‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell Reveal Future Plans For A Mental Health Special & Kids’ Adoption Book

“See? We do have plans!”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra‘s appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast last week sparked quite a bit of controversy (what with them talking about a time where Farrah Abraham‘s father Michael allegedly tried to fight Tyler, which Micheal later denied happened). However, the Teen Mom OG couple shared a lot of interesting info on the podcast that has gone unnoticed so far, including the ventures they have planned for the future.

Cate and Ty told Kail and her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that they have a few things in the works that focus on two topics that are dear to them: mental health awareness and adoption.

Tyler and Catelynn, who have both been open about their mental health struggles on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ shared that they are currently attempting to convince MTV to turn its spotlight on mental health issues, given that many of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars have mental health issues. (Kail has stated she struggles with bipolar disorder, while Amber Portwood has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.)

“We’re talking to MTV and trying to come up with a couple different pitches for a mental health special,” Tyler said. “Ironically ‘Teen Mom’ has had a lot of mental health [issues] that have been covered on a lot of the stories. We really want to do a public thing, possibly with Dr. Drew [Pinsky].

“The hard part is crafting a message and making it be genuine and not just trying to cash in on this thing we’ve got going on,” Tyler added.

Catelynn opened up about her recent struggles. At the time of the podcast interview, she was three weeks out of her most-recent rehab stay.

“I feel way better,” Cate said. “I did a whole med switch and genetic testing. I found out that the medication I was on for five years doesn’t even work for me. They put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well. It all stems from the trauma of my past so I’m going to have to keep digging into that.”

The couple also revealed that they are planning their next book. (As we know, the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars love to write books!) Tyler and Catelynn released their joint autobiography, Conquering Chaos, in 2015, but said their next book would focus on the topic of adoption, which they have been advocates for since they placed their daughter Carly in 2009.

“Me and Catelynn have been talking lately about doing an adoption book for kids who are adoptees and for kids who have siblings that have been adopted,” Tyler said. “I think it would be cool to explain to the kids, in their language, how [adoption] works.”

For more about Catelynn and Tyler’s Coffee Convos interview, click here!

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  1. How about a dietary health issue while we’re at it? This isn’t just aimed at Cait either, none of them beyond Chelsea seem to be able to cook, Hell Briana can’t even open a can of beans

  2. I agree, I also has several miscarriages (11 to be exact) and one Ectopic pregnancy) and a few of them resulted in hemorrhaging and requiring a D&C to make that stop. Oh, and by the way, I also have PCOS, and I would bet my right arm that Maci does not have PCOS. Regardless, you need to be seen by a doctor so they can check your levels in your blood to be sure they go down. If she was bleeding the way they say she was, she would need to go to a hospital immediately and have follow-up care as well.

  3. Every time I see the latest news on these two I can’t help but think of the adoptive parents and Carly. All the background info is just out there for the whole world to see. Carly will never have true privacy because of these two.

    1. yet they think they are the best people in the world and once Carly turns 16-18 she is going to go running to c & t and want to live with them. Just shows how delusional they are

  4. The only book these two nitwits could write is how to be a knuckle head on national TV and get paid for it

  5. God forbid these people ever get real 8-5 jobs. Whenever TeenMom stops airing and that money stops rolling in what the hell are they going to do? Most of these moms have NEVER had to work an 8-5 and when the well dries up they are going to be screwed.

    1. I cannot wait for it to happen to these two. they have no idea what its like to live in the real world, you know the one where you have to work. I can’t wait for the trips vacations and money stops. I do believe they are not so stupid that they don’t know its not looking good and the money might stop if its cancelled hence the over inflated opinion of themselves that they are pitching a show to mtv they need a reality check big time need to see what its like in the real world because you know they didn’t invest or do anything their money. I bet nova doesn’t even have a college fund.

  6. “How to Alienate yourselves from your child’s adoptive parents by not respecting any of their boundaries, trash talking them publicly and inevitably making your birth child feel uncomfortable, all while making sure your second child knows that they will always come second to the idea of your first child, and that the only reason they exist is because you wanted a replacement child: A book on adoption” By Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra

  7. “Me and Catelynn have been talking” about writing a book.
    Better find a ghost writer who knows proper grammar Einstein.

