‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Screams At Everyone, Accuses Matt Baier Of Hitting Her in New ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Promo

We’ve been wondering that for years…

AMBO is back, y’all!

In a new promo for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, viewers get to see the very angry side of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood. (As longtime Roundup readers will remember, The Ashley christened Amber “AMBO” –aka Amber/Rambo– back in her anger-filled pre-prison days.)

In the promo for the show, which Amber filmed last summer with her now-ex-fiance Matt Baier and her mother Tonya, Amber can be see screaming at her housemates, especially Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville.

“Shut the f**k up before I flip this G** damn table against your f**king head!” Amber screams at Brandi. (As The Ashley previously told you, Amber and Brandi fought constantly in the ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ house, with Amber even taking to social media to air her frustrations about her co-star.)

In another part of the 23-second trailer, Amber is shown screaming at Matt.

“Why do you think I’m so angry?” she yells. “Because you HIT ME!”

Amber has never publicly accused Matt of domestic violence before, and the clip does not provide any more insight into what Amber’s referring to.

Neither Matt nor Amber have responded to the clip.

The new season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition’ premieres next month on WEtv.

Watch the angered-up Amber clip below:

(Photo: WEtv)


  1. Let’s see, you abuse people then are shocked when they fight back? sorry not sorry honey. you did the exact same thing. You get what you give and if all you give is shit, that’s what you’re gonna get.

  2. Actually, she did kind of go public about being hit, but she never said it was Matt nor did she say it was a current thing going on at the time. She said I think it was in an IG live video something to the effect of a real woman gets hit and keeps her mouth shut about it. It was a video I think she did over the Summer where she ranted for 45 minutes or so and of course seemed like at least 10 minutes of that was talking about what a real woman is and how she fits the bill for that. Twitter got a little stirred about her comment to do with being abused and not saying anything about it and there was a little speculation it could have been Matt followed by people bashing her for abusing Gary. I just thought I would put it out there that she at least hinted this last summer, but kept it pretty vague.

    1. I can’t believe Amber of all people would think that being hit and keeping your mouth shut about it makes you “a real woman”, like weren’t you the one that punched your baby-daddy in the head and tried to push him down a flight of stairs because he was leaving you because you wouldn’t take care of your child or something to that effect? Violence is never the answer, but how ass backwards is that statement after having gotten in legal trouble for domestic abuse yourself?

    2. Didn’t Amber years ago say that that’s how the women in her family handled things? I mean, by getting physical? She is absolutely ridiculous!

  3. So Amber barely knew this latest leech before getting pregnant, moving him in,having a Hawaiian pre-honeymoon, and….he is,at the three month mark, already starting to”piss me off!” I would start taking bets on whether or not, in true 16 and Pregnant style, they will be split up before the baby shows up, but she is too needy and lazy to go it r, and this is the best job Malibu Matt has ever had.

  4. I’m currently in hospital waiting to have my gall bladder removed and the Amber-Rambo line had me in hysterics in the pre op ward!!

    Classic The Ashley moment! Thank you!

  5. Also, Amber has the weirdest shaped head I’ve ever seen. That triangular neck roll is a reason enough to get her hair out of that slicked-back floppy top knot. Not your best look, Ambo.

  6. I really hope The Ashley will use the still of 00:04 for a recap some day. (A girl can hope)

  7. You mean the time has finally come that we get to watch that shit go down?!
    *heavenly chorus*
    Be right back, I’m off to stock up on popcorn.

  8. The best thing about this post is the cover picture of that tiny coiled up poo resting on top of ambers head. Oh wait that’s a bun I think.

  9. I must admit that I am very much looking forward to watching Brandi Glanville call out Amber on all of her BS. Amber is used to being treated with kid gloves and hiding behind excuses, while Brandi prides herself on “telling it like it is.”

    1. I love the cast this season. You have Renée from Mob Wives, Amber from Teen Mom OG and Brandi from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This season is going to be nuts.

  10. Ah, how sweet. This is the Amber that Andrew first clapped eyes on and fell in love with.


    Does anyone actually care what happened on this show almost a YEAR ago? It’s over and done, and let Matt never grace our television sets again with his disgusting personality, face and body. Which I just now had the epiphany that it looks like he’s wearing an Edgar-suit, only not so decomposed. Anyone?

  11. Longtime viewers will remember that Amber just missed putting Gary’s head clean through a wall years ago with a martial arts move she learned, and faced charges for it.

    Yet she allowed middle-aged Matt who probably weighs considerably less than Gary — to rough her up?

    I’m confused.

    1. She was on drugs then. I also believe she wasn’t diagnosed with her mental illnesses back when she was with Gary. Everyone has speculated that Matt has been abusing her, now this confirms it.

    2. Abusers can be abused… Wether it’s emotional or physical. Also, the situations are a bit different, I think. But we can only speculate.. It was a 23second clip and you know they copy paste stuff on Reality tv constantly.

