiancé.’” 

Another question: will those “fans” even recognize her by that time if she does appear on the show again? 

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  1. I believe Larissa took it to FAR, and you can’t help but think the Plastic Surgeon reached 3 sizes to large, wanting to get his name out to the public.
    Now will he transform this pretty women to a Barbie doll that we will see on botched.
    Natural… natural.. there is a reason we don’t want to take plastic surgery to far and look like a blow up doll, that one one could pop.

  2. On the subject of “BOOBS” Is it just me or does that Chantel’s boobs get bigger every episode ; they’re just about up to her chin !

  3. I thought that if she got in trouble again after her first stint in the slammer within 12 months she would be deported …… well shes5 just done another stint ….SO WHY IS SHE STILL HERE ?

  4. I’ve heard several big breasted women say the same thing….. They suffer from back aches , shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches… why would anyone want to risk having all these problems? For the sake of what? If it’s for their own self esteem and they feel like it will make them more confident within themselves, then YEP I understand….BUT don’t ever do it to please anyone but yourself!

  5. My best friend was 4ft 2. She was naturally a D cup. She had Spina Bifida, and all of the hardware and back issues that go with it. She always wanted a breast reduction. Sadly we lost her in March of ’03.

  6. Everyone rips in Coltee, but she was sleeping with him for a green card. He lives in a nice house, has a new car with air condition lol, good job.. guess he could do fat reduction too. She really cares about her kids, what was her job in Brazil that she didn’t have a penny to her name and had to steal Debbie’s spare change ?

  7. I have natural double d’s. If I had money to spare I would get a breast reduction. Big tits are not worth it.

    1. This is often covered by insurance. My best friend had a breast reduction, and it was covered. She’d wanted it done for years, so it took some work to get insurance to cover it and some budgeting so she could meet her deductible, but definitely was worth the effort 10+ years later.

    1. Exactly, and shouldn’t she be going home to her children, or send them the money she is spending on her looks?

  8. You have anymore procedures and you will look like most of Hollywood, cheeks like a chipmunk, lips like a goldfish, and boobs like a Jersey Cow. Not only that, you will look like everyone else
    in Hollywood. The fact that you are unique looking I think is so much more beautiful and interesting. You look like no one else, that is what fans want to see. Good luck, hope you take my advice.

  9. She will be on a pole soon. What a poor excuse for a mother. More worried about lip, and ass injections, fat sucking, and breast implants than raising her 2 children. Send that bitch back. She does absolutely nothing to make our country better. She is sleeping around for a green card.

    1. none of you have a clue—your paradigm here is nothing like living in brazil. Poverty is beyond your comprehension, crime, gangs, and more. She is trying to escape that- I get it. But until you have been there and walked a mile in her shoes—you shouldn’t be so critical. I remember a dr telling me “you wouldn’t survive a day in india”. And so when I went to india I understood exactly what he was saying.

      1. Ok fair enough ….. BUT if life in Brazil was sooooooo hard why is she not sending money back to better her children’s lives …or… save the money and get her children over to America with her ???
        Are her lips , cheeks, boobs, ass and god knows what’s next…more important than her own children ?

  10. Hi, DeJesusgawdleah! Doesn’t this woman know that gigantic breasts can cause back problems? You’re right , she does need to be deported.

    1. Not only that, but once you get implants it’s recommended you get them replaced at least every 10 years to avoid issues like leaking… it isn’t just one surgery for life.

  11. Rite…a real mother would be with her kids not sleeping with random men for green card and money. She’s horrible person.

    1. Let’s let Larissa bring her kids here on Coltees dime and then let’s deport Coltie and Debbie. Win/win.

      The cats can stay.

    2. I thought that if she got in trouble again after her first stint in the slammer within 12 months she would be deported …… well shes5 just done another stint ….SO WHY IS SHE STILL HERE ?

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