Leah Messer Tells All on Kail Lowry’s Podcast! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Talks Hooking Up With Ex Jeremy Calvert & Hardships of Being on TV

“I’m spilling the tea, y’all!”

Kail Lowry welcomed a very special guest on her Coffee Convos podcast earlier this week: her (notoriously interview-shy) Teen Mom 2 co-star, Leah Messer!

Leah flew to Georgia to chat with Kail and her podcast partner Lindsie Chrisley about everything from her ex-husband(s), to her daughter Ali’s health, to her current relationship status!

The podcast episode will be posted next week, but The Ashley has pulled out some of the juicier tidbits for you to feast on until it’s out…

On her current relationship status:

“I am single AF!” Leah said. “I just now started getting back out into the dating world.”

Leah confirmed that she used to be on Tinder, but got off of it.

“Someone told me that [being on Tinder] is like putting ‘DTF’ [which stands for “Down to F**k”, by the way] on your forehead and I’m not that type of person, so I got the hell off of Tinder, and I’m never getting on any other type of dating app!”

“It’s difficult [being single with three kids],” Leah said. “It’s really challenging trying to date.”

She also said that living in West Virginia isn’t helping her dating life.

“I don’t think my ‘forever’ is in West Virginia,” Leah said.

On the rumors she’s getting back together with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert: 

“No,” Leah said at first. “I think he knows that. I mean, we’re friends and we get along great for Addie.”

When Kail asked Leah if there were any “hookups” going on between her and Jeremy, Leah definitely hesitated.

“Jeremy is a great person to co-parent with,” Leah said. “If we have a disagreement we can work through.

“I guess at first maybe I considered [getting back together with Jeremy],” Leah said. “Like, ‘If we are getting along this great, why not try it again for Addie’s sake’ but at the end of the day we weren’t happy. We didn’t do well together but we do great as friends.”

Later in the interview, however, Leah admitted that she and Jeremy have played “hide the pickle” from time to time since their divorce, especially recently. In fact, Leah confirmed that her flings with Jeremy will be a topic on the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2!’

“[We filmed about] us being like ‘We should just get back together’ and about us hooking up,” she said.

On the current state of her co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife Miranda:

“Corey and I don’t have that friendship,” Leah said. “It’s like, ‘We have kids together and there are strict rules, and that’s all we deal with. With Jeremy it’s like ‘Whatever goes…’”

Leah also discussed how she’s getting along with Corey’s wife Miranda who, years ago, she was in a brutal feud with. (Who could ever forget “The Great ‘Monkey’ Saga?!”)

Leah said things between her and Miranda are better these days.

“Yeah we get along,” Leah said of her former nemesis. “I don’t really see her very often or communicate with her. Like, we’re in a group text but I really don’t [interact] with her much.”

On the best and worst parts of being on a reality TV show: 

“I think what I like most is being able to share my story with other people and it makes a difference in their life,” Leah said.

Being on TV is not all it’s cracked up to be, however, according to Leah.

“People have opinions on how you should live your life,” Leah said. “We all learn the hard way.

“Filming isn’t always easy,” she continued. “[A dislike] is having lots of people in your house [while filming]. I enjoy the crew and you get to know people and have relationships with them. But sometimes you need your space.”

On her reaction to the last ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion (in which Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason pulled out a knife while filming a party and began popping balloons):

Leah said she was not happy with all the drama that went down when the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast came together in October to film the Season 8A Reunion. (As The Ashley exclusively told you, Leah got dragged into a verbal fight that went down between Briana DeJesus and Kail in the makeup room!)

“The reunion was a mess!” Leah said.

“My friend [who went with me] was terrified [after David pulled out a knife],” Leah added. “She was right there and she thought one of the producers was going to get stabbed in the face, which is not OK! I don’t even remember if it was because they were not serving any more alcohol or…but we were there for work! I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate.”