  12. Amber will respond to this clip with some statement about how she’s a victim and mental illness is serious and she’s sending love….meanwhile it makes baby daddy #2 look like an even BIGGER opportunist/psycho. She is such a ghetto, trashy mess and I can’t believe that you see her on MBC looking like a raging lunatic and yet MTV is showing docile Amber in her “condition”. Makes me feel even sorrier for her kids, because if someone can act this way on film imagine what they do when no one is looking….people need to stop defending her bc she’s on tv. She’s just a miserable, terrible person.

    1. You couldn’t have said it better. Every scene she is in on TM, she’s laying down getting some sort of “beauty treatment”, or sitting her fat ass on a couch or in her bed in the middle of the day. She’s never with her daughter (lucky for Leah) because she’s depressed over her horrendous choices. I can’t believe she’s so stupid to give the leach Matt all of her money. She deserves to be broke. She walks around like she is the queen of fabulosity with her cat eye sunnies. She makes me cringe every time I have to lay eyes on her. I almost threw up watching her whaling it (snorkeling) in Hawaii.

    1. Right?!? Who DOESN’T see this and think “Yes. I have found my future baby momma. She’s perfect, with those ocean blue eyes.”

  13. Yeah so this clip makes Amber look unstable. However, let’s not forget that Matt is a con artist, a manipulator, a cheater, and now likely an abuser. He’s NOT a victim.

    I truly hope this Andrew Glennon guy is decent and steps up for his kid because that kid is going to NEED his dad. Amber can barely handle regular life without another human to take care of. I can only hope having a new baby puts things in perspective and she gets the intensive help she needs (meaning a full time round the clock nanny or two – not just more drugs).

    1. Sadly, all evidence points to Andrew not being a decent guy. THIS sh!tshow is how they met. He saw Amber and fell in love with her while filming her psychotic tantrums. Not to mention his past domestic violence and stalking issues. He saw Amber and knew it meant $$$$. This poor baby needs all the help it can get. Are Gary and Kristina considering adoption?

      1. Was Andrew a cameraman? Because if yes, he reminds me the main character from Peeping Tom, but in the beginning of the film (before he got violent and he was “just” watching women through his lens, obsessing over them). I mean he’s got a stalker history and a camera skills, not hard to imagine. Creepy though.

  14. What is with this permanent hair do? Its not flattering at alllllllllllllll. Man i just feel bad for her at this point.

    1. The back of her head is flat. It looks like a sumo wrestler. She needs to move her bun back towards the middle. Matt just makes my skin crawl… greasy-ass, self-serving sociopath. I hope people recognize him when this airs and throw turds on him and his MamberMobile.

  15. Here’s the thing I genuinely don’t understand I’m assuming the people who comment on this board are all around the ages of the teen moms who am sure would never even think of acting like this or throwing a tantrum like this as a child let alone as an adult if I saw somebody else act like this I would literally think they would need to go to the hospital I would not however assume this is where they would find the love of their life.. She will blame editing and I’m sure to some extent it will be true but Amber had to give them something to work with in order to edit

    1. Lmao, yes. I am 28 and I can’t handle people acting this way. I’ve had to skip so many scenes because they are honestly too upsetting to watch with all the screaming and raging.
      Amber acts like an entitled teenager. She does what she wants, when she wants, because she can and then thinks it’s okay because she gets paid and later tells everyone she’s a “real” woman. I don’t get how someone can be so un-self aware.

  16. She has angerissues and something is wrong with her. But instead of working on herself she met babydaddy 2 that probably shot these clips. I only feel bad for the kids
    If Matt hit her she would hit him twice as hard. These bootcamps are a joke.

  17. Her new bf said that during filming he made sure he was in the room with her as much as possible!!!!
    He was attracted to that!!!!!
    There’s something seriously wrong with him as well.
    Not to mention the fact that Amber was on her meds during filming.
    SMDH, over the entire situation.

  18. I get the feeling that their baby wasn’t a planned one, at least not on Andrew’s part. He seemed genuinely kinda upset when the producers were talking about it with him. I think Amber did the whole stop taking the pill w/out telling the boyfriend and then pretended it was a surprise.

  19. Have you seen the new clip mtv’s YouTube accounted posted of Amber and Andrew talking about finding the sex of the baby out. She starts flipping out cause he wants to wait to find out what the baby is. Honestly it’s like watching Amber and Gary way back in the day. She hasn’t changed at all Andrew is going to get abused just like Gary did. Leah is safer away from her and I feel sorry for this new baby.

    1. LOL WOW just went to find it and that’s so ridiculous.
      She thinks he literally has NO say in anything just because “it’s coming out of MY vagina!”
      Maybe have a respectful conversation where you both talk about what you want and come to a compromise? Oh, nope, this is Amber so flying off the handle is the only option. OK.
      Acting like she knows everything about preparing for a baby and that no one goes the gender neutral route.
      A crib is already PRETTY gender neutral Ambo. Really the ONLY thing would be clothes, and even then, your baby will spend the first while in onesies so like… I do not see the issue. It’s not like she has any other responsibilities and could easily go shopping at any point once this baby is born. That would cut into her nap time though… Amber’s, not the baby’s.