  8. I know this isnt going to go over that well. Does anyone else think it is a little fishy that when caitlin had a miscarriage they didnt go to the hospital when she was bleeding as profusely as they discribed??? Didnt they use the words crime scene? Something about that didnt sit right with me. Maybe she used this as an excuse because she was goimg to rehab for the 1000th time amd she knew people were going to react negatively and she wanted sympothy.

    1. I think Tyler is a serial exaggerator….I’ve had three miscarriages, and while every person is different, the bleeding was not much worse than a heavy period…and I was farther along in all three pregnancies than they were.

      1. Usually it’s not all at once like he described either. I lost a pregnancy at 10 weeks. It started off as a quick gush, then no blood until the next day, and then it was like starting a period and lasted about as long. The cramping was the worst of it physically. Was Cate like, playing in the blood or something…? There’s no reason why she should have been “covered” in blood or that it should have been “everywhere”.

    2. They should have gone to the hospital, because if there was really that much blood, Catelynn could have died. Yes, I think it’s fishy.

    3. I agree Jane. I don’t remember how far along she was but Ibdont think it was like they described. I had one at 9 weeks & was also like a heavy period and bad cramps went it started. I believe both of them are exaggerators and thrive on sympathy. He would have been calling an ambulance if it was really like he described. He made it sound like she was hemorrhaging. He watches too many movies. I admit is was emotional and and depressing; however, many women have miscarriages, yet we don’t leave behind their other children behind and fly across the country for rehab. They are both Drama Queens.

    4. nope I agree what they were describing was a hemorrhage which if that happened they would go to the er not go to bed and wake up and run to the dr. I honestly think it was a chemical pregnancy and I feel like maci implied that as well when visiting her. Such a great friend she whines how she had a miscarriage and when maci says me she mutters sorry and changes the subject. These two lie about everything. I’ve had multiple early term and late term miscarriages, Ive lost a daughter at birth did I hemorage on some yes never an early one. now they can right a what a book about what is like to loose a child and become miscarriage experts

      1. I agree, I also has several miscarriages (11 to be exact) and one Ectopic pregnancy) and a few of them resulted in hemorrhaging and requiring a D&C to make that stop. Oh, and by the way, I also have PCOS, and I would bet my right arm that Maci does not have PCOS. Regardless, you need to be seen by a doctor so they can check your levels in your blood to be sure they go down. If she was bleeding the way they say she was, she would need to go to a hospital immediately and have follow-up care as well.

      2. Meech, forgive me for being so dumb. How is a chemical pregnancy different from regular? If it is a chemical pregnancy, does that mean you were never pregnant at all?

        1. A chemical pregnancy is actually a very early miscarriage, which takes place before anything can be seen on an ultrasound scan – usually around the fifth week that you are pregnant. It means that a sperm has fertilised your egg, but later on, the egg fails to survive.

    5. Yeah i called bullshit on that too. I have 5 miscarriages. And at 5 weeks pregnant it would have been no heavier than a regular period.

  9. For a bunch of people who can’t stand these two yall seem awfully obsessed. You can’t stop reading about them. You can’t stop posting about them. Now that’s irony!

    1. I love all the articles The Ashley posts, why would I not read one just because it’s about a pair of losers? Go make some friends; I think you’d be happier that way. You sound sad.

      1. Not sad not negative either. I don’t give a crap what two people who live in michigan want to do with their life. It doesn’t get me bent out of shape. The sadness is the people who have to talk all bad about them because of their A. jealousy B. obsession C. Low self esteem D. I can go on and on. Plus what I said has nothing to do with reading Ashley’s articles it has to do with being so cunning and conniving about people who can’t defend themselves and in all likely hood you would geek meeting them in person. Learn to read in context.

          1. yea I’m balling sad over here so maybe I will go get me a therapy horse and write about it.

        1. Lets get one thing straight. nobody is jealous of them. Thats actually funny. People are over the sense of entitlement. Its aggravating. And why exactly do u care so much what people have to say???? Just curious

          1. Preach! Not at all trying to be rude but there is nothing to be jealous of their money will feed they have no Plan B the rest of us have an education that has led us to jobs along with that a sense of security that will not be uprooted when a tv show is canceled

          2. Just wondering why there isn’t an original thought going on. There’s 100 comments saying the same thing. Honest question; why contribute to so much negativity Jane? DM the two in Michigan and let them know how you feel instead of on a post they will never see. I understand talking about adoption, miscarriage, depression and meaningful conversation but name calling and pure judgement no need.