After Kail declared that she doesn’t want her kids around David, Leah stated that her kids will “never go back to a Reunion.” (Aleeah was the only one of Leah’s daughters who was present at the last one.)

On the current state of her daughter Ali’s health: 

Leah confirmed that her daughter Ali, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, has been struggling with her health. She got emotional while discussing her daughter.

“She’s doing alright,” Leah said of Ali. “She’s had some challenges here recently…[having to do] with her diagnosis but she’s doing alright.”

On what fans will see during her segments of the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2’:

“Viewers can expect to see some ups and downs with Ali,” she said. “And, I guess the Jeremy stuff.”

Kail and Leah also confirmed that they will be going to Hawaii together during the next season of the show. In addition, Leah’s appearance on the podcast was also filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

To listen to other episodes of the Coffee Convos podcast, click here!

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  1. When she says her relationship with Corey is more strict. LMAO! As it should be HOE! He’s married! This girl is such a mess its funny

  2. If Jeremy was truly single every time he hooked up with Leah, I would say good for them, they’re both adults. But I’m sure it happened while he was still with his girlfriend as well. Leah has no problem hooking up with guys that are already taken and getting off on it. That’s why she’s trash

  3. I totally agree that David should be banned from the reunion he is obviously not stable and I would not want to be in the same town as him let alone the same room. I would not want my kids around him either. I hope Jenelle realizes what she has done before it is too late. No one deserves his level of crazy.

    1. I’m a little surprised that David gets away with the crap he does at those reunions. He sits backstage texting Jenelle and telling her what she can and cannot say. He just waits for someone to look at her sideways so he can storm out on stage, grab her and run. If I was Morgan J Freeman, I’d refuse to pay them for the day and would make them pay their own way home too. But MJ Freeman thrives on this drama. These aren’t petulant teens anymore; they’re all pushing 30. Time to grow up!

  4. Uhm. About Tyler.. I’m really tired of him constantly complaining about everything. Complaining about stuff people do that have more kids and way more responsibilities. He’s being such a baby about taking care of a small child and a big house that he just had to have. Imagine being an animal in his care now, let alone Carly. He tries so hard to make catelynn look bad, but he’s making himself look worse by constantly saying these things while cate is in rehab. If she could see this stuff he’s saying, it will just make her worse. Ugh.

  5. Jenelle has been raging against Leah and Kail on Twitter and it is hilarious. I love all the comments calling her out on her hypocritical bs. Of course, Briana is the only one on her side.

    1. Off-topic for sure and I am in no way looking for a cease and desist letter to start off this week but out of curiosity what does David do for a living?

  6. Haha I remember when she & Corey were bff coparents. Then Miranda found out they were playing pickle games. And crap like that is why I still doubt she’s completely sober all the time, I think she fakes it well when cameras roll or she’s good in the moment but she’s one toothache away from hot mess.

  7. Leah doesnt understand that she is the “good time Charlie girls” its an old phrase but fitting. Leah is allowing Jermey to treat her like a baby momma, where he slides thru to screw and give her a couple of dollars then goes on about his way. Well we see what Jeremy thinks of her. Oh well when TM2 is cancelled Leah can open up shop full time and service men out of the publics eye

  8. Leah isn’t DTF, yet she’s casually hooking up with her ex….and every ex she’s ever had.

    I’m honestly not judging her, but’s she probably shouldn’t have the holier than thou attitude, like….”I’m not like those OTHER girls on tinder….I’m looking for something wholesome!”

    1. Well, to be fair there’s a difference between hooking up with your ex than hooking up with strangers you meet on the internet.