      1. Oh my God I just saw the clip you’re referring to the way she’s acting in comparison to what he is actually saying is ridiculous… Talk about walking around on eggshells welcome to your next 18 years Andrew!… I present why you don’t get someone pregnant within what the first or second month of meeting them

      1. Amber isn’t either of those things, she’s a lazy, entitled, spoiled brat. Those made up diagnosis make it easier for her to lay in bed all day, sit on a couch, not take care of her child. Because you are spoiled little C bomb doesn’t make you mentally ill. Farrah isn’t mentally ill either, she’s a bad person, like Amber, like Jennelle.

        1. That’s a pretty simplistic view of mental illness. You can be mentally ill AND a bad person. Just like you can be mentally ill AND a good person. Farrah, Jenelle and Amber are mentally ill AND bad people. To say Jenelle, Amber and Farrah aren’t mentally ill, is to say they are sane, which is laughable.

        2. Therapist here. “Farrah’s” right… after watching these girls (’cause let’s face it, they are not women) for years, they are diagnosible. And strangely enough, Amber, Jenelle, and Farrah are all Borderline, with Farrah having the most severe case, then Jenelle, and then Amber. I know Kail has claimed it as well, but her case seems fairly mild compared to that unholy trinity. Borderlines are often initially misdiagnosed as Bipolar, and it can be difficult to extricate the two. I’d wager, however, that Amber is not Bipolar, as she doesn’t seem to have manic episodes, only the rage-y episodes typical of Borderline. Same with Farrah, and same with Jenelle.

  20. Oh, dear God. So Andrew watched that mess for weeks on end and decided that she should be the mother of his child??? Amber hasn’t changed a bit, she’s the same girl who threw a TV at Gary.

    Amber should only have supervised visits with Leah. I don’t know what Andrew’s end game is, but it ain’t good. May God have mercy on the baby these two are bringing into this world.

    1. I get the feeling that their baby wasn’t a planned one, at least not on Andrew’s part. He seemed genuinely kinda upset when the producers were talking about it with him. I think Amber did the whole stop taking the pill w/out telling the boyfriend and then pretended it was a surprise.

    1. I’ve heard rumors that her hair is all jacked up, so she pulls what’s left into that bun and the bun piece is fake. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but the more I look at it, the more it could be

  21. Didn’t this new boyfriend meet her on this show?? He still pursued her after THAT kind of behavior?….Yea, there is no doubt in my mind they’re both batshit crazy, and Lord have mercy they’re about to bring a mini them into the world…SMH….and why does she insist on constantly wearing that tiny bun on top of her head??? It makes her head look so much bigger…

    1. The only person I feel bad for here is the baby. Poor little guy will have a crazy mother and a father who loves these kind of tantrums apparently. He is doomed from the start.

  22. Also, if this is how she behaved on Marriage Boot Camp, I don’t feel even a tiny bit sorry for baby daddy #2. Andrew, you had prior knowledge of the super ugly, greasy, stringy hairdo. And her screaming at the top of her lungs. And threatening violence. So you get absolutely zero credibility.

  23. I think that MTV covers for these girls ALOT, which doesn’t do anyone any favors. But then it makes it so much easier for another network to show the true depth of crazy.

    1. you think they give Amber a good edit, because the last time they showed her in Rambo Ambo mode on TV she ended up incarcerated?

      1. Maybe. Or just because they hate Farrah more? Or that they know that they can direct her crazy for their maximum benefit. On one of the behind the scenes shows, I swear that someone led Mack off the stage toward AMBO and gave AMBO the little hand grab/ wink wink “I accidentally led Mack right into the viper pit”.

  24. Making Leah proud! Who doesn’t scream at another person (that you barely know) that you are going to throw a goddamn table at them?

  25. This whole clip is disturbing Amber need to stop sending love and hold onto it because it just seems like she doesn’t have any not even for herself

    1. I’d take it one step further and wager she hit him first. And now she wants to cry about it because he hit her back. Men shouldn’t hit women but that doesn’t make it okay for women to him men either. I’ve seen too many women get passes for starting altercations with their partner. I don’t care if a woman is 100 pounds and a man is 300 pounds: you don’t put your hands on your partner. Ever.

      1. Remember that pic of Matt with the bloody lip in a text saying “she hit me” or something to that effect? She probably socked him in the face and he pushed her back. Always wondered what that pic was about.

        1. I don’t remember that pic, but I remember Amber trying to beat Matt’s ass after the lie detector test and her trying to kick Gary down the stairs.

    2. Without context we don’t even know if she’s accusing him of DV. My husband tossed me the remote, and it hit my leg, I responded with “Ow! You hit me!” I didn’t mean that he punched me in the face, or was acting abusively. I’m not suggesting that’s what happened here, but without any context it could be a lot of different things.

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