Nomadic Mama June Shannon & Boyfriend Geno Doak Resurface at Hotel; Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon Hints at the Future of Family’s Reality Show

“Look at us, Geno… out there livin’ that fancy life! This week’s hotel even has an ICE MAKER!”

Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak- — partners in crime and known gas station nuisances — resurfaced this weekend, just months after unloading June’s Georgia home for a discounted price. 

According to TMZ, the former Mama June: From Not to Hot star was spotted with Geno checking out of the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-South in College Park, Georgia, located outside of Atlanta. The individual that spoke with the couple claimed the two had been at the hotel for four days. 

A source told TMZ that the haggard-looking June and Geno were on their way out of College Park with plans to drive back to McDonough, Georgia, to find a new place to stay.

As The Ashley previously told you, prior to selling June’s home, the couple had parted ways with most of their belongings in order to move into an RV together. However, after this recent sighting and the couple being spotted at a North Carolina hotel and casino on Black Friday, it appears they are still living out of hotels (or possibly June’s SUV) at the moment. They have yet to be seen in an RV.

June and Geno’s nomadic lifestyle follows their joint arrest in March for possession of crack cocaine after a domestic dispute at a gas station. In September they showed up for their court hearing (with a WEtv camera crew in tow) after which, Geno shared that both he and June planned to plead “not guilty” to their charges. 

Throughout June and Geno’s legal and substance issues, (and their current road trip from hell) June’s youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has continued to live with her older sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. While the future of the family’s reality show has been up in the air, Pumpkin took to Instagram last week to hint that they’ve wrapped either another season or the series itself. 

“It’s been fun, crazy, and a emotional ride but that’s a wrap for now,” she wrote, along with a photo of herself, Alana and according to IMDb, three people from the show—producers Moriah Muse and Shelby Buckler and crew member Joshua Hutto. 

When asked by a fan in the comments if the post meant the show was ending for good, Pumpkin said “only time will tell.” 

After another follower asked a similar question, Pumpkin again declined to give a clear answer and instead responded with, “who knows?”

WEtv has yet to comment on the future of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot,’ but at press time, had not announced the cancellation of the show. 

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(Photos: WeTV, Twitter, Instagram) 

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  1. Why aren’t they living in an RV? The mystery remains. It would be cheaper than spending nights in hotels. They’d surely have more money for more cross country adventures and drugs.

    1. Probably because it takes more money up front to buy the RV then it does to stay in a cheap motel for $40/night. People do stupid stuff like that when they’re addicts. They never have any money, there’s no savings, they’re living day to day on whatever money they can scrounge up, pan handle, or steal that day. It’s the same reason people take out payday loans at 400% interest. They don’t have the credit score or the relationship with a bank to take out a short term loan at 10% interest, so they do the thing that gets them what they need that day but that costs more in the long run. Mama June is living like a true addict. She could be the poster child for how addiction ruins your life and your finances so quickly.

  2. Pumpkin needs to seriously look for a real job and take Sugar Bear out for child support for Alana. It will be very hard to set a film schedule with 2 nomadic drug addicts. The demise of this family shouldn’t be filmed for entertainment any longer.

  3. I don’t understand why this woman ever had another show after she got back together with a man who molested her own child. She is disgusting. Always has been always will be.

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