  9. why do this girls still think they made a difference on peoples life. honey, YOU DONT, excepting chelsea we have seing this girls taking bad decitions after bad decitions during years. I respect Leah about having a child with special needs, and i dont judge her, but from that to actualy “inspire” people is a very long road

    1. Its an excuse to stay on the show. They don’t wanna say,well money and I don’t have to work or get an education.

    1. Oh my God you are not alone! I sadly cannot agree with your statement more he creeps me out when he’s on my TV I can’t imagine being around him in person and I’m a grown woman I can’t even think what a child would envision when he’s in their face yelling at them on what seems like a constant basis

    2. Ditto. They are cray and thirsty and hyped. Kinda like a meaty, sweaty, internet-connected, (smart? no…that’s not the word) artificial intelligence swearbot embodiment of a can of Four Loko.
      A trainwreck that is dragging a trainwreck behind it in the face of adversity and logic.
      Choo choo, bitches…

      I have a feeling there will be a Lifetime movie about her life shenanigans in 5 or 6 years heh heh.

  10. Oh, man. Jenelle will definitely have something to say about them talking about David. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t.

  11. Well, yeah, her and Corey don’t have that type of relationship anymore, because he doesn’t mash his genitals with hers. Just because Jeremy gets bored and lonely, and that is EASY! But you know who it doesn’t make it easy on, their kid. If it didn’t work the first billion times, it’s not going to work on time a billion and one.

  12. Leah has 3 children, two ex-husbands, no job, no college degree, and bragging about hooking up with an ex-husband…..Yet people think she has her life together…..

    1. Okay, all things equal, hooking up with your coparent when you are both single is not necessarily the most unhealthy FWB situation you can have. But it is the talking about it and her history of seducing exes as a self-esteem crutch that is a big red flag. The trade off that you get for having genuine closeness with your ex is that you can’t tell anyone, ever, because your friends, family, and children (!!!) would get really confused. It also will be extra bad if it turns out that they were not both single.

  13. Omg how many times is leah going to say that about tinder. Acting like she’s so above it when she has cheated in every major relationship she’s been in and is on this show because of pregnancy from a hookup. Hypocritical bitch.

    1. All she was saying is that she doesn’t want to have a friend with benefits which is what tinder is used for. Ryan Edwards can confirm that.

    1. I would doubt it only because I think Breonna’s family acts like if Breonna’s in a relationship they are all in one and because Breonna doesn’t set boundaries I would think he wouldn’t want to be around a group of women that belittle him on a constant level until Breonna learns to set boundaries I think she’s going to be single

      1. ^^ I’ve seen you post on several articles and I really need to know why you keep spelling Briana like that when its spelled correctly everywhere? lol

    2. Don’t think Javi left her behind at Dr Miami cause she wasn’t happy to see Devoin. She was probably a bit too happy to have him there.

    3. Last night on Twitter Briana confirmed that Devoin is living with the coven in that little apartment. I can’t believe he’d even go near them after Roxy pulled her bench jumping stunt, but I guess when you’re broke and need a place to sleep it’s better than being under a bridge? Bri’s just a whore.

      1. To be fair. He doesn’t have a license and his car prob ran out of gas in the apartment parking lot,, so he has no where else to go…lol

      2. $$$$$ and watch the kids while Briana is busy on her phone and eating ice cream talking about pictures of her surgery.?

  14. When is anyone at MTV going to realize how volatile, unstable, and controlling David is?! When Jenelle or Kaiser “falls down the stairs” or “walks into a door” or even worse – are Dead?! You can tell he’s even got half the producers afraid of him… And he’s so entitled now.. how about the latest “Unseen Moments??” When he kicked Trashbag Tori & Her BF our of the wedding reception at “HIS House” for “swearing in front of the kids” – LOL really, MTV?? Cuz David & Jenelle NEVERRR curse in front of their kids, dude…

    1. Oh my god yes and when Tori was hanging out of the car I swear I had secondhand embarrassment I couldn’t look away from that Trainwreck I just could not imagine THAT being my wedding day If that’s not a glimpse into Janelles future I don’t know what is

    2. Neh, MTV is fine, Dr Drew thinks he’s great for Jenelle. He thinks it’s good that a guy restraints and controls her, she needs that.
      Maybe he just dislikes her as much as a lot of viewers do.