        2. Why don’t you reach out to Ty and Cate? Maybe you can help them box up some Tierrarein fashions since Ty seemed to be sweating profusely from such hard and heavy work?

          1. another joke who does a children’s line of clothing with only 6 outfits? let not forget they are being packed up in that filthy house with people smoking yep quality clothes. And who for the love of god would want to dress their daughter in that horrible outfit cait wore to the mtv awards? first it was fugly and two so not the right clothing design for kids

        3. Honest question. What is there to be jealous of? We are giving an opinion based on what she see, their actions, what they say and so on. You don’t have to like it and as you said you can easily just ignore it.
          Most of what has been written here are FACTS.
          They have done ABSOLUTELY nothing with their lives.
          They have no skills and barely even have a HS diploma.
          They disrespect B and T any chance they get.
          If they really are SO traumatized by their upbringing, then why send their daughter to the same people that caused them said trauma?
          They are both LAZY. They don’t even realize how easy they have it. They could be doing so much with their money and time. Instead they chose to just lay in their couch all day.

        4. Irony is that you’re getting “bent out of shape” here. Why don’t you go be a hypocrite somewhere else?

          1. Again I’m just stating FACTS if you can’t take them. Then maybe you should go somewhere else?

        5. Meech, forgive me for being so dumb. How is a chemical pregnancy different from regular? If it is a chemical pregnancy, does that mean you were never pregnant all?

          1. A chemical pregnancy is actually a very early miscarriage, which takes place before anything can be seen on an ultrasound scan – usually around the fourth/fifth week that you are pregnant. It means that a sperm has fertilised your egg, but later on, the egg fails to survive

    2. People are commenting on an article people do it everyday. Maybe your just upset that people dont feel the same way they used to about these 2. Its time for them to go away and heal whatever of the 1000’s of diagnosis they have off camera.

      1. See everyone is saying the same thing over and over. Jane you’ve said the same thing like four times.

        1. Did i really???? Dont think i did. I asked an honest question. And people gave honest answers. Why are u so butt hurt about what i have to say??? If u read one of my comments i said i used to like them both. Im just not buying what they are selling anymore. Its getting old. If u dont like the conversations here then dont come here and read them its that easy. There are plenty of websites im sure that kiss there asses. So why dont u go there. If u think by saying what ur saying will change my opinion it wont. Take a seat?

          1. Pretty sure we all know who u are anyway. Its not negativity its MY opinion and im sorry people seem to agree. If they were doing something with there lives then i dont think id feel this way.

          2. Jane, I agree 100%, I think most people that saw them back in 2009, were rooting for them to succeed. The episode when they gave their baby away was heartbreaking, it’s still so sad. But these two have had almost a decade to make something of themselves and they haven’t. It’s such a sheer waste, it makes a lot of people that struggle with these same issues they have or had, angry. Because most people that succeed with those circumstances, have to literally pull themselves out of the trenches with hard honest work. These two have been lucky enough to get all the tools, the luxury of not really having to work hard to succeed and yet they still are failures in every way imaginable. It makes people feel very let down by them!

  10. I’ll line up yo buy this. Right behind Ryan’s book of tips on kicking a heroin addiction and having a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex, and Farrah’s book on benevolent management to build a high functioning team.

  11. What next Ryan Edwards, drug counselling???

    In the beginning cait and Ty were my fav teen parents.

    They have gone way down in my estimation.

    If I were B&T I’d close this open adoption down and cut all ties.

    1. I think cutting off contact would actually help C&T heal. They could move forward with theirs lives I are at of obsessing if and when they will see Carly again.

  12. Catelynn and Tyler please stop pretending that adoption worked out well for you. You got screwed out of your baby so Bethany could make some money off of a healthy, white newborn. It is obviously to everyone who watches you how much pain you carry from being separated from Carly. Please become advocates for family preservation instead so other mothers and fathers don’t have to suffer like you have.

    1. you are 100% right on this, they are both in pain. None of the girls on teen mom 1 or 2 were in that great of a situation and they kept their kids. Plenty of people that are poor and have addiction around them have children, They would have been fine, as soon as 16 and pregnant started to air, they were set for life, they have been on TV ever since, and they both know that it would have worked out fine if they kept her, and they should have kept her. These two will do anything for easy money, so they don’t have to face reality! Sad and pathetic!

