‘Unexpected’ to Return Next Month for Season 4 Part 2, Without Cast Members Reanna Cline & Taron Ward

Well this is… Unexpected.

Season 4 of TLC’s Unexpected will return in March after a one-month break— and without cast members Reanna Cline and Taron Ward. 

Starcasm reports the two teenage parents won’t appear on the remainder of Season 4, something fans picked up on after Reanna and Taron were nowhere to be seen in the trailer for the second half of Season 4. 

According to the TLC Unexpected Tea Instagram page, Reanna and Taron won’t be seen throughout the rest of Season 4 because they were booted from the reality series and the month-long hiatus is allowing the show to “edit them out of the remainder of the season.” 


Reanna’s mom Jessica confirmed Reanna “will not be returning” to the TLC show and Reanna’s sister Jarea confirmed the departure as well, noting the family wasn’t returning “for personal reasons.” 

Prior to Jarea’s comment, possible theories for Reanna and Taron’s ‘Unexpected’ exit included Reanna allegedly violating her NDA, Taron posting a controversial video on social media in which his daughter was seen playing with a retractable knife, and one or both parents no longer wanting to film due to their ongoing custody battle. 

Reanna was 15 years old when she began filming for Season 4 and was at the time expecting a baby with Taron, her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend. After Taron admitted to sleeping with another girl, he and Reanna were left with a strained relationship. The exes are parents to daughter Danica Marie. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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  1. I really liked them. She was young and learning, but her mom was at least trying to guide her to make good decisions for her daughter. And Taron was amazingly super involved, which not a lot of boys his age would be (Reanna would have been blown off by anyone else). I def want to know more about the custody battle.

  2. She behaves how you would expect a teenager to behave, but it’s possible that she will lose custody of her child if she is withholding visitation. I think the most disappointing thing is that her family understood teen pregnancy so well, but failed to protect their teenage daughter. Her life will go on, but shame on those parents for not truly protecting her and educating her. Almost all of the kids in this show lack a basic understanding of how bodies function. News flash: it’s not on the schools to teach them- it’s on the parents.

    1. I was curious to see how she acts when she is no longer pregnant. I am still traumatized from having HG with my last pregnancy. It must be even harder on such a young girl.

    2. You can teach your kids as much as possible, but they’re still going to make their own decisions. Just look at Myrka and Ethan. His parents gave an in depth sex talk and offered condoms if he was being sexually active, and he made the choice not to use them.

      Could be worse. Could be like that girl Jenna who believed boys had to ovulate too to get a girl pregnant. Now THAT is a parenting fail.

  3. Unless Reanna is extremely unfit, Taron is never getting full custody. But he’s probably just fighting to see her on the typical every other weekend and Wednesday night, and Reanna’s salty because he cheated on her. There’s so many deadbeat dads out there, that don’t even know their kids, yet Taron seems to WANT to be a part of his daughters life, and Reanna won’t let him. She should consider herself lucky because the majority of the dads on this show (abd in real life) have disappeared. Women (or in this case, children) like this really really piss me off. Reanna should be happy that Taron wants to be there for his daughter!

    1. The kicker is that he didn’t even cheat. He slept with someone else while they were broken up, and according to both of them, part of the reason they broke up was because she was sending semi-nude photos to other boys. I can understand being hurt that your ex moved on, but Reanna came of as extremely petty and spiteful for no substantial reason. I hope they figure it all out for Dani’s sake. That little girl deserves parents who can at least be civil.

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