    3. You know given Jenelle’s history he actually isn’t that bad. He is controlling but doesn’t seem to physically hurt her and deals with her rollercoaster emotions fairly well. I don’t think it is a ‘good’ relationship by normal standards but Jenelle isn’t capable of a normal relationship so I don’t see how people think she I going to do better than David. She is never going to find a Cole.

  15. What I don’t understand is how they were able to keep this all off camera It makes me wonder just how much they are able to sweep under the rug during filming good for Leah for deciding not to have her kids around that kind of craziness I’m sure the other moms will follow suit… In all honesty if jenelle and David pulled that around my child I would do the same exact some thing shame on mtv for not providing a safe environment

  16. I’m guilty of Hate listening to the podcast kail curses like a sailor with no real depth and her friend has that valley girl tone but slowed down like she’s on a sedative. It’s like a train wreck I can’t stop haha

    As for Leah she needs to stop “hooking up” that’s why she’s here in the first place but I’m glad she’s seeming to be more stable and her girls are doing well.

    It’s about time this show is cancelled. Most of the girls are finally maturing and have boring story lines. It’s over mtv stop beating the dead horse.

  17. If she didn’t get one before.. how long will it be until Leah gets the old Cease and Desist letter from Jenelle and Lurch?

  18. He was also rumoured to be her dealer. Not to mention how the twins had to sleep on the couch because Leah had TR’s kids sleeping in their bedroom. Or the little slip up when Allie said ‘/they/ forgot to buy me lunchables’. Who would that ‘they’ be if it was just them in the house?

    Jeremy made his racist comment about their relationship calling whatever child the two would’ve possibly had, an ‘oreo’. Leah briefly acknowledged him when she tweeted that they ‘were better off as friends’ and broke up when someone mentioned her hiding him. They moved in together right after she got out of rehab. Craziness. I’m glad she’s stable (aside from getting mix in with Jeremy, who I don’t like) and ‘boring’. She needs to be a rock for her kids. I’d rather have boring healthy people on the screen that a million Jennelles, Farrahs ect. But as MTV says ‘good people don’t make tv’.

  19. I can’t blame her for not wanting to bring her kids back to the reunions as long as Jenelle and her psychotic, mentally unstable husband are there. The 2 of them are way too unpredictable and entitled. Every single reunion there is drama with them (and now crazy Briana and her family jumping on tables and throwing things at Devon when he dares to stick up for himself after being verbally and physically abused), and no child should be around that.

  20. Leah so lied about not dating after Jeremy. She lived with T.R. they just didn’t show it on Teen Mom. The crew and MTV knew it but she thinks no one else knows? These girls are something. Everything they do is memorialized. But of course MTV owns them so they have to follow the script.

  21. David is full of rage. He’s a really scary individual, I don’t care if Jenelle throws a fit, he needs to be kept away from these reunions specials. That’s all there is to it. Doesn’t everyone else’s safety matter?

  22. I want to know more about the Kail and Bri fight. Bc Bri said she stepped to Kail Bail and Kail ran to her room crying.. what does Leah have to say about that…. yeah I called her Kail Bail.

    1. Bri needs to grow up. She’s a mother of two in her twenties…wtf are you doing “stepping to” anyone? And then actually bragging about it on the internet? Grow TF up and get a life. She’s an embarrassment.

  23. I’m glad she done the interview, I wish it was w The Ashley instead of Kail. Barf. But she always says the same thing about her dating life and tinder. Like it’s putting dtf on your forehead. She’s been using that same line for almost 2 years. She told Dr Drew that. So no new news there. I’m glad she kinda addressed the David knife reunion incident. He’s crazy, I was disappointed they left that out of the last end of the year party show.