      1. The adoption agency that placed Carly for adoption, it’s the place that Dawn works for. They charge upwards of 20 grand for every baby they place, it’s all about money, only rich white people can adopt white babies, it’s all about making money, nothing more, it if weren’t you wouldn’t have to pay that amount. It’s horrible, like buying a car or any other possession, it’s very horrible when you think about it!

  13. what a joke they think so highly of themselves that they are pitching a show to mtv this is what you created mtv self absorbed self entitled spoiled idiots they have zero qualification to do any of this and years of education to accomplish

  14. please just shut up and go away. we have heard it all before why not add in drug and mental counselor to the long list of things they never do nor are they qualified to do any of these and too lazy to get off a couch

  15. I don’t think they know what “ironically” means. It is not at all ironic that a show that follows people who A) became parents as teenagers and B) wanted to show it all on TV, would have a large number of episodes showing multiple cast members dealing with mental health struggles. It’s exactly what one would imagine happening, which is the literal opposite of irony.

  16. Honestly, who better to write a book for kids than two overgrown children?

    In all seriousness, this is a terrible idea. I can not imagine an adoptive parent seeing this book on the shelves and thinking, “hmmm, C&T sure are role models for the adoption community….I am going to buy this book!” That would be like Farrah selling her own line of weaves: disastrous!

  17. Are you freakin’ kidding me. If I was Brandon & Teresa, I would take Carly and change their names to keep these opportunists from ever contacting them again, which IMO, borders on harassment. Brandon & Teresa are Carly’s parents! Tyler & Catelynn are NOT her parents! They have not respected B & T’s boundaries from day 1. All they want to do is make money off of Carly. And now they think they are adoption professionals? I’m sorry, but I really cannot stand these two, and look forward to seeing where they are at in 10 years from now. I predict Tyler will be Butch 2.0 & Catelynn will be April 2.0. After this little announcement, it makes me wonder if Catelynn made up these stories in order to go across court fir her mini vacations to the resort spa aka “rehab“ to help get this deal with MTV, or just to escape her responsibilities. There was probably plenty of places locally she could have gone to for “rehab” so she could have been be able to be at home with Nova. Catelynn never does what doctors tell her to do after she is released, such as quit smoking weed, attend therapy. Ugh, I just can’t with these two.

  18. This is such a joke of a future endeavor. These two are literally living such a privileged life and are NOT taking advantage by furthering their education. Had they stuck with their ORIGINAL goals, they both would have graduated college by now! They can’t stick out sh*t when it gets tough! School is difficult! But, you gotta do it! They have all the financial means to attend school and really not have to worry about “work” or “babysitters” like NORMAL people… They are too damn lazy and growing old right before our eyes and have not achieved anything other than buying homes.
    These two nimrods make me sick with their sense of entitlement, their Codependency on each other and their lack of motivation to get an education.
    Rant over.

  19. Considering they have no respect for B and T, treat them ungratefully and zero respect for the privacy of Carly I find it quite laughable they want to write a book about adoption.
    Don’t even get me started on the mental health stuff.

  20. These 2 don’t even fully understand adoption. Why would anyone want to buy a book from them on the topic?

  21. Hate that they are already trying to monetize Cate’s mental health. Sure they were already talking about it when the cameras showed up at rehab. She hasn’t even been able to do the tough work at home after she leaves rehab. She gets SO much praise but what has she actually done. She hasn’t come back and go back to school or work. She has to come back and do minimal stuff. She probably doesn’t even have to clean her own house and her child goes to preschool. Sure her story and advice will be so relatable. Not many people can just drop everything, call their employer and not only ask for time off but ask for them to pay 40k for a treatment facility. She has been able to do this 3 times! They have zero idea what a normal person would do. Pretty rare for 2 people who barely have a high school education to have great insurance, an employer who will pay for care that isn’t covered and tons of disposable income. The worst part is that their egos have become so out of control from so many years of being told that they have changed teen pregnancy rates or how wonderful they are for choosing adoption. So ready for the teen mom shows to be over. It has really screwed up the majority of them.