  24. I’m very glad Leah is doing well but… the upcoming season sounds pretty boring if they’re just dealing with the usual ups & downs of Ali’s condition (who I ALSO hope is doing well) and Leah & Jeremy sort of hooking up. I’m tired of it. They’re just living normal lives and it’s boring. And this Podcast will be aired and ALSO filmed? I feel like they’re filming so much repetitive shit and my interest is quickly waning.

    My interest was certainly NEVER piqued enough to bother listening to this crap podcast of Kail’s.
    Luckily the Ashley is always here to do wonderful recaps for those of us (all of us?) who are sick of it.

    1. Most of her drama seemed to be about her substance and emotional issues, now that she is doing really well it’s going to be boring. So bring on the boring because it means she is stable and has turned things around (at one point it looked like she was heading into Amber/Janelle territory)

    2. Why have I been downvoted 6 times?
      This show is getting repetitive, and should be cancelled. How is that cause for a downvote? Jeez.

      1. Because it is a good thing that they are living normal lives and are boring. That you want them to have chaos and struggles with issues for your interest to be piqued is self serving and absurd because it is not in the best interest of their chuldren

        1. …. I said I’m glad Leah is doing well, and glad her kids are doing well but the show needs to be cancelled.
          My comment seems to be the MOST downvoted yet seems to be the most tame. Just confused.

  25. Leah, hooking up with Jeremy won’t do you good. Hopefully you’re smart enough not to get pregnant by him again.

    David is a psycho! I’m glad other girls are considering not going to Reunion if he is there, honestly, they should all ban it and it will be only Jenelle&him. WHEN WILL SHE WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHO SHE IS MARRIED TO?!

  26. I listened to the most recent podcast bc I thought it was this one. Let me tell you, the podcasts are horrible (and I don’t mind Kail.) It’s two grown women complaining about motherhood. I kid you not, Lindsie complained preschool was from 8:45-12:45 and you can’t even get a dentist appointment done in such a short period of time. Wtf kind of dentist is she going to? Then they blather on about things they’ve heard of in the news, but aren’t really sure what they’re about. Yet, they still ramble on and on. It soooooooo disjointed and overall bad. To top it all off, Lindsie’s affect is completely flat, like a heavily medicated person. I can’t believe they have sponsors.

    1. That’s because they see school as a free babysitter and not a way to better their children so they can be productive members of society.

  27. David should be banned from the reunion, instead of all the kids (who the show is really about) not being able to come due to safety concerns. What’s the worst that could happen? Jennelle refuses to come, or quits the show? As we’ve seen with the TeenMom Og drama, there are plenty of back ups. If Ryan’s wife Snakenzie gets the OG spot, put Mack from TM3 on TM2 in Jenelle’s spot. David is a (huge) grown man, and has no self control, he should be punished, and so should Jenelle for encourging him.

    1. Good point. David should be banned and the kids should not have to stay home. Also I crack up at how Leah refuses to acknowledge she dated that T.R. Dues guy.. I liked Ashley ‘monkey’ recap, that talks about him. She’s like ‘I’ve not dated since jeremey’ cough cough Lie. The Ashley says they dated for months and was together when she got out of rehab.

      1. He was also rumoured to be her dealer. Not to mention how the twins had to sleep on the couch because Leah had TR’s kids sleeping in their bedroom. Or the little slip up when Allie said ‘/they/ forgot to buy me lunchables’. Who would that ‘they’ be if it was just them in the house?

        Jeremy made his racist comment about their relationship calling whatever child the two would’ve possibly had, an ‘oreo’. Leah briefly acknowledged him when she tweeted that they ‘were better off as friends’ and broke up when someone mentioned her hiding him. They moved in together right after she got out of rehab. Craziness. I’m glad she’s stable (aside from getting mix in with Jeremy, who I don’t like) and ‘boring’. She needs to be a rock for her kids. I’d rather have boring healthy people on the screen that a million Jennelles, Farrahs ect. But as MTV says ‘good people don’t make MTV’.

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