  22. The entitlement is sickening. These are people who haven’t even turned 30, have no profession, no education, no real measure of success in terms of mental health, and an extremely rough adoption story. But hey, let’s make more money off of people’s sympathy! I’m more disgusted that they seem to think that merely going through adoption and mental health troubles makes them an authority on the subjects or puts them in a position to “educate” other people. No, it doesn’t. Because newsflash you didn’t and STILL aren’t handling them very well. And being a D list reality star doesn’t change that. Ugh they are so cringey.

  23. I’ve raised two children who were adopted to adulthood.

    Where’s my trip to horse camp and/or book deal?

    1. True story, Downvoter.

      My husband and I managed to have jobs and keep the dookie picked up too.

  24. It’s the same deal as Amber writing that drivel “Never too late’, right when she got out of the clink. Never too late for what? To give a way tons of money to the first con man that said hello to you? I’m sorry but all these people are losers, standing in quicksand, that is all they all are, can’t wait until this sorry show is cancelled, it will be the best decision for all of these tired losers, and especially for their poor children, that had the misfortune of being born to this group of lost losers.

    1. I was just watching teen mom and couldn’t believe how amber was putting ambers absentee ex boyfriend down. Who the hell are you amber? Look in the mirror! You left Leah after bad decisions landed you in jail AND you keep saying you saw Leah 3 times, not just two over an entire summer. What a loser pos. Some of these people really need harsh reality checks.

          1. Who expects their ex to fix their car?? Seriously, how entitled. That’s a pretty nice car for someone who can’t afford to have brakes put on.

        1. And why the fuck was the film crew following cousin Krystal? Were they tired of having to film from Ambers smelly bedroom and figured they were in town , so what the hell, another loser to follow. Who is going to know the difference? They were in need of some fresh drama!!

      1. I can’t imagine Midas is THAT expensive.

        I would prostitute my old fat ass behind the 7-11 dumpster before I’d lose my dignity like the Portwood Cousin did on MTV.

      2. That whole thing with Krystal was appalling. But it doesn’t surprise me because she’s related to Amber. I mean you admit to being the side piece that got pregnant, youre buying cigarettes but not brakes, and you’re dropping f bombs and all of your miserable personal business on your children. That’s just lovely. Glad you’re getting advice from your gel bird cousin who managed to see her kid 3 times in one summer and also got pregnant on a whim. ? These people are nuts.

        1. I was so confused why she had so much screen time! I just zoned out hard since I don’t give a shit what Cousin Krystal is up to. Does anyone? It was a cringe fest I don’t want to be a part of.

  25. So they think that a mental health special would be legit with Dr Drew???? Do they not see what a quack he is? They need to be able to manage their mental health issues for a while first before they can be experts at it. Let’s see Cate come back from her 3rd rehab and go back to the same habits. No disrespect to those struggling but if you are going to the same rehab for the 3rd time and it isn’t helping then maybe seek out other rehabs or professionals.

    Oh as for an adoption book – puleeze. They are so disrespectful to B&T, they have no business writing anything other than how to do it incorrectly and insensitively. I think they have done more harm to Carly post adoption than they realize.

    1. Maybe I read it wrong, but I didn’t think they were saying they wanted to do a show where they are the experts on mental health and give out advice and show themselves as the examples of overcoming mental health problems. I thought they wanted to do an episode that focused on the mental health problems that some of the cast have, where they show clips and interview them, talk honestly, and then they talk about how to get help if you need it and throw some mental health hotline numbers up on the screen. I don’t think they’re talking about a spin off or anything where they’re the experts or the “success stories.” I thought it was just more along the lines of bringing awareness to the problems that I treated mental health issues can cause and attempting to break the stigma behind saying you have a mental illness or have struggled with your mental health. They brought up Dr. Drew, which makes me think it’d be like a reunion-type show but focused solely on mental health. I really don’t think Dr. Drew is professional enough or helpful enough or even believable enough as an “authority” on anything to be a good choice, though.

  26. Lol at them writing books about topics that they can barely get a handle on. They suck at adoption and them informing children about adoption is a scary thought. Same with mental health. Someone who was suicidal just a couple of months ago probably shouldn’t be advising other people…

  27. Tyler and Catelynn have NO business writing a book about understanding adoption. These 2 don’t understand adoption at all. They don’t respect boundaries. They don’t respect Carly’s adoptive parents. They are reckless about what they say on national tv about Carly and her family. The last thing anyone needs, is those 2 shelling out horrible, uneducated views on adoption..

  28. I’m sorry but I don’t see anyone in TM being all that great of a role model for mental health. Tyler hasn’t even really addressed his issues and Cate is nowhere near stable enough for this.

    There’s a critical piece to mental health that never plays out on camera and that’s the moments of realization hit’— the moments of “yes I have [diagnosis] but I am accountable for my actions and this is how I plan to rectify what I can and move forward.” I didn’t get my bipolar diagnosis until age 26 and let me tell you, depression and suicidal ideologies are a bitch and no joke but the most painful parts so far have been owning that I treated people I loved like shit to the point there are relationships I can’t salvage, or won’t because I love that person enough I don’t want to put them back through the hurricane of me. Yes, my condition did factor into why I did what I did but at the end of the day I did things I can’t take back. I can’t, and I wouldn’t if I could, snap my fingers and make everything all better by saying “it’s all good guys, I was a total ass because I’m bipolar!”

    I don’t see Cate and Tyler hitting that point any time soon. I think there are still a lot of unresolved issues and trying to broadcast their story on top of that will just send a mess of mixed messages. Everyone’s experiences are different but I don’t think that these two have even really scratched the surface of mental health recovery.

  29. I’m sorry, I don’t buy that Cate was honestly seeking help, she took off to a COUNTRY CLUB ( like they all do for their rehab ) Cate & Tyler literally live less than three hours from Cleveland, say what you will about the city but you can’t take away the FACT that they have one of the BEST medical in the country, a real hospital with top notch doctors… no, she’s off spending all this money on some sort of fancy dude ranch.
    Also, wtf… they are going to try another show like they did before ? They had no business ( nor did mtv) and no credentials to do that reunite show … sounds about the same here.

  30. I believe Cate’s problem is Tyler making her give Carly up for adoption. I really don’t think she would have given the baby up if Tyler didn’t threaten to leave her if she did. I do wish them well in life. I just don’t understand why they are on the show. If they had a better relationship with the adoptive parents then I could understand why they would be on the show.JS

    1. I believe caits problem is tyler. Period yeah her moms a mess but i guess she isnt that bad if she sends nova over there all the time. I get it its your mom but family can be worse than anything and its sometimes in your best interest and your familys if u just cut them out. That goes for butch and that crazy sister also. Tyler and caitlin will be no more when teen mom is through and she knows this. I honestly dont think caitlin is tylers type. ( if you know what i mean)

  31. I wish they’d focus on getting a real job. Even if it’s working as a secretary or stocker at Walmart. Or even better go to college and get a real education to get a sustainable job. I’m so tired of seeing these two think they are so wise, smart, famous when they don’t have much to back that up.

  32. I don’t want to be rude but I think Cate should really focus on treating her mental health issues before trying to monetise them.

    Also I don’t know if they are the most indicated to write about adoption given how badly Cate took it and how Tyler made Carly’s parents angry.

    1. I agree. I feel like it’s too early in Cate’s recovery to dole out advice or take a leadership role in developing a TV show. Tyler hasn’t even seemed to deal with his mental health issues. It’s just too soon for them both.

      1. I know everyone walks different paths in life and my own MH issues aren’t depression related but anxiety related.
        Still, doing steady normal therapy with a psychologist and proper meds plus keeping an active life gave me great results and I feel like if Cate were to get some responsibilities it would help her.

        She has her with Nova but kinda ditches them. She needs a job that makes her get a regular schedule and forces her to get out of house. I’m sure there are things that can be easier at first if she needs to break out of comfort zone.

        Tyler has problems he just doesn’t want to face and honestly I see him quite narcissistic and always wanting to have the last word so I doubt he will recognise he has those problems anytime soon.

  33. If the trauma was that fucking bad why is she still associating with those from her past who we know darn well is the cause of it. No. We don’t want a special to hear about her. Rand of crazy. It the fact that Tyler tried to hang himself because his mom wouldn’t let him be gay. Stop. Just fucking stop. I truly have sympathy for mental health issues. I really do but this is a circus run by two “kids” who barely have a high school degree and no ambition. They are just constantly looking for ways to keep the money train pumping so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. This train is going to go so far and then it’s going to come to the end of the line (as it should have a long time ago obviously the bitch got list but…) then these two knuckleheads are going to bkame MTV for all their problems and the fact that they have no life or job skills. Just stop it MTV!! Fucking stop the madness!! If you want to do something for mental heath MTV, by all means, do it. Just leave them out if it! And they have no business writing books about a subject they really don’t seem to grasp. They are hoping that Carly will read it and one day decide to return to their crazy-assed family. Run Carly, run! Move baby and change your address! This is crazy!! They’re in need of some adult supervision!

  34. They are the last two people in the world who should be writing about either. They need to get themselves off tv and fade into obscurity. Maybe that will help them get the help that they so truly need. This spotlight and attention certainly isn’t helping anything at all.

  35. This is going to be a pretty unpopular opinion, but I think Cate has no place to talk about either adoption or mental health. First of all they don’t give a shit about adoption rules and constantly blame B&T for not being able to see Carly.
    Second, Cate is very very unstable mentally. It’s a wonderful thing that at least she’s seeking help, but it seems to me that she uses depression as a get out of jail free card. She lays in bed all day, she goes to fancy luxurious “treament facilities” all the time, and she keeps repeating the same pattern over and over again. How are you going to empower others with mental health issues when you’re clearly unable to handle yours? I know a LOT of people with mental disorders, I work in that field. And trust me, none of them has the luxury to stay at home all day, smoke cigarettes and weed, go out and buy a “therapy” horse, whine about their childhood, while their kids are taken care of by the grandmothers. They have to work, maintain a household and raise children. (Same goes for Amber.) Cate irritates me so much with her pity me attitude. Ok, you had a rough childhood and a traumatic first pregnancy. But who told you to have a second chid while you were STILL mentally unstable, for instance? And now Nova is just another means of this “pity me” game: Oh I’m such a bad mom, I wanna die, Oh I can’t take care of her, so I’m gonna lay in bed all day. Whenever something bad happens or she needs to act like a responsible grown up, there comes “depression”. And it’s everyone’s fault from her mother to Tyler, but poor Cate has nothing to do with it. And I know how devastating a miscarriage can be, I’ve had one. But to run to a mental facility because of it, leaving your grieving, sleep deprived, tired husband and your daughter behind? Come on.
    And what pisses me off the most is her know it all attitude. Guuurl, you don’t know shit. Intense therapy is what you need, aside from a JOB, not 4 week long vacations away from your family, or buying a ridiculously overpriced pig, or a horse. And Dr. Drew’s ass kissing doesn’t count as therapy either.

    1. This is exactly how i feel about them. They arent role models they havent overcome anything. They have a strange sense of entitlement with carly that im not sure they would have if they werent on tv. They never did anything to better themselves like they said they would and promised carly. Instead they wallow in self pity and sell baby clothes online because they copied everyone else. Just go away.

    2. also their lie about the miscarriage no one bleeds like that and doesn’t go to the hospital. They don’t wait till the next day and casually go to the dr. I loved when Maci told cait her friend she had one as well cait mumbled something and went on talking like maci never said it. whats the matter cait someone steal your pity party. cannot handle an adult who suffers a loss and still has to be a mom and deal with life. I lost my daughter at birth I still had to go home and be a mother to my son grow up loser

      1. Exactly my thoughts on the miscarriage. U dont bleed like its a crime scene and say ok im just gonna stay home and bleed to death. Something isnt right about it. I think she used this as an excuse to get sympathy because she knew people would not kiss her ass for going to rehab again.

  36. Im sorry but can they just go away. They are going to write a book about adoption really??? When they clearly cant follow the rules that the adoptive parents set for them. Im just over them go away. They wouldnt have half the problems they do if they werent on tv. I used to like them now i cant stand them. They have no business writing any sort of book.

  37. ARE THEY SERIOUS?! How can they make a book about adoption if they clearly HAVE NO IDEA THEMSELVES how it actually works?! They still think they are entitled to Carly.

    And an MTV mental health special sounds like a dream esp with everything going around with Ryan and Amber./sarcasm

  38. Oh, yes, Dr. Drew, the notorious victim-blaming, drama-instigating enabler. Perfect choice for a show that truly brings light to MH and doesn’t just cash in on the existing show